3 Most Popular Alternatives To TeamViewer

Thanks to the mobile devices of these days and the remote working because of which the business landscape and enterprise work environment are insanely different from that of the old times.

Today, a large number of people use the tablets and smart phones for their business growth and as productivity tools. This generation’s employees spend their half the time outside the four walls of the office cabin.

TeamViewer as remote desktop software

One of the most common and highly used remote desktop software is TeamViewer. It is awesome, but after a while, one gets get up using this product for a long time. Whatever good or exciting a product might sound, once in a while, it becomes a site of boredom to play or work with it. It is not that difficult to find some alternatives to TeamViewer that are less expensive and equally valid.

Here are 3 best alternatives to TeamViewer that are mentioned below that you can go for all types of your remote desktop activities.

Real VNC:

The real VNC offers free as well as paid versions for the remote desktop client that is generated on the top of the framework of VNC. The technology of VNC or the virtual network computing is a widely accepted open-source technology on which this particular tool is established. Although this software is a way more difficult and complicated than the TeamViewer set up, it offers a trusted and secure connection.

This is a cross platform utility that manages to assist you in connecting to the remote computer or also connect to a number of computers behind a public IP address individually. The key features of Real VNC are VNC authentication, chats, transfer of files, cross-platform remote control, encryption, etc.

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Windows Remote Desktop Connection: 

The windows remote desktop connection is a feature built into the existing Microsoft windows operating system which is better than TeamViewer. This type of a setting can be achieved by the computer’s system setting itself, which you can easily find in the control panel. The router of the remote computer requires being routed on the 3389 port to connect it to your PC.

These kinds of a tool are convenient and easy for the beginners on remote desktop clients and are not interested in installing any kind of additional software to get it done. The key features of the windows remote desktop connection are they are easy to set up, are built in the Microsoft windows, etc.


The unique concept of Splashtop provides free as well as paid solutions for remote desktop to the individuals and the businesses. You can also make use of this tool for free if you are implementing it for your personal purposes in computers. There is a reduced latency on the audio as well as video streaming to make it easier for you to enjoy the media remotely.

The key features include free for personal use up to 5 computers, transferring and managing of the files, etc. The toughest challenge for an IT is to find a solution that offers the availability of the entire application from mobile to remote devices while at the same time, make sure that the data security is maintained properly so that the critical data never leaves the corporate network. Make sure that you choose the best remote desktop tool for your work to be done effectively.

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