4 Home Remedies for Healthy Scalp & Hair Growth

There is almost no one on planet earth who doesn’t love his or her hair. Part of what defines your look is your hair and undergoing proper hair conditioning prevents hair problems such as dandruff, split ends, shedding of hair or hair damage. Early loss of hair used to be taken as a sign of aging. Thanks to the hectic lifestyles of many in today’s world, hair fall is on the increase and people facing these and other related problems always resort to chemical treatments or over-the-counter solutions. It is a very upsetting problem encountered by both men and women.

4 Home Remedies for Healthy Scalp & Hair Growth

Several factors bring about the loss of hair such as stress, nutritional insufficiency, heating equipment, hair products laden with chemicals, genetics, unfitting hairstyles, etc. Every strand of hair has a life cycle. The growth of hair slows down as you approach middle age, which is about thirty years. This is caused by imbalances of hormones, diets that are not balanced and undue stress. Most times, people define how healthy your body and mind are by taking a look at your hair. This is the reason why it is important to take good care of your hair as it represents us and also boosts our self-esteem.

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Doctors, as well as scientists, are working round the clock to ensure that high-quality hair products are discovered and made for public consumption. But the truth is that the majority these products are laced with chemicals that do more harm than good. The side effects of using these so-called hair care products are best imagined than experienced. This is why we must resort to using natural home remedies that are devoid of any form of side effects. But there is good news! You no longer have to resort to over-the-counter measures anytime you need to make your hair look good. There are home remedies that, if used properly, can help to provide nourishment for your hair and also encourage new growth. If you follow the instructions and apply the methods that will be laid out in this article regarding the use of the home remedies for thirty days, you will begin to notice a significant improvement.

4 Home Remedies for Healthy Scalp & Hair Growth

  1. A mixture of honey, egg and olive oil – One of the strongest and most efficient home remedies for the treatment of hair is the combination of honey, egg, and olive oil. Honey is known to rejuvenate damaged, dry or brittle hair and since it is an absorbent substance, it attracts as well as store moisture in hair strands. The nutrients and antioxidants that are present in honey provide the hair follicles with essential nutrients which in turn, promote the growth of hair. Olive oil, another important ingredient that promotes hair growth, stops the creation of a chemical in the body known as the DTH hormone which is responsible for the contraction of the shafts of the hair follicles. The antioxidant present in olive oil enhances the health of the scalp as well as neutralizes any damage that is caused by hairdressing products. To prepare the mixture is straightforward: place the egg white in a bowl and then add one teaspoonful of olive oil and honey. Stir it until it forms into a paste. Then apply this egg-olive oil-honey paste to your hair and leave it on for about twenty minutes. Subsequently, rinse the paste off your hair with cold water and then apply shampoo. Rinse thoroughly and you will be amazed at the difference.
  2. Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera is one of the most important plants in the world. Its ability to naturally fight anything that relates to the hair and the body is second to none. Aloe Vera can be used to balance the pH levels of hair as well as purify the pores. The plant is also active when it comes to preventing the loss of hair. One of the best ways anyone can use to avoid the loss of hair is to apply Aloe Vera gel on the hair as well as the scalp to promote the growth of hair. Aloe Vera contains seventy-five nutrients which work together to for the benefit of man. Some enzymes which can be found in the Aloe Vera plant are capable of removing skin cells that are dead from the scalp to free up the hair follicles. Other enzymes act as nourishing conditioners and work to make the hair smooth and silky soft. Take two dollops of your favorite shampoo in a bowl, and then add a tablespoonful of Aloe Vera gel, half a teaspoon of wheat germ and one teaspoonful of coconut milk. Mix the combination together and shampoo your hair with the mixture.Read More : How much hair Loss is normal for a Woman
  3. Coconut oil and Curry Leaves – Another powerful home remedy that has been proven to work in promoting the growth of hair is the use of curry leaves. The effect of using curry leaves to improve hair growth is compelling. Whether you ingest curry leaves or apply its paste directly to your hair, it works well in enhancing hair growth. It’s no wonder that Indians possess glossy and smooth hair; this could be as a result of using curry leaves in their cuisine as much as possible. Coconut oil has already been tested and proven to be effective when it comes to improving hair growth. Prevention of hair breakage and protection of hair strands is as a result of the fatty acids that are present in coconut oil. Another attribute of coconut oil is its ability to seal moisture in the hair via penetration of the hair shaft and also protects against heat and pollution. Measure out half a cup of coconut oil, depending on how long your hair is and then add seven to eight crisp curry leaves. Boil the mixture together, but do not burn the leaves. As you boil the mixture, you will notice the formation of some black residue. It is this residue that you will apply to your hair. Use this method twice every week and the difference will become glaring as the mixture helps in fighting gray hair as well as promote hair growth.
  4. Oil from Vitamin E – Vitamin E oil contains lots of antioxidants which are not merciful to free radicals. The oil increases the circulation of blood in the scalp as well as enhances the amount of oxygen in the body. Just apply vitamin E oil to your scalp and go to bed. When you come awake the next day, wash off the vitamin E oil using shampoo for you to get smooth, silky hair.

These are just some of the home remedies for healthy scalp and hair growth which make use of natural ingredients.  So, endeavor to treat your hair with these natural items as they are guaranteed to improve the growth of your hair and make your scalp healthy.

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