4 Instagram Marketing Tips to Convert Your Audience

Instagram started as a platform that helps you to connect with your loved ones, but today it is one of the biggest platforms for social media marketing. If you are looking to make your business successful in this age, then you can overlook social media marketing. Instagram has proved many essential for many marketers and has improved their business. But getting your brand out there and make people see it is not the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is to convert those people to customers, and in this article, we will give you few interesting tips on how to turn your Instagram audience.

Reward your followers with promo codes

The one of the biggest hurdle you face while marketing your business through Instagram is how to get your customers to make their first purchase. The solution to that can be a good discount. If you give your audience a good discount, it will catch their attention, and they will be keener to try out your product or service. In this way, you also become valuable to your customers. When the customers already know that they could grab discount in shape of coupon codes, they will keep a good eye on your Instagram feed.

Share user-generated content

One of the best ways which help you convert your audience is to show off the people who love your brand.  User-generated content can be beneficial, and it leaves it to impact on your followers. When you post user-generated content, you are connecting your customers directly to your brand, and you are giving them a feeling of ease. Also when your followers see other people using the product or service, they are more likely to get appealed by it.

Hold an Instagram contest

Instagram contests are a great way of converting your audience. Many of the big brands have used this technique to attract more customers. An Instagram contest is easy to design you can ask your audience a question, or you can ask them to participate in a contest by posting pictures with your hashtag, and in the end, you can reward the winner with the gift. The winner could be decided by a lucky draw, or you could appoint judges for the contest. Instagram contests have proven to be very successful in converting the audience.

Tell a good visual story

Instagram is a visual platform, and it gives you the liberty to convince your audience through pictures and videos. The latest Instagram story feature is useful for marketing as well. Promote your product by telling a good creative story. Make an Instagram story so good that it will appeal to the viewer directly. If you are creative enough, your story will convert a lot of your followers into your customers.

So, gaining followers on Instagram might not be that difficult but to convert them takes some convincing and creativity. Instagram is a social media platform that has a very high engagement which makes turning followers into customers less difficult. If you follow these tips correctly, you will see a significant increase in your sales.

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