4 Tips for Effective Call Handling


The way you treat your customer, says much about the quality of your business. Call handling is one of the critical points when it comes to the care of your customers. If the customer is treated politely, the customer is going to use the company for the future use as well.

Call handling can become tricky at times. It is sometimes difficult to control your anger when the customer is showing some attitude, but this is what call handling is about. You should be able to hear out your customer care and try to understand their queries. Another crucial point is that you should be able to understand customer with lower knowledge, and if a customer is having some technical issues, you should guide them step by step.

Here is some guideline for you to follow if you are having trouble with call handling.

Effective speaking

Sometimes, the customer can be shy, and it might be hard for them to communicate to a stranger over the phone. They might not be able to convey their problems properly as well. Now, this is your responsibility to make them feel welcomed. Always greet them with a happy and warm tone. Wish them good morning/evening and then ask them what help they are looking for. Try to keep the lower pitch of your voice. It should not be squeaky and loud.

Try to maintain a speed of your speech. If you are talking too slow, it may imply the fact that you are lazy or not interested. Some people take it as if they are rude towards them. Make them feel that your full attention is towards them. Similarly, if you are going too fast, they might not be able to catch up with that and have trouble understanding you.

Let customer speak

Never interrupt the customer. Follow the excellent business trick that “a customer is always right.” Most of the times, customer call in anger, complaining about your product. Patiently listen to them while they vent about how horrible their experience was. When they are done, try to convince them about the possible solution.

While working in call handling, you are going to be dealing with several types of people. Some might speak a lot; some might speak less. The handling technique varies from person to person. Take the example of the person who talks less and has not entirely conveyed their issue. Now, you will have to ask them questions and try to figure out the problem yourself.

Anger management is also a key point. Sometimes the customer can drag to the verge, but you are still not allowed to use bitter tone.

A company should always use the call logging system to record the calls and monitor how their customers are being treated.

Clear speech

If you are living in a dual-lingo country, try adapting the language your customer is using. Never use complicated phrases and words. Avoid using technical words, remember you are talking to a layperson. Use of professional words might confuse them.

Try not to be cheesy as well, do not use slang language, from a local survey it has been found that most of the customer does not feel comfortable with the use of slang language and will probably take it as their insult.

Customer satisfaction

Give every customer your full time and effort. Guide them with every possible solution. If they are having a problem is you, try to guide them step by step. Never ignore any of their questions. Ask them if they are satisfied with your guideline, tell them that if they have any query in future, they can always call again.

Again, when you are done with the phone call, end, it will greet like ‘thank you’ or ‘have a lovely day’ etc.

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