5 Awesome Places To Fish In United States

Fishing is a hobby, and it helps you to spend your time, and clear the mind. What’s more, you get to enjoy your closeness to nature for a couple of hours. So, if you are not a people person, or are tired of your city life, then fishing on a weekend is a great option for you.

In case you are wondering about the best places to fish in Dallas or US as a whole, here are some for you.

Bridgeport SRA Fishing Clinic. Children cast fishing rods during a clinic at Bridgeport State Recreation Area. Haag, July 25, 2014.

1. White Rock Lake

In order to visit the White Rock lake, you would need to travel downtown Dallas. It is also one of the most visited parks of Dallas, is popular for local events, and runs. White Rock Lake is a perfect activity center, and the place you must visit if you are looking for a great fishing experience.

The only downside is that you need to bring your own necessary fishing essentials. However, on the upside, you get an amazing parking spot, no matter what time you visit, and you have awesome picnic spots and courtesy docks.

2. The Delta

The San Joaquin Delta, more commonly known as the Delta, and located in California is a paradise for anglers. With the option of moving through the water for hundreds of miles, you can definitely find a couple of variety of fishes. The most common ones are catfish, sturgeons, stripers and more.

3. The McCloud River

If you are looking for some trout fish, then the McCloud River is the best in the country. Just off the famed Mt. Shasta, you would also find the Burney Falls, and the Hat Creek, which are an excellent adobe for native brown, bow and brookies.

4. Lewisville Lake Park

The Lewisville Lake park is a massive place, that boasts of different other entertainment features, in addition to the fishing ground. It is located approximately three quarters of a mile off.

You can also play golf, if you get too bored with fishing. However, the lake related facilities is awesome in the surrounding, and you have the option of enjoying the facilities of beaches, campground, dockyard, ramps, and even have a cozy picnic.

So, while you are at it, make sure you carry a watch with you. This will help you to keep track of time, especially when you are waiting for the fish to bite. Also, if you have a tide watch, you can go ahead and listen to music, while you are enjoying the scenery.

On the positive side, the Lewisville Lake Park provides you with a lot of options, and the chances of catching at least 10 different species of fish. However, on the negative side, they charge an entry fee of $10 for non – residents, and that might be too much for some.

5. Clear Lake

Last on the list of some best places to fish is the clear lake. This is also one of the most sought after lakes, because of the huge number of bass you can find. It also provides warm temperature, which is a home for baitfish, and you can catch 6+ pounders all through the year.

Final Words

So, now that you know about these awesome fishing spots, it’s time to get your rod ready, and get started on that. Have fun, while you are at it!

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