5 Best Smartphone Accessories for Travel Photography

Who would have ever thought that smartphones would be our next best companions helping us shoot our favorite moments and posting them online?  Rewinding the clock back to a decade ago, nobody took camera phones all that seriously. It was just another valuable addition to your phones which could make do with snapping low-resolution pictures. Fast forward to 2017 and we now have a sleuth of smartphone accessories which are now changing the face of smartphone photography.

For a travel photographer who is active on his/her blog and social media constantly, there is nothing better than having your smartphone click pictures for you and what better way to enhance that experience than with smartphone accessories that will help you take the best pictures. Below we have compiled a list of 5 must have smartphone accessories that will be your perfect companion for your trip:

  1. Pocket Spotlight:

    Well, by raise of hand, who all are tired of the annoying smartphone flash which just makes life a tad harder while taking photos? You now have a solution in the form of the Pocket Spotlight which will now help you provide with a constant light source making your photos a delight to look at the next time you click photos. You have an option to either hand hold this device while taking photos or simply just connect it to your headphone jack. The device can be charged via a USB and easily lasts for about an hour. A great accessory to have for when the travelling hermits.

  2. Polaroid Mobile Printer:

    Polaroid-Mobile-PrinterThis is a handy tool for the traveller who just wants to collect instant memories whichever place they visit. With this Polaroid Mobile Printer, you can now print all your pictures within seconds of clicking your photos. All the pictures come out in 2LX3B inches in full color. The best part about this mobile printer is that its handy to carry along with you and the print paper used here is smudge proof so you can now click to your heart’s content and not worry about having a physical copy of the photos. If you are looking for more such news on the latest travel gadgets, then be sure to visit savvyexpeditioner.

  3. Lensta Kit:

    Lensta-KitiPhones usually have great cameras that take brilliant photos but users who are now willing to take this a notch up can make use of Lensta Lenses that can be attached to phones. The Lensta kit helps you take wide angles and close up shots which come with three lenses and a leather case strap for easy use. You don’t really need DSLR cameras and big bulky lenses that you need to carry around with all the time. A small lens kit in your bag and you will be delivering perfect Instagram shots on your mobile phone.

  4. Optrix Waterproof Action Camera:

    Another great offering for iPhone users, the Optrix Waterproof action camera lets you take underwater shots like never before. The device is waterproof up to 30 feet and is even capable of surviving a 20-foot drop. Oh, not to forget, this also comes with a wide angle and normal lens. This is a must-have accessory for all water sport lovers to add to their arsenal.

  5. Narrative Clip Camera:

    For those people who always seem to run out of space on their phones, here comes a revolutionary idea in the form of the Narrative Clip Camera. This accessory is suitable for smartphone owners who wish to film every step of their journey. The device has a storage capacity of 8Gb that can store up to 6000 pics in FullHD 1080P. Once charged, the battery can withstand two days of continuous use and the device is also capable of sharing pictures via WIFI.

So there we have the 5 best apps for travel photography. Take your pick today.

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