5 qualities of a poor teacher

The first step we can take to increase the quality of our education system is to strictly identify and eliminate bad teachers which are unfit for teaching and fill those vacant positions with good ones

Now who is the good teacher and the bad one? what is the criteria to decide which is good and which is bad?

5 qualities of a poor teacher


Here are the 5 points which most of the bad teachers possess and good teachers do not.

1.who are the target students?

We have guidelines which tells us what type of teachers are suitable for teaching students of which grade. A teacher which has only undergraduate qualification may be suitable for teaching school students but they are surely not fit for teaching college students no matter how simple and theoretical is the target syllabus.Similarly inexperienced teachers are generally not proposed to teach students of professional courses who are in their higher years.These types of teachers which are not fulfilling the minimum criteria should be eliminated.

2.Lack of communication

If the teacher is unable to communicate completely and clearly what he wants to say to his students then those teachers must also be eliminated.No matter how deep is the level of knowledge of that teacher is ,she is merely of use to students.That teacher can be given other positions in the examination department where she can set exam papers but she should not be there in class rooms for teaching.

3.Style of teaching

Some teachers follow a very simple approach to teaching.They bring some notes with them.(power point Slides now a days).Recite them line by line without giving the relevant examples.It looks like they want to complete everything and leave before any body ask a single doubt.They just copy from books and paste into the classrooms.These types of teachers must be eliminated without thinking twice.

4. Egoistic  teachers

some teachers think that they are the only genius in the class rooms .They just don’t listen to anybody .Classroom looks more like hell in their presence.They interact with students very less.some times it looks that they are there to teach only frontbenchers .They don’t care whether the weaker guys who are willing to learn have understood something or not.

5.An Unprofessional Teacher

Let me tell you one incident.One very brilliant student was laughing in the classroom.A rookie teacher saw him and shouted on him saying that ” he will ruin his whole career”. These types of teachers who think that they have the ultimate power of building or ruining the child career must be eliminated without a doubt.

Since the criteria for selecting the people to be teachers include nothing from the points given above, it need to be improved. If you pass BEd Examination you can take up the job of teacher! This examination based selection should be supported with interview and the analysis of above qualities in the people to be selected as teachers because it is rightly said –

“Those who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living well.”