5 things students can do to save money on Education

First of all many of you will think why we need to this ? what we will get by doing this?


5 things students can do to save money on Education

Here are the 5 things which we can follow to make education less dependent on money

1.Self study

Self study is a key to success.It has been found that students who practice self study are much better problem solver then the students who depend on coaching and tution.If you get doubt you can search it on the internet or you can discuss it with your friends.In the whole process you will get to know other things also.Until you feel that you are really unable to move further in that subject do not join any support institute.

2. Lend your books

Do not sell your books instead lend them to your fellows.Also you can ask them for books which they have but they are not using them at the moment.Even if they do not have books of your interests do not hesitate to lend your books to them if they need.This will develop a feeling of sympathy towards you and they will surely help you in your future.

3. Less expensive colleges

Generally we think that the colleges which are charging more fees are good then the college which are charging less.

Now may be the expensive colleges are good at providing facilities does not implies that they are also good at providing the “thing” which really matters to your life.Yes i am talking about the education.College selection is one of the most important decision in your life.So choose your college wisely.

4.Teach your friends and relatives.

If you think you are proficient in one or more subjects ,then you can teach those subjects to the students who are looking to take paid tutors.You can also teach your juniors ,brothers and sisters.This will save a lot of money of your family on education.In return you will get an extra revision.

5.Think differently

It is because it is like this doesn’t meant that it should be like this.Yes i am talking about our education system.I know if

you want to get a job then you must have degree.And for getting degree you have to pay large amount of money.Let me tell you that we have many successful persons who do not have a degree like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to name a few.I know that all of us are not like them but we are not much different either.Just follow your heart.Success and money will come as a side effect.