6 Costly Mistakes That Will Tarnish Your Moorish Tiles

Clean tiles in your living room, bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor spaces create an inviting and fresh ambiance. To maintain such neatness, you will need to clean and vacuum the tiles on a regular basis. Remove dirt, grime, and food debris from you tiled floor if you want to keep it shining and gleaming. But if you don’t take some precautions, you could end up damaging your Moorish tile. Some cleaning blunders have detrimental impacts on floors and you will be forced to spend more money on repair and replacement.

  • Hard scrubbing

You might be tempted to use abrasive materials like steel wool to clean your floor but this will only damage the beautiful finish of your mosaic tile. An abrasive cleaner scrabbles and scratches the smooth surface of your tiles. The best material is a soft rag.

  • Over-watering

Mopping should be done with a lot of care. Do not let the tile surface become overly wet or stay damp for a long time. What happens is that the excess water starts seeping through the floor and stains the tiles in the long-run. So, use just enough water to clean and always dry the water properly to avoid discoloration.

  • Bleaching

Bleaches discolor the grout lines of the tiles over time. You may not realize it the first few times but will happen after sometimes. The same goes for ammonia. Instead of bleaches and ammonia, use mil and non-chemical cleaning products.

  • Not protecting tiles from furniture

This applies in your living room and other areas that accommodate furniture pieces. You can place plastic protectors underneath the furniture and in the corners to protect wall tiles. This protection ensures that the tiles do not get scratched or chip away.

  • Failure to seal or caulk your tiles

As soon as you install new tiles in your house, make sure they are caulked. Caulking and sealing add an extra level of protection, especially to the grout. Particular sealers are designed to protect tiles from excess moisture.  

  • Using the wrong vacuuming equipment

Vacuuming machines are very different and each one of them is used according to the type of surface at hand. Manufacturers design vacuum cleaners based on research and when they are used correctly, they deliver impeccable results. Do not use oil-based vacuum machines on your mosaic tiles; follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Some cleaning techniques might look like good ideas but they are actually very costly in the long-run. Beware of the potential damages of using the wrong cleaning machines, materials, and products.


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