A right engineering college

These are some points which you should consider when choosing an engineering college.

1.Avoid these colleges and universities

Try To avoid taking admissions in the colleges and universities listed in the below image.These colleges are black listed by the government for their money making tendency and poor quality of teaching.If you are thinking the list is fake and made by some frustrated engineering guy ,then my dear here are the links for your conformation.The whole article is worth a read.i belong to one of these colleges and i can guarantee you that what government is saying about them is 100 percent true.


poor engineering colleges

2.Try to avoid engineering colleges which have very high fees.

Now quality is proportional to money but according to my experience in higher education i think the formula is just reversed.The more you will pay ,the less you will get.Ok i have a proof of my statement.Approx 26 out of 31 private colleges in the above list are very expensive colleges yet they are black listed Lol !

3.Don’ t ever go with advertisements.

Have you ever wondered how the money which these colleges are investing in advertisements came from?You can now see some universities on television adds? Is this is a business of attracting customers ? Are students their customers? If yes then you can probably think what a corporation does? Makes as much profit as it can.

4.Don’t ever trust rankings.

If you are searching on the net for Top 100 engineering colleges ,then please stop this.This is the major cause why too many students make wrong choices and then they regret their decision for their whole life.These rankings are not done by any trusted agency.Even some of these publishing houses get paid by the private colleges to show their rankings.The only thing which you can trust about these rankings is their placement of IIT’s and some NIT’s at the top to put a mask of genuineness on their fake lists.

5.Consult the genuine student.

Don’t consult with any staff or faculty of your future college.They will misguide you and will tell you false things.consult the “genuine student” of the college in which you are going to take admission.what i mean by “genuine student” is the guy or girl (if you are lucky) who can give you the true and unbiased description of the whole place.Be shameless,told him or her your definition of a good college and ask him or her is your definition implies on that college or not.If you don’t know anybody of that college ,search orkut or facebook to find community of that particular college.More over you can visit the campus of that college.you can always find some good guys there in cafeteria to whom you can talk about your doubts.

6.Every thing which shines is not a gold.

The thing in India on which most of the universities and colleges are focusing to attract students is Infrastructure.I am not saying that infrastructure doesn’t matters.But if the student’s money is invested in infrastructure instead of being invested in his/her education then the issue needs attention.They are building beautiful glass covered multistory buildings fitted with capsule lifts all around the campus.From the outside it looks like a 3 star hotel.But the food is really bad.Ya,i am talking about the education.You are paying for that food not hotel.After 4 years you will not have that infrastructure which you are feeling so proud of.At the very least it can be guessed where that hard earned money of your family is invested.In building someone’s else hotels !

7.Think about the “REAL” thing

Investigate about the “Real” thing.You are taking admission to get educated.To upgrade your self to a talented and educated engineer.And the most important thing to look for in a college is its quality of education.Inquire about the activity of college students in research.Many bad colleges have theoretical approach to education.Their syllabus is also designed in that way.1 night study and any crammer can secure above 80 %. really this is not a education. Examine the faculty profile of that college.Look at their qualification.Many bad colleges hires undergraduate and inexperienced guys.

8.Mode of admission

A little research on the admission policy of that college can give you a great deal of information about its students. If the college has management seats or donation ,then do not be shocked if you see a class stuffed with 80 + students,and the single course stuffed with 260 + students.If you are lucky then may be you will find a guy sitting on your side most probably who doesn’t know the symbol of resistor yet he is on his way to become an engineer.

Thank you Mr college for providing such great engineers.Believe me .Cases like these are not uncommon. Some really nasty colleges conduct their own admission tests.They do not trust the exams conducted by the government agencies.This gives them freedom to select who ever and how much they want.

9.Rumour of placements.

This is the most important question which we ask a lot of time before taking admission to any college and they have figured out a way on how to convert our thinking into money.Every year you will see lots of posters on websites and news papers claiming record breaking 100 % placements.My dear it is the quality which matters not the quantity. Even the best institutions from the world do not give 100 % placement because you can always find dumbasses and our colleges are full of them.Then how they do that 100 % placement thing.? Many of them only claims that figure and some which have lots of money in their hand pay the companies to hire some dumb asses.After 6 months or so ,these companies kick them out.Its a official contract between them.

10.Google can be your best counseller

The easiest thing you can do to inquire about your future college is to search it on Google.append the college name with words like “is your college name good ?”.You will surely find a lot of information on that college on various websites and forums.I know some of them cannot be trusted but some can be.

Selecting the right college is the most important thing.Sometimes we do not get what we have always wanted.This does not mean that we are losers or untalented. Selecting the best out of all the possible options is the way by which we can do justice to our life and career. Many peoples do not care but you can always find those who cares and this article is dedicated to them.

Rest is all on GOD.