How to access blocked sites ? Best solution.

How to access blocked sites ? Best solution.

In this article i am gonna show you how you can access blocked sites.

The current trend in Universities and Organizations is that they block our internet access .They do so so that we don’t access unsuitable content, by mistake or intentionally.They can save their precious bandwidth behind this mask.But all of us have a right to access and enjoy internet to its fullest.Who are they to decide what we should access and what shouldn’t.We have download limits,torrents are blocked and so on.Most of us have probably used or some other proxy to access blocked sites.But what about a file download or torrent?. Now here is the solution to access blocked sites.

To access blocked sites first you have to download a software which is called vidalia.

To get this software

access blocked sites

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Download linux version of this software if you have linux type operating system on your machine.

To access blocked sites Install the software on your machine

How to access blocked sites ? Best solution.
How to access blocked sites ? Best solution.

Run the software, go to start->all programs->vidalia bundle->vidalia.

You will see a onion like icon in quick launch bar on your windows bottom right corner.Click on that icon.You will see a window similar to the above one.

Click on start tor on tor window.Be sure that you are connected to the network of your organization or institute.Wait until the message on tor window changes to connected to the tor network.Now you are done.All you have to do is to change the connection settings of the program which has been blocked to the settings given below..



Example to use bit torrent

go to start ->all programs ->bit torrent->options ->preferences->connection

in right window under proxy server enter for proxy and enter 9050 for port.

Now download any file through torrent protocol.

we can use messengers if they are blocked

for Eg to configure gtalk go to start ->all programs-> google talk->google talk.

click on settings on gtalk window.Go to connection and in the right window that displayed

click on use the following proxy.Enter for host and enter 9050 for port.Click ok.

Now sign in in gtalk using your id and password and start chatting with your friends or relatives.

We can use our browser to access any blocked website.for firefox vidalia automatically installs a addon.To access blocked sites using firefox click on the bottom right corner of the firefox window where it is written tor will see it changing to tor enabled when you click also changes its color from red(disabled state) to green(enabled state) .Now you can freely access blocked sites.

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