12 Tips To Manage Time


Recognize it: At some point in your life you have tried to organize yourself better with an agenda, some app on your cell phone to handle the time, or you have read books or watched videos about how to make the most of the 24 hours a day.

And why with all those techniques, knowledge and technology apps you still feel that you can not do everything you propose?

The answer is easy.

Everything you’ve learned about time management is a waste of time because it does not work.

These systems do not work because they are designed to manage time according to the clock.

But you do not live inside a clock! You live in the real world, where time flies if you’re having fun, and where it happens more slowly if you do something boring.

Also in real life, there are distractions, interruptions that those books and videos do not teach you to handle.


I am going to share here the 12 techniques that I use to better manage my time and that have been effective for me to achieve all my goals.

So take note of them and put them into practice in your day to day to achieve the goals that you propose.


  1. Make a list

If you do not know what you have to do, how will you manage your time well?


Come, take a paper and pencil, and make a list of all the activities you have to do during the day or week, and then move on to the second technique.


  1. Learn how to rank

You already know what tasks you have to do: now you must classify which is the most important.

You need to learn how to hierarchize your tasks. After writing down everything, you should do on paper, rank them in order of importance, and execute them one by one, never again at a time.


Do the highest priority, necessary, and you can not postpone, but avoid turning those activities into something urgent (this will only bring more stress and anxiety to your life).

It’s amazing people who check their emails, look at the newspaper, check their Facebook and watch videos on YouTube before doing what is more important.

And of course, in the end, they never end up doing anything because they do not know how to block those distractions.


  1. Assign a specific time to what is most important

Any activity or conversation that is important for what you want to achieve must have an allotted time. The lists of things to do can be lengthened so much that they become impossible to fulfill.


But if you set a fixed date and time to do something, you will manage your time better.

Create time blocks for tasks with higher priority, but setting the exact time you need to start them and the time you need to finish them.

As additional advice, I recommend that you spend 50% of your time on those activities or thoughts with which you get most of your results.


  1. Take the first 30 minutes of the day to get organized

Frist wake up in the morning, and spend the first 30 minutes organizing your day and listing everything you need to do (and rank the most important first)?

If you do not have time, get up early, or take advantage Sunday afternoon to organize the whole week ahead.

Never start your daily journey until you have everything well planned.



  1. Separate some time for your personal activities

Work, cleaning the house, shopping, even your children can take time for the most important person that exists: YOU.

That is why it is essential that you reserve a time for yourself, such as your rest, your fun, family and social activities, etc.

If you are not good with yourself, you will not be able to succeed in what you do, much less enjoy it.



  1. Do not answer the phone or your emails

Just because the phone starts ringing or because you receive alerts from a new email does not mean that you should answer those calls right away.

Disconnect from those messages or instant calls.


Do not give your immediate attention to people unless it is absolutely crucial in your life, your job or your business that requires an immediate response.

How can you solve this? Schedule a time of your day to answer those calls and those emails.


  1. Block Distractions

We are constantly surrounded by distractions like Facebook, Twitter, messages on our cell phones from friends who speak to us through Whatsapp, and hundreds of other things.

We always think ” I’m going to look at Facebook for a little bit more and then I’m going to get my way .”

But that little bit of 5 minutes at the end ends up turning into an entire hour in which we have only managed to see what others are doing.


Learn to block those distractions that do not bring you anything to achieve your goals, and concentrate and devote your attention to what you are doing at that time.

Letting your thinking fly to unproductive things is just a waste of time.


  1. Learn to ask for help and delegate to others

I am a person who likes to do things for myself. If I can do it myself, better than better, and maybe you are the same as me.

But in all these years as an entrepreneur I have learned a very important lesson: I do not know how to do everything, and I can not do everything myself.

And it is important that you also acknowledge this and learn to ask for help from others and to delegate certain things to those around you. This way you can save more time for yourself, and you will also make those around you more useful.


  1. Whenever possible, prepare things in advance

Whenever possible, get organized so you do not have to do things at the last minute and you have time.

Some examples are preparing the clothes to go to work the next day, leaving the food ready to warm it up at night and have dinner, or find all the materials you need before starting a task.


  1. Concentrate on

When I say concentrate, I mean that you focus well on what you are doing at the moment.

Do not let your mind go to what you have to do in an hour, two, or even tomorrow when you wake up.


A good trick is to focus only on that activity that you have to fulfill and “lock in” where you have to do it so that no one will bother you. It is a radical method, but it is one of the techniques that best work for the management of my time.


  1. Simplify your tasks

With simplicity, I mean that you eliminate the excess of things to do and get rid of what is not essential.

Find what is important to you and those things that really deserve your time, and throw away what is NOT important.

Do you really need to watch TV for more than 2 hours a day?

Or spend all afternoon watching YouTube videos and watching what others do on Instagram?


  1. Learn to say NO

Can you take these papers for me to the other office? Can you make the purchase today? Do you mind staying with my children after school?

Learn to say NO to those and many other things that you ask.


It is true that if someone asks you for help, you should not deny it; But you must distinguish the people who really need a favor, those who have very little shame and what they actually claim is to take advantage of you.

Your time is only yours, and you are the only person who can make better time management and take responsibility for your actions.

A Course in Miracles – People Are Thoughts

Enjoy this excerpt from a transcribed talk from the awakened joyful mind of David Hoffmeister, a profound and uncompromising A Course in Miracles teachehttp://chefsolberg.blogspot.com/2017/08/a-course-in-miracles-people-are-thoughts.

One of the things I opened up with today is the nondual idea from A Course in Miracles, that people aren’t really people, they’re just thoughts. If you think about all the struggle and pain and misery in human relationships it’s because of the belief that you’re a person and that there are other people and they don’t go together very well on this planet, or any planet for that matter, any reality, even in science fiction! The Klingons never get on with the Romulans and they never get along with the Borg, you know, even when we’re off into Star Trek, in other realms, the beings are not getting along. Even George Lucas; Star Wars, it wasn’t star harmony it was Star Wars and the ‘dark side’ and Darth Vader. It wouldn’t make much of a story or a drama if it was – la la la la la la la (singing) la la la la la la live for today, hey! La la la la la la la live for today and don’t worry about tomorrow anyway.

That makes for a beautiful song and a beautiful movie if that’s what you want and, if you want drama and conflict, there’s wars and all kinds of interpersonal conflicts. Jesus says in A Course in Miracles the world is very tired – this tiny mad idea has been playing out over and over, like in Groundhog Day, it just loops and loops. You just get bored with it, you get tired with it, you try to find distractions but they only work for a while and then they don’t even work. You can’t even distract yourself very well because after a while it’s tiring.

I’m going to start off our voyage tonight with that clip from Solaris and it’s called ‘partial memories’. This is the scene where Red is speaking and the George Clooney character is just beginning to discover that what he thinks of as his wife, who committed suicide, who’s coming back into his awareness, she’s really there with him now. Somehow she killed herself and now she’s back there around Solaris. But she’s going to be teaching that she’s not a whole person; she’s just a reflection or a projection of his memories, of what he thought of her. This is one of the reasons why reincarnation will never work, because any time we’re trying to find reality or any kind of sense of meaning in linearity, we’re looking for meaning where it can’t be found.

Linear time was invented by the ego so that you would never know meaning; it’s actually what Jesus calls in A Course in Miraclesan impossible situation. So what happens when you try to order an impossible situation, even with a reincarnation perspective to try to make some meaning out of the whole thing, is; you’re trying to bring meaning to the impossible. And the whole teaching of forgiveness in A Course in Miracles  is you come to see the impossible as impossible, no longer keep trying to find meaning in the impossible, which is very frustrating.

If you enjoyed this excerpt and would like to learn more about A Course in Miracles and the teachings of David Hoffmeister, visit https://www.youtube.com/user/DavidHoffmeister

A Course in Miracles and Awakening by David Hoffmeister

Enjoy the following excerpt from a transcribed talk given by A Course in Miracles teacher David Hoffmeister.

Like the Horatio Alger stories, “Pull yourself up from your disadvantaged past and make something of yourself.” That was even an army slogan as I was growing up, “Be all that you can be.” Oh great. I think I have better aspirations than going around gunning down people in other countries, but still it was the whole thing. It was no different than trying to improve your life, improve your circumstances, and all the work and all the energy that goes into striving to have a better life. All of it’s for naught because still you are dreaming a dream and if you actually begin to grasp this, you will soon get over self-improvement. You will soon get over trying to make the world a better place and all the work; just think of the social services, end world hunger, what do you mean? Who invented world hunger? That’s part of a dream. There’s nuclear proliferation, the fight to save the whales, save the dolphins, all of the things that people try to do—eat better; go organic. What does it matter? It’s a dream. It’s’ a dream! It is not going to help.

The only thing you can do with a nightmare is to forgive it. See it without judgment. See it simultaneous instead of linear and wake up from it. This is how A Course in Miracles describes awakening. And go back to your eternal nature, which is pure bliss. People say, That sounds boring! It’s too boring. But it’s not boring. I am telling you, it is not boring. It is joyful. It is not boring at all.

We get words like, I am more peaceful than I was before. I will tell you. Nothing is a matter of more or less. Everything is absolute. You know, the old thing that used to come from Christianity, “It’s all or nothing. It’s all or nothing.” I used to hate that. I’d say, Aw, come on. All or nothing? Black and white? Guess what? Who gets to eat crow? It really is, “All or nothing.”

And truth is not a matter of degrees, little increments, and moments. The truth is true and only the truth is true and we start to see when you finally make it back to the Beyond all Idols section in A Course in Miracles, way towards the back of the text, Jesus starts off the section, “What is an idol? Do you think you know?” He asks the question, and he answers, “An idol is for more of something. It does not matter more of what.” Even peace of mind. It does not matter more of what.

So the awakening is not in the script. The awakening is a change in the perspective on the script from linear to simultaneous. So that is what we are talking about.

A lot of times, people will ask, Well, what about Enlightened Beings? What about Jesus? That seemed to be in the script. There seemed to be a point where he started talking like he wasn’t a human being anymore. “Before Abraham was, I am.” But remember, it’s the man. The man wasn’t enlightened. The man is just a mask. Enlightenment isn’t male or female. Enlightenment isn’t masculine or feminine. Those are still dualistic concepts that are projected onto the screen and enlightenment itself has nothing to do with masculine or feminine or male or female. A Course in Miracles is your best source on this.

To learn more about the teachings of A Course in Miracles and David Hoffmeister, please visit his website at https://acourseinmiraclesnow.com/

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