Best Animation Colleges in India

Can you ever forget movies like Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar and Ice Age? They are standing examples of what animation can do. In the present situation, most students wish to take up a career in animation. To do so, they will have to take up the right animation courses. Thanks to the best animation colleges in India that makes a dream come true for students.

What is the growth prospect of this industry?

NASSCOM predicts that the animation industry in India will grow at the rate of 22% every year. To make animation films in different countries, many world animation giants are moving into different countries.

Are cartoon and animation the same?

No, there are differences between the two. The former is drawing caricatures of characters with some unique refinements. The purpose of such detailing is to evoke a sense of comedy. On the other hand, the animation is all about making characters like living beings. So, when we see some animated films, we can experience the characters like real humans.

What is animation?

The Animation is a term used for explaining any film that is deliberately made as a single frame at a time by manipulating drawings. Not just sketches, but experts use computer-generated imagery and puppets as well. In fact, it is the technique of capturing successive pictures or positions of models for creating an illusion of movement when there are sequential scenes in the films.

The scope of animation:

Nowadays, many big companies like Sony Pictures, Walt Disney, Turner Entertainment make animated films. Not just film production houses, but many game developers also need the best talents for creating animated characters. With the best abilities in India, many foreign companies also outsource their animation work to Indian companies. So, the scope is broader. Even, the best animation colleges in India provide campus placement assistance to their students to help them with their bright future.

Top animation colleges in India:

S. No. Name Of the Institution
1. Arena Multimedia
2. Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematic
3. Zee Institute of Creative Arts
4. Global School of Animation
5. Whistling Woods International Institute
6. Tekno Point Multimedia
7. Picasso Animation College
8. Apeejay Institute of Design
9. Toonz Webel Academy (TWA)
10. Massco Media

Most of these institutions have branches in multiple cities in India. These institutions offer different types of courses. For instance, right from diploma and certificate courses, the degree to PG degree courses are available. So, candidates interested in animation as their career can choose the best institution based on different factors.

Factors to consider when selecting the institution:


Infrastructure is an important consideration when choosing an animation college. In addition to the right facilities for theoretical training, the school should also have the proper facilities for practical education. Only when the students take part in live projects, they can gain industrial exposure. Also, live projects will also boost your confidence level to a great extent.

Experienced faculty members:

Of course, you should check the experience of the faculty members serving the institution. Only qualified people know the intricacies associated with the field. So, they will offer the right training that will help students in their future. Thus, you should check the experience of faculty members as well.

Fee structure:

As you know, animation courses cost more as compared to other regular ones. However, when you compare different institutions, it is better to check the fee structure. Further, you can check whether the college offers any scholarships for deserving students.

Apart from all these factors, you should also check whether the institution has the placement cell to guide with the placement.

Multimedia growing technology of new Generation

The Newest Growing Technology of The New Generation is multimedia. The applications of multimedia are widespread. The combination of animation, still images, sound and video along with the use of computer technology is termed as Multimedia. To implement the application of multimedia software is required which is available on CD-ROMs. The software which is applied for formation of animation, graphics are Photomagic, CorelDraw, and Animation Pro.

Uses of Multimedia

  1. Develop business presentations
  2. Record and edit music on computer
  3. Connect audio to text or files
  4. Make 3D effect in a various manner
  5. It also creates the animated birthday card.

Multimedia Courses

The course of multimedia comprises bachelor (BA, and postgraduate (MSc) degree. The BSc in Multimedia is of 3 years having six semesters. The candidate who has passed 10+2 and is interested in building a career in multimedia is eligible for BSc (multimedia). The MSc in multimedia is of 2 years. The candidate who has passed graduation from any recognised university is available for the course of MSc (multimedia).
Top Multimedia Colleges in India
C-DAC – National Multimedia Resource Centre, Pune
Maya Academic of Advanced Cinematics, Mumbai
Zee Institute of Creative Art, Coimbatore.
Manipal University Bangalore Campus, Vijayanagar, Bangalore
Film and Television Institute of India, Pune
DQ School of Visual Arts
Toonz Animation Academy
DQ School of Visual Arts, Mumbai
Industrial Design Centre, Mumbai
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Multimedia Jobs
The student can have different career opportunities in the field of multimedia. These career opportunities are:
1. Web Designer/Developer
The professional who carry out the work of web designer.
2. Multimedia Designer
The creation of interactive content by applying video, audio, graphics, special effects is a job of Multimedia Designer.
3. Software developer/programmer
The creation of software is the job of a software developer.
4. Online Publishing
To publish the content on the web through the internet is termed as Online publishing.
Application of Multimedia
The applications of multimedia are:
1. Multimedia Presentation:
It is used in the field of education to present subject matter to the students in an interactive way.
2. Entertainment
Multimedia is used for entertainment by producing sound, pictures and video in an integrated form.
3. Software
Multimedia is used to make the software application.
4. Business Communication
Multimedia supports the ease of business communication.
5. Multimedia Web Pages:
The web pages become more attractive using multimedia.
Multimedia is a new advent of current generation which is finding its scope in all areas of education and entertainment. Its study makes the student a dynamic personality which enables him to have a command on his/her working field. The student gets value and standard of this course. If a student has full control of subject matter, then he will get the job at the right salary and can achieve the success in every respect.
Thus, multimedia is the latest field of education to develop a good career according to his/her expectations. multimedia is the future of this world.

Skill India Programme: By Narendra Modi

Skill India Programme-A Dynamic Approach For The Development of Youth . Narendra Modi had launched so many programmes in which Skill India Programme is one of them. This is an educational and training programme meant for providing employment opportunities to our country’s youth. It comprises training of multi-skill programme.

Mainly it is a programme for youths belonging to rural areas. Who does not know current technology in the field of agriculture, human resource development and food processing industries etc.? Its main motto is to provide training to develop skill concerning a talent of 500 million youth of India up to the year 2020.

India is a land of youth where people are educated but with lack of skills. It is very essential to develop proper training here. It is expected that Youth can renovate the country but before that proper training is required.

Training Programmes

The training uncovers by this programme lays stress on developing skills of young people for getting employment and becoming an entrepreneur. Teens are getting guidance and aid concerning a traditional occupation like cobbler, tailor, nurses etc. It also promotes new innovative areas like transportation, textiles, construction, jewellery designing, banking, tourism etc.

The training given by this programmes is carried out at international level also. This programme provides training which imparts knowledge of management skills, personality development, employment skills, communication expertise and behaviour skills etc. It also includes group discussion, games, practical experiences etc.

Positive Effects

The positive effect of Skill India Programme is the increase in the confidence level of a youth of our country to moving towards the way of development by satisfying the demands at domestic and international level. It makes our new generation updated by developing new skills concerning new technology. Its main working areas are villages. It is the educational programme which is meant for making an individual liable to earn money for living their life with full prestige and value.


The seven workshops which constitute the Skill Development Programme are stated in the following manner:

  • Training Interpersonal Skills: This programme provides training for developing interpersonal skills.
  • Stress Management: This programme provides training for developing skills concerning stress management.
  • Action Learning and Learning to Learn: This programme provides training for developing skills. Concerning field of Action Learning and Learning to Learn.
  • Multicultural Integration: This programme provides training for developing skills concerning the area of Multicultural Integration.
  • Personal Effectiveness and Motivation: This programme provides training for developing skills. Concerning the theory of Personal Effectiveness and Motivation.
  • Situational Leadership: This programme provides training for developing skills. Concerning the theory of Situational Leadership.
  • Team Building: This programme provides training for developing skills concerning the theory of Team Building.

Skill India programme is an innovation started by Narendra Modi to pace up the country’s growth by employing 500 million youth. It is a programme which promotes eradication of poverty and unemployment to make our country rich and prosperous. It is prepared using effective policies and strategies to implement it easily and effectively.

Thus, Skill India Programme is a dynamic approach to the development of the youth of our country, to raise its standard at the economic level.

How Is Social Media Impacting College Students’ Life?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp are leading in popularity among Indian college students. When talking about usage of social media among young adults, the landscape experiences a regular shift. At one time, a particular social media service is popular among young adults, while in some instances, they are using other sites. But, one thing is clear, students these days cannot even imagine a day without social media, chatting, hanging up with friends, etc.

College students are always in search of some forms of entertainment to enjoy their life. They believe that this is the age to enjoy and after they complete their college life, a whole lot of responsibilities will line up. It is true, but they should consider the hard-earned money spent by their parents towards the higher education of their kid. It cannot be stated that social media sites always brings negative impact on the life of students.

Social media sites do good things as well. But, the matter of concern is that only a few teen children are motivated to these good resources to improve themselves. Let us explore some good things social media sites make in the life of college students in the present situation, where social media is trending towards MBA.

Humans are social animals:

The nature has created humans as social animals. We always wish to remain in some group or another. We always give importance to follow the group and its pattern of work. All the cultural aspects and traditional things that we follow in our lives are excellent proof to this group-oriented approach. Experts state that humans consider social needs next to their physical and safety requirements. Even, it is stated that our self-esteem develops with this social dependence. This is why millions of people, inclusive of students depend on social media. It helps with developing self-esteem and self-affirmation.

Excellent communication media:

Social media turns out to be an excellent means of communication for students. It is not that they communicate on matters outside their syllabus. They are using social media to get clarifications from their friends. Particularly, during study holidays before their examinations, they are able to get immediate clarifications. This helps them to focus better on their studies without wasting their precious time and efforts.

Stress release:

Without any doubt, social media is an excellent stress buster for students. From outside, the life of college students looks like amazeballs. But, they also face many stressful situations. For instance, they will have to finish an assignment within a time frame. Instances like scoring well in their semester examinations, making a presentation in front of a huge crowd add to their stress levels. This is where social media helps them in excellent stress relief. In addition, they are able to find some useful resources to prepare themselves well.


Of course, the effects of social media in the life of college students are mixed. Even though there are positive effects, there is certain negative impact as well. For instance, procrastination is the biggest downside. When they spend most of their time in social media, students tend to postpone important tasks. This surely has an impact on their overall college performance. But, the above-mentioned positive outcomes surely count.

Benefits of Engineering Home Tuitions

Engineering today is one of the most popular courses that every professionally oriented student opts for. In fact, the opportunities in engineering are really huge. This, in turn, permits students to pursue a career almost in any field and any domain. But, to prove themselves, it is important that students should score well in each subject in their course.

How to score well?

Of course, some students in their engineering course can score well just by following the lectures in their college. But, some students will have a hard time in understanding. The reason is that with a huge syllabus to be covered professors always rush up. However, a student can score well only when he understands the subject matter well.

So, what can be done?

The best thing students in their engineering course with a hard time in managing their subject can do is to take up home tuitions. They can do this by getting help from a service that offers home tuitions. Such a service will have the right teachers for subjects like engineering mechanics, engineering mathematics, and engineering drawing.

Here comes the question how engineering home tuitions can help students in gaining better subject knowledge. When they have better subject knowledge, they can automatically manage the exams well. This, in turn, will help them score well in their engineering course. Better grades will automatically help them gain better job positions and competitive edge over their peers.

Now, it is time for us to explore the benefits of taking up engineering home tuitions:

Personalized attention:

One of the biggest benefits associated with home tuition as against a coaching center is that the student can gain personalized attention. As the teacher with experience in teaching the subject will provide them the required knowledge right at their doorsteps, they can gain personalized attention.

Tutoring at the convenience of the student:

The biggest benefit associated with home tuition is that a student can learn at his convenience at his own home. He will have a specific spot as the favourite spot to study in his house. He can just use this spot to get home tuition from an experienced teacher. This will create an excellent and convenient atmosphere for the student to learn and understand the concepts with ease.

Performance betterment:

As the home tutor will clearly explain each and every step involved in a chapter, the engineering student will surely experience betterment in his scores at the college-level examination. The home tutor will rightly understand the weak areas of the student and will explain the concepts in such a way that the student can understand and can get performance betterment.

Detailed feedback:

In general, when it comes to engineering, the answer to a specific question has many aspects. Only a proper guidance will help a student in arriving at the right solution. In the college, the lecturer might miss out some crucial subtleties. This is because of the time restriction available in covering the entire syllabus.

An engineering student taking up a home tuition will help the student in correcting and analysing the answer at every step. The student can get a detailed productive feedback from the home tutor. This, in turn, will motivate the student to improve.

Positive learning environment:

In the case of introvert students, they will feel hesitant about getting their doubts clarified in front of the huge crowd of students. But, they can get such clarifications from their private tutor without any difficulty. This, in turn, will provide a positive learning environment for the student. Learning with a home tuition gives the student the much-required freedom and confidence to share their thoughts. An encouraging and positive environment is essential to ensure a better learning.

Lesser distractions:

In case a student enrolls in a coaching center, he will have a lot of friends and other students. This, in turn, will create a lot of distractions from focusing on the studies. On the other hand, in the case of private home tuitions, students can avoid this type of distraction. This again leads to private attention, which will help with the personal growth of the student to a great extent.

Different teachers for different subjects:

If a student thinks that he need personal coaching for more than a single subject, he can search for the teacher for the specific subject from a website that has the association with tutors with the experience in handling different subjects. Also, a student can view the complete profile of the teachers and can accordingly choose such a teacher for home tutoring needs.

A chance to learn in advance:

When a student gets the help of a home tutoring service right from the initial week of the beginning of the semester, you can learn concepts in advance. This will help the student to listen the subject taught in the college even before it is actually taught. As he has the subject knowledge through a home tuition service, he can also listen to the lectures offered at the college. This will turn out be the double positive for a student when he follows the lectured offered at the college as well.

When they know the concepts well in advance before attending the class, students will be able to understand concepts in a fulfilled manner.


In fact, there are many benefits engineering students can gain when they take up home tuitions. Apart from privacy and better attention, the ability to gain better knowledge and the resulting better grades is something most students will feel highly satisfactory about home-based tuitions.

Students should be careful in finding the right service with the best tutors to choose from to get the home coaching. There are many such good services that students can find over the web. They can just contact the website to get help from selecting the right tutor by specifying the engineering subject for which they look for a dependable tutor. In addition, students are recommended to understand the benefits of home tutoring from the points discussed above.

Best CA Coaching Center in Bangalore

Chartered Accountancy is one of the most dignified professions in India. Even though this is one of the toughest courses, most students wish to take up this course. The reason is that they can get a decent job opportunity along with the good pay scale on completion of the CA course.

To become a qualified Chartered Accountant, you should clear three stages of examinations conducted by the ICAI. The first stage is CPT, the second is IPCC and the third is CA Final.

Two ways to qualify:

When you enroll yourself in the CA course, you will have a couple of options. The options are that you can either choose self-study or you can choose a coaching center. If you are in Bangalore, you can choose the best CA Coaching center in Bangalore.

How about self-study?

Self-study is beneficial in the way that it builds your self-confidence to a great extent. But, when you do this, you will have to spend a lot of time in finding important chapters to focus. On the flip side, if you are focused towards study materials, you might miss some problem-oriented questions to cover.

If you aspire for better rank and not just a pass, you should go for the second option. Yes, it is better to look for the best CA Coaching in your area. Here are some reasons why you should consider coaching as against self-study:

Study environment compatibility:

If you wish to gain motivation from others, you should join a coaching institute. Yes, in an environment of qualified faculties and enthusiastic students, you can gain the motivation without any hassle. You will automatically get the competitive spirit to get a good rank.

With the stimulation you get from your fellow students and faculty members, your determination will double. In other words, your hidden potentialities will entirely come out.

All subjects in a single place:

When you study on your own, you will have to gather study materials for different papers from different sources. But, when you enroll in a coaching institution, they will have the faculties for all papers under a single roof.

In addition, the institution will provide you with the appropriate study material to make the learning easier as compared to self-study.

Improve your learning abilities:

You have your own aspiration to score better in your CA course, isn’t? In addition, the coaching institutes will also aim at improving the skills of their students. The reason is that when their students get good ranks, it adds to their reputation. So, the institute will take every step to make sure that your abilities improve.

Comprehensive study materials:

Based on the study materials provided by ICAI, the best coaching institutions prepare their own study materials. These study materials designed by coaching institutions mainly focus on easiness to the students.

The institutions generally prepare the study materials under the guidance of qualified CAs. In addition, the study materials are provided with periodic evaluation sheets to make sure that you are on the same page with the institution. This is also done by the institution to make sure that all their students are following the course in the right manner.

Multifaceted teaching methodologies:

Most CA coaching institutions keep themselves updated with the technology used for coaching. Each and every technology they adopt is focused towards ensuring better teaching and learning. These technologies make sure that the students get their doubts clarified then and there. Also, they can interact with their tutors as and when the need arises using the technology.

When you study on your own, you might not get such assistance as and when needed.


Not just for these reasons, but also for many other reasons, you should get coaching for CA. As you know, CA is a course with lesser pass percentage. But, with the best coaching, you can achieve good marks and ranks in you CA course.

Increasing Trend of French Classes in Colleges

If you have not ever learned a foreign language, it means that you are missing out something. Some time ago, the state of Delhi jumped on that bandwagon and the state has no mood to slow down from the rapport. Of course, it is true that most Indians are bilingual, but that does not suffice anymore.

If you are confused about the foreign language to choose, you should choose French. There are many reasons why most colleges in India show an increasing trend to offer French classes to their students. Not just because studying French is fashionable, but also for many other reasons colleges show an increasing trend to offer French classes. Let us explore the reasons for this increasing trend among colleges:

Because it is a part of whom you are:

Yes, college authorities are well-aware of the fact that English and French languages have a pretty mixed-up history. After the Norman Conquest of 1066, Norman French was begun to be adopted as the language of power on the British Isles. After this, for the next 40 decades, French was the language of dignity and it was also used in official documents.


However, King Henry V put a cessation to that when he decided for a war with France. But just due to the fact that both languages existed in parallel for so long, the English language started to pepper with the words of French origin.

Yes, most of the words in the English language can be traced to their roots from French. This means that colleges know that their students already have a basic knowledge of French language.

Because the language is not difficult:

Most English-speaking people do not have the great reputation for speaking foreign languages. But, French is a language in which not just English-natives, but most people, who know English utter some words.

This is not just because of the similarities discussed above, but also because of the fact that French is taught widely in schools.

Also, most French-speaking countries continue to dominate the touring domain. Of course, it is true that there are some finicky grammar rules that the learners should understand. But, in general, English grammar rightly corresponds pretty much closer to French grammar.

Because French is more than just France:

Let me tell you one thing: it will take a lifetime to identify the abundance of delight that French has to offer. Colleges very well know that knowledge of French will help their students to gain access to these delights.

In addition, students will be able to make up to countries like Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Canada, where French is the official language. Yes, when you have the knowledge of this subject, you can visit many countries. This is the important reason why colleges offer French classes for their students.

Because learning French is the stepping stone to learn other languages:

One of the interesting things about learning a foreign language like French is that you will get to know how much you know your own language.

This, in turn, will help you with a plethora of tools that you can use to learn further languages. Also, when you get a chance to learn other languages like Italian, Spanish and Portuguese in the future, you will recognize a whole lot of similarities with respect to grammar and etymology.

To offer a career advantage:

Most colleges these days aim at providing the best career opportunities for their students. They strongly believe that when their students have the ability to speak both English and French, they will become competent enough to be hired by multinational companies.

In fact, organizations in different sectors like luxury goods, automotive, retailing and aeronautics and even many other sectors have French as their working language even today. Furthermore, France attracts researchers, entrepreneurs and foreign students from different countries being the world’s fifth biggest economy.


There are many other benefits French can bring to their students. These are the important reasons why colleges show an increasing trend to offer French Classes for their students.

Android Makes The College Life Easy

Nowadays, managing to get admission to some colleges itself is a really challenging task. Next is the huge fee for some professional courses. Some students and their parents cannot manage the finances unless the student gets some financial aid.

It can be anything in the form of scholarship or financial aid. Not just for schools, but even for some professional courses at college level students were carrying heavy loads of books in their backpacks. But, this no more in vogue these days. Thanks to the technology. It helps immensely in simplifying the life of college students.

How is technology helpful for students?


Right from simple timetable management application in their smartphone to complete eBook readers, Android phone and tablets these days is easing student-life. They are able to effectively manage their college routine with Android applications. Not just applications coming with hefty price tag, but there are free applications that are turning out to be friendly for students. Here, let us find out how Android has made life easier for students in a number of ways:

Savings on textbooks:

When it comes to college life, textbooks are the most expensive part. To save on the textbooks, many students get help from service providers, who offer textbooks for rent for students from poor financial backgrounds. To get such a service, they had to apply directly to the service provider with the proof of family income. Nowadays, there are Android applications that provide free access to college textbooks in the form of ebooks. Students can gain access to huge collection of books from different authors. Such applications on Android have made life easier for students.

Handy dictionaries:

Earlier college students had to carry huge dictionaries to their classes. But, this is not at all a requirement these days. They can just tab into the dictionary app on their Android phone to get quick meanings. This is something truly helpful to make life easier for college students.

Recording lectures:

If their professor is a fast talker, it will be difficult for students to follow the classes and also they will have difficulty with taking notes. Students need not have to face this issue in the present situation if they have their Android phone handy. They can just record the lectures for future reference. Without the requirement of any cassette, their smartphone will work as their favorite tape recorder. There are applications that will help students to record long lectures. This is something that makes life easier for students.

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Scientific calculator:

In general, from a very long time now, engineering students carry their scientific calculator to their college. Now, if they accidentally leave their calculator at home, they need not have to worry as they have their Android phone handy. All they have to do is to just get the suitable application from Google Store that makes their real-time scientific calculations easy.

For effective time management:

Time management is the biggest problem faced by college students these days. But, their Android phone will help them in this regard as well. Yes, there are effective applications that will do this work for them with utmost efficacy.


So, Android phones make life not just easier for working professionals, but students are also on the beneficial side for sure.

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How Is Digital Marketing Impacting Local Marketing?

The Internet has brought about many positive changes in our lives. Not just individuals, but this is one of the best tools that small businesses cannot ignore. The reason is that this tool will help a local business to reach a larger group of audience. This is because there is an increasing trend among people to rely on the web to find any information that they need. This makes it important for a brand to present on the web if they wish to establish a stellar reputation. Before understanding how internet marketing is impacting local or traditional marketing, it would be better to get a fundamental understanding of both.

Local marketing or traditional marketing:

Earlier, marketing was identified as the tool to take the products to the end users. In fact, marketing is a function of an organization. Companies follow a set of process to create, to communicate and to deliver value to the end users and for managing the relationship with customers. They do this by following the methods that will benefit the organization and also its stakeholders. Among the different methods of traditional marketing followed, the door-to-door sale was considered effective.

In addition, yellow pages, advertisements, and commercials in multimedia were also used.

What is the internet?

Internet was originally invented in 1969, but it was officially established only in 1996. It is actually an international network of an interconnected network. Most traditional media of communication inclusive of television, film, music, and telephone are being redefined and reshaped by this most useful and affordable tool. This tool has enabled new forms of interactions between the humans through social networking, web forums, instant messaging, etc. Both small traders, and artisans and major retail outlets do online shopping.

Nowadays, the web is the crucial part of the human life. It has changed our life to a great extent and it has much crucial and beneficial impact on the traditional marketing practices. Let us explore the impacts here:


The traditional marketing methods are still used in the market by local businesses. But, with new techniques introduced almost on a daily basis in the web world, traditional marketing is losing its sheen. Most local businesses have started to understand that it is time for the internet. Convenient and good services are offered by the web marketing to customers.

The web is the best choice to get the widened, less price, and quality familiarity among the locals. Apart from shopping door to door, people can research about the business and can evaluate the information through the web. As against paying for costly newspaper and television ads, companies can post their marketing materials on their websites and social networking accounts. Now, Internet Marketing is core for MBA Students

Marketing segmentation:

Marketing segmentation is a concept, where the group of customers sharing a similar set of wants and needs is brought together. The foundation for segmentation is a factor that differs among groups within the same market. For instance, one can discover four primary basis on which to classify a consumer market. There are different types of segmentation like behavioural, psychographic, demographic, and geographic segmentation. The web is helping local businesses as they can easily identify their target market through segmentation.

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In short, internet marketing is evading local marketing techniques. But, businesses can continue their traditional strategies but should use the web to get a wider reach. Online marketing is truly making an impact on the lives of all.


How Are Android Applications Beneficial For Students?

There are many useful Android apps for college students these days. Not just for students in their college life. But, nowadays, there are also applications for Android to help students in the transition state. Yes, there are useful applications for high school students, who are moving to college life.

Before deciding on the college to apply, it is highly important that students should equip themselves with the good knowledge. This is where some Android Applications are doing the works that are highly appreciated by students.

By providing the list of top colleges in Engineering, MBA, different fields, these applications are truly reducing the time and efforts of students to a great extent. Here are some benefits that students looking for the right course or college can get from the best Android applications.

Availability round-the-clock:

At some instances, when students think about college admission at wee hours, they get some doubts. They cannot immediately get in touch with an educational expert for clarification. But, they can immediately reach the mobile application to find answer to their query.

Most of the applications come with friendly control feature for students to get answers to their queries almost immediately. For instance, if they have a doubt whether a specific course is available on a specific college, they can just tap into the app to get the required information immediately regardless of the time.

Effective utilisation of leisure hours:

Most parents are highly concerned about their teen son or daughter spending hours on the web just for entertainment purpose. But, with an educational app that will help students in finding the right college or course, they can use their leisure time in an effective manner.


Nowadays, it is hard to find individuals without smartphones. This holds true as soon as a student completes his/her school education. Andoird applications for education make information available for students handy. Portability is an important benefit associated with Android applications. Even some apps work without web access. After downloading, the students need not have internet data balance in his/her phone to find information about a college. Everything is available handy.

Even some apps work without web access. After downloading, the students need not have internet data balance in his/her phone to find information about a college. Everything is available handy.

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Knowledge about entrance exams:

Depending on the course that a student wishes to pursue, he/she can find the required information regarding entrance exams. There are Android applications that provide complete details about different entrance examinations across India. Also, such an app will bring notification for the user about the entrance exam notification, if any, published by any university or institution or college.

A distinctive source of information:

Once a student downloads a dependable Android Application, he/she will be in a position to get complete details from a single source.

There are applications that provide complete information about the admission procedure, application fee, course fee, value of the course, etc So, when information is available through a single source, students need not have to search for a better source of information. Even, after gathering information from the app, they can just check the reliability of the information from the official website of the university or college.

There are applications that provide complete information about the admission procedure, application fee, course fee, value of the course, etc

So, when information is available through a single source, students need not have to search for a better source of information. Even, after gathering information from the app, they can just check the reliability of the information from the official website of the university or college.


In short, Android applications have made life pretty much easier for students. There are applications to ensure a smooth transition of students from their school life to college life.

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