Are Web 2.0’s still useful in 2018?

Going to first talk about the benefits of them.

Can make unlimited amounts of them
Normally free to make
Contain strong link juice of the route domain if you work on yourself or get expired ones with good backlinks done.
Looks natural in Google eyes using them
Can quickly get branded name of one which matches your URL name
Used to rank up youtube videos or channels
Can be very creative with how you design them.
Usually reasonably easy to rank up.

You can get 2.0s of so many different providers for free such as Tumblr, Joomla, WordPress, Weebly using all of this will help to boost your rankings of your sites in my experience Joomla is usually the strongest to promote your site rankings.

You will sometimes see people offering to host your microsites for say $10 a month think about this you can quickly get a lot of websites online for $10 a month so is paying for a site with only around five pages for $10 smart? The answer is no, and if you are paying for a lot of these it can easily cost $10,000 a month, and if you want to take this into an extreme level you need free ones, or it’s not worth doing it overall.
filemaker pos
In typical cases, the web 2.0 backlinks will contain okay link strength not enough to rank up a site in the strong niche they work best in low to medium niches, but if you are willing to work on your sites, you can still use them to help you rank in more competitive areas. You can find expired ones in many different ways I am going to say in this article purely Tumblr ones since most simple for you to get yourself and you don’t need any technical knowledge to do it. Expired Tumblr Hunter which is of a website called all you do to work this program once it’s installed is this click start you can put in niches if you want all you do to have niches is click the niche relevant box and type ones you want such as cars, dogs, chocolate if you do it this way you will find niche relevant one you can go higher or lower than 500 if you want it’s your choice you can use with or without proxies as long as you don’t do it in big way you can use it without proxies but I would recommend you use proxies just to be on the safe side.

The reason I class this as natural many big businesses all around the world use web 2.0s so in my thoughts it would be entirely logical for Google to see your website receiving links of these types of sites a lot of different people do branded versions of the money sites the reason for why it makes it look more natural to Google and also these types of sites can if you work on them send you anywhere between to 2 to 10,000 people a month of free traffic to your money site you can get more if you work on them, but you get the general idea

Difference between private blog network and public blog networks?

Private Blog network what is this?

This means a website which you use to boost your own money site rankings you make sure to hide your sites from ahrefs,majestic,moz and other backlink checking programs to stop your competition finding your domains the reason for why some of your game might report your site to Google and say it’s a pbn getting it disindexed and also another useful reason to hide from backlink checking programs is to make your site harder for your competition to find but please make sure you keep your site indexed in other search engines like Google,Bing the reason I say this some people get so into hiding their places they end up getting their site disindexed Google by blocking Google going to the website.

Best PBN guide?

You should make sure you have good quality content on your site this means articles people would actually want to read or simply help someone in all the content as much as possible.

You can pay anything from $5 to more money for 500-word article, but please note many people who sell $5 content sell spunned content or copied content so always check your article on Copyscape to make sure it’s a unique content.

Include images in your site I would aim to have at least picture for each blog to make it look more high quality and also to show people you actually want people to read your site or go to it.

You can include a video or more in them to give a good, high-quality look to your site the benefits of them make your posts index faster and also can lead to people staying on your website a lot longer and will even look a lot more natural Google by you have videos in your blogs.

You probably heard many people claiming always paid better than free themes?

Well, here the honest truth about that idea there is no guarantee a paid one will be better since all themes paid or free can be good or bad depending on how they are designed by others so always go with ideas by the quality of them not the price of them how good they are.

Public blog network the advantage here is you get real traffic going to your site easier and to me, it looks a lot natural to Google a site with growing traffic going to it, and I do think Google might use sites which block ahrefs or majestic as a way to tell a place a really a PBN you also here don’t have to worry about blocking all backlink tools from your site such as ahrefs,majestic,Moz so it gives you less work say you are selling links of this to other if you can show the person no prove of backlinks it’s more unlikely they will buy of you unless you have references on other people claiming your sites are good quality for boosting a money site rankings

Realtors Would Never Tell You These

With the real estate industry stamping itself as one of the best and biggest in the US economy courtesy of its growing population and maybe industrial activities, real estate agents are becoming popular more than ever before, many more people go into the business to have their share of the flowing honey. However, agents get the good, bad and ugly treatments from their clients but all these most times occur because those clients lack ideas about what to and what not to ask the realtor, or about what should be spoken to them at all by realtors. I have highlighted a few of those things you shouldn’t expect to hear from real estate agents to help you understand them better.

Don’t expect a direct answer about community neighbourhood demographics.House with a big garden  up for sale it's 1 floor house.
Yes, he is purposely giving you a run-around, but certain details about a neighbourhood or community will make him violate the Fair Housing Act as enacted into law in 1968 to check housing discriminations. Well, you could ask your agent if where he has taken you to is a good neighbourhood but don’t expect a straight answer. He must be cautious as the law protects against race, colour, national origin, religion, sex, disability and other discriminations that are based on peoples’ demography. The Fair Housing Act prohibits any professional from steering prospective homebuyers and tenants to choose if he wants to stay in the community or otherwise based on factors of demographics. This is such that equal access to housing for all groups of people are ensured to safeguard them from discrimination of any sort.
Therefore, if you have encountered situations where real estate agents get tightlipped when such questions are asked, he is both being professional and upholding the law of the land. Take for example, if he dare says a particular environment is suitable for young people, he is probably creating an impression in you that such area is not too good for you as an aged individual and he is already discriminating.
Do not expect to hear anything close to crime statistics and schools
Because crime statistics and details about educational institutions can be interpreted as a reference to the race which automatically violates the Fair Housing Act, do not expect to hear anything close to these from your agent, or better not ask. This particular law applies especially to cases of home selling. This is because a real estate agent is not expected to treat or talk differently about a particular group of people, race or religion regardless of if the buyer requests such information.

Technically, any sort of information that is traceable to discriminations is avoided as much as possible by real estate agents so as not to get themselves in trouble for your sake.
You can make your agents helps you
On several instances, real agents find themselves in positions where they try to explain why clients’ choices cannot be narrowed down to their expectations most especially because much of their request touch down on the protected classes. However, you can make your agents help you with a little tactics. If you want to confront a real estate agent with any of these requests, rather than ask him questions of discriminations, you are advised to contact friends or maybe touch base yourself by trying a little residency researches before telling your estate agent to find homes for you in such neighbourhood. Trust me; a real estate agent would always make you realize he cannot find houses for you based on those clauses of discriminations if you dare table them before him.
Finding the neighbourhood for you
While agents wouldn’t address your request based on the grounds of discriminations, they would always provide you with tools and resources to find that environment and communities that meet your need or suit you. Real estate organizations ensure to create pamphlets that are given to clients which orientate them about how to protect themselves buying or selling houses while they are made to avoid bias as much as possible through third party recommendation tactics. Searching information about a particular neighbourhood is now really made easy too as the internet offers you great chances to know about places you haven’t even set a foot. With couples of clicks, you would be able to tell few stories about where you have never been before.
Buying or selling a house just got easier, and you wouldn’t make unnecessary problems with your real estate agents the moment you understand issues like these.

My skills when it comes to SEO include

I can work the following programs well:

Ahrefs my knowledge here can include finding high-quality backlinks, keyword research, reserve engineering in the deep way plus a wide range of other knowledge in this area.
Majestic, I can workout in full ways how to use this program right since I know many people still believe majestic TF flow is what Google thinks.
Ispinoage is like SEMrush, but I have a license for life from this.
Ubersuggest is keyword research tool I have used many of them so if you want to ask me any of the ones I used.


Good at finding expired domains I also have in the past trained in the past with quite a famous man you may have heard of Aron Wright was Authority Domains he was selling domains in higher level than most since when he was selling domains he sell them at a minimum for $10,000 this may sound high to you but if you see the quality domains he was selling it was well worth it.
I am quite well respected for my security knowledge since I know how to make WordPress sites a lot harder to hack and I know how to stop you seeing the Chinese language on your WordPress sites.
I can build websites in many different styles such as WordPress, Full coded, Weebly, Wix, Shopify. I have built sites in Magento I am not the best at this type of Ecommerce, but I could work on these sites if you needed it. I have a bit of experience in both Drupal and Joomla as well.

I have built sites in many different styles since I am the big person for building microsite networks.

I can do a bit of video designing as well I have quite a lot of programs this program can allow you to have character speak for you which the program will sound very human it has many different languages in the programs such as English in British,Wales,American,Indian and many it can speak in many different languages as well it’s meant to be made by the world best language program you can have male or female voice in it. They are meant to be actual explainer voices so you would have a maximum time of roughly 5 seconds the guys are always upgrading it so it could go up anytime.

I have a special program designed to make Facebook-style advertising videos so if you wanted I could do some videos for you to promote your services or products.

British SEO 

I have quite a lot of big microsite networks so I could easily use them to boost your site rankings or built you ones as well.

I am also good friends with most other SEO people so I can arrange to get you high-quality backlinks of other people to say your time of testing to see if it will work or not.


I can provide you guest posts myself of some of my own websites as well on different websites

Why is wechat such a powerful communication tool?

Powered by Tencent, WeChat is a social media app that’s has become the most popular way to communicate online used in China. IT is governed by China’s strong censorship laws and messaging interception rules; the government can review your messages and other data you have sent.

Wechat has a great inbuilt feature which you can get which allows you pay for a range of things such as taxi or food.

How can you actually get access to send or receive money with a Wechat Wallet?

Step One Download the actual Wechat app

Step two Create your actual Wechat Wallet account which can be done by entering your phone number, and a subsequent verification code will be sent to you, and you must create a password and ID for your account. The program will ask for access to your contacts to see if you know any other Wechat users to transfer money you must have your possible recipient as a contact in your profile.

Step 3 Ad

3. Add a debit or a credit card. Enter your info and select your bank for verification through your mobile phone number through your mobile phone number.

Who Actually uses Wechat?

It can be anyone from friends, business people, famous people there is quite a lot prime ministers in the world who use wechat to show you the real popularity of it on a global scale.

What are others features used in wechat?

Images is a way you can easily send photos to friends or contacts by you simply clicking the image you want then press send and one thing I really like about this it actually allows you in that to take photo in action right so if you saw a nice animal you could take its photo and send to a friend now.

Sight Feature for Android and IOS lets users make 6-second videos of whatever they want and share with friends or on the social feed.

Favorites is simply something either you or your contact likes the most so puts into your favourite section

Location helps people find you easier or you find the locations to meet people easier since gives you the correct information to find for most of it.

Video call is pretty self-explainable you just press that button and wait for your contact to accept your call then you are both able to video chat.

Contact card could be used as a way to send your contact to people if you were trying to sell them something or start a business relationship this can be a good way to do it.

Stickers can be a fun way to make your messages more interesting you are using a range of stuff such as funny, cartoon, romantic, love themed, sports,festival-themed ones.

Has a built-in feature to allow you to record messages to people to me it’s quite a fun tool to use for sharing information with mates.

Main display

Chat is basically part of it where you can chat to people
Contacts are simply people who you added into your account to chat to you have new friends part to see your possible new friends you could add into your profile saved groups are say work based groups you could here or group of friends who say like music and tags can be a way to group your friends.

Discovery can be used for range of purposes such as moments is like the same as Facebook profile where you see what photos or videos comments people say on things