Famous Indian Paintings Every Art Lover Must Know

Since time immemorial art is considered as one of the best forms of expression. It has been used by artists to depict emotions and portray scenes from their surroundings. In fact, India has been the home to many art genres and styles. Art holds special importance in Indian culture as natives of every Indian region have developed their own art form as an illustration of their customs and traditions. Indian artists have been painting their imaginations since long and some of them have received special recognition in the world of art.

Hence, in this article, in no particular order, we will reminisce some of the most famous paintings made by extremely renowned Indian artists. Nonetheless, you might have had seen them when you would have been browsing to buy Indian paintings online. Take a look.

  1. Self Portrait – Amrita Sher-Gil

This portrait was made by Amrita Sher-Gil in 1931. She made it when she was merely 18 years old and became one of the most prominent Indian modern artists. This particular painting was the first of his creation which was presented in Christie’s London. Not just this, her self -portraits were also showcased at auction gallery. The portraits were considered as a way of her depiction of innate feelings. Many of her portraits use to express the grief and melancholy.

  1. Bharat Mata – Abanindranath Tagore

Abanindranath Tagore is the nephew of Rabindranath Tagore and the founder of Bengal school of arts. His painting Bharat Mata is a beautiful portrayal of a woman wearing a saffron-clad while holding a white piece of cloth. Ashe is also shown holding a book, and other important religious symbols in her hands.

This painting gained widespread popularity among the nationalists at the time of Indian struggle for freedom. This painting held special importance in the hearts of Indian as it has high emotional and historical worth.

  1. Shakuntala – Raja Ravi Verma

Raja Ravi Varma is till now considered as the artist endowed with brilliant artistic skills. One must have had come across this masterwork while visiting sites and galleries to buy fantastic Indian paintings online. Nonetheless, this painting shows Shakuntala who is an important character of Mahabharata removing a thorn from her foot while actually, she was looking for her husband Dushyanta. The most special trait about his paintings is the way he used to transcribe scenes from moving motion pictures into still pictures.

  1. Bapuji – Nandlal Bose

Mahatma Gandhi has been a great subject for portrait making for many artists. This portrait of Mahatma Gandhi was made by Nandlal Bose for showcasing Dandi March of 1930 which was led by him. The artist made this as a way of showing respect to the ‘Bapu’ of the nation. The original artwork is still kept at the National Gallery of Modern art in Delhi.

  1. Mahishasura – Tyeb Mehta

Tyeb Mehta is undoubtedly, one of the topmost fine contemporary artists of India. In this painting, he has presented the demon Mahishasura. This painting was the first amongst the realm of paintings that have surpassed the mark of million dollars. In 2005, this was offered at Christie’s and was sold at a jaw-dropping the amount of $1.584 million. A unique trait of the painting is that it depicts the demon in the most basic form by using simplistic patterns.

  1. Three Pujarins – Jamini Roy

This celebrated Bengali artist got all the appreciation for the portrayal of these three ladies which she named as Three Pujarins. The most distinguishable feature of these three ladies were the almond eyes. Her paintings were highly inspired by Bengali folk traditions which she mingles with vivacious colors seamlessly.

In brief, Indian painters create paintings of many genres. Even the novice art lovers would have had seen at least one of the aforementioned paintings while looking to buy Indian paintings online. These are few of the paintings which if one has not seen ever, he cannot be considered as a true art lover. However, now that our readers know about these paintings, they can unskeptically call themselves the lovers of Indian art.

How to Develop an Efficacious Business from Your Passion for Art?

We all grow up idolizing certain people in our lives. They are the ones who inspire us to be like them one day. We mostly idolize people from the same industry that they want to make our careers in. However, for most of us the dream of becoming like them one day remains a dream for life. As we often tend to fear away from the risk involved and the enticement that a routine job gives of getting a specific amount of money monthly.

On the contrary, there are still some who follow their hearts calling. Irrefutably, the best feeling for them is when they can attain the position they wanted to have in the career path they have chosen for converting their passion into profession.

If we talk in context of art, becoming an artist for converting it into a profession is a bumpy ride when it comes to carving business from this passion. Nevertheless, the good news is that if you, apart from mastering your artistic skills, learn the right way to sell art online and offline, you would be able to turn it into a successful business. So, keep reading to know more.

  • Make art that resonates-

Creating paintings that can appease the senses of the onlookers emotionally, visually or both will make your paintings stand out. This will fetch you all the more buyers when you will be selling paintings online through some art gallery. Art gallery has plethora of paintings and if your paintings would be able to look extremely beautiful or will hit the emotional chords of the potential buyer, you will automatically sell more.

  • Identify your target audience-

Thereafter, you should ascertain your target market. See how wide your market place is and what all mediums are there for flourishing your market. For the same, you should know the kind of paintings you want to sell. If you want to sell abstract paintings online look for the places where there demand is more. Besides this, to know the target market and audience, one also needs to keep up with the art trends and how the economy of the places where your buyers reside is affecting the frequency of purchases and the willingness of art lovers to buy painting in general.

  • Keep your business plan afresh and not obsolete-

Just like every other business person revises the business plan he has, every artist too need to make it a point to see if the business plan they have is updated and integrated well with the current market trends. Besides this, a business person also needs to see if he is able to work according to his business plan. For instance, if he has set a goal of selling 10 paintings in 4 months, in order to earn well from the sale of his paintings. He would need to make at least twice as more the number he wants to sell. However, if after doing this too, he isn’t able to generate revenue in the desired way then he should try to find the loopholes.

  • Increase the engagement of your admirers-

Ideally, an artist should write catchy, brief and interrogative captions in order to increase the engagement of his existing admirers and for adding up a significant amount of new appreciators. In addition to this, artists should occasionally upload pictures with long motivational, inspirational descriptions. This help the onlookers in connecting with the artist more. This indirectly contributes to the sale of the artist’s paintings online. For instance, a motivational pot could be on how the artist rose above all odds and decided to make money out of his passion instead of persistent pressure for doing a job from his near and dear ones. The artist can also tell others to follow their passion.

In context of short descriptions, one can write, ‘type yes, if you like it’, ‘tag the one you would want to give this to’, ‘Can you guess what my next painting would be on?’

  • Change your admirers into customers-

Whether through any online platform or through an offline one, if you meet or talk to someone who finds you paintings really intriguing, give him or her your number right way and share your visiting card with them.

Do so because if someone is moved by what you make, he will definitely buy at least one painting or artwork from you. Moreover, showing the ones who admire you, their importance will strengthen the love and respect that they have for you and you artwork even more.

In context of social media accounts, artists can offer discount baits. All this will give your admirers reason to buy paintings online or from your art studio.