5 Indispensable Tools for Efficiently Managing a Freelance Design Business

Are you new to freelance design business? Do you own a freelance design agency? It is definitely not easy to run a freelance business. The process demands a good amount of time, energy, dedication and resources.

Luckily, there are a few tactics you can adopt to simplify and streamline your work. The best part is that these things can be done without breaking your bank!

Here are 5 amazing tools that help you take full charge of your freelance design business:


As a freelancer, you would require keeping close track of all projects that have been taken up for execution. This tool allows you to efficiently juggle between several projects at one time. Trello will help you keep track of the whole kit and caboodle at a single place using cards, lists and boards. This free collaboration tool is easily accessible online and allows adding multiple users. These users can track variations in real-time. It is possible to add files and images, organize things and even set due dates with Trello. It can double up as a mobile app while you’re on the go!

Zombies, Run!

Freelancers lead a hectic life with very little or almost no time to rest. They are always on toes. The app will certainly prove very helpful for energize an exercise break. If you are into freelancing and work for long hours, smaller frequent breaks are important. This will help recharge your core battery. Most freelancers choose exercise as their leading choice break activity. Zombies, Run! is an amazing exercise app exclusively built for freelancers. You can add a zombie menace to your daily exercise routine to charge it up.


Earning a lot of money! Who doesn’t want that? As an efficient freelance design business owner, earning may come easy to you, but manage money isn’t a cakewalk! No wonder most freelance professional website designers rely on apps like wave. These are a free way to manage money. It comes equipped with some amazing features to offer assistance with invoicing, accounting, tracking receipts and personal finance.


As a freelancer, it is crucial to understand the true value of your time and utilize it properly. Toggl is a tracker that displays things or activities that eat up a lot of your time. This tool is actually an online service that facilitates you to manage and keep close track of your time. A few simple clicks will let you split your time between projects. You can keep a close track of activities that take too much time to complete (or waste your time unnecessarily). It will also help you share professional reports with your users.


This is the best option for you. WordPress serves as an amazing platform for advertising your services and products through a website. There are many professional and simple to grasp WordPress tutorials that will help you.


Newsletter helps you to connect with the community. When a website is up and running, do not wait to start a newsletter. MailChimp is an efficient service which helps you to create newsletters that appear professional and can be easily plugged into your new WordPress site. Newsletters will help your clients know what you are up to. You can also advertise any news.

Google’s G Suite

The tool helps you to sync calendars and share files. Most freelancers are intimidated with tasks such as scheduling and document sharing with numerous clients at one time. However, the task is not difficult if you use Google’s G Suite. Apart from using Google for keeping close track of important calendar events and reminders, you can collaborate and share different documents with your clients as well as other team members.