How to Repair Corrupted Kingston Pen Drive

The Kingston pen drive might have become an important medium to relocate data from one platform to another. Due to some virus attack pen data goes inaccessible and such a few viruses completely damaged storage media. In this segment we will look at how to repair the corrupted Kingston pen drive and how you can recover data from it. You need to follow below mentioned steps one by one which helps to fix corrupted Kingston pen drive and helps to recover data. First you need to check you pen drive letter name which your computer show when you plug in pen drive with pc. For example my computer show me pen drive name is E:.

When I plug in Kingston pen drive with computer then it shows me your pen drive is corrupted

Step1) Open Dos Command window

Step2) Type this command on Dos Shell

chkdsk e:/r

The command of chkdsk verifies a disk for the corruption. Where e: represent your pen drive and /r signifies to repair the issues it finds.

Note: If you’re not using Windows XP then might be get the warning type of message don’t worry, you can continue repairing procedure by pressing Y. Now repairing task has started and you will see the names of your file it proves that all files are not lost or damaged. When it is approximately done it will ask you that you want to save lost chains into files then choose yes.

Once all the process is done, then chkdsk will report back what it has completed. Now you can able to open Kingston pen drive and easily access data from it.

Conclusion: In this segment I described about corrupted Kingston pen drive repairing process and how you can completely recover data from it by using chkdsk or /r switch command line. In case if you unable to fix this issue then might be their is any other issue in your pen drive so please check your USB whether your pen drive haven’t write protection problem if Yes then you need to fix this Write Protected Error from the Pen Drive asap.If after using this method you didn’t get any positive result then point is occur how to recover data from corrupted Kingston pen drive. I would suggest you choose third party data recovery software for Kingston pen drive which helps to recover all data from the pen drive without hampering any information.

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