The capital city, Delhi is considered as one of the largest cities of the nation along with the extensive number of eateries. There are several spots in the city where a man can enjoy wine and dine. Delhi is indeed a Paradise for Food Lovers. Everybody in the city simply cherishes eating. It is a well known thought that individuals in different states are occupied by either celebrating or hitting on the bars, but the people here are caught up with eating. They simply require a valid reason to celebrate and have a hearty supper containing an enormous amount of delicacies.

The main eating out zones in Delhi additionally offer the Continental, Chinese, Thai, Mediterranean and Italian cuisines to fulfill the craving and thirst of the people. Aside from the multi cuisine restaurants you can also get the glimpse of traditional foods in Delhi. The fast foods are additionally accessible in the city like Mc Donalds, Pizza Hut and so on.


Delhi is the National Capital city of India and is stuffed with fascinating history and numerous attractions. Here’s a rundown of five things you shouldn’t miss when you visit Delhi, India

  1. Qutub Minar
    Delhi’s well known attractions and landmark is Qutub Minar. The most mind boggling part of the historic site is the 72.5 meter tall tower that is built of red sandstone and reaches to the sky. Planned to visit Qutub Minar and searching for different delicious food items that you can have? Anjeer kulfi for dessert, veggie bites for snacks, cafe coffee day for best coffees are few of the most suggested. The best restaurants near Qutub Minar includes Desi Flavours, Kebab House, Chick N Salsa. If you are looking for Vegan options, you can visit Rajori Garden and Govardhan Vegetarian.
    Qutub Minar Delhi
  2. Jama Masjid
    When you think of Delhi, you definitely think about the Jama Masjid. Guests come here on day trips, anxious to see India’s greatest vacation spot. Delhi likewise brags a scope of nearby eateries that will fulfill the taste buds of all food lovers. The best Restaurants near JamaMasjid are Qureshi Kabab Corner, Aslam Chicken and Al Jawahar. Vegans can try Babu Ram Paranthe Wale and Kuremal Mahavir Prasad Kulfi Wale.
    Jama Masjid
  3. Red Fort
    Situated towards the end of Chandni Chowk, Red Fort is one of the well known places in Delhi. The best restaurants near Red Fort include Karim’s, Chor Bizarre and Veda. Vegans can try Shri Hari Sharnam and Inderpuri Vaishno temple.
  4. Akshardham Temple
    There are numerous attractions in Delhi, yet the one that knocked us was the modern Hindu of Akshardham. The best restaurants near Akshardam temple are Tandoori Manzil, Indian Curry and Apni Rasoi. Best vegetarian restaurants include Shree Balaji and Aggarwal sweets.
  5. Paharganj Market
    Paharganj is certainly not for the faint hearted. It is disordered, uproarious, filthy, and brimming with disintegrating structures. The best suggested restaurants here include Ravayat, Pehalwan Da Hotel, Rumi Amritsari Naan. Vegans can try Sita Ram Diwan Chand and Bikaner house for some lip smacking dishes.


There are some stunning lip smacking street food in Delhi. The following is a rundown of the best street food in Delhi that make it extraordinary compared to other spots and make your taste buds wanting for more!

  1. Paranthe wali gali
    Situated in the Chandni Chowk territory in New Delhi, the Paranthe wali gali as the name proposes is prestigious for the enormous number of shops offering paratha that is a fried Indian bread. Note that the parathas are entirely vegan! The parathas are budget friendly and you can eat to your taste buds content!
    Paranthe wali gali
  2. Shree Balaji Chaat Bhandar
    The rundown of well known chaat places is inadequate without mentioning Shree Balaji Chaat Bhandar. A standout amongst other chaat outlets in Old Delhi, Shree Balaji Chaat Bhandar is well known among everybody. The varieties of snacks are quite expensive. The papri chaat is an absolute necessity for everybody who visits here.


What do you do when the clock strikes 12 and you’re starving? It’s midnight and you can’t think about a place where you get a biryani or chicken or furthermore Chinese. Stress not! What we have here for you is the rundown of spots in Delhi that serve the best midnight buffet.

  1. Comesum
    This 24 hour fast food joint is constantly filled wiith guests, post-midnight who come here to enjoy a wide range of fast food with cooking styles extending from Indian, Chinese, and Continental and also nearby beverages to keep everybody satisfied. They offer an extensive variety of well known food choices, including pav bhaji, street food and biryani. Their food is very much arranged, new and yummy, also their service is speedy. When you are longing for food, you can simply depend on them.
  2. Northeast dhaba
    Munirka in Delhi gives the famous Dhaba, which has another splendid diner; this one offers a fascinating spread of dishes and snacks from various parts of the Northeast. All the fish arrangements are prescribed, just like the Chicken Stew with Steamed Rice. There is always an invigorating cup of Ginger Tea in hand.
    Northern Dhaba


This list explores the best places in town to experience mouth-watering local and international cuisines in impressive settings.

  1. Indian Accent
    Overlooking a lavish yard and a wonderful veranda, Indian Accent at The Manor offers Indian fusion food, combining international ingredients with traditional flavors of India.  At 2014, Indian Accent was appraised as number one eatery in India and number three in Asia by the ‘2014 TripAdvisor Travelers’ ChoiceTM Restaurants’ honors.
    Indian Accent
  2. Social Offline
    Social Offline offers an assortment of dishes from around the world, yet what truly emerges is its creative idea. Situated in the stylish Hauz Khas Village offering lovely unmatched views of the zone, Social Offline is a space that mixes office and café. It is the perfect urban home base to work while relaxing.


  1. Giani
    One of the most oldest shops in Delhi, Giani’s ice cream are not to be missed. They provide unique versions of Indian pastries like Rabri-Faluda and Kesar Kulfi. Mouth watering Halwa in winters and an enormous variety of desserts, including the Kuch nahi ice cream for the weight watchers make this place swarmed more often than not.
  2. Maison des sweets
    It is a comfortable little shop with a couple of books and the best meringue based sweets. Incredible staff, great espresso and the best pastries in Delhi are quite recently a portion of the things this place brags about. It additionally has an uncommon red velvet cake  The fragrance of cinnamon espresso will make it less demanding to discover this place.


  1. Kitty su
    One of Delhi’s most knocking clubs, Kitty Su is open long into the night. Known for their serious electronic dance music gigs, this is the place to be in case you’re intending to party hard. Only open three days a week: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, the dance club has a Champagne lounge, ‘A’ list section. They even have a tattoo parlor.
  2. Privee
    One of only a handful couple of spots which is stuffed even on Sundays, Privee is a hit among all the gathering individuals nearby. They play a ton of hip jump on Sundays, have an enormous space and moving floor. What’s more, you can’t leave this place without trying their mixed drinks.


  1. Khan market
    Khan Market is not only heaven for die-hard shoppers, it is also one of Delhi’s incredible food districts. A neighborhood that never sleeps, whose streets are filled with the delicious scents of mutton kebab and fried rice, it is a space where the neon light shines upon cozy bars and restaurants.
  2. Chandni chowk market
    The charm of the old Delhi can never be better by anything other than the famous Chandni Chowk. A heritage locality in central north Delhi graced by the imposing Red Fort, Chandni Chowk is a foodies paradise with over 1000 kinds of chaat and sweets on display. They are famous for dahi bhallas, jalebis, halwas, chaat papdis and numerous other eatables

Here are some borderline genius tips for all foodies who want to try out all the famous food joints in Delhi. Just go out and stroll around the area to find the best of eateries and stuff. The people of Delhi are very friendly and always there to help. You can easily get good suggestions from the people out there. Try all the different cuisine that this city has to offer and linger the taste.

Know the Strategies of Paying Media Buyers to Obtain the Maximum Profit

What are the strategies do you make while doing your business online, ever give an hour to your thoughts that what else could be the best things which you can do to make your work faster, cheaper and obtain maximum profit by spending less and earning more in an advertising agency.

Here, in this article, I would like to make things clear about the media buying, like how much do you pay your media buyers to make the ticket of your early retirement and what and how you could save your energy and money and yourself too if you sell the wrong media buyer.

We have heard from the very beginning that we get what we pay for specific things, this could be many things out of it.

If a person who is into the job of media buyer, the media buyer person knows well how to respond and how to give an annual profit by using their different strategies, like if you are a media buyer you know that very well that how you turn the tables by winning a perfect campaign for the company.

A media buyer is someone who doesn’t stick for a long time with one company if they come to know that what the amount of profit annually they are giving to the company, so pay what they need as per their work. Check the media buyer work and earn profits by giving them incentives, as they are the most important member of your team who can play well, so keep them for a more extended period.

In this article, I am going to discuss the top models of payments which you can use to pay a media buyer who will surely stick with you for a long term. But, remember one thing in mind that different people have a different perspective, background, and their work.

Here, I will discuss the top three models which I have used for paying Media buyers:-




Flat salary is good and bad, vice versa. If the media buyer which you hire is still in the learning process, the flat salary which means you set a fixed amount monthly or weekly. The day, when the performance of the media buyer becomes good, then they want a piece of profit out of the company’s gross profit, which is fair enough to give them. Now, what happens is some media buyers would be happy, but the others will not be happy because of the different perspectives.

On the other hand, flat salary is not regarded as good, but these two ways will always give you a fruitful result:-

1) Up-front prices

Up-front costs could be the best option to offer, look overall if you see an excellent media buyer will have lots of options available to them they can always get more than the amount which you will put forward, so what they say pay them as you are getting the result of their reaping. Make them happy and earn more than your expectations.

2) Incentives and Bonus

What is the work of a Media Buyer? They are good at sales, so they are obviously not working for any charity or in free, so offer a good incentive to them of their hard work so that they also create a more diversified interest in your overall work and show you the result which you always wait for.


Exceptions are Always Welcome in the Media Buying!

Now, here I will tell you how exceptions are good in the Media Buying, they are none the less the Junior Media Buyers, which are college pass out and searching for a job in this field or they are still into their graduation period. You know what’s the best part of them is you can offer them a low salary and gain the maximum output from their work.



  • Offer the best rate of Commission


According to me, this model of giving the only commission to your media buyer is a good idea but sometimes it turns out to be a bad idea because what will happen if a particular moth turns out to be $0 earning then what you will give your buyer if you are working with them on the commission basis. So, set them the best commission of you earn between $0 to $50k give them 15% of the commission, and if you earn $50k to $100k then 20% and the last set should be for $100 is 30% commission which sets your pay scale with the media buyer in a perfect way.


  • Salary and commission both


By offering them the salary and commission both obviously the employee loyalty gets increases, and that’s the best part which you can do is like if the person is hard working and working good for the company and the profit which company is getting up to the mark then you may offer like a $10k salary plus $15% commission.


I hope you liked the article and you will follow these three models and these would definitely help you in the long term and above all you can also pay according to the pay per performance, a person who wants to learn the affiliate marketing or a newbie you can use higher them instantly they will surely reap good and give you the best income as they are far more serious than the people of 1-2 years of experience. Above all, I will always recommend you the third model which I have described above which is salary and commission both which can set you and the media buyer goal up to your expectation as both the parties are happy.



Our hair is our “crowning glory” and we all desire to have long beautiful hair at every stage of our life. First impressions are said to be last impressions and just like we pay attention to our face and the clothes that we wear we should pay attention to our hair .


Vitamin deficiency, illness, excess use of vitamin A supplements, lack of protein in your diet, stress, anxiety, anaemia and hereditary reasons are some of the reasons for hair fall or hair loss. Additionally, dandruff is also one of the reasons for hair fall. To know about Home remedies to get rid of Dandruff, check out


Sesame seed oil–  sesame seed oil can give you a positive boost and turn your mood around and prevent depression.It contains copper which is a natural anti-inflammatory substance and can help to reduce the inflammation it also reduces the swelling of joints and strengthens the bones

Preparation procedure

Take 1 kg of sesame seed oil in a vessel and heat on a low flame and bring it to a boil. Then turn off the heat. Squeeze out the juice out of one and a half lemon , strain and set aside. Add this lemon juice to the oil. Protect your face and eyes while doing this as the oil may splutter on the addition of lemon juice. It is advisable to keep a plate beneath the vessel while adding the lemon juice to the oil as there is a possibility that the oil may overflow and spill out of the vessel. Adding lemon juice to the oil will purify the oil. Leave the oil to rest for a day and then strain the oil. Let the strained oil rest for another 24 hours. On the third day strain the oil once more to remove any remaining impurities.Now the oil is ready to use.


Mr S M Baigani from Jaipur says that this oil has been used by all the members of his family since his childhood and gives total credit to this oil for his hair not turning grey at the age of 55.

So it’s time you switched over to sesame seed oil for lustrous black hair.


To prepare this oil take 250gms of fresh green gooseberry(amla),de-seed the gooseberry and grind to a paste in an iron mortar and pestle. Take a few green leaves of the henna plant along with dried Brahmi, mix all these ingredients with the coconut oil.Now heat the coconut oil infused with the goodness of amla, henna and Brahmi and bring to a boil in an iron wok. Once it comes to a boil cook the oil for a further 30 mins.Remove from heat and let the oil settle for 24 hours, Then strain the oil through a clean muslin cloth and store in a glass bottle.This oil is now ready to use.


Mr B Jain who is from Delhi and aged 45 years has been using this oil since childhood and till date hasn’t got a single grey hair. He recommends the use of this oil to all his family, friends and colleagues.


Preparation-Take 250gms of coconut oil.Take a bottle gourd that weighs one and a half kg. Chop the bottle gourd into pieces along with the skin and grind to make a paste.Pass this paste through a muslin cloth to extract the juice. Heat the coconut oil in a vessel on low heat. Once it is hot add the extracted juice of the bottle gourd to this oil. Now bring it to a boil one more time. The water in the oil will evaporate and you will be left with oil enriched with the goodness of bottle gourd. Remove from the flame and allow the oil to cool down before storing it in a glass bottle


There are numerous benefits of using this hair oil.It has properties and benefits similar to that of Almond Oil.It acts like a Brain Tonic, massaging this oil will increase your brain retention power.It also reduces headaches and has a cooling effect on the scalp and head. Massage this oil on the inflamed skin once a week to bring relief. Massaging this oil on the soles of your feet for 4-5 minutes will soothe your tired and aching feet.


Preparation-Take a clean dry blue glass bottle. Fill it three quarters with coconut oil. Cover the mouth of the bottle with a cork lid. Keep this bottle on a plank of wood.Place the plank along with the bottle in a spot where it will receive maximum sunlight.Keep it in the sun for 8 hours every day. Each evening brings the bottle along with the plank indoors and keep it in a place where it is protected from moonlight or rain.  Next day put the plank along with the bottle in the sunlit place once again, stir the oil in the bottle at least once during the day and wipe the cork lid with a clean muslin cloth. Continue this process for the next 45 days exposing the oil to sunlight for 8 hours daily. The oil will not only have the best of the sun’s rays trapped in it, it will also have the good properties associated with the colour blue- like antibacterial property, it will empower your brain and keep your mind calm and peaceful at all times.

This oil once prepared retains its goodness for 3 months, If after that you are still left with some oil then repeat the process of exposing the oil to the rays of the sun for a further three days and this will make the oil effective and recharged and ready to use for another 3 months.

Massage this oil into the roots of your hair every night, this will prevent hair breakage and hair fall. It will also improve the health of your scalp and cure problems like itchy scalp, dryness and dandruff and scalp infections. This oil promotes a good night’s sleep and is useful in treating Insomnia. It also brings relief for headaches caused due to working outdoors in the heat of the Sun.


Mr Dharmendra living in Mehroli says that despite being 58 years old he looks almost half his age as he has no grey hair, all thanks to the regular usage of this hair oil.


This coconut oil is prepared in the same manner as above but is put in a green glass bottle instead of a blue glass bottle. Storing the oil in a green glass bottle imparts it with the qualities associated with the colour green. It is a remedial cure for most skin problems like itchy skin, dry skin and infections of the scalp.As it does not have the cooling effect associated with the colour blue ,it can be used most effectively during the winter months. If you suffer from frequent colds use this oil.It also helps in strengthening the brain and is most beneficial for the elderly as they frequently complain of memory loss.

You can also prepare oil from Mustard Greens (sarson) in a similar manner.

So say Goodbye to all hair problems and look gorgeous and feel good by using Ayurvedic remedies. Stop hair fall and have silky, shiny, glowing black hair. Time to make heads turn and jaws drop with your crowning glory. A great head of hair is always in style, so let’s get started with these few simple tricks and leave people mesmerized.

How I Improved My SoundCloud followers In One Day

SoundCloud is currently the most likes and used the social app by musicians and even listeners. Those who are looking for a worthy platform to give their work an independent identity find SoundCloud quite favorable. Around the world, people are sharing and highlighting their music but to get attention for each one is still a challenge. To increase SoundCloud followers you need to work on various strategies. Some of them with instant results are explained here:


  1. Carefully choose to time for release

In such a fickle world of social media to get attention for long is really a tough task. Therefore, if you desire to reach out to maximum audience, you should be sure of the timing of the release. Firstly, you should be aware of your target audience and what region they belong to, only then go for the perfect time zone. Otherwise, if the target listeners will not be able to catch up with it, the attempt would fail instantly. Make sure almost everyone witnesses your work when you release it.


  1. Subscribe to related accounts

So many brilliant artists are out there, who have something unique and different to share. You should closely observe their work and strategy to learn and execute in your own project. There are different genres of music but at least stay aware with those who are related to your work and build long-term connections in the industry. This will not only increase SoundCloud followers but will give you stability.


  1. Take small steps for a big move

Do not go after the big bloggers only, rather you should try to get connected with small blogs and members of the industry. Start from a small initiative and the rest will fall into place. Those who do not feature work on a daily basis should not be considered less from anyone. Rather they would give preference to your work, who if they have less reach, gradually the visibility of blog will improve and so will your project.


  1. Stay active on Social channels

Using Facebook groups as a tool to get popularity and followers on SoundCloud is a tried and tested formula. Alongside, it helps in building a relationship with the creative minds of the music industry. Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and more such networks help you in establishing your work in the struggling phase.


  1. Collaborate with other artists

To make your work valid in the audiences’ mind as a beginner, established names or artists should be requested to give their support. At least ask them to repost your track so that their followers can listen to it and the chances to improve your followers will also increase.


  1. Repost your song

Posting a song frequently is a good idea initially as the track doesn’t get attention instantly. You have to remind the audience again and again and get their feedback. This is an effective method to push your track on the top of the list.


  1. Launch your new track as free download

To offer things for free is undoubtedly the best thing you can come up with. The followers are continuously looking something refreshing and interesting but with that, if they get it free of cost, the offer becomes more attractive.


  1. Establish your project name

Your work may get attention from the audience, but to give you project a brand name and make it popular based on that name is more important. To build an identity by the name of the artist or song or band should be decided before you put the track across. What name your artwork is going to be famous with is something you have to be clear on. Use that title as your brand name to earn popularity.


  1. Buy SoundCloud followers

The number game needs to start and to give that start a rapid growth, you can go for buy SoundCloud followers. It is not a method that you should solely rely upon rather one of the useful tools in increasing followers. More numbers attract other and hence you manage to get in a position where organic followers will begin to add in and improve the number count further.



Buy SoundCloud followers: Strategies For Beginners

Sharing music on SoundCloud, and getting the network expanded sounds simple but there are so many hidden consequences one should know about. To connect with more followers and become popular is a challenging objective, you need to work on some strategies, for beginners specifically. To get started is much tougher and gradually you can increase SoundCloud followers. The following methods should be helpful for beginners on SoundCloud:

  1. Magic of tags and artwork On SoundCloud all genres of music are really categorized by using the system of tagging, the eases the process of finding a song from a long list. Therefore, the use of suitable keywords that will give meaning to your song and also related o your genre should be added as tags. What style or genre you must belong to is a must to include in the description, otherwise how the audience would know whether your music is of Bollywood, rock, metal, Jazz, blues and so much more. Be specific to give an idea about the work you have pasted for the listeners. Plus, the logo you are using has to be attention=seeking, refreshing and unique.
  2. Exposure on social media As the most of the users on social media post daily activities and share their special occasions with friends and family. Likewise, when you put out your music or song on SoundCloud, it becomes obvious to share it and declare out loud about the creative side of yours. Facebook immediately gets your reach improved with the newsfeed, Whereas on Twitter to become one of the trending topics might be difficult but atlas you qualify to enter that club of active discussion going about the music and get to connect an enormously large audience to buy soundcloud followers. And so many other social networks are there to spread the word for you, like Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, etc. make some productive use.
  3. Make video for YouTube Use visual medium for promotion of your audio, an audio is just not enough to attract the attention of listeners for long buy soundcloud followers. Instead, you need to stand out among others with a video and let it expose to a larger group of audience. Create a low budget video if it’s too much for you to afford, but this powerful medium should not be neglected.
  4. Content can be used to promote music Although we have emojis, Youtube, and SoundCloud, still content is the king, a major driving force on the internet. To use a well-written content as a promotional tool is a good idea. You can start a blog and write about the latest updates you have posted on SoundCloud, your experience while making it, also add some insightful information about other musicians as well. This way you can connect with the readers and they feel relatable to the genuine side of an artist, improves the chances of being accepted by your target audience. Make sure you add relevant keywords to stay searchable the web Also Checkout : Influence of Social Media
  5. Talk about your work Through commenting on different websites, on various works of artists, blogs of music, and similar SoundCloud profiles, you can become a part of the discussion and get a chance to communicate about your work as well. Leaving your nest option on blogs and comments on other artist’s work makes your existence count. And this encourages others as well to listen to your songs as well. Straight-away a give-and- take method and quite sensible to attempt for.
  6. Buy SoundCloud Followers Last but not the least, to purchase SoundCloud followers is a sensible decision to take, as to make your identity is hard, with so many songs by renowned ones, new ones and so many genres. Of course, you got to do something about it. In fact, on SoundCloud, the struggle is not about the competition but in all those songs your work should searchable and easy for the lIsteners to access. buy soundcloud followers  help you get real accounts they are not fake and after nothing that you have such large fan base already the number of active listeners starts getting in the club the followers and gradually the cycle starts to pick up the pace.