Adopting Salesforce DX; Is It a Great Idea?

If you are a developer, you have heard a thing or two about Salesforce DX. For some people, you might have interacted with it as well. It is a suitable product for App cloud environment. Many Salesforce developers have come forward to admit that Salesforce DX has enabled them to undertake a different approach as far as creation and management of Salesforce Apps is concerned. Enhanced collaboration and improved productivity that come with it makes DX an excellent platform for developers. But wait, is it as great as everyone says?

What does it entail?

To appreciate Salesforce DX and assess its worth, you need to understand the basics. For one, it is worth noting that Salesforce introduced this platform because Salesforce itself is void of built-in version control system. Version control features available in DX enable developers to handle auditing aspects in a more efficient way. With DX, developers are able to build and release the latest features faster while incurring minimal risks.

In essence, Salesforce DX works by integrating manual actions and automatic functions to achieve simple workflows. The platform features the attributes of Heroku Flow and What DX basically does is using migration tool from to obtain and forward metadata operations into org.

Interesting Salesforce DX features

Developers use DX in several ways. The platform has been designed with a plethora of features to ensure it is as multifunctional as possible. Some of the features that will most likely interest you in Salesforce DX include:

  • Source Sync
  • Continuous Integration
  • Test Runner
  • Salesforce CLI
  • Force IDE with DX support
  • Scratch Orgs

Of the highlighted features, many developers and DX users find Scratch Orgs to be the most intriguing. Scratch Orgs present developers with an opportunity to quickly create new orgs using simple commands alongside JSON configuration. Developers have the freedom to branch their features and proceed with creation of a Scratch org. They can develop it, deploy it and even get rid of it after they are done. The fact that management of Scratch org can be automated through CLI commands makes the operation even simpler.

For developers who embrace software development practices, you agree that developing sandbox without control can be quite a task. Even if the developer has his own org, incompatibility issues with version control will strive whenever he switches it with active branches. Salesforce DX presents an environment in which Salesforce code or metadata can be built or established with much ease.

In the past, Salesforce has strived to steer development through various platforms including Salesforce developer community. While many solutions have been forwarded through community contributed projects, nothing more has made the experience easier than Salesforce DX. With essential features such as automated testing and continuous integration, it is easy to understand why this platform is taking the development world by a huge storm. With the emergence of Salesforce DX, developers can confidently say bye to certain conspicuous challenges they have encountered in the past. Whether or not to invest in DX remains a personal decision though.

3 Things that Parents Need to Know about Airsoft Guns

There come times when children ask for airsoft guns. But parents in most cases have no idea about an airsoft gun. In this blog, I will discuss the important details that every parent should know before they get an airsoft gun for their children. The most important thing that every parent should keep in mind is that when should they buy these guns from the best airsoft stores the UK.

What are the Things that you Should know about Airsoft Guns?

  • The Airsoft Guns are Older Than the Paintball

These guns were invented in the 80’s by Tokyo Mauri, and they came into existence eight years before the paintball was invented. These guns were initially powered by a compressed air cylinder. They were connected to the gun using a hose. These were mostly used for playing the war games in the woods. They were also used to learn to target at the time of the shooting. In Japan, they gained as much popularity as that of paintball.

  • These Guns Have Low Velocity

If you get these guns from one of the best airsoft stores the UK then they will for sure be of low velocity. These guns use either 6 mm or 8 mm plastic and are extremely light. They are also fired at low velocities that range between 170 to 550 fps. These guns should never be confused with the Daisy BB guns that are mostly used in the United States. Those guns are lethal guns and are completely different from BB guns.

  • The Safety Measures that Children Should Take

If the children are using these airsoft guns, then parents need to ensure that the children need to have full clothing. They should wear full pants, long sleeve shirts, and gloves. The BBs that are used in these guns will only live a red spot on clothes. However, if these are used on bare skin, then they may cause a blood blister on it. This might initially sound a little scary, but it is not so. You will often come across adults who use these guns when they are in their shorts and have sleeve shirts.

When your child is using these guns make sure that they either wear goggles or shooting glasses so that they do not cause any harm to the eyes.

If you buy these guns from the best airsoft retailers UK, then you will be able to get a good quality gun. It will surely be fun to use these guns. Though it might initially sound a little scary but it is not. These precautionary measures are specially meant for children so that they do not hurt themselves in any way.

There are some good airsoft retailers in the UK but if you want to get real good value for the money then buy it from one of the most reputed stores.

Nokia 7:Misses By a Hair

Nokia’s was one of the world’s greatest phone brands and was the dominant player in the post-2010 era of feature phones and smartphones. It was also a beloved brand in India, and some of us trusted Nokia more than we trust our spouses. It had some of funkiest and innovative looking devices back when it reigned supreme, and they were tough as tanks.  

Nokia was brought back to life recently by the folks at HMD global after its catastrophic fall at the hands of Microsoft, and since then, they have been on a roll, and it seems that they are finally gaining market share slowly. They have released a ton of different devices starting with the Nokia 2, which is their low end offering to the Nokia 8, which is their fastest offering yet. The review today, however, is for the Nokia 7, which is a device that is a step down from the Nokia 8 but is actually a teaser for the upcoming Nokia flagship, the Nokia 9. So, how does it fare against the industry big guns and more importantly how does it fare against its competitors at the same bracket? Let’s find out

Design and Display:

There is no denying that the Nokia 7 is a gorgeous device. It has an all-glass body, wrapped in Gorilla glass 3. It sits on Aluminium 7000 series chassis and gives the device a nice and solid and premium feel. It was really thoughtful of Nokia to encase the device in Gorilla Glass so it hopefully won’t shatter as easily but investing in a case will still be a priority. Also for a first, Nokia has the fingerprint sensor at the rear, giving the front a nice, clean look and has capacitive buttons for navigation. Also, the device has a protective Nano coating that can save it from accidental liquid splashes. So there is a raised housing for the camera which has a Zeiss logo on it depicting that the camera uses Zeiss lenses.  

The Nokia 7 uses a 5.2inch IPS panel with a 1080p resolution. This accounts to a pixel density of 424ppi which makes content appear really sharp. The IPS display has nice colours and good contrast, but I would have like an AMOLED panel on the device given its price point. The screen also has a 16:9 form factor and not the newer 18:9 aspect ratio.


Perhaps, the only neutral aspect of the Nokia 7 is thatit is powered by the Snapdragon 630 which is the successor to the Snapdragon 625. Both the 630 and the 625 have nearly the same performance but the 630 being a newer chip has better power efficiency. It isn’t a bad processor per-se, but Nokia could have easily used a Snapdragon 660 in the device since the Nokia 8 uses the top tier Snapdragon 835. The Snapdragon 630, like the 625, is an 8 core chip with four cores clocked at 2.2GHz and another four clocked at 1.4GHz. The higher clocked cores kick in when it senses the need for more processing power but for less demanding tasks it uses the slower cores.It also has a mammoth 6GB of RAM which makes multi-tasking a breeze.

Graphics are handled by the Adreno 508 GPU which is also one up from the Adreno 506 found in the snapdragon 625. Overall performance improvements are really minor, but the 630 has some unique features like integrated X12 modem, Qualcomm 642 DSP, Hybrid autofocus, Quick charge 4.0 support and so on.


Nokia has been really playing it subtle in the software department, and we appreciate them for it. It comes with stock Android 7.1.1 out of the box with no skinning whatsoever and should be getting the Android Oreo update very soon. There are no unnecessary preinstalled bloatware apart from the standard Google Apps. This makes the whole UX very snappy and responsive, and due to stock android, RAM management is done exceptionally well on the device.

Camera and Storage:

This is one area where the Nokia 7 might fall a bit short compared to the competition. While the rest of the manufacturers are busy on actively implementing a dual camera setup on their phones and advertising them as camera phones, Nokia went a different route with the 7 because it doesn’t feature a dual camera setup like its competitors. But what makes it unique is that it uses Carl Zeiss optics on the camera sensor. Nokia has had a long history of using Zeiss optics on their flagships and better optics naturally mean a better image quality. It has a 16MP primary camera with dual LED flash and an f/1.8 aperture and a pixel size of 1.12 microns. It can also record 4K videos but there are certainly better cameras available around the same price bracket.  

The front camera is a fairly modest 5MP shooter with an f/2.0 aperture and has 84 degrees of wide angle capture. Also, the front camera has 1.4-micron pixel size, but sadly none of the front or rear cameras have any sort of image stabilisation and it can lead to shaky or blurry images if not handled properly.

The device is available in a 64GBvariantwith the option to expand via an SD slot that supports up to 128GB SD cards.

Battery and Connectivity:

The Nokia 7 has a 3000mAh battery with Qualcomm Quick Charge support. It should get you through the day just fine.

Connectivity Wise, the Nokia7 hasn’t seen an official worldwide launch, so support for Indian Network bands isn’t confirmed. But the device has Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/n/ac, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC and GPS with A-GPS, GLONASS and BDS support.  


The Nokia 7 is a beautiful device complying with Nokia’s legacy of building innovative and good looking phones. It misses out on a few marks like the So C and Screen, but it makes it up with good audio capabilities and great cameras. The Nokia 7 price in India is expected to be around Rs.26990 when and if it launches and should be a great contender in that price bracket. Keep yourself updated with the latest news on

7 Important Reasons Why Employees Need Online HIPAA Training

Every employer who is involved in managing sensitive patient information has to make sure that his employees receive periodic training in HIPAA. But investing in hiring an expert can be pretty expensive. Also, when the staff is involved in these sessions the productivity and business get affected. But with the advancement in technology, there is nothing to worry. One can easily make use of online training methods for HIPAA certification.  Here are seven reasons which will motivate you to let your employees have online HIPAA training.

Image result for hipaa certification

  1. Source of Updated Information:

Changes are made to the HIPAA rules and regulations periodically. Obviously, these changes will not appear instantaneously in books, but updating the online material is always easier. Hence, when you give online training to your employees you can be sure that they are getting updated information.

Image result for HIPAA rules and regulations

  1. Easy Management:

It is really very easy to manage online material which is stored in a centralized location. Besides the employees cannot give you excuses that they did not have the details about a particular thing about HIPAA certification.

  1. Affordable Option:

If you try to hire a trainer then you will find that you need to spend a lot of money. But online training is an affordable option and your employees can easily access it from anywhere and at anytime.

  1. Ease of New Employees:

The new employees can easily avoid common mistakes that they make by simply going through the online HIPAA study material. So, it reduces the stress on new employees.

  1. You can Achieve HIPAA Compliance with Ease:

It becomes very easy to keep your employees updated about HIPAA compliance. Training them becomes easier and hence it becomes much easier for you as an employer to make sure that you achieve HIPAA compliance without any hassles.

  1. Better Protection:

With easy and better training option your organization will be well equipped to meet all the requirements of HIPAA. This will ensure better protection to your employees as proper training will reduce the probability of breaches and audits.

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  1. Holding Annual Sessions is Much Easier:

It is mandatory that you re-train your employees on a periodic basis. It is a must to train them on an annual basis. Now to have annual training sessions in HIPAA can be a big problem. Arranging for a speaker or trainer, deciding on a date which is feasible for all employees and many other things need to be managed. But when you are having up-dated online training material there is nothing to worry. Your employees can easily access it as and when they have time. You only have to make sure that the online training is done on a annual basis and the training logs have to be maintained as they need to be presented at the time of the audit.

Online HIPAA compliance training is one of the easiest and best ways to train your employees in HIPAA. Not only is it affordable option but it is also easy to share updated knowledge about HIPAA to your employees on a regular basis.