How to Use an Electric Smoker Grill

In every generation, a new innovation emerges and bears benefits to all. In The realm of culinary and food, one specific technology marked its presence and proves its importance: the electric smoker. If you love cooking meat, you must have come across a smoker that is usually used to cook and grill meat. The biggest downside of using the traditional smoker is its manual operation with regards to the cooking process. Sometimes, because of the overpowering smoke, we never realize that some parts of the meat are overcooked.  The invention of an electric smoker enhances the cooking experience with convenience and luxury without compromising the quality flavor and texture.

Considering the Types

There are different types of electric smokers. You must be able to know your preferences and needs as it reflects on the structure and design of the electric smoker.

  • There are Vertical water electric smokers which is the most inexpensive yet it functions well during the warm seasons. The downside of this type of electric smoker is that it does not control well the core temperature during cold seasons.
  • Another common type of electric smoker is the electric cabinet smoker which looks like a refrigerator. Electric smokers of this type come with a temperature gauge in order to control the temperature inside the equipment.

In search for the top rated electric smokers, one must first ask themselves, what is the best smoker? Top electric smokers surely provides comfort and convenience in cooking but one must be careful in choosing the best or top rated electric smokers in terms of its functionality. After finding the top electric smoker, one must have knowledge on how to use the electric smoker as well as the preparation to be made beforehand.


The simple and easy steps in using an electric smoker

  • Read the Electric Smoker’s Manual and Instructions. Because of the varied types of electric smokers, different smokers have different operating procedures. A prior knowledge of the model of the electric smoker is necessary despite the similarities of its functions with the rest.
  • Check the manufacturer’s manual regarding seasoning, curing or odor removal before usage. Some electric smokers require curing and seasoning in order to eliminate the odor and other particulates like dust and solvents. Usually, racks inside the electric smoker should be coated with cooking oil. Afterwards, preheat the electric smoker for two hours. After turning on the electric smoker for two hours, release the heat by opening the hood and let it cool down.
  • Prepare the meat. Thin Slices or chunks of meat in skewers are one of the favorite forms of meat prepared when using an electric smoker. Nevertheless, you can choose to make other forms and shape slices as you desire.
  • Add flavor to the meat. Season the meat with a dry rub like sugar, spices and herbs, salt. Some also marinade the meat using prepared solution of marinade mix or sauce. Moreover, Smoking meat adds some aroma and flavor to the meat. That’s why the meat itself should be prepared as nicely and flavorful as possible.
  • Leave the meat to sit. Adding flavors to the meat is not enough when it is not able to absorb these flavors to the core of the meat. One can achieve best flavor results when the meat is allowed to sit for overnight.
  • Turn on the smoker. Most electric smoker has a water receptacle. Make sure that it is filled before starting the smoking process.
  • Prepare wood chips. Check the wood feed hole or receptacle in the electric smoker. If you like to add some kick in its aroma or smell, you can mix wood chips with cherry, cedar, and hickory chips. It is also prescribed to add some alder, maple and plum. The average consumption of wood chips in an electric smoker is 4 cups for every three to five hours.
  • Always check the temperature of the smoker. Top rated electric smokers have internal thermometer and inside temperature gauge. Generally, the temperature is set to a maximum of 225 degrees F. It is also recommended to place the meat inside the electric smoker when the desired temperature is achieved.
  • Smoke the meat to your desired tenderness. Usually, this smoking process takes three to eight hours. Inserting a meat thermometer on the core center of the meat can be useful to check both the tenderness and temperature of the meat inside the electric smoker.
  • Because of the benefits brought by this new technology, electric smokers are readily available on major stores in your area and even on online stores. It is really amazing that technology has surpassed the test of time in providing convenience within each home. Some of the top electric smokers start their prices from two hundred dollars. Knowing what is the best smoker puts you to a lot more advantage since you are able to search easier from the list of the top rated electric smokers. Reading product reviews and comments will definitely add up on your existing knowledge from factual experiences.


Despite of the modern and sleek design and functionality of electric smokers there are things to remember about using an electric smoker.  Remember to place the electric smokers up on a balanced and flat surface. It is also important to avoid placing the equipment that makes it prone to moisture and rain. One should also be mindful on the type of wood chips that will be used. There are top electric smokers that are sensitive to the wood chips being used and thus one should be knowledgeable if such electric smoker is designed for such purchased wood chips.



Final Notes

What is the best electric grill for you? Well, it is important to always ask the assistance of professionals and experts of the field to guide you along the way. There are websites and forums dedicated to knowing the top rated electric smokers that provide the best output in an effective and efficient way. What is the best smoker is for you to search for, so have fun. Finally, there are a lot of ways in enjoying meat and one favorite way by most eat lovers is through the use of a smoker.



5 Best Smartphone Accessories for Travel Photography

Who would have ever thought that smartphones would be our next best companions helping us shoot our favorite moments and posting them online?  Rewinding the clock back to a decade ago, nobody took camera phones all that seriously. It was just another valuable addition to your phones which could make do with snapping low-resolution pictures. Fast forward to 2017 and we now have a sleuth of smartphone accessories which are now changing the face of smartphone photography.

For a travel photographer who is active on his/her blog and social media constantly, there is nothing better than having your smartphone click pictures for you and what better way to enhance that experience than with smartphone accessories that will help you take the best pictures. Below we have compiled a list of 5 must have smartphone accessories that will be your perfect companion for your trip:

  1. Pocket Spotlight:

    Well, by raise of hand, who all are tired of the annoying smartphone flash which just makes life a tad harder while taking photos? You now have a solution in the form of the Pocket Spotlight which will now help you provide with a constant light source making your photos a delight to look at the next time you click photos. You have an option to either hand hold this device while taking photos or simply just connect it to your headphone jack. The device can be charged via a USB and easily lasts for about an hour. A great accessory to have for when the travelling hermits.

  2. Polaroid Mobile Printer:

    Polaroid-Mobile-PrinterThis is a handy tool for the traveller who just wants to collect instant memories whichever place they visit. With this Polaroid Mobile Printer, you can now print all your pictures within seconds of clicking your photos. All the pictures come out in 2LX3B inches in full color. The best part about this mobile printer is that its handy to carry along with you and the print paper used here is smudge proof so you can now click to your heart’s content and not worry about having a physical copy of the photos. If you are looking for more such news on the latest travel gadgets, then be sure to visit savvyexpeditioner.

  3. Lensta Kit:

    Lensta-KitiPhones usually have great cameras that take brilliant photos but users who are now willing to take this a notch up can make use of Lensta Lenses that can be attached to phones. The Lensta kit helps you take wide angles and close up shots which come with three lenses and a leather case strap for easy use. You don’t really need DSLR cameras and big bulky lenses that you need to carry around with all the time. A small lens kit in your bag and you will be delivering perfect Instagram shots on your mobile phone.

  4. Optrix Waterproof Action Camera:

    Another great offering for iPhone users, the Optrix Waterproof action camera lets you take underwater shots like never before. The device is waterproof up to 30 feet and is even capable of surviving a 20-foot drop. Oh, not to forget, this also comes with a wide angle and normal lens. This is a must-have accessory for all water sport lovers to add to their arsenal.

  5. Narrative Clip Camera:

    For those people who always seem to run out of space on their phones, here comes a revolutionary idea in the form of the Narrative Clip Camera. This accessory is suitable for smartphone owners who wish to film every step of their journey. The device has a storage capacity of 8Gb that can store up to 6000 pics in FullHD 1080P. Once charged, the battery can withstand two days of continuous use and the device is also capable of sharing pictures via WIFI.

So there we have the 5 best apps for travel photography. Take your pick today.



If you frequently use facebook and youtube and love to download all the important videos immediately then this article is only for you, because if you tried to download any special APP for YouTube video from PlayStore then I must Say you didn’t get anything due to their policies. I should say that you should try SnapTube VIP APK for android.

There are few other Android App for downloading YouTube videos, such as TubeMate. But it has limitation for file size means you can’t download HD videos. So I’m going to talk about a new SnapTube VIP Android HD YouTube Video Downloader by using you can download any video from YouTube quick, and advantageous way so you can enjoy playing it later without the internet in offline also you can share such videos.


  • You can download the video in different resolutions.
  • MP4 recordings are accessible in resolutions: pick the little size of 360 pixels or the top quality 720 pixels.
  • You can also download the MP3 songs using this app directly.
  • You can download any of the YouTube music video specifically as a MP3 file. No additional encoding procedure or module required. Spare space and tune in to your most loved music video whenever you need.
  • We can search the videos with specific titles.
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  • Interruption, cross out or continue a video download. Erase the recordings you don’t require any longer. Deal with the majority of your video downloads in one place.



Now i will tell you about the newly added features in snaptube vip apk.

  1. Now you can download your playlists and Watch Later list on YouTube in batch!
  2. The newly added Next Video button.
  3. More features are optimized according to feedbacks from SnapTubers. Feel free to tell us what you think.
  4. 9 Indian native languages are supported: Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam.


Oh!! Its a very simple and easy task to do. Follow my steps to download the snaptube vip apk.


  1. First of all copy the given link. LINK: “”
  2. After that open any browser and paste the link in the URL box.
  3. A pop up will appear and from there the download will start…




  1. First of all uninstall any antivirus or stop for a while.
  2. Then give all the permission to install 3rd party services from settings.
  3. Then click on install.
  4. Sit back your app is ready to download the videos…..


At last I would say that having snaptube vip video downloader is a must thing if you are a collector of videos. It will prove to be of great use….. also because it provides the best services amomg all its alternatives.


Best Free Roku Private Channel List 2017

Hello guys How are you all!!!! Today I am going to tell you about the list of Best Free Roku Private Channel List 2017 to watch live TV and Movies and listen music anywhere anytime. Let me tell you that in this roku private channel list I will suggest you the best and free Apps to install. So lets start….

What are Roku Private Channels?

Roku Streaming Player, in short Roku is an application using which we can stream near-endless amount of TV and videos on demand by the means of Internet. Roku using Default os not much interesting but a variety of Roku Private Channel that can be added to the latest Roku Player make it an awesome app. We can add Private Channels of Movies, TV, Music, Kids, Sports, Tech, News, Games, etc. which provide you lots of video streaming in their category.

There are two types of channel that are available to add in the player. One is Roku Public Channels that we can add directly through the player and Roku Private Channels which make the roku app player awesome app to stream TV.

How To Add Roku Private Channels In Roku Player?

We all by now know that there are 100’s of channels which can provide us with unlimited fun and entertainment. Only 1 problem comes and that is the player doesn’t shows the Roku Private Channels List in the player. The reasons can be the unofficial and non trust of the channel or it may be in BETA mode. Doesn’t matter how good and entertaining they are…

You don’t worry!!! Today I will provide you Best Free Roku Private Channel List 2017 which will provide you many premium features also. These Private Roku Channel 2017 will also let you stream live TV……

So lets see How To Add Roku Private Channels 2017 in the Roku App Player since roku private channels
are not directly visible in the Roku App Player. All you need to do is add the Roku Private/Secret channel code in the app player or website in your account.

Steps To Add Roku Private Channels 2017

  1. Go to the Roku web site, sign in to your account you used when you set it up, and head to the My Account
  1. Here, click Add a Channel under Manage Account. Once there, enter the channel’s code and click Add Channel.

After you have added the Roku Private Channel Code the channel will appear within 24 hrs. However to update faster you can also update the channel by going in settings

Private Roku Channel List 2017 (updated) With Secret Codes

So here is the list of Private Roku Channels of 2017 i hope that you would like all the private roku channels in the list….

  1. Nowhere TV (H9DWC)
  2. Capital TV (CAPITALTV)
  3. Unofficial Twitch (TwitchTV)
  4. NEON Party Games (H2CLHP)
  6. The Internet Archive (NMJS5)
  7. Ace TV (ACETV)
  8. Relax TV (VRQHQ)
  9. Wilderness Channel (FL1821095)
  10. Great Chefs (GREATCHEFS)


So here the list is complete and these are the channels that I myself use to see when i get bored and these channel never disappoint me and i hope they will not disappoint you also…. Thanks!!!!