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Our hair is our “crowning glory” and we all desire to have long beautiful hair at every stage of our life. First impressions are said to be last impressions and just like we pay attention to our face and the clothes that we wear we should pay attention to our hair .


Vitamin deficiency, illness, excess use of vitamin A supplements, lack of protein in your diet, stress, anxiety, anaemia and hereditary reasons are some of the reasons for hair fall or hair loss. Additionally, dandruff is also one of the reasons for hair fall. To know about Home remedies to get rid of Dandruff, check out Badhaai.com


Sesame seed oil–  sesame seed oil can give you a positive boost and turn your mood around and prevent depression.It contains copper which is a natural anti-inflammatory substance and can help to reduce the inflammation it also reduces the swelling of joints and strengthens the bones

Preparation procedure

Take 1 kg of sesame seed oil in a vessel and heat on a low flame and bring it to a boil. Then turn off the heat. Squeeze out the juice out of one and a half lemon , strain and set aside. Add this lemon juice to the oil. Protect your face and eyes while doing this as the oil may splutter on the addition of lemon juice. It is advisable to keep a plate beneath the vessel while adding the lemon juice to the oil as there is a possibility that the oil may overflow and spill out of the vessel. Adding lemon juice to the oil will purify the oil. Leave the oil to rest for a day and then strain the oil. Let the strained oil rest for another 24 hours. On the third day strain the oil once more to remove any remaining impurities.Now the oil is ready to use.


Mr S M Baigani from Jaipur says that this oil has been used by all the members of his family since his childhood and gives total credit to this oil for his hair not turning grey at the age of 55.

So it’s time you switched over to sesame seed oil for lustrous black hair.


To prepare this oil take 250gms of fresh green gooseberry(amla),de-seed the gooseberry and grind to a paste in an iron mortar and pestle. Take a few green leaves of the henna plant along with dried Brahmi, mix all these ingredients with the coconut oil.Now heat the coconut oil infused with the goodness of amla, henna and Brahmi and bring to a boil in an iron wok. Once it comes to a boil cook the oil for a further 30 mins.Remove from heat and let the oil settle for 24 hours, Then strain the oil through a clean muslin cloth and store in a glass bottle.This oil is now ready to use.


Mr B Jain who is from Delhi and aged 45 years has been using this oil since childhood and till date hasn’t got a single grey hair. He recommends the use of this oil to all his family, friends and colleagues.


Preparation-Take 250gms of coconut oil.Take a bottle gourd that weighs one and a half kg. Chop the bottle gourd into pieces along with the skin and grind to make a paste.Pass this paste through a muslin cloth to extract the juice. Heat the coconut oil in a vessel on low heat. Once it is hot add the extracted juice of the bottle gourd to this oil. Now bring it to a boil one more time. The water in the oil will evaporate and you will be left with oil enriched with the goodness of bottle gourd. Remove from the flame and allow the oil to cool down before storing it in a glass bottle


There are numerous benefits of using this hair oil.It has properties and benefits similar to that of Almond Oil.It acts like a Brain Tonic, massaging this oil will increase your brain retention power.It also reduces headaches and has a cooling effect on the scalp and head. Massage this oil on the inflamed skin once a week to bring relief. Massaging this oil on the soles of your feet for 4-5 minutes will soothe your tired and aching feet.


Preparation-Take a clean dry blue glass bottle. Fill it three quarters with coconut oil. Cover the mouth of the bottle with a cork lid. Keep this bottle on a plank of wood.Place the plank along with the bottle in a spot where it will receive maximum sunlight.Keep it in the sun for 8 hours every day. Each evening brings the bottle along with the plank indoors and keep it in a place where it is protected from moonlight or rain.  Next day put the plank along with the bottle in the sunlit place once again, stir the oil in the bottle at least once during the day and wipe the cork lid with a clean muslin cloth. Continue this process for the next 45 days exposing the oil to sunlight for 8 hours daily. The oil will not only have the best of the sun’s rays trapped in it, it will also have the good properties associated with the colour blue- like antibacterial property, it will empower your brain and keep your mind calm and peaceful at all times.

This oil once prepared retains its goodness for 3 months, If after that you are still left with some oil then repeat the process of exposing the oil to the rays of the sun for a further three days and this will make the oil effective and recharged and ready to use for another 3 months.

Massage this oil into the roots of your hair every night, this will prevent hair breakage and hair fall. It will also improve the health of your scalp and cure problems like itchy scalp, dryness and dandruff and scalp infections. This oil promotes a good night’s sleep and is useful in treating Insomnia. It also brings relief for headaches caused due to working outdoors in the heat of the Sun.


Mr Dharmendra living in Mehroli says that despite being 58 years old he looks almost half his age as he has no grey hair, all thanks to the regular usage of this hair oil.


This coconut oil is prepared in the same manner as above but is put in a green glass bottle instead of a blue glass bottle. Storing the oil in a green glass bottle imparts it with the qualities associated with the colour green. It is a remedial cure for most skin problems like itchy skin, dry skin and infections of the scalp.As it does not have the cooling effect associated with the colour blue ,it can be used most effectively during the winter months. If you suffer from frequent colds use this oil.It also helps in strengthening the brain and is most beneficial for the elderly as they frequently complain of memory loss.

You can also prepare oil from Mustard Greens (sarson) in a similar manner.

So say Goodbye to all hair problems and look gorgeous and feel good by using Ayurvedic remedies. Stop hair fall and have silky, shiny, glowing black hair. Time to make heads turn and jaws drop with your crowning glory. A great head of hair is always in style, so let’s get started with these few simple tricks and leave people mesmerized.

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