How to backup iPhone

How to backup phone? You may need to ask this question in need. Having a backup of your data is a good habit. You never know when you have to come across a situation where you may lose access to everything present on your phone. Think of a scenario when your phone is stolen, missed or gone through a physical damage. Photos, Songs, contacts, Messages or any important file is no more available for you. It’s gone! You’re personal moments and your personal choice of gallery all of them you cannot access now.


How to backup iPhone

Although it is not a acceptable situation, in any case as discussed above it is a loss. But if you can dig out the data from somewhere as it is then it is a big relief and totally worth it. Basically there are 3 known ways to backup your iphone data. Let’s have a look on them.

How to backup iPhone

  • Plug in your phone to the computer. They use their own connector and not any of the other USB will work. So make sure that you have it otherwise get a new one!
  • Once the connection is made you can open iTunes and go through your phone.
  • Go through Summary tab that can be found in left pane. Now select Device Summary.
  • Select the “Backup now option”. The verification for the same can be done by going on to the preferences and then selecting the “devices”. By this you can be sure that the backup has been successful.
  • All of the data of which a backup has been taken will be stored in an image file on your computer. This file can be used for restoring later.
  • Now whenever you want the data just plug in your phone into your computer and go through iTunes. Then go through Iphone tab and finally on “”Restore Backup”. And that’s it! You can now save the fetched backup wherever you want.
  • At last, you need to be aware about the fact that this process of making a backup through itunes will only give you limited data. Not everything can be taken easily. Synced music, videos, podcasts etc cannot be taken as a backup. But rest of all will work including personal settings, messages, photos etc.
  1. By iCloud
  • You need to turn on the automated backup service by opening the settings app and then selecting “iCloud”. Now choose the option of backup. It will be turned on when you slide the bar.
  • Preferences can be set up by “Manage storage” tab. It gives you freedom of choosing the data what you want to backup and what you not. Whenever the device is connected to a network or to a source, it will automatically backup the data and put it in an image file on your phone.
  • For restoration. Open settings and go through General, scroll down and then select Reset option. For this to happen you have to first choose “Erase all content and settings”. A pass code will be asked, you have to enter that on the given space.
  • Confirm that you want to erase all the current data by selecting “Erase iphone”. Now finally the meaningful question will pop up and that is, Do you want to restore that data. You can select “Restore from iCloud Backup”.
  • Also if you are having another device (iphone) and you have just got new iphone , you can also restore the backup through iCloud backup by the Apple Id. Maximum up to 3 backups can be installed.
  • But backing up from iCloud has also a bit of preference or say limitation in better words. Music that has not been purchased through iTunes is not available to back up. Also technical errors are the basic problems. But you can easily enjoy a backup limit of up to 5 GB including your personal settings, photos, music, ringtones etc and that is too free of cost!
  1. Apps

Many times you may go through a little difficulty in backing up your data through iTunes and iclouds. Freezing, something going wrong etc can be some of the problems that may occur while this process. One of the major issues with the cloud is that you cannot make a backup of the music that you have in your purchased library. Also full backup is not provided in either of them. So, catching up these technical faults some people have come with their App, The software! The Problem Solver! There are many available on the internet. After some research about their services and reviews you can easily download the app and install it in your phone. But it is very important to make sure the compatibility of the software with your privacy measures. Some of them have a really simple interface that will give you backup in just single click.

Beside above 2 ways you can also check this How to Backup Iphone using DropBox and Google Drive, hope it will help you too.

So now you know how to backup iphone. Go ahead and backup now, because prevention is better than cure! you can also check our other site article which have the same topic i.e. How to backup iPhone



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