Backup Whatsapp Conversation

Backup Whatsapp or Whatsapp Backup , both have the same meaning but they have drastic difference when we look at them from SEO point of view. But we are not here to discuss about SEO(Search Engine Optimisation).

These Days Whatsapp is also used for official announcement or some office work and in this case sometimes we need to create backup of whatsapp conversations so, in this post, i am going to share about how to  create backup of whatsapp conversations for Android users. Besides, i am also going to share a tip or you can say a trick regarding whatsapp.

Here i am telling you 2 ways for creating a backup of your chat history.
1- You can backup your Whatsapp Conversations with Whatsapp Pocket. Through Whatsapp Pocket you can extract the chat messages as backup form your device and read the chat history whenever you want to on your Mobile. Besides, you can also recover WhatsApp messages on an Iphone. Beside it, Whatsapp Pocket is a paid app, but you can easily get a free copy on torrent or mail us for a Copy of Whatsapp Pocket app if you are not able to find it for free.

Backup Whatsapp Conversation for Android users

2-The second way is inbuilt in whatsapp itself of which people are not aware of. Whatsapp provides a way to save the conversation that is by creating a Backup or exporting it as text file that can be sent over a mail.

Backup Whatsapp Conversation for Android users
  1. Open your Whatsapp App
  2. Tap Setting from the Menu
  3. Choose Backup Conversation
  4. Then click on Email Conversation
  5. whats ever you select the conversation through Tap and hold including media will be send to your mail.

I got a comment on my post i.e. on WhatsApp Tricks or WhatsApp Hack , he asked me about how to recover deleted chat history and i think many of you would like know that. There is a good way to recover your deleted or lost messages that is through Data Recovery software.

Tip : Want to save some particular message? Sometimes we are annoyed because of not finding a particular message in a long conversation of whatsapp. Here i am sharing you the best way to save any message or conversation, which you will find in shortest way.

Simply create a group of name ‘ABC’ and add 2-3 friends in a group, after it remove these friends from the group which makes only you left alone in a group.

Problem solved, this group becomes a saved message box of whatsapp, you can also save jokes ,quotes or love messages. I hope this small tip might be helpful for you..:)

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