Beer for Hair? YES! 4 ways to Repair damaged Hair

Most people enjoy drinking beer. Some drink it for just mere fun of it and while some enjoy it specifically but whether you like it or you hate it, you might actually just consider it especially when you are trying to treat your damaged hair. We all adore long hair and we all want it because it is one of the symbols of beauty and to have it damaged could be as heartbreaking as one can imagine. When you walk into a bar and order for that chilled bottle or jar of beer would you have thought it could be of any use to your hair when applied externally? Of course no. beer often time is considered as just a relaxing drink and often the top choice when you really don’t want to get drunk chilling with friends. The most amazing thing about beer is that it is a product that is just readily available and you don’t have to break the bank before you get one. Walk into any mall or store and you are just so going to get one, go into a club or bar and certainly one is just around the corner.

Beer for Hair? YES! 4 ways to Repair damaged Hair
Beer for Hair? YES! 4 ways to Repair damaged Hair

There are in fact so many other beauty enhancement that you can use your beer for. For instance, you can bathe in beer for a better skin glow and oil control. Also, beer has  been certified to be a great way of fertilizing your grass and hence, it shouldn’t be a surprise when I say it can be used for your hair.You can also learn Easy Homemade natural hair Gel Recipes .

You don’t have to break the bank before you remedy any damage that your hair has suffered. With just simply home tools and ingredients you sure do some good to your hair. Below are the four essential way you can use beer and other easy to get home ingredients to fix your hair.


Rinsing your hair with beer is one of the best thing you can do to a damaged hair. For one thing, beer is rich in protein because of the hops and malt which are always the basic ingredients when it comes to beer brewing and this ingredients can help strengthen the hair cuticles . so using beer as a shampoo for washing or rinsing you hair is a very good therapy for effective hair treatment. It is also a very effective way of replenishing your hair moisture. Just leave in the beer in your hair for few minutes and then rinse off with water.

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Well, there are very exotic conditioners in the market that are specially created or contortioned to fix a damaged hair but I tell you, a simple beer conditioner can also help and the result is similar if not better than other inorganic conditioners around. With just a cup of warm beer and a teaspoon full oh jojoba oil, a perfect conditioning mixture is ready for use.  The jojoba oil is meant to restore natural sheen to your hair. A frequent use of this can fix your damaged hair no matter what.


If your hair is severely damaged in that you have a straw like hair texture instead of a silky one, having it trimmed to allow good ones to grow might just be better. In the case of severely damaged hair, trimming and then treating with the above beer recipes will prove rather more effective.


Chemicals are by their very nature injurious to our hair and avoiding them is the first step you can take when you detect hair damage. Also avoid the use of hot styling tools like the hair dryer.

Hope above methods will help to repair your damaged hair. Beside it learn How you can Protect your Hair while Swimming.

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