Best Animation Colleges in India

Can you ever forget movies like Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar and Ice Age? They are standing examples of what animation can do. In the present situation, most students wish to take up a career in animation. To do so, they will have to take up the right animation courses. Thanks to the best animation colleges in India that makes a dream come true for students.

What is the growth prospect of this industry?

NASSCOM predicts that the animation industry in India will grow at the rate of 22% every year. To make animation films in different countries, many world animation giants are moving into different countries.

Are cartoon and animation the same?

No, there are differences between the two. The former is drawing caricatures of characters with some unique refinements. The purpose of such detailing is to evoke a sense of comedy. On the other hand, the animation is all about making characters like living beings. So, when we see some animated films, we can experience the characters like real humans.

What is animation?

The Animation is a term used for explaining any film that is deliberately made as a single frame at a time by manipulating drawings. Not just sketches, but experts use computer-generated imagery and puppets as well. In fact, it is the technique of capturing successive pictures or positions of models for creating an illusion of movement when there are sequential scenes in the films.

The scope of animation:

Nowadays, many big companies like Sony Pictures, Walt Disney, Turner Entertainment make animated films. Not just film production houses, but many game developers also need the best talents for creating animated characters. With the best abilities in India, many foreign companies also outsource their animation work to Indian companies. So, the scope is broader. Even, the best animation colleges in India provide campus placement assistance to their students to help them with their bright future.

Top animation colleges in India:

S. No. Name Of the Institution
1. Arena Multimedia
2. Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematic
3. Zee Institute of Creative Arts
4. Global School of Animation
5. Whistling Woods International Institute
6. Tekno Point Multimedia
7. Picasso Animation College
8. Apeejay Institute of Design
9. Toonz Webel Academy (TWA)
10. Massco Media

Most of these institutions have branches in multiple cities in India. These institutions offer different types of courses. For instance, right from diploma and certificate courses, the degree to PG degree courses are available. So, candidates interested in animation as their career can choose the best institution based on different factors.

Factors to consider when selecting the institution:


Infrastructure is an important consideration when choosing an animation college. In addition to the right facilities for theoretical training, the school should also have the proper facilities for practical education. Only when the students take part in live projects, they can gain industrial exposure. Also, live projects will also boost your confidence level to a great extent.

Experienced faculty members:

Of course, you should check the experience of the faculty members serving the institution. Only qualified people know the intricacies associated with the field. So, they will offer the right training that will help students in their future. Thus, you should check the experience of faculty members as well.

Fee structure:

As you know, animation courses cost more as compared to other regular ones. However, when you compare different institutions, it is better to check the fee structure. Further, you can check whether the college offers any scholarships for deserving students.

Apart from all these factors, you should also check whether the institution has the placement cell to guide with the placement.

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