Best free Video Calling Apps for Android

Voice calling is bygone, now its an era of video calling. With the changing technology, our phones are becoming smarter and network is getting smoother; so as the way of our calling is changing from voice to video.

There is no doubt in that sooner or later the video calling will over took voice calling. As if now also you can see most of us are carrying that portable genius monsters in our hand . These little monster will help us to connect anyone and anywhere and that too face to face. The video chats are more convenient especial over the improved and fast 3g or 4g networks.

Most of the android smartphone comes pre loaded with in – built video calling software, but I will suggest  you to opt for other video calling software other then the in – built one because they cannot perform across other platforms .


Best free Video Calling Apps for Android

So if you are heading to find video calling apps for your android smartphone, then you are at right place. Check out our list of video calling apps for android .

List of Best free video calling apps for android

  • Skype – free IM and Video calls :-

Undoubtedly Skype is on top of our list. It is one amongst the best app for video calling which works on all major platform.

Skype supports both rare and front camera facing absolutely free. No charges are applicable. You can do video calls over android smartphone using Skype app. Not only video calling , but it also enables you to make phone calls and voice calls to mobile or landline using Skype credits (available at cheap rates).

Skype is not limited only to voice and video calling, but you can also send and receive SMS. You can also share videos, photos and files of any size. All this for free.

  • ooVoo  Video Call, Text and Voice :-

ooVoo is another good app for video calling. It is a pretty good alternative for Skype. This app provides a reliable service and an excellent video quality.

ooVoo allows you to one to one video calling and also group video calling. Up to 8 people can be added in a group video calling. You can also send instant messages, share photos, etc. You can also chat with your friend on facebook and twitter as this apps provide integration with these social networking sites.

It also provides a feature of Fab 5 which enables you to put on speed dial,  5 of your favorites.  This app is also available for OS desktop.

  • Tango :-

Make free video and voice call send instant messages for free using Tango. An amazing app that allows you to connect with you family and friend at no cost. Now you can even connect with you friends and family living in Canada and US by making free international call in over 80 countries around the globe.

Tango is free calling app which provide high quality and also support games while you are on a video call. You can send sms world wide. Group chat up to 300 friend are supported. Sahre updates on twitter, facebook, etc with friends and family.

  • Line : Free Calls and messages :-

Line is the app you must have it in you android smartphone if you want a complete package. Line believes to reshape the communication all over the world and brings the love ones, friends, family more closer. It provides video and voice call, instant messages and lots of exciting and amazing stickers, to express yourself and impress someone.

Line offers you a social networking service with lots of features. You  can post status on your timeline and can comment on friends status. One to one and group chats are allowed. Stay connected with your favorite celeb, famous personalities , etc  searching for their official account on Line.

  • Hangouts :-

Hangouts is last on our list of video calling app for androids but surely not the least one. All Android smartphone comes pre loaded with the hangout. So better to use it wisely then to go for other app.

Hangout also offers a large variety of feature. You can do group video chat of up to 10 people and message group chat up to 100 people .You can call any phone number around the globe using Hangouts at no cost. Connect hangout with your Google Voice account for Messages, phone number and voicemail integration.


Our list of  “Best free video calling apps for android ” ends here .Still  There are lots of app available for free video calling but these apps are the best amongst the rest. So be aware before you choose the one for you !!


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