Email Marketing – How to Prevent Spam Scams

A fantastic deal of cyberattacks are observed through easy malicious email campaigns. Email is a great communication platform because you can sending anything to anyone, but that means it can be a enormous security risk. Phishing, for instance, sends victims emails that will lead victims.

The best way to avoid being scammed by mails is to be sure that the receiver is that you believe it is. Check the address if they match with website to determine you think it is from. To be cautious it is possible to inspect the sender’s IP address.


You can achieve that by locating the source information in the email and on the lookout for the IP address which follows the line “Received: from.” You can Google the email’s origin to be learnt from the IP address.

Check link places

Anonymous messages include links to anonymous sites. Surfing to a mysterious site can bring about consequences. For starters, it assist you fall prey to a phishing scam and might mimic a site you trust and know.

You know where it is taking you, if you’re tempted to click on one of those links. The very best approach is to copy and paste the link location to a browser to learn which website is on the opposing side. When it’s a shortened connection, you may use tools like URL X-ray that determine the true destination before you click it.


Additionally, websites that are encrypted are the most effective ones to visit. You know they’re secure once you visit the icon on your browser and HTTPS in the URL.

Never open attachments (unless you are really certain)

A good guideline to follow is not open attachments unless you are 120% certain of where it came from. One of the simplest ways for hackers to find malicious code is by simply sending emails.


A manner enterprise businesses get hacked is by a single employee downloading. The most dangerous file types include PDFs, Word, and . EXEs.


Use two-factor authentication

The likelihood that your password is leaked raises, as firms become hacked. They try to learn which private accounts they can access with the information they stole, after passwords have been accessed by hackers.


Authentication – which requires users to not only enter a password but additionally to confirm entrance with a different thing like a code texted into a telephone – is a fantastic way. Businesses are currently making it regular.


Slack, as an instance, instituted two-step authentication after it owned up to a data breach that has been current. This meant that when hackers didn’t steal Slack user data, the hackers might still probably be unable to go into a user’s accounts unless they had yet another thing that belonged to the consumer, like their phone. In case two-factor authentication is an option for your accounts, it is sensible to choose it.


Use sophisticated passwords

This may be the tip. Don’t make the a reference that is private, and don’t store a list in a file that is stored.

Do not use the identical password for multiple accounts.

There are a couple of tools like 1Password and LastPass that store passwords. Additionally, it’s crucial to change passwords frequently – especially for vulnerable accounts such as email and banking.

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Be Cautious of this cloud

following is a good rule of thumb – do not share it if you don’t want individuals to get your own information. This includes cloud storage. You need to keep in mind that you are giving it to someone else to watch over. Many privacy experts assert that anything you put online stands the possibility of being published on line, while it is from the best interests of their company to keep it stable.


Does this mean you shouldn’t shop anything from the cloud? It’s just valuable to stay cautious where your files are going. And to understand the practices of your own cloud storage provider.

Also, smartphone that they are deleted on almost any cloud or make sure that in the event you delete files on your own pc copies you have.


On public Wi-Fi? Don’t discuss personal data

whilst sitting at the coffee shop, considering purchasing that plane ticket or checking your bank account? You might want to believe twice about that , since you do not have any clue how secure that relationship is.


The exact same holds for places like conference centres and hotels. Security researchers just discovered a vulnerability that generated Wi-Fi traffic at some of the planet’s most crucial hotels vulnerable to assault. There isn’t any way for someone to know when this is presently occurring, therefore it’s ideal to be with where you’re surfing, careful.


For those who have to access private information while on these networks, then it might be handy to utilize tools like virtual private networks (VPNs), which encrypt visitors so the Wi-Fi network can not see where you are browsing. Or, better still, simply set up with your cellular data.

5 Famous Useful Mobile Apps

useful-mobile-appsCellular technology has made developers to come up with mobile apps used for various purposes. These apps are useful because people can readily access them through their cell phones or tablets without turning on the PCs and laptops. Almost 70% people consult their mobile phones for searches and have also downloaded various apps. 5 famous useful apps are discussed in this article.

  1. Google Map

As the name suggests, Google has presented this map app used for locating different places or locations. This app is downloaded by various people; it is useful if you are going for a job interview and don’t know about the exact location or if you want to get directions about restaurants, libraries, parks or salons. You can easily use this app to get the instant address of your desired locations without much mess and fuss. You can download it from both iPhone app store and Google Play Store.

  1. Trello

This efficient mobile app has been devised for busy people who want to keep track of their old and fresh projects. This app is best because it can manage your tasks efficiently by organizing them with dates. You can also make your grocery list and to do lists. Entrepreneurs can also use it for organizing their projects in a better way without mixing their useful files. It is user friendly and quite easy to use. It is the best app for organization of multiple tasks.

  1. Argus

Health is very important and now you all can keep an eye on your health by Argus app. This health app is best because it keeps record of your steps taken, calories intake and heart rate. This app is best to analyze your overall health and workout you need to do. Fitness conscious people actively use this app and it can be downloaded from Google App Store, iOS and Windows Phones.

  1. Waze

Waze app is best to guide you with easy directions if you are stuck in traffic. This app is perfect for travellers and people who are always on the go. This traffic app tells you about the conditions of roads, near petrol pumps with their fuel rates and restaurants. This app is a must have if you want an easy and fast access to your destination. It can save your time by guiding you with easy locations.

  1. Flipboard

This app has different topics. You can get all the relevant news according to that topic on your smartphones. If you have a busy schedule and don’t get enough time to get to know about your desired topics then this app is best for you. This app is downloaded on your android phones or iPhones for free. Avail the amazing features of this app and get latest news from all around the world.

These 5 famous apps are best for you because they can guide you with road directions, news and you can also track your health record, manage your tasks in more efficient way than ever. Download these apps for free and avail their services.

Author’s Bio: This article has been professional assignment writers by Katy Ciara, a Housewife, a Novelist and a writer who writes on topics related to technology and its uses in daily life.

Hay Day 2017 Tips, Cheats, & Tricks You Need to Win !!

Virtual farming consumes much time; it takes hours and hours each day to tend livestock and crops and keep things running smoothly on a virtual farm. But with the Hay day tips explained below it will save your time, collect resource for you and make it fun to play your favorite game. With the tips listed below, you are not to download anything online.


Hay Day 2017 Tips, Cheats, & Tricks You Need to Win !!

  1. Look for unlocked treasure chests

The more you use this Hay Day tip, it becomes less active, but the first couple of times it should work. You might need to try it as many as twenty times to find an open treasure chest.

Find a tool box on a helper’s, follower’s, or friend’s farm. If the box is closed, just tap anywhere on the screen, but don’t tap the x button.

The next step is to go to another friend’s farm and look for the same tool box. You can take everything inside if the tool box is unlocked. You can search for tools and other stuff you can use to keep your farming running smoothly. Once you go back to your farm you should find the tools you found in the tool box in available farming tools.

If the tool box is still locked? Keep doing the same process, until you find a tool box that’s unlocked. You can keep getting free stuff using this method, at least as long as it continues to work.

  1. Trick your Hay Day friends, followers, and helpers

This is one of the great tips you can use to convince your Hay Day farming friends, supporters, and helpers that you have just received double many coins and experience for completing a boat order.

You receive an order when you pull the boat into the dock, and you receive an order. Click on the check mark and hold it down. As you let go of the check mark, quickly click the x at the top of the page. The game will show you just received double some coins and experience, but you won’t be given double bonus.

  1. Get Extra Coins by Selling Goodies

Make sure you purchase construction equipment like dynamite in bulk when you can. After that, you can sell each of these items you have just purchased for 190 to 230 coins. This is a quickest and the safest way to get some additional coins whenever you need it. Also, advertise the last item you are selling. When people visit your in-game store, the advertisement will make all of the items you are selling the public.

  1. Do Away with Mature Crops

Once your crops have grown, you will not get any more benefits from the patches they are planted on, so it is best to just do away with them. Click on the field and use the sickle to do that, then drop some new crops to start the process all over again.

I hope you have a good day with the tips listed above on the farm. Using the Hay Day tips provided, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to keep your virtual farm profitable and working efficiently, and have more fun with it.

Snapchat Geofilter List


Snapchat Geofilters are unique overlays or graphic designs that are used for snaps(photos or videos) on the Snapchat platform, and they are only available in specific locations. They are never the same, as the one of a particular place differs from that of another location. At the onset, there were just a few Geofilters available, and they were in the custody of companies. That has improved now as there are free ones which can be submitted through communities. Anyone can access them now. The paid version, Custom Geofilters, are purchased for a validity period of a month or one day.

Snapchat Geofilter List

Geofilters are used by businesses and Corporate bodies for their important activities such as conferences, advertisements, etc. Individuals, that is Snapchat users, also use it to mark their events, which could be a birthday, wedding, family celebrations, and other occasions. To begin to use a Geofilter, you start by designing it yourself or pay some fee to the team of Snapchat designers who will do everything for you. After creating it, you are to submit it for approval. The next step after that is called mapping. You should be reminded that Geofilters are location-sensitive, and as such, can only be utilized with a particular range. This range is technically referred to as a “Geofence”.

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On-Demand Geofilters are the ones purchased and used by businesses, companies, and also individuals to mark their special events and locations, in which trademarks and brand logos are allowed. You can pay Snapchat

How To Create An On-Demand Geofilter

The process can be easier than you ever thought, just follow through in the step by step approach.

  1. While On Snapchat, Click On The On-Demand Geofilter Page.

Then click on “create now” then you will have to log in with your Snapchat account details.

  1. Create Your Design

In this step, you are to download any template of your choice which you will upload after making a design.

  1. Proceed By Designing Your On-Demand Geofilter

There will be many options of Adobe Photoshop templates to choose from, after downloading the file and unzipping it. Then you use anyone you like to design your Geofilter.

  1. Upload Your Geofilter Design

After the design process, you can then save it as PNG before uploading it on the On-Demand Geofilter window. The Snapchat App will send you a review of your design so that you can have an idea of what the real thing will resemble.

  1. Enter Date And Location Details

There are validity options to choose from, if you want your Geofilter to last for hours, a day, or for even one month. In the blank space, type in the date. As you do this, the platform takes you to the map, where you have to select a location by creating a Geofence and type the address. The Geofence is the perimeter within which the Geofilter can be accessed.

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  1. Your Geofilter Comes Alive

You just have to wait for a short period for your demands to be processed and approved. Also, your email or alert notification will get to you that you have been debited for the service. You wouldn’t need to wait for long as the Snapchat platform will notify you with an email that your Geofilter is activated and ready for use.

  1. Appraise The Performance Of Your Geofilter

The Snapchat App will always provide an analysis of how your filter performed, but that will be after its expiration. You will be shown the statistics such as “Uses”, “Views”. The former displays the number of people that used your filter, while the latter represents the number of times that users saw it.

How much do Snapchat Geofilters Cost

The price of an On-Demand Geofilter depends on a few factors such as the size of the Geofence and how long you want it to run.

To see the exact cost of your Geofilter, you can Visit Snapchat



Here is a list of some previous Snapchat Geofilters. It contains their names on the left-hand side and their locations at the right.

  1. Orchard, Somerset, and Dhoby Ghaut Orchard-Road
  1. Geneva Geofilter, Geneva in New York.
  1. Columbia Heights Geofilter, Columbia Heights in Washington D.C.
  1. Boston University Geofilter, Boston in Massachusetts.
  1. Ghent Geofilter, Ghent in Belgium.
  1. Big Ben Geofilter, London in England.
  1. Baltimore Geofilter, Baltimore in Maryland.
  1. Disney Resort Geofilter, Anaheim in California.
  1. Pinterest Headquarters Geofilter, San Francisco in California.
  1. Munchen Geofilter, Munchen in Germany.
  1. Brussels Geofilter, Brussels in Belgium.
  1. Ann Arbor Geofilter, Ann Arbor in Michigan.
  1. Canary Wharf Geofilter, London in England
  1. Fort Lee Geofilter, Fort Lee in New Jersey.
  1. Lincoln Park Zoo Geofilter, Chicago in Illinois
  1. Twitter Headquarters Geofilter, San Francisco in California
  1. St. Patrick ‘s Day Holiday Geofilter of 2015, Worldwide.
  1. Antwerp Geofilter, Antwerp in Belgium.
  1. Martha’s Vineyard, Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts
  1. West Minister Geofilter, London in England.
  1. Hyde Park Geofilter, London in England.
  1. Buckingham Palace Geofilter, London in England.
  1. DePaul University Geofilter, Chicago in Illinois.
  1. Paris Geofilter, Paris in France.
  1. Broadway Geofilter, New York City in New York.
  1. Piccadilly Circus Geofilter, London in England.
  1. Times Square Geofilter, New York City in New York.
  1. Manhattan Geofilter, New York City in New York.
  1. Blue Line Geofilter, Chicago in Illinois.
  1. Lewes Geofilter, Lewes in England.
  1. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Geofilter: Campus Story, in University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Campus.
  1. Cape Code Geofilter, Cape Code in Massachusetts.
  1. Flatiron Geofilter, New York City in New York.
  1. Little Italy Geofilter, Chicago in Illinois.


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Top 5 Apps To Save Snapchat Photos/Videos/Stories On iOS/Android

Top 5 Apps To Save Snapchat Photos/Videos/Stories On iOS/Android

Snapchat is the most famous informing application among high schoolers and it isn’t so with no reason. It’s an enchanted application that makes messages vanish after viewing them. You can send a picture, video or content on Snapchat and the message terminates a little while later after the other person has seen it. Presently, lets get to the revolting truth. You can really save the photographs, recordings and stories shared on Snapchat. We have officially expounded on the different techniques through which you can save snapchat snaps for all time without the sender’s learning.


Top 5 Apps To Save Snapchat Photos/Videos/Stories On iOS/Android


For people who don’r like complicated procedures there are different applications accessible both on iOS and Android that save the Snapchat pics, recordings and stories.  Here is short list of them.

  1. SnapBox

This is hands down the best iOS application to download Snapchat photographs and recordings. With SnapBox, all your Snapchat photographs and recordings are saved for all time. At whatever point you get a snap, open SnapBox and login with your Snapchat client id and secret word and every one of your snaps are saved.

  1. Snapchat Saver

Android is likewise a genuinely vital stage for Snapchat and a colossal number of individuals utilize Snapchat’s Android application as well. Snapchat Saver is the most well known Android application to spare your got messages on Snapchat. Snapchat Saver gives you a chance to save both photograph and video snaps. You can save photograph stories and video stories also.

  1. SnapCrack

 The SnapCrack application brags of some awesome usefulness. Aside from saving photographs, recordings and stories you can likewise send snaps from your photograph collection. There is additionally a paid rendition of the application accessible for $4.99.

  1. SaveMySnaps

SaveMySnaps is an Android application that gives you a chance to see your snaps and also alternatively download them. Simply recall not to see the snaps on the Snapchat application before downloading them.

  1. SnapSave

This Android application totally replaces your Snapchat application. You can view and spare snaps and in addition send snaps from SnapSave. (Redesign: The SnapSave Android application has been expelled from the Google Play Store, at the same time, is still accessible on the Apple App Store for iOS.)


Well if you desperately need to save your Snapchat messages or photos, take a deep breath and search through this list for inspiration. You will definitely find worthy participants there!

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Best free Video Calling Apps for Android

Voice calling is bygone, now its an era of video calling. With the changing technology, our phones are becoming smarter and network is getting smoother; so as the way of our calling is changing from voice to video.

There is no doubt in that sooner or later the video calling will over took voice calling. As if now also you can see most of us are carrying that portable genius monsters in our hand . These little monster will help us to connect anyone and anywhere and that too face to face. The video chats are more convenient especial over the improved and fast 3g or 4g networks.

Most of the android smartphone comes pre loaded with in – built video calling software, but I will suggest  you to opt for other video calling software other then the in – built one because they cannot perform across other platforms .


Best free Video Calling Apps for Android

So if you are heading to find video calling apps for your android smartphone, then you are at right place. Check out our list of video calling apps for android .

List of Best free video calling apps for android

  • Skype – free IM and Video calls :-

Undoubtedly Skype is on top of our list. It is one amongst the best app for video calling which works on all major platform.

Skype supports both rare and front camera facing absolutely free. No charges are applicable. You can do video calls over android smartphone using Skype app. Not only video calling , but it also enables you to make phone calls and voice calls to mobile or landline using Skype credits (available at cheap rates).

Skype is not limited only to voice and video calling, but you can also send and receive SMS. You can also share videos, photos and files of any size. All this for free.

  • ooVoo  Video Call, Text and Voice :-

ooVoo is another good app for video calling. It is a pretty good alternative for Skype. This app provides a reliable service and an excellent video quality.

ooVoo allows you to one to one video calling and also group video calling. Up to 8 people can be added in a group video calling. You can also send instant messages, share photos, etc. You can also chat with your friend on facebook and twitter as this apps provide integration with these social networking sites.

It also provides a feature of Fab 5 which enables you to put on speed dial,  5 of your favorites.  This app is also available for OS desktop.

  • Tango :-

Make free video and voice call send instant messages for free using Tango. An amazing app that allows you to connect with you family and friend at no cost. Now you can even connect with you friends and family living in Canada and US by making free international call in over 80 countries around the globe.

Tango is free calling app which provide high quality and also support games while you are on a video call. You can send sms world wide. Group chat up to 300 friend are supported. Sahre updates on twitter, facebook, etc with friends and family.

  • Line : Free Calls and messages :-

Line is the app you must have it in you android smartphone if you want a complete package. Line believes to reshape the communication all over the world and brings the love ones, friends, family more closer. It provides video and voice call, instant messages and lots of exciting and amazing stickers, to express yourself and impress someone.

Line offers you a social networking service with lots of features. You  can post status on your timeline and can comment on friends status. One to one and group chats are allowed. Stay connected with your favorite celeb, famous personalities , etc  searching for their official account on Line.

  • Hangouts :-

Hangouts is last on our list of video calling app for androids but surely not the least one. All Android smartphone comes pre loaded with the hangout. So better to use it wisely then to go for other app.

Hangout also offers a large variety of feature. You can do group video chat of up to 10 people and message group chat up to 100 people .You can call any phone number around the globe using Hangouts at no cost. Connect hangout with your Google Voice account for Messages, phone number and voicemail integration.


Our list of  “Best free video calling apps for android ” ends here .Still  There are lots of app available for free video calling but these apps are the best amongst the rest. So be aware before you choose the one for you !!


Best Free Download Manager Application for Android

Best Free Download Manager Application for Android

Are you  fed up from the slow speed of downloading from your browser?? Your browser downloading speed is as slow as turtle’s crawl?? Then this is the right time to move on and switch to more convenient and fast download manager application for android..

Download Manager Applications  for android is what you all need to cater all our downloading needs. It brings a whole new world of downloading right on your palm in your android smartphone.

Best Free Download Manager Application for Android

So lets give a check on the plethora of download manager applications available for android smartphone.

 List of Best Free Download Manager Application for Android

Advanced Download Manager application is one of the most powerful download manager available for android smartphone. This apps enables you to download files in 3 different parts and there is a certain set downloaded speed provided by each specific part. You can select the max speed for downloading for each part.

This app contains build in web browsers, so if the link from which you want to download is not a direct link, then app will automatically redirect to its build in web browser  . Browsers like Dolphin, Boat Browser, Chrome,  Stock Browser are supported by Advanced download Manager app.

Features of Advanced Downloader Manager app for android :-

  1. Supports multiple downloading. You can download up to 3 files at a time.
  2. Supports multithreading which helps to accelerate downloading speed.
  3. Backup of downloaded file was made on the Memory Card.
  4. Notify with sound and vibration on completion of downloading.
  5. Files are saved in different folder according to the type.
  6. Scheduling  of downloading file in advance.
  7. Downloads can be run in background.
  8. Support pause, resume, auto retry and queuing.

Turbo Download manager is a free download manger application for android which can boost up you downloading speed up to 5 times. To enhanced the speed you can increase the number of connections per download. The buffer size can also be modify from the setting option available in the app to increase the speed of downloading. The GUI of this app is quite easy and simple to use. Apart from the GUI this offers some other excellent feature too.

Features of  Turbo Download  Manager for android.

  1. Interrupted downloading can be resume.
  2. Supports unlimited size of file.
  3. Sound notification on completion of downloading.
  4. Download history
  5. Supports multiple downloading . Maximum up to 10 files can be downloaded simultaneously.
  6. Files can be rename.
  7. Pause, resume, queue and cancel any download.
  • Download Manager For Android :-

Download Manager For Android is another free download manger application for android smartphone.  It enables you to manage all your downloading from a single location. It comes with simple and clean GUI and comes pre loaded with lots of features.

Feature of Download Manager For Android app :-

  1. It provide downloading speed up to three times faster.
  2. Bookmark management of webpage.
  3. HTML 5 web pages and videos can be downloaded.
  4. Speech and voice search.
  5. Current downloading is shown with active progress bar.
  6. Support YouTube, Yahoo, Twitter, Google search.
  7. Pause, cancel or resume any download.

Easy downloader Pro is also a very fine download manger application for android specially when it comes to multiple file downloading. You will never regret to have this app as download manager app on your android smartphone.

It also support in built web browser and helps you to download files from browser. Not only downloading but also helps you to organize the downloaded files in you SD card. It supports all type of file downloading.

Feature of Easy Downloader  Pro for android :-

  1. Support multiple files and protocols.
  2. Download can be pause and resume any time.
  3. Notification and progress bar.
  4. Supports downloading of 10 files simultaneously.
  5. Support browser like Firefox , Dolphin, etc
  6. Manage file on you memory card.
  7. Files can be renamed.

This is it with the” best free download manger application for android “. Now don’t let your android smartphone to wait more for these brilliant download manager app. Go and grab them all but don’t forget to visit us again!!

Snapdeal Loophole or Snapdeal hack

Snapdeal Loophole or Snapdeal hack

yes its true, In this post we are sharing a big loophole or trick to get some cash from snapdeal latest offer.It’s now your turn to Snap the Deal from our very own and popular E- Shopping website “ Snapdeal ”with our Snapdeal trick . This time Snapdeal brings exclusively for you Rs 50 snapdeal cash at free of cost . You will Get Rs 50 for Registering or signing up with snapdeal and Rs 50 on per referral and you can earn more cash referral using our special snapdeal trick.

I know you get excited to know more about this Deal from the “ Snapdeal “. So let me share what all this deal is about on how you can grab this amazing offer offered by snapdeal using our snapdeal trick.

                                            Snapdeal Loophole or Snapdeal hack

Steps to get Rs 50 for Sign Up and Rs 50 on per Referral :-

Here I am gonna explain you the step by step procedure to get Rs 50 Snapdeal cash on sign up and furthermore Rs 50 For each successful Referral  .

  1. First you have to Download the latest version of Snapdeal App in your Android Device.
  2. Now tap on the app icon to open it up.
  3. Go to option , there you will Find “ Earn Reward “ .
  4. Tap on “ Earn Reward ” and then enter the Referral code ( M&xs338498 ) to get instant snapdeal cash reward of RS 50 .
  5. Next you have to enter your mobile number and the tap on “ Continue “.
  6. Now you can log in or sign up with account in snapdeal.
  7. Finally your account will be credited with the Snapdeal cash of Rs 50 .

Note :- This offer is available for the new version of Snapdeal. So if you have an old version , so please upload it to avail this offer.

Now It’s time to get some more snapdeal cash into your account. For this snapdeal trick you required :-

  1. Android Device should be rooted.
  2. Donkey Guard App
  3. RootClock App
  4. IMEI Changer
  5. Xposed Installer
  6. HideMyRoot App

Now it’s turn to perform our snapdeal trick to get this exciting offer. But before performing this trick make sure that above mention requirements are fulfilled .

Step By Step procedure For Snapping the Snapdeal offer using our snapdeal trick : –

  1. First and foremost to use this snapdeal trick you need to root your android smartphone. So if you already rooted your android smartphone so well and good enough. But if not then first you should go and root your android device .
  2. Download all the 4 apps which is mentioned above in the requirements and then install it on your android smartphone.
  3. Install the Snapdeal app on your android device. If you have it already on your device then just clear the data.
  4. After this install the IMEI Changer on your device and then change the IMEI of your phone to IMEI *New* .
  5. Now you have to download Xposed framework on your device and install it.
  6. Then open the Xposed framework  and open Modules present in it.
  7. There you will find two Apps, you have to Tick on both the apps.
  8. Tap on RootClock app on your android device to open it and then tap on Add / remove apps .
  9. Tap on “ + “ ( Plus sign ) which is available at top right corner of your screen and select snapdeal app from it.
  10. Now tap on HideMyroot app on your android smartphone to open it. Then tap on the option “ Hide SU Binaries ” .
  11. Now its turn of the very important step. Tap on DonkeyGuard App to open it up. Then go to setting of the App and change Device ID, Subscriber ID, Android ID and Sim Serial No.

Note : Change your Device ID, Subscriber ID, Android ID and Sim Serial No. every time .

  1. To generate the new values of  Device ID, Subscriber ID, Android ID and Sim Serial No. Tap on Pencil icon and generate.
  2. Done.
  3. Now Close all things and reboot you android phone to apply new setting .
  4. Again open New App of snapdeal and enter the new mobile no. and your referral code.

How to use the Snapdeal Trick for Unlimited time

  1. After going through the above steps Clear Snapdeal app’s data by going into mobile setting.
  2. Tap on DonkeyGuard App to open it and Generate New values of Device ID, Subscriber ID, Android ID and Sim Serial No.
  3. Every time Change IMEI to *New* .
  4. End the app
  5. Reboot the phone.
  6. Again tap to open Snapdeal app, put New mobile no. and enter your referral code.

And now enjoy this snapdeal trick for Unlimited time!! So go and grab the maximum snapdeal cash  you can have from this offer before the offer ends , using the above mention snapdeal trick.

Easy way to Download Facebook Videos on Android

Easy way to Download Facebook Videos on Android

Sometimes or the other you may have found some of the video clips are always waving up on your timeline of facebook account shared by you and your friends  . Many of them are so fascinating that you want to have them all on your smarty Phone so that you can see them even in the absence of internet .

Now you must be wondering that what’s the easy way to download facebook videos on android smartphone or android tablet so that you can watch them anytime and anywhere you want . So stop wondering and just read our this post on “ Easy way to download facebook videos on android smartphone “  .

                                             Easy way to Download Facebook Videos on Android

Even though , Facebook didn’t provide any direct link or dint’ allows you to download facebook video , but still you can download videos on your android smartphone with the help of a third party application available for downloading videos from facebook .

Easy way to Download Facebook Videos on Android

Let’s see  how can you easily download facebook videos on android smartphone by using third party applications .

  • MyVideoDownloader : This app is amongst the leading app used to download facebook videos on your Android smartphone . You can start downloading any type of videos from your facebook account by using MyVideoDownloader app .  You can download the uploaded, shared and tagged videos by you and your friends and family using this app . It also enables you to download facebook videos from the groups and the pages you liked .

Steps to download Facebook video using MyVideoDownloader app on your Android smartphone :

  1. Download and install the app on your android samrtphone .
  2. Tap on the app to start the app .
  3. Sign in into your facebook account using the app .
  4. Search for the video you want to download on your android smartphone .
  5. Click on the little tick icon on the video you wish to download on your android smartphone , and then tap on download option which you can find at the top – right side corner on your android smartphone screen .
  6. Now your video will start downloading and will be saved on the  Memory card of your android smartphone by default . But  You can  also choose to save the video  to your personalized folder from the setting’s menu .
  • Video Downloader For FacebookVideo downloader For Facebook is do what exactly it says . It is another app which offers you to  download facebook video on your android smartphone . You can save the video on your memory chip or SD card and play it whenever you want even when you are not online or out of network .

Step to download facebook video using Video Downloader for facebook app on your android smartphone  : –

  1. Download and install Video Downloader For Facebook app on your android smartphone .
  2. Now open the  faceebook app on your android smartphone .
  3. Log in into your facebook account from the app.
  4. Search for the video you want to download on you android smartphone .
  5. Tap on the video you want to download.
  6. Their you will find a pop up saying “Complete action using” . Choose  Video Downloader For Facebook app from the options given to complete the action and then tap on “ always “ if you want to set this app as a default app or else choose “ just once “ .
  7. Now the video will be successfully downloaded on the memory chip of your android smartphone .

That’s all what we have for you on “ easy download of facebook video on your android devices “ . I hope you too find it easier now to download videos on your android device then earlier. Here easier does means easier just as simple as a cakewalk !!

List of Best Free Browser for Android

Still using the inbuilt browser in Android smartphone?? You are surely missing a great experience of internet browsing.  Android users can avail or opt for another browser from the plenty number of available browsers from Google play then to using the  inbuilt android browser. This will make you feel a richer  browsing  experience on your android smartphone.

List of Best Free Browser for Android

We compiled and compared different browser options available for android smartphone to see which android browser deserves to be default choice for your android phone and we come up with the following result.

List of Best Free Browser for Android

  • Google Chrome : Notably one the best and the most preferred  and the popular browser amongst the android smartphone user. Google chrome offers  seamlessly sync amongst devices by logging into the Google account,  so that you can access bookmarks and tabs from your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

It also helps to minimize data usage up to 50% and provides faster browsing  and quick access to previously visited websites and pages. Voice search feature of google is like adding seven stars to it. You can translate web pages in any language. For all in one google experience, Google Chrome is the browser you want.

  • Firefox : The faster, smatter and safer, the firefox browser for Android smartphone from Mozilla offers you much more then usually to make your browsing experience all yours.

Blazing search speed for web pages makes it faster to access and easy to use. It provide  smarter  way to search and share exactly the way you want to and keep all your favorite stuff a tap away  with the highly customizable and amazing features. Safety is also on the top priority. You can use security settings, features and add-ons for example do not track , etc ; to make browsing more secure.

  • Opera Mini  Opera Mini app is free, fast and goes all the way out to compress data at a very fast speed, so to enhance the browsing experience. It also helps to save our data. It uses 90% less data compared to other browser available for android smartphone,  enabling you cheaper and faster internet.

Not only speed but opera mini also focus on safety and security. Data privacy is maintained for safe browsing. It also provides you with a unique feature of Speed dialing. You can put all your favorite and most used stuff on home screen for speed dialing. Smart page is another add on which compiles for you all the latest happening  and delivers instant news of what is happening from all your social networking sites.

  • Dolphin : Dolphin is another android smartphone browsing app which provides you with a lightning fast speed. It assure  to provide the best browsing and searching experience of your android smartphone. Dulphin Browser provide you free web surf with exclusive features  to add up your browsing .

Dolphin also enables you to personalize all your browsing on web. You can use personal symbols or gesture to access the website you use the most. It also provides you with a feature of voice search. You can bookmark all your favourite website to navigate it later plus you can also share it with your friends and family by using social networking website .

  • Next Browser : Next Browser provides you with easy to use, beautiful, simple and fastest web browsing. Faster Data browsing with more security and privacy.

Next browser app comes in a small package but loaded with lots and lots of features. It consume less memory and low power consumption. Provide super fast speed and it take even less then 1.5 sec  to open a website. Add on options are also available if you want them  but overall a very nice app especially for older mobile .


List of above browsers will lead your browsing experience to a new height. So don’t stick to the inbuilt android browser because after all it’s a smartphone. Go and try them and make the most out of it.