Kik Messenger for PC

kik messenger for pc

Kik is one amongst the most rated and most trusted social messaging and chatting app available for iOS and Android users . It’s a free and cross-platform app that’s why , most preferred amongst the users.

 About Kik messenger

Kik messenger is developed by a students group who studied in University of Waterloo in Canada . This app was launched in the year 2009 and within few time span it become viral and reach approx 2 million user in a year.

Kik messenger is now one of the most simple and fastest chatting application that a smartphone user must want to have it on their phone. Using Kik messenger you can send unlimited number of text, video images, sketches, smileys, and much more.

Kik Messenger for PC

Features of Kik messenger

  • It has a very Clean , smooth and customizable Interface.
  • It allows you to change images in the background and chat theme .
  • For using Kik, it does not require any phone number, which brings out the difference in Kik messenger amongst the others. Kik creates its users profile for the first time and you can communicate by using this kik id.
  • Recently Kik introduce Kik cards which comes with HTML 5 features.
  • HTML 5 features help you to search and forward Vedios on Youtube , Reddit images and much more without any download.

How to download Kik Messenger for PC

Many of the people want to use this amazing app on PC. But unfortunately , till date no official version of kik messenger for pc is available. So here we come up with a solution, so that you can use this awesome app on your Pc. Performing the below given steps you can easily use kik messenger on your pc

  • First and foremost , you have to download Bluestack (an android emulator).Bluestack will help you to run Kik messenger on your PC
  • Then run bluestack on your PC
  • Open bluestack and then search for Kik messenger with the help of search tool in bluestack.
  • Click on install button to start the installation.
  • Wait until the installation is complete.
  • Now Kik messenger is successfully installed on your PC.
  • Go to Bluestacks > My apps > and the double click on kik messenger icon and enjoy using kik instant messaging app for free.

That’s all on how to download kik messenger for pc. I hope now you wont find any difficulty in using KIk messenger app and can enjoy the endless messaging experience.


Real Racing 3 for PC or Computer free Download

Real Racing 3 for PC or Computer free Download

Are you a racing game freak?? Loves to drive high speed car?? So Real Racing 3 is just the right game only made for the racing game lovers. You can enjoy this racing game in your smart phones and tablets anytime and anywhere in the world.

Real Racing 3 is developed by a famous company EA Swiss Sarl .  Real Racing 3 is available for your Android phones and tablets . You can enjoy the high quality graphics for racing with this app.

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Features : Real Racing 3 For PC

This game makes you to race in the best car and on the racing track on which you likes to race. You can choose a car from many famous models like Audi, Bugatti, Parsche, etc. This doesn’t ends here, this game also provides you with 22 types of racing tracks for enhancing real racing fun. It also provides you another feature of Rear view mirrors into  your cars to make you feel real.

The TSM technology, , sound effects, highly defined graphics, famous and latest models of cars and tracks makes this game is a perfect platform to show your real driving skill. For better performance, you can also upgrade cars.

Real Racing 3 for PC or Computer free Download

On of the attractive feature of this racing game app is live player v/s player competition. This means that you can race with people sitting online . You can connect with 3G or WiFi networks to compete or challenge with your friends, in short this game makes you to play with people sitting all around the world. Personalize your car by adding lots and lots of new features like by changing regularly its brake tires, engines, and  boosters to increase speed, etc.

Real Racing 3 for PC or Computer Free Download

Real Racing 3, as already mention above is officially available for android platform and not for your pc. So for racing freak games lover, we bring simple steps by which you can download Real racing 3 for PC or computer free.

Step for downloading real racing 3 is totally just like previous apps still again i am discussing here, steps to download Real Racing 3 for PC free are

  1. First you have to download a BlueStacks app player which is an android emulator in your PC . It is free to download and use.
  2. Now install Bluestack into your pc.
  3. Open the BlueStacks and search for Real Racing 3 game by using Bluestack search box.
  4. Then click on install button to install , to install Real Racing 3.
  5. Wait until installation completes
  6. Now you can enjoy playing Real Racing 3 in your PC for free.

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Here ends the procedure to download Real Race 3 for pc and computer free. I hope now you can enjoy your favorite racing game in PC also.




Download Teen patti game for pc

Download Teen patti game for pc

Teen patti is a very popular card game not only in India but also around the globe. The word Teen Patti has been taken from a famous Indian Poker Game teen patti and can be played with 3 playing cards . This game is very populary in ofline mode from many centuries. But with the advent of science and technology now you can play teen patti by using your smart phones with people sitting all over the world.

Download-Teen-patti-game for-pc
Download Teen patti game for pc

Teen patti is also known as “Flash” or “Flush” internationally and it needs minimum 2 players to play this 3 cards game. You can play teen patti with any of your friends or non friends online .You can chat with them and can make some virtual money. Its my favorite game its always a first preference to play in free time. Download Teen patti game for pc

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This famous and addictive game is developed by Octro. It’s a very interesting online gaming app for game lovers. This game is absolutely free to download for your Android and iPhone devices. But the main problem with this game is that we couldn’t download teen patti for Pc and laptops. So today In this article I am sharing with you steps to download and play Teen Patti on your Pc or Laptop. You can play teen patti game on your Pc by using Bluestacks which is an App Player.Bluestacks is afamous android emulator that allow you to play android apps and games on your Pc .

Features of Teen Patti (Download Teen patti game for pc)

  1. Play with real players anytime and anywhere in the world
  2. You can enjoy the game with multiplayers
  3. Live Chat
  4. It is completely free
  5. Exchange coins and gifts with friends
  6. You can reach high score by  sharing it with your friends by using social media integration on social media.
  7. It  needs working internet connection if you want to play it online and it works better with WiFi or 3G connections.

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Download Teen Patti Game for PC

If you don’t have smart phones and still want to enjoy playing teen patti, so no need to get upset. Here we bring for you simple steps to play 3 patti game for Pc.

  1. The first and the foremost you need to download BlueStacks, which is an Android emulator  , in your windows PC and its completely free.
  2. Then install Bluestack on you PC
  3. The click on BlueStacks icon which is created on desktop screen
  4. Search for Teen Patti game from the bluestack search box.
  5. Then download and install it.

One good news for Teen Patti lovers, on the auspicious occasion of Diwali Teen Patti send free 10000 chips everyday 😀

Hope above steps for “Download Teen patti game for pc “is helpful for you. Now you can enjoy teen patti game on your Pc!!


How to Download Hike Messenger for PC (Windows 7/8)

How to Download Hike Messenger for PC (Windows 7/8)

Instant messaging apps are becoming common now a days. They are like part and parcel of ones life. They became so important & unavoidable in once life because they helps us to connect and communicate with our buddies and family members. Hike is one amongst the instant messaging app which is gaining its popularity like fire in forest.

Hike Messenger is one amongst the best instant messaging app which makes you keep your besties always close ,by providing unlimited chats . You can share unlimited text, contacts, photos, videos, etc and that too at no cost i.e. free. Its really a good alternative of whatsapp.

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Features – Hike messenger (How to Download Hike Messenger for PC)

How to Download Hike Messenger for PC (Windows 7/8)
How to Download Hike Messenger for PC (Windows 7/8)

Hike is an Indian Instant Messaging app developed by Indians. Hike is a very good instant messaging app which is available for platforms like Android, Symbian, Windows Phone BlackBerry and many more. It also provides you with a chance to earn free talktime for your smartphone by sending referrals to friends for joining Hike. For each successful referral you will get RS 20 and on joining you will get Rs 10.

Hike Messenger app completely takes care of users privacy by allowing you to make your profile details like profile picture , last seen, chatting history, etc hidden . Thus you have the complete control on who can see your personal information or not .

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Hike also provides you a number of other options to customize and   enjoy your chats completely according to your own choice . It provides you with chat themes and much more.

Hile is very simple and user friendly GUI. It provides a very good experience of live chat and messaging. With this awesome messaging app, you can also share files of large size i.e up to 100 MB and it support most of the format like PDF,mp3, text, etc.

How to Download Hike Messenger for PC

Here we brings for you step by step procedure to download Hike messenger for pc free.

  1. First you have to download BlueStacks app player which is an android emulator in your PC. It is absolutely free to download and use.
  2. Then install Bluestack into your PC like any other software.
  3. Then open   Bluestacks by clicking on Bluestack icon present on your desktop.
  4. Then search for “Hike Messenger” by using bluestack search box.
  5. After that click the Install button .
  6. Wait for the installation to complete.
  7. After the installation completes , go to “My Apps” in Bluestacks.
  8. Now You can see Hike Messenger icon there. To use Hile double click on the Hike icon and use it.

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Hope the above process provide a solution of  How to Download Hike Messenger for PC. keep visiting !!


This is how you can download Hike Messenger for Pc Free.

Free Download Truecaller for PC

Free Download Truecaller for PC

Telephonic communication is a great way of communication even with a people sitting on another corner of the world and that too with in few seconds. This won’t be possible without telephones and mobile phones. But as you know everything has its two sides, similarly in this case also. Increasing number of mobile users worldwide has created a great problem of unwanted calls & messaging and sometimes it can put you in big Problem.

If you are annoyed by unknown calls and messages, so Truecaller is just made to help you out. Truecaller is the app from where you can actually get the information about that unknown caller.

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Free Download Truecaller for PC

Truecaller is a type of phone directory which contains a large collection of numbers. So you can actually find the name of the owner  , name of network and the name of the state ,the number belong to with this fantastic app. So whenever any unknown calls you, this app shows the name of the caller with other information on the screen, so, you can either receive or can cancel the call as per your wish plus you have the option to block unwanted callers.

About Truecaller-Free Download Truecaller for PC

“Truecaller contains world’s largest community of mobile phone. Truecaller makes your smart phone really smarter by helping you to connect with whom you want to be connected with and . The Truecaller enables you to increase your contact list and can contact people you want to; helps you to identify easily who is calling you.

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Features-Free Download Truecaller for PC

Helps you identify who’s calling you even before answering
• It allows you to block calls from numbers who are reported as spam
• It can even help to find the numbers of pre-paid users
• Integrated with Twitter for improved search results and communication . You can also  Tweet and Follow someone by using Truecaller
You can also create profile with Truecaller
• You can also find the call history from the launcher

Free Download Truecaller for PC

TrueCaller app is not officially available for your pc. But still if you want to use truecaller on your PC you can download the truecaller for you pc for free by following simple steps :_

  • First you have to download an  Android Emulator Known as “BlueStacks” app player .
  • Now install Bluestack on your PC .
  • Now open BlueStacks and use its search box to find Truecaller app.
  • Install the Truecaller app .
  • After installation you can use the truecaller app for pc free.

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Now I hope you won’t find any difficulty in downloading Truecaller for PC for free.

Download Telegram for PC

Download Telegram for PC

Telegram may not be the most popular instant messaging app but it is surely an emerging instant messaging which is soon going to be popular . The reason for the popularity of Telegram is whatsapp acquisition by facebook. Whatsapp is one of the leading app in instant messaging. The acquisition of whatsapp made a direct impact on its performance. Due to some server issues , it kept down for some hours. And the most of all, it doesn’t provide the security of your data.

All these reasons leads towards the search of a new instant messaging app. And one could not find a better messaging app then Telegram. Telegram provides you both speed and security. It has a very simple and user friendly GUI. You will love doing messaging using Telegram.

Telegram was developed by two brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov. Telegram is officialy available for Android and iOS platform.

Features of Telegram Messenger for PC (Download Telegram for PC)

Download Telegram for PC

The Telegram instant messenger provides same features as that of whatsapp, but still there are some more features it has, which makes it a better instant messenger over whatsapp. Below are some features similar to that offered by other apps.

  1.  You can send unlimited messages to anyone and anywhere using this messenger,
  2.  You can share images or photos
  3.  You can share videos
  4. You can share files
  5. You can share your location
  6.  You can send your contacts to others
  7.  you can share an audio file with it
  8.  you can share voice messages with it

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Here are some features which help telegram to make edge over other messaging app (Download Telegram for PC)

  1.  It provides an additional feature of chat encryption.
  2.  It also provides another feature to keep a chat secret, where every single word of your conversation is private and not known to anyone not even the telegram officials..
  3. It is faster.

How To Download Telegram for PC

As already mentioned above, Telegram is officially available in Android and iOS platform. But no need to be felt heartbroken because we brings for you the simple steps to download Telegram on your pc.

  1. You have to download BlueStacks, an android emulator , on your PC. BlueStack is absolutely free to download and use.
  2. Run the BlueStacks for installation.
  3. Click on BlueStacks icon and search for Telegram messaging app using its search box.
  4. Click on ‘Install’ button for installing Telegram.
  5. After installation click on the Telegram icon and start messaging using Telegram from your PC

Now I hope you have learned how to download Telegram for your pc and can enjoy instant messaging with Telegram app even without having smart phones.


Download instagram for pc

Download instagram for pc

Whenever we think of an app for Sharing or Photo exchange, the first name of the app came to our mind is Instagram .Instagram is a very popular Photo or Image Sharing social networking app owned by Facebook. Instragam allows you to Take picture using app or choose photo directly from the storage of your phone and Share it with your Friends and Followers on Instagram .

Not only this, it also allows you to edit the pictures as it has built in photo editing features which make add gimps on your picture before sharing it with your friends. It offers you Simple and User friendly Interface which make you fall in love with this app.

Download instagram for pc

Instagram is available for all major mobile platforms except for Windows , Laptop or Computers. But if you still want to use instagtam on your PC or laptop, here we bring for you.

Best Three ways by which you can download instagram for pc.

1)      Using bluestack (Download instagram for pc)

  1. Download and install Bluestack which is an android Emulator used to run Android apps on PC
  2. Open Bluestack in your PC
  3. Now search in the search bar present inside the Bluestack for Instagram.
  4. It will display Instagram app with an Install option, click on Install to start downloading app on your pc
  5. After the app installation complete, go to My apps and start using Instagram on your PC

2)      Instagrille (Download instagram for pc)

  1. Download the Instagrille.
  2. Run the instagrille. Pokki window will appear, click next to start the installer.
  3.  Now two icons will appear on your task bar i.e pokki and Instagrille.
  4. Click on Instagrille. Now you can find a user profile icon at the top right corner, click on it . Instagram login window will come on your screen
  5. Login using your Instagram ID and password and enjoy!!

3)      The Instagram website (Download instagram for pc)

  1. Access Instagram on your PC using web by visiting on Instagram web. Write “ “ in the url of your browser . Here, change “username” to your user name.
  2. Now you can Login into your Instagram account. Now it will display your profiles if your profile is not private else it will display that account is private.
  3. Check out whether a user profile is private or not by visiting the web address of Instagram.
  4. Now you can browse your Instagram profile and you can comment on or delete comments on your Instagram photos.


I hope now you can access your favourite photo sharing social networking site Instagram on PC