Nokia 7:Misses By a Hair

Nokia’s was one of the world’s greatest phone brands and was the dominant player in the post-2010 era of feature phones and smartphones. It was also a beloved brand in India, and some of us trusted Nokia more than we trust our spouses. It had some of funkiest and innovative looking devices back when it reigned supreme, and they were tough as tanks.  

Nokia was brought back to life recently by the folks at HMD global after its catastrophic fall at the hands of Microsoft, and since then, they have been on a roll, and it seems that they are finally gaining market share slowly. They have released a ton of different devices starting with the Nokia 2, which is their low end offering to the Nokia 8, which is their fastest offering yet. The review today, however, is for the Nokia 7, which is a device that is a step down from the Nokia 8 but is actually a teaser for the upcoming Nokia flagship, the Nokia 9. So, how does it fare against the industry big guns and more importantly how does it fare against its competitors at the same bracket? Let’s find out

Design and Display:

There is no denying that the Nokia 7 is a gorgeous device. It has an all-glass body, wrapped in Gorilla glass 3. It sits on Aluminium 7000 series chassis and gives the device a nice and solid and premium feel. It was really thoughtful of Nokia to encase the device in Gorilla Glass so it hopefully won’t shatter as easily but investing in a case will still be a priority. Also for a first, Nokia has the fingerprint sensor at the rear, giving the front a nice, clean look and has capacitive buttons for navigation. Also, the device has a protective Nano coating that can save it from accidental liquid splashes. So there is a raised housing for the camera which has a Zeiss logo on it depicting that the camera uses Zeiss lenses.  

The Nokia 7 uses a 5.2inch IPS panel with a 1080p resolution. This accounts to a pixel density of 424ppi which makes content appear really sharp. The IPS display has nice colours and good contrast, but I would have like an AMOLED panel on the device given its price point. The screen also has a 16:9 form factor and not the newer 18:9 aspect ratio.


Perhaps, the only neutral aspect of the Nokia 7 is thatit is powered by the Snapdragon 630 which is the successor to the Snapdragon 625. Both the 630 and the 625 have nearly the same performance but the 630 being a newer chip has better power efficiency. It isn’t a bad processor per-se, but Nokia could have easily used a Snapdragon 660 in the device since the Nokia 8 uses the top tier Snapdragon 835. The Snapdragon 630, like the 625, is an 8 core chip with four cores clocked at 2.2GHz and another four clocked at 1.4GHz. The higher clocked cores kick in when it senses the need for more processing power but for less demanding tasks it uses the slower cores.It also has a mammoth 6GB of RAM which makes multi-tasking a breeze.

Graphics are handled by the Adreno 508 GPU which is also one up from the Adreno 506 found in the snapdragon 625. Overall performance improvements are really minor, but the 630 has some unique features like integrated X12 modem, Qualcomm 642 DSP, Hybrid autofocus, Quick charge 4.0 support and so on.


Nokia has been really playing it subtle in the software department, and we appreciate them for it. It comes with stock Android 7.1.1 out of the box with no skinning whatsoever and should be getting the Android Oreo update very soon. There are no unnecessary preinstalled bloatware apart from the standard Google Apps. This makes the whole UX very snappy and responsive, and due to stock android, RAM management is done exceptionally well on the device.

Camera and Storage:

This is one area where the Nokia 7 might fall a bit short compared to the competition. While the rest of the manufacturers are busy on actively implementing a dual camera setup on their phones and advertising them as camera phones, Nokia went a different route with the 7 because it doesn’t feature a dual camera setup like its competitors. But what makes it unique is that it uses Carl Zeiss optics on the camera sensor. Nokia has had a long history of using Zeiss optics on their flagships and better optics naturally mean a better image quality. It has a 16MP primary camera with dual LED flash and an f/1.8 aperture and a pixel size of 1.12 microns. It can also record 4K videos but there are certainly better cameras available around the same price bracket.  

The front camera is a fairly modest 5MP shooter with an f/2.0 aperture and has 84 degrees of wide angle capture. Also, the front camera has 1.4-micron pixel size, but sadly none of the front or rear cameras have any sort of image stabilisation and it can lead to shaky or blurry images if not handled properly.

The device is available in a 64GBvariantwith the option to expand via an SD slot that supports up to 128GB SD cards.

Battery and Connectivity:

The Nokia 7 has a 3000mAh battery with Qualcomm Quick Charge support. It should get you through the day just fine.

Connectivity Wise, the Nokia7 hasn’t seen an official worldwide launch, so support for Indian Network bands isn’t confirmed. But the device has Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/n/ac, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC and GPS with A-GPS, GLONASS and BDS support.  


The Nokia 7 is a beautiful device complying with Nokia’s legacy of building innovative and good looking phones. It misses out on a few marks like the So C and Screen, but it makes it up with good audio capabilities and great cameras. The Nokia 7 price in India is expected to be around Rs.26990 when and if it launches and should be a great contender in that price bracket. Keep yourself updated with the latest news on

Know more about VLC Chromecast

VLC media player is the first option that comes to our mind when we think of watching DVDs or media files in our PC or phone. It is a free and smooth way of watching unlimited movies.

If VLC is your default player, then you definitely know that it does not work with Google Chrome cast set up.

But the good news is, now it does. In fact the developers of VLC team had been working for a long time now, with Google Chrome team, in order to make it work. And finally, it all paid off.

Yes, now you can watch VLC media files on your TV, just with the help of Google Chromecast set up.

So, just follow the below mentioned simple steps, and you’ll be good to go.

How To Stream VLC To Chromecast From Your PC

VLC plug in and Google Chromecast extension has made it very easy to stream media files now. Even a few days ago, it was next to impossible, and now just by getting the Google Chromecast extension, you can make it happen.

Follow the steps:

  1. Get yourself the Google Chromecast extension.
  2. Download and install the Google Chrome browser (which I suppose you already have) and pair Chromecast extension to it.
  3. Now you need to be sure that the Google Chromecast set up is well suited with your PC or laptop.
  4. Now go to VLC media player and open the media file you want to stream.
  5. Next open Chrome browser in another tab and select the option of cast screen.
  6. Your entire desktop will now stream with the help of Chromecast.
  7. Now go back tothe media file in VLC, and make it full screen.

And there you go, you have got your VLC media player streaming in your TV set through Chromecast.

How to Stream VLC to Chromecast from Your Android Phone

Now that you know that VLC supports Chromecast, so why not enjoy this exciting feature in your phone, right? If that’s what you are thinking, then I’m here to help you.

Let me guide you through the following steps,

  1. Download and install Google Chrome browser in your phone, and join up Chromecast to it.
  2. Next you go to VLC media player and open your desired media file.
  3. Now you’ll have to open Chromecast app. After opening Chromecast, you need to click on the menu bar and select the cast screen option.
  4. Once you do that, you would get some instructions right there to pair your android phone with Chromecast. Follow those instructions.
  5. Now you are almost done. Just go back to VLC and full screen the video you wanted to play.

And finally, it is your turn to enjoy.

Are you still facing confusions? Not yet sure about the whole process? Well! You won’t have to worry. It would all be clear to you, once you visit So, what are you waiting for? Visit now!

Reasons, Why you should not replace your Oppo F3 to F5

The release of new version of Android phones and models have become more like a rat race. This race shows no sign to seize anytime soon. Recently Oppo has launched oppo F5 after the success acquired from oppo f3. This might have put the thoughts in many heads regarding the up gradation F3 to F5. Or you might be considering switching your android phone to Oppo F5.

But hold on your horses! Before you invest in your precious bucks, you should be well informed of the reasons why you must be considering retaining Oppo F3 over F5.


Oppo mobile phones in Pakistan have captured the heart of many due to it’s highly megapixel camera. The selfies lovers won’t ever jump to any other brand of the phone as the oppo cameras never fail to disarm the users and it endorses the same.

Oppo cameras are loved over the performance Oppo offers. The price to performance ratio in oppo phone is always less. F5 does not feature screen flash while Led flash is offered. This implies that in the dark settings you might witness an increase in noise. The overall image quality of Oppo F5 is fair just as F3 and both of them are pretty comparable. Except for an improvised front camera which bears AI mode along with Auto HDR mode.

Screen and performance

Oppo F5 comes with 6 inches, so one needs time to get used to the larger screen. The minor issues are encountered with the app not scaling that well like youtube and games. One may encounter a problem when watching youtube videos. The landscape mode will make the viewer feel as if watching the video in a black box.  The gamer of dead trigger 2 will witness the menus cropped at sides, due to the screen ratio.

Other than that, the display itself is very good. It’s crisp and bright, with punchy colors and excellent viewing angles. Everything from text to movies looks great, and we did find ourselves feeling immersed especially with video, and we think the experience will be even better with the black version of this phone. The main downside is that the preattached screen protector picks up scuffs and smudges all the time, and isn’t very easy to clean.



Oppo F3 and Oppo F5 have no difference in terms of battery life. Though many of the Oppo users expected a change.  The 3200 battery offers a day and a half of usage of the oppo F5 on a single charge. If one drains the battery by clicking photos, playing games, watching videos even then the battery ran out after 11 hours and 24 minutes.

Although F5′ charger is as oversized as Oppo’s VOOC charger. The new oppo F5 does not support fast high-speed charging. But F5 is a great disappointment for those seeking great super quick charging.  The disappointment factor strikes when talked upon the charging process. It really sucks away the patience when waiting for the phone to charge. It takes 10 percent to 60 gets charged in an hour, which is not great if compared to other phones.  If you are buying opp0 5 for better battery life than just stick with oppo 3.


Almost every oppo user was disappointed by the combination of storage oppo 5 offered. Oppo F5 was launched with the same 4gb ram and 32 GB storage as offered by oppo 3. With the increased price, we did expect the improvement in performance. However, the company did announce the other version of f5 to be released later in December with 6 GB ram and 64 GB storage. But highlighting what we have right now in hand, oppo f5 didn’t do justice with the storage at this price point especially for the people whose memory card never gets sufficient enough!

Google Introducing Android 8.0 Oreo

The search giant continues its tradition of naming releases after confectionery, using a brand name for the second time.

Google’s next version of Android is called Oreo and is coming to smartphones and tablets in the near future.


Google announced that it has pushed the final version of Android 8 Oreo out to the Android Open Source Project, the underlying software that the Android loaded on smartphones and other devices is built on. Google’s Pixel and Nexus handsets will also soon see the update, with beta programme participants receiving it first.

The new operating system received its first stable release on Monday 21 August, but will be more consistently released in the autumn, most likely after Google releases its new Pixel phone in October.

Swift moves, behind the scenes

2x faster:

Get started on your favorite tasks more quickly with 2x the boot speed when powering up*
*boot time as measured on Google Pixel

Background limits:

Android Oreo helps minimize background activity in the apps you use least, it’s the super power you can’t even see.

Do two things at once, at once


Allows you to see two apps at once, it’s like having super strength and laser vision.

Dive into more apps with fewer taps

Notification Dots:

Press the notification dots to quickly see what’s new, and easily clear them by swiping away.

Android Instant Apps:

Teleport directly into new apps right from your browser, no installation needed.

See full features with details : See What’s New in Android Oreo

“One key change in Android Oreo is in the architecture: to make it easier in the future for phone manufacturers to make their changes, but still push out new versions of the operating system to users.

“That’s probably the most significant change.”

How increase Your Cellphone Battery Life

Cellphones, for all practical reasons, have grown to be a necessity in today’s world. Not merely are they utilized as a conversation device, they are increasingly regarded as a pc system with functionalities which were previously linked to the bulky desktop. Powerful because they may be, modern WLtoys 10428 1/10 are tied to the fact that they depend on the batteries which usually do not hold a big amount of charge. Therefore, in this post, we will examine ways that cellphone users can lengthen their cellphone’s battery existence.

SWITCH OFF The Vibrate Feature

Among the best ways to increasing the electric battery lifestyle of a cellphone is by turning off the vibration setting ringer option. That is one many energy draining features within today’s cellphone, the energy necessary for turning the small motor which causes the telephone to vibrate nearly double to that necessary for the same telephone to ring.

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Most people use their cellphones in areas with adequate background light, hence in these locations, there is no real have to have the trunk light on. However, if you do need to utilize the back lightly after that its better to keep your back again light periods to only 3 seconds.

Use Cellphone SIMPLY FOR Talking

If you want to save your electric battery then its better to utilize the cellphone for what it had been initially designed for and nothing at all else. This implies that you should prevent doing offers, using the built-in camera feature, hearing music, quick messaging or browsing the web. Battery use is straight linked to cpu use, so the more jobs you do together with your cellphone, the quicker your electric battery will drain.

Reduce Volume Level

Another way to improve your cellphones batteries is usually by lowering straight down the quantity for the ring tone and by turning of unneeded sounds like the button pressing clicks and important tones.

SWITCH OFF Your Cellphone When Necessary

It is pointless to preserve your cellphones on in circumstances that you find out you won’t be capable of geting a transmission at such as on a plane, subway or in a library. Scared of lacking a call, don’t. Many cellphone companies curently have a system set up that would steer clear of you from lacking a call. In this operational system, if a caller struggles to reach you afterward they are instantly forwarded to your tone of voice mailbox where they can leave a tone of voice mail that you should review later on.

LOOK AFTER Your Cellphones Battery

Battery isn’t very resistant to heat changes. Hence its essential you shop your RC Cars in a location that’s at room temp and from direct sunlight. If possible make an effort to completely charge your batteries nightly at minimal once every three days. As time passes the terminals on the electric battery may become oxidized, depending on the severe nature you may simply need to clean the terminals with alcoholic beverages or want to throw the battery completely.

As time passes, cellphone batteries do start to reduce their charge capacity. That is credited the general deterioration and is usually to be anticipated. On common, you can expect today’s cellphone electric battery to last for two years before needing an alternative.

Benefits of Reverse Lookup Feature in Smartphone

The age of mobile phone reverse lookup techniques is steadily becoming more and more popular. The advent of cell phones has offered a thumping increase in the utilization of telecommunication technologies. One of these is to trace numbers. That’s where reverse lookup solutions enter into play. If you want to cross check on the facts of any cellular phone quantity for whatever purpose, you can merely register with among mobile phone reverse lookup providers which may be accessed at the click of a switch.

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There are many advantages connected with having registered with a cellular phone reverse lookup service. Although the essential benefit would normally be linked to tracking down the facts of certain cellular phone numbers, there may be some individual known reasons for performing the same. A few of the more particular advantages connected with hiring a mobile phone lookup company are listed below.

Investigative Purposes

Among the major benefits of availing a cellular phone, reverse lookup support is that it all can be utilized for investigative proposes by the concerned authorities. This may assist in unraveling clues for challenging criminal instances. Some websites have an exhaustive data source of numbers outlined with them and may instantly churn out the facts of the caller or the mobile phone bearer, at the click of a key with Action Sports Camera. Registering basic could be a good plan.

Tracing Missed Calls

With a mobile phone in tow, missing calls if you are either travelling or busy with other activities, is a common phenomenon. Sometimes the quantity could be new or unknown and may not become responding when you contact back. In the given conditions, the great thing to do is usually to seek the help of a digital camera lookup support and find out the facts of the caller. Occasionally it could so happen that somebody you know may be calling you from an unknown number in case of an emergency. Consequently, it is best to keep tabs on all calls you obtain and try to unravel the identification of the caller.

LOCATE Nuisance Callers

Reverse lookup services are also available in handy when you try to locate nuisance callers who could be harassing you for times or even months. After you have landed the identification of the caller, you can statement the matter to the neighborhood police for a few respite. Sometimes, a stalker might contact from some different numbers. But, there will certainly be some trend in repeating the numbers at intervals. Reverse number lookup may also assist in this regard.


Should you have factors to spy on your spouse or your kids and would like to discover whom they talk with late into the night time or at odd hours, the great thing is always to use a telephone number lookup services and check up on the identification of the caller. This may put all of your apprehensions to rest.

Top 20 Best GPS Apps For Android


There is nothing as painful as being lost when on a journey or finding yourself in a dead zone in the middle of nowhere.  There are lots of useful navigation and map apps that work offline why some requires you connecting to a stable internet connection. In this post, we will be looking at the best GPS apps for Android.

Top 20 Best GPS Apps For Android

  • Google Map

You can’t be listing out the top best Gps apps for Android without having to mention Google map. This map gives detailed route information, Live traffic updates, Gives you the precise GPS coordinates for your location and as well allows you save maps offline which can be accessed anytime.

  • Here Maps

Here maps was once restricted only to Nokia Platform but has now been made to work on all Androids
If you are looking for a GPS Android app that works offline, then Here Maps is that application you should try

  • GPS Navigation & Maps

This is one of the top best 20 GPS apps for Android. One good thing about it is that it works only with GPS and doesn’t require an internet connection. Navigates with high-quality maps for over several countries, Gives real time traffic stats and can be accessed online

  • Maverick: GPS Navigation

Gives every single and detailed map information and is best for those who are into hiking, Orienteering or any other activity that requires you navigating the land

  • Maps.Me (Mapswithme)

Offers World offline maps for all countries and cities and works without internet connection. The application provides you with all the map and navigation tools that you would be needing at any point in time.

  • Backcountry Navigator

Back Country Navigator is a great app for all those who engage in outdoor activities like boating.
Pretty expensive but offers you a number of offline typographical maps and doesn’t require an internet connection

  • Here WeGo

Is said to be the best alternative to Google map app. Provides you with route information, traffic stats and allows you save locations for quick access later. You can as well get to download maps for offline use in your region

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  • MapFactor

This application comes with basic GPS features, supports more than 100+ cities and allows you have access to offline maps which are updated from time to time. There are other additional map features but are not free. Has 2D and 3D modes and has voice directions

  • Waze GPS, Maps and Traffic

Features live traffic updates, ensures you are not speeding, looks out for police check points and also helps you find cheap gas stations Also allows you share your location with your friends.

  • Polaris GPS Navigation

Though old, the Polaris GPS Navigation app gives you access to other maps like Google Maps, Cycle route maps. Whatever option you want is that which you get. Gives you amazing features for outdoor activities like hiking, fishing.

  • GPS Status Toolbox

This app displays positions, signal strength of satellites, acceleration and allows it’s users share their locations with friends in cases of an emergency or when lost

  • My Tracks

My Tracks is a health and fitness application that allows users record their speed or distance covered while running or walking which can be stored online via Google Drive.
Also, allow it’s users share their recent locations making it easy for their friends to know their exact location

  • GPS Tracking Pro

Gives real time Location stats and can be used to check the exact locations of friends and relatives
Friends and families alongside some items can be incorporated into icons on a map which makes it easy to know the exact locations of your friends and even get to find a lost phone

  • Find My Friends

Find my friends is an application that makes it easy for you to know where your friends are. It can be used to give directions to someone as to where an event is taking place

  • Fake GPS Location

Just like the name implies, Fake GPS Location allows one set up a Fake GPS location so as to trick someone into believing you are somewhere why you are not. For all those who wish to stay hidden and don’t want to be traced, this app is something you should try out.

  • GPS Test

This is also one of the top best GPS apps for Android. The GPS test tool Can be used to view local time in your current timezone and allows you see sunset and sunrise times for your location.

  • Strava Cycling: GPS Riding

Allows you track all your rides with Gps, measures your strengths and weaknesses and lets you see your speed and energy used.

  • GPS Tracking

This incredible app can locate your exact location in no time. Gives real time traffic stats and ensures your friends and families stay safe by providing your with their exact locations at all times.

  • Open GPS Tracker

This app is capable of storing all your GPS locations and allows you take notes from your travels with the help of pictures and videos and as well get to summarize them as a tweet or blog post

  • MapMyRun GPS Running

It is now possible to track the distances, speed and time spent when joggling or walking. This is all made possible with the help of the MapMyRun GPS Running app. All you need to do is press the start button once you start running and the app would be able to calculate all the time and distance covered on the journey

These are some of the Top 20 best GPS apps for Android What other application would you like to add to this?

Android Makes The College Life Easy

Nowadays, managing to get admission to some colleges itself is a really challenging task. Next is the huge fee for some professional courses. Some students and their parents cannot manage the finances unless the student gets some financial aid.

It can be anything in the form of scholarship or financial aid. Not just for schools, but even for some professional courses at college level students were carrying heavy loads of books in their backpacks. But, this no more in vogue these days. Thanks to the technology. It helps immensely in simplifying the life of college students.

How is technology helpful for students?


Right from simple timetable management application in their smartphone to complete eBook readers, Android phone and tablets these days is easing student-life. They are able to effectively manage their college routine with Android applications. Not just applications coming with hefty price tag, but there are free applications that are turning out to be friendly for students. Here, let us find out how Android has made life easier for students in a number of ways:

Savings on textbooks:

When it comes to college life, textbooks are the most expensive part. To save on the textbooks, many students get help from service providers, who offer textbooks for rent for students from poor financial backgrounds. To get such a service, they had to apply directly to the service provider with the proof of family income. Nowadays, there are Android applications that provide free access to college textbooks in the form of ebooks. Students can gain access to huge collection of books from different authors. Such applications on Android have made life easier for students.

Handy dictionaries:

Earlier college students had to carry huge dictionaries to their classes. But, this is not at all a requirement these days. They can just tab into the dictionary app on their Android phone to get quick meanings. This is something truly helpful to make life easier for college students.

Recording lectures:

If their professor is a fast talker, it will be difficult for students to follow the classes and also they will have difficulty with taking notes. Students need not have to face this issue in the present situation if they have their Android phone handy. They can just record the lectures for future reference. Without the requirement of any cassette, their smartphone will work as their favorite tape recorder. There are applications that will help students to record long lectures. This is something that makes life easier for students.

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Scientific calculator:

In general, from a very long time now, engineering students carry their scientific calculator to their college. Now, if they accidentally leave their calculator at home, they need not have to worry as they have their Android phone handy. All they have to do is to just get the suitable application from Google Store that makes their real-time scientific calculations easy.

For effective time management:

Time management is the biggest problem faced by college students these days. But, their Android phone will help them in this regard as well. Yes, there are effective applications that will do this work for them with utmost efficacy.


So, Android phones make life not just easier for working professionals, but students are also on the beneficial side for sure.

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How Are Android Applications Beneficial For Students?

There are many useful Android apps for college students these days. Not just for students in their college life. But, nowadays, there are also applications for Android to help students in the transition state. Yes, there are useful applications for high school students, who are moving to college life.

Before deciding on the college to apply, it is highly important that students should equip themselves with the good knowledge. This is where some Android Applications are doing the works that are highly appreciated by students.

By providing the list of top colleges in Engineering, MBA, different fields, these applications are truly reducing the time and efforts of students to a great extent. Here are some benefits that students looking for the right course or college can get from the best Android applications.

Availability round-the-clock:

At some instances, when students think about college admission at wee hours, they get some doubts. They cannot immediately get in touch with an educational expert for clarification. But, they can immediately reach the mobile application to find answer to their query.

Most of the applications come with friendly control feature for students to get answers to their queries almost immediately. For instance, if they have a doubt whether a specific course is available on a specific college, they can just tap into the app to get the required information immediately regardless of the time.

Effective utilisation of leisure hours:

Most parents are highly concerned about their teen son or daughter spending hours on the web just for entertainment purpose. But, with an educational app that will help students in finding the right college or course, they can use their leisure time in an effective manner.


Nowadays, it is hard to find individuals without smartphones. This holds true as soon as a student completes his/her school education. Andoird applications for education make information available for students handy. Portability is an important benefit associated with Android applications. Even some apps work without web access. After downloading, the students need not have internet data balance in his/her phone to find information about a college. Everything is available handy.

Even some apps work without web access. After downloading, the students need not have internet data balance in his/her phone to find information about a college. Everything is available handy.

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Knowledge about entrance exams:

Depending on the course that a student wishes to pursue, he/she can find the required information regarding entrance exams. There are Android applications that provide complete details about different entrance examinations across India. Also, such an app will bring notification for the user about the entrance exam notification, if any, published by any university or institution or college.

A distinctive source of information:

Once a student downloads a dependable Android Application, he/she will be in a position to get complete details from a single source.

There are applications that provide complete information about the admission procedure, application fee, course fee, value of the course, etc So, when information is available through a single source, students need not have to search for a better source of information. Even, after gathering information from the app, they can just check the reliability of the information from the official website of the university or college.

There are applications that provide complete information about the admission procedure, application fee, course fee, value of the course, etc

So, when information is available through a single source, students need not have to search for a better source of information. Even, after gathering information from the app, they can just check the reliability of the information from the official website of the university or college.


In short, Android applications have made life pretty much easier for students. There are applications to ensure a smooth transition of students from their school life to college life.

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Best Free Download Manager Application for Android

Best Free Download Manager Application for Android

Are you  fed up from the slow speed of downloading from your browser?? Your browser downloading speed is as slow as turtle’s crawl?? Then this is the right time to move on and switch to more convenient and fast download manager application for android..

Download Manager Applications  for android is what you all need to cater all our downloading needs. It brings a whole new world of downloading right on your palm in your android smartphone.

Best Free Download Manager Application for Android

So lets give a check on the plethora of download manager applications available for android smartphone.

 List of Best Free Download Manager Application for Android

Advanced Download Manager application is one of the most powerful download manager available for android smartphone. This apps enables you to download files in 3 different parts and there is a certain set downloaded speed provided by each specific part. You can select the max speed for downloading for each part.

This app contains build in web browsers, so if the link from which you want to download is not a direct link, then app will automatically redirect to its build in web browser  . Browsers like Dolphin, Boat Browser, Chrome,  Stock Browser are supported by Advanced download Manager app.

Features of Advanced Downloader Manager app for android :-

  1. Supports multiple downloading. You can download up to 3 files at a time.
  2. Supports multithreading which helps to accelerate downloading speed.
  3. Backup of downloaded file was made on the Memory Card.
  4. Notify with sound and vibration on completion of downloading.
  5. Files are saved in different folder according to the type.
  6. Scheduling  of downloading file in advance.
  7. Downloads can be run in background.
  8. Support pause, resume, auto retry and queuing.

Turbo Download manager is a free download manger application for android which can boost up you downloading speed up to 5 times. To enhanced the speed you can increase the number of connections per download. The buffer size can also be modify from the setting option available in the app to increase the speed of downloading. The GUI of this app is quite easy and simple to use. Apart from the GUI this offers some other excellent feature too.

Features of  Turbo Download  Manager for android.

  1. Interrupted downloading can be resume.
  2. Supports unlimited size of file.
  3. Sound notification on completion of downloading.
  4. Download history
  5. Supports multiple downloading . Maximum up to 10 files can be downloaded simultaneously.
  6. Files can be rename.
  7. Pause, resume, queue and cancel any download.
  • Download Manager For Android :-

Download Manager For Android is another free download manger application for android smartphone.  It enables you to manage all your downloading from a single location. It comes with simple and clean GUI and comes pre loaded with lots of features.

Feature of Download Manager For Android app :-

  1. It provide downloading speed up to three times faster.
  2. Bookmark management of webpage.
  3. HTML 5 web pages and videos can be downloaded.
  4. Speech and voice search.
  5. Current downloading is shown with active progress bar.
  6. Support YouTube, Yahoo, Twitter, Google search.
  7. Pause, cancel or resume any download.

Easy downloader Pro is also a very fine download manger application for android specially when it comes to multiple file downloading. You will never regret to have this app as download manager app on your android smartphone.

It also support in built web browser and helps you to download files from browser. Not only downloading but also helps you to organize the downloaded files in you SD card. It supports all type of file downloading.

Feature of Easy Downloader  Pro for android :-

  1. Support multiple files and protocols.
  2. Download can be pause and resume any time.
  3. Notification and progress bar.
  4. Supports downloading of 10 files simultaneously.
  5. Support browser like Firefox , Dolphin, etc
  6. Manage file on you memory card.
  7. Files can be renamed.

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