List of Best Free Browser for Android

Still using the inbuilt browser in Android smartphone?? You are surely missing a great experience of internet browsing.  Android users can avail or opt for another browser from the plenty number of available browsers from Google play then to using the  inbuilt android browser. This will make you feel a richer  browsing  experience on your android smartphone.

List of Best Free Browser for Android

We compiled and compared different browser options available for android smartphone to see which android browser deserves to be default choice for your android phone and we come up with the following result.

List of Best Free Browser for Android

  • Google Chrome : Notably one the best and the most preferred  and the popular browser amongst the android smartphone user. Google chrome offers  seamlessly sync amongst devices by logging into the Google account,  so that you can access bookmarks and tabs from your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

It also helps to minimize data usage up to 50% and provides faster browsing  and quick access to previously visited websites and pages. Voice search feature of google is like adding seven stars to it. You can translate web pages in any language. For all in one google experience, Google Chrome is the browser you want.

  • Firefox : The faster, smatter and safer, the firefox browser for Android smartphone from Mozilla offers you much more then usually to make your browsing experience all yours.

Blazing search speed for web pages makes it faster to access and easy to use. It provide  smarter  way to search and share exactly the way you want to and keep all your favorite stuff a tap away  with the highly customizable and amazing features. Safety is also on the top priority. You can use security settings, features and add-ons for example do not track , etc ; to make browsing more secure.

  • Opera Mini  Opera Mini app is free, fast and goes all the way out to compress data at a very fast speed, so to enhance the browsing experience. It also helps to save our data. It uses 90% less data compared to other browser available for android smartphone,  enabling you cheaper and faster internet.

Not only speed but opera mini also focus on safety and security. Data privacy is maintained for safe browsing. It also provides you with a unique feature of Speed dialing. You can put all your favorite and most used stuff on home screen for speed dialing. Smart page is another add on which compiles for you all the latest happening  and delivers instant news of what is happening from all your social networking sites.

  • Dolphin : Dolphin is another android smartphone browsing app which provides you with a lightning fast speed. It assure  to provide the best browsing and searching experience of your android smartphone. Dulphin Browser provide you free web surf with exclusive features  to add up your browsing .

Dolphin also enables you to personalize all your browsing on web. You can use personal symbols or gesture to access the website you use the most. It also provides you with a feature of voice search. You can bookmark all your favourite website to navigate it later plus you can also share it with your friends and family by using social networking website .

  • Next Browser : Next Browser provides you with easy to use, beautiful, simple and fastest web browsing. Faster Data browsing with more security and privacy.

Next browser app comes in a small package but loaded with lots and lots of features. It consume less memory and low power consumption. Provide super fast speed and it take even less then 1.5 sec  to open a website. Add on options are also available if you want them  but overall a very nice app especially for older mobile .


List of above browsers will lead your browsing experience to a new height. So don’t stick to the inbuilt android browser because after all it’s a smartphone. Go and try them and make the most out of it.

How to get Iphone App Store on your Android Mobile

It could sound weird be its true that You can actually browse iPhone app store i.e Apple app store from your android smartphone. Yes I am senses and not at all kidding . I know it’s not possible to run iOs apps or iPhone app store on android devices but it’s absolutely possible to have a glance of the iPhone app store . You can do this with the help of a  third party  . It is even more faster then the usually browsing which you do in your android smartphone .

How to get Iphone App Store on your Android Mobile

If you pretty much interested in iPhone app store then “ Apps Explorer “ app is all what you are looking for in your android Google pay store .  It is the right destination for all you iPhone apps lover who unfortunately or fortunately using android smartphone .

How to get Iphone App Store on your Android Mobile

Apps Explorer :  Apps explorer is one of its type app in android fully designed for you all iphone apps lover so that you can enjoy the iPhone app store and can choose a similar suitable app for your device .

  Features : –

  1. It helps you to view or browse apple aap store, which is available only for iOs device , from your  Android smartphone .
  2. You can also view app’s description, search result, description and ranking .
  3. It also enables you to share app’s information with your family and friends .
  4. You can also search for the apps which are available in particular region only .

Note :  You can only browse apps, but cannot download any of the app iOs app with apps explorer .

How to install Apps Explorer on your android smartphone :

To guide with how to download and install App Explorer app  we have jot down the following steps . Follow these step to download and install Apps Explorer app so that you can easily browse iPhone app store from your android smartphone .

  1. Go to Google play store .
  2. Then search their “ Apps explorer ” from the list of available apps .
  3. Click on install button to start installing. It’s a free app. So no cost would be required to install it and to use it .
  4. Now start “ Apps explorer ” . The list of paid apps on iPhone app store will be shown to you on your screen .
  5. You can change the view if you want from the drop – down menu .  The menus available at the top will help you to select between paid and free app. The menus will also enables you  to sort by genre and popularity .
  6. Click on the app whose detail you want to see . This option will load all the description of the app as well as screenshots so as to make your choice easier .
  7. Click on the “ Share ” option given in the upper – right corner of your screen for  share and search . After clicking on “ Share ” option a menu opens up with several different options .
  1. “ Search App on Market ” : – It will enable the Google Play Store to search for the app bearing the title . This will help you to find the app with the same title in Google play store or may find a comparable app for android smartphone .
  2. “ Search Author on Market ” : – This enables you to find the app’s  developer on the Google Play Store.
  3. “ Search App on Google ” : – It  will simply search for the title in Google search.
  4. “ Share App For Info ” : – This option will show you a list of options available for the sharing of info, depending on the apps installed on your device.  Sharing will leads to sending of links to the recipient a link of the iPhone app store of that app.
  5. You can also buy the app for you iPhone. Go to app’s page in the website of App store.  Click on the button given on the bottom of you page to open up your browser. This will redirect you to the page of the app, their you log in into  your Apple account and can buy it.

I hope now you are ready for a ride of iPhone app store from your  android smartphone. If not!! Then go and grab Apps Explorer app and download it on your smartphone fast so that you can enjoy both at cost of one.

Download Teen patti game for pc

Download Teen patti game for pc

Teen patti is a very popular card game not only in India but also around the globe. The word Teen Patti has been taken from a famous Indian Poker Game teen patti and can be played with 3 playing cards . This game is very populary in ofline mode from many centuries. But with the advent of science and technology now you can play teen patti by using your smart phones with people sitting all over the world.

Download-Teen-patti-game for-pc
Download Teen patti game for pc

Teen patti is also known as “Flash” or “Flush” internationally and it needs minimum 2 players to play this 3 cards game. You can play teen patti with any of your friends or non friends online .You can chat with them and can make some virtual money. Its my favorite game its always a first preference to play in free time. Download Teen patti game for pc

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This famous and addictive game is developed by Octro. It’s a very interesting online gaming app for game lovers. This game is absolutely free to download for your Android and iPhone devices. But the main problem with this game is that we couldn’t download teen patti for Pc and laptops. So today In this article I am sharing with you steps to download and play Teen Patti on your Pc or Laptop. You can play teen patti game on your Pc by using Bluestacks which is an App Player.Bluestacks is afamous android emulator that allow you to play android apps and games on your Pc .

Features of Teen Patti (Download Teen patti game for pc)

  1. Play with real players anytime and anywhere in the world
  2. You can enjoy the game with multiplayers
  3. Live Chat
  4. It is completely free
  5. Exchange coins and gifts with friends
  6. You can reach high score by  sharing it with your friends by using social media integration on social media.
  7. It  needs working internet connection if you want to play it online and it works better with WiFi or 3G connections.

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Download Teen Patti Game for PC

If you don’t have smart phones and still want to enjoy playing teen patti, so no need to get upset. Here we bring for you simple steps to play 3 patti game for Pc.

  1. The first and the foremost you need to download BlueStacks, which is an Android emulator  , in your windows PC and its completely free.
  2. Then install Bluestack on you PC
  3. The click on BlueStacks icon which is created on desktop screen
  4. Search for Teen Patti game from the bluestack search box.
  5. Then download and install it.

One good news for Teen Patti lovers, on the auspicious occasion of Diwali Teen Patti send free 10000 chips everyday 😀

Hope above steps for “Download Teen patti game for pc “is helpful for you. Now you can enjoy teen patti game on your Pc!!


Download Paid Android App And Games For Free

Download Paid Android App And Games For Free

Android app store provides you with an ample number of apps and games. Some are free and for some you have to make your pocket little empty. But if you don’t want to use your money in downloading the apps and still wants to download it,  there is a way to download paid android app and games for free.

Download Paid Android App And Games For Free

There are many ways by which you can download paid android apps and games for free. Here we brings for you the best and the working ways by which you can download paid android apps and games for free.

Top Three ways to Download Paid Android App And Games For Free

1) BlackMart :-

BlackMart itself is an Android application . It serves as an android app store from where you can download  paid android apps and games for free. BlackMart is a user friendly app and it’s very easy to use. To download paid android apps and games for free , install black mart on your smart phones. The app is installed on your smart phone, now  open the app and search for the  application or games which you want to install. Now click on the app or game to start downloading.

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2) 4Shared

It is a file sharing website where you can get your paid android apps and games for free. The file sharing is done by the Android users who buy or download paid apps and upload them in 4Shared and some other file sharing websites.  Some other websites for file sharing are and . But 4Shared is the simplest and easiest one to use .

Just follow the below simple steps to Download paid android app and games for free:

  1. Create an account in
  2. Search for the paid android apps or games you want to download.
  3. Download the latest version from the list of apps
  4. Install

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3)    Paying for the application in Android app store
The last and the most reliable tip . You can download the paid application by simply paying for that app in the Android app store. To use this trick you must have a good file explorer like ES File Explorer and ASTRO File Manager. Install any good file explorer like ASTRO File Manager or ES File Explorer . Go to Android app store and purchase the app you want to.

if you cancel your order within 15 min of the trial period then you can get your money fully refund.

The app gets downloaded to your SD card . Tap on the file explorer icon , Click on “Options” >>” Manager” >>”App Manager”.

Click on the application ,from list of installed apps, to create backup. The backup of the application will be created in the backup folder .

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Once the backup is created, cancel the order. Now you can again install the app from the backup folder. Money will be refunded to you after the cancelation of the order.

Now you can enjoy the paid android apps and games absolutely free!!

Backup Whatsapp Conversation

Backup Whatsapp or Whatsapp Backup , both have the same meaning but they have drastic difference when we look at them from SEO point of view. But we are not here to discuss about SEO(Search Engine Optimisation).

These Days Whatsapp is also used for official announcement or some office work and in this case sometimes we need to create backup of whatsapp conversations so, in this post, i am going to share about how to  create backup of whatsapp conversations for Android users. Besides, i am also going to share a tip or you can say a trick regarding whatsapp.

Here i am telling you 2 ways for creating a backup of your chat history.
1- You can backup your Whatsapp Conversations with Whatsapp Pocket. Through Whatsapp Pocket you can extract the chat messages as backup form your device and read the chat history whenever you want to on your Mobile. Besides, you can also recover WhatsApp messages on an Iphone. Beside it, Whatsapp Pocket is a paid app, but you can easily get a free copy on torrent or mail us for a Copy of Whatsapp Pocket app if you are not able to find it for free.

Backup Whatsapp Conversation for Android users

2-The second way is inbuilt in whatsapp itself of which people are not aware of. Whatsapp provides a way to save the conversation that is by creating a Backup or exporting it as text file that can be sent over a mail.

Backup Whatsapp Conversation for Android users
  1. Open your Whatsapp App
  2. Tap Setting from the Menu
  3. Choose Backup Conversation
  4. Then click on Email Conversation
  5. whats ever you select the conversation through Tap and hold including media will be send to your mail.

I got a comment on my post i.e. on WhatsApp Tricks or WhatsApp Hack , he asked me about how to recover deleted chat history and i think many of you would like know that. There is a good way to recover your deleted or lost messages that is through Data Recovery software.

Tip : Want to save some particular message? Sometimes we are annoyed because of not finding a particular message in a long conversation of whatsapp. Here i am sharing you the best way to save any message or conversation, which you will find in shortest way.

Simply create a group of name ‘ABC’ and add 2-3 friends in a group, after it remove these friends from the group which makes only you left alone in a group.

Problem solved, this group becomes a saved message box of whatsapp, you can also save jokes ,quotes or love messages. I hope this small tip might be helpful for you..:)

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How to trace your phone by setting up a tracking app or Mobile tracker

In this post i am going to share about the measures that should be taken before your mobile is stolen or lost, so you can get back your mobile phone. This post contain some apps which have a feature for tracking your lost mobile. Here’s how to find your phone when it gets lost.

Function of Mobile tracker or Tracking app

These trackers and tracking apps are designed in such a manner that they are hidden in mobile and they send specific information quietly from your phone via SMS to your friend’s number (you can configure whose number you want to send the msg through the software) and hence it informs you about the new mobile number and your IMEI number.

How to trace your phone by setting up a tracking app or Mobile tracker

Here i am listing the tracking apps with respect to the mobile’s Platform.

   How to trace your phone by setting up a tracking app

For iPhones, I recommend Find My iPhone. It’s free and tied to your iTunes account.

For Android phones , I recommend Lookout. (Free to locate a phone; $2.99 a month to remotely lock or wipe a phone). Another app here for android platform is Where’s My Droid Besides it,  ADM(Android device manager ) is also a good alternative.

For Blackberry Blackberry Protect (Free).  InstaMapper (also works for iphone)

  • Windows Mobile 6 and below Cell Phone (Mobile Phone) PDA Tracker – Where Is My Phone (W.I.M.P.)
  • Nokia Cell Phone(symbian) Mobile Phone Tracker – WaveSecure

But what if your phone is switched off or it ran out of juice, then  mobile Recovery saves previous locations so you can quickly track the last known location through Mymobilerecovery.

Following these tips and it may surely help you to 
protect iPhone from theft. Remember that its not all about the monetary loss, but you will also lose all the documents, files and contacts. So, it is important that you have back up of these things. In my next post i will share- If You’ve Lost A Phone Without A Pre-Installed Finder App.

Whatsapp desktop version

Whatsapp desktop version– Many of you would be looking for Whatsapp Desktop Version for many reasons as inability to have a smartphone , also some of you feel uncomfortable using a touchscreen. So here we come with a solution for you using a Whatsapp on your Personal Computer on or a Laptop.

Now before I share information on Whatsapp Desktop Version, I want everyone to be aware of a trojan virus which is a malicious program moving in the market. It basically uses the application interface to get the precious information. There are many cases of leakage of private information from the bank. So, we need to be careful in using the applications which could be harmful if not dealt properly.

 Whatsapp desktop version

Whatsapp desktop version

There is no special version of Whatsapp avaliable for desktop but still you can use whatsapp on your desktop. For using a Whatsapp on your desktop you simply need Emulator which creates the same Mobile Environment which is on your smartphone.

Now the next thing is Emulator, Here i am sharing about  most famous android emulators i.e.  Bluestacks, IntelAppUp or youwave. The following procedures about how you can use a whatsapp on your system with the help of emulator ihas already been discussed in my earlier post which you can read here.

Hope the above Article is helpful one, I would also post about How to keep an eye on your partner’s Whatsapp. So kindly subscribe us. For other tricks regarding Whatsapp or Android you can check here


WhatsApp Tricks or WhatsApp Hack

WhatsApp tricks – WhatsApp is now emerging as one of the most influential social media leader.Most of the people were attracted towards it because of its fast message delivery service and some other cool features. There’s lots of features in WhatsApp that can make chats more enjoyable – and perhaps you don’t know all of them.

WhatsApp Tricks or WhatsApp Hack

Here i am going to share some WhatsApp Tricks or you can say WhatsApp Hack(ing)

  • Lock your Whatsapp Conversation

we have some private conversations on whatsapp , which should not to be revealed to anyone , so here i am suggesting you the best app to lock your whatsapp messages through WhatsApp Lock.

  • Send WhatsApp conversation history to someone

You can send an entire conversation history from WhatsApp via email. In Android, click on the Menu option in a conversation (it’s on the bottom-right of the screen), go to ‘More’ and select ‘Email Conversation’, before entering the address of the recipient. WhatsApp will create an email with the whole text conversation, including any pictures, voice or video clips.

  • Extend WhatsApp Free trial peroid

Its a small Whatsapp hack(ing) or whatsapp trick. All of you know that we have to pay for using whatsapp after the free trial period of 1 year gets over. But there is a way by which you can save your few bucks. When your free trial period of 1 year is going to over or gets over, all you have to do is follow the given process: -Go to Settings -Delete the account -Deactivate the whatsapp app from your mobile -Restart your mobile -Reinstall Whatsapp Application -Activate your mobile number on whatsapp And your period is extended !!

  • Send Two Images in One

Have you received an image where at first you see a hot chic and when you click on the image you get to see a monkey? There’s no trick but an app to do it. Try Magiapp tricks for WhatsApp for android and FhumbApp for iPhone.

  • Disable Automatic Downloading

You can disable the automatic downloading of the images by just installing the Whatsapp plus app.

  • Hide last seen whatsapp

The best trick that anyone could wish for, and that is you can hide or block your last seen feature of Whatsapp by installing the block Whatsapp last seen app. Isn’t that cool? I had also shared a article regarding Hide last seen whatsapp which have several other ways to Hide last seen whatsapp.

  • Change the WhatsApp chat wallpaper

You don’t always have to stare at the same, boring background in the chat screen. You can choose a background to appear in this window, by going to the ‘Wallpaper‘ option in the chat menu. You can either select a picture that’s on your Android phone, or choose to use one of the delightful backgrounds in the WhatsApp Wallpaper app. This app is automatically downloaded when you choose the ‘WhatsApp‘ option in the Wallpapers menu.

  • Change Your Friends’ Profile Picture

Nah, you’ll not be making the change globally, but changing your friend’s profile picture only on your phone is sufficient to scare the hell outta him. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Firstly choose some weired or fuuny image for your friend’s profile pic.
  2. Re-size the image to 561×561 pixels using Paint or Photoshop and name it with your friend’s mobile phone number.
  3. Save the image in SD card -> WhatsApp -> Profile Pictures. Overwrite an existing image if required.
  4. Disable WiFi and data network. If you don’t WhatsApp will automatically update the picture. Now show it to your friend who’ll panic instantly!
  •  Create Fake Conversation on WhatsApp – Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

Ever thought of creating a fake conversion to prank your friends? Yes you can create fake conversation by using Whatsaid App. By using this App you can easily create fake conversation on WhatsApp and prank your friends.
Download: Whatsaid App

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Hide Your mobile number in Whatsapp Groups

Almost all the people have some groups on whatsapp , And some of groups have some unknown people. In this case its quiet awkward to share your number with unknown people. So If you don’t want to disclose your mobile number to others then you will like the trick i am going to share with you.

Hide Your mobile number in Whatsapp Groups

To Hide Your mobile number in Whatsapp Groups Follow below Steps !!

  • First uninstall the Whatsapp App from your device completely.
  • Again install the App from google play store at the time of verification .. here we need to play our main game
  • While verification it’ll ask you to verify your phone number. It automatically sends a verification message to its server. But if this happens your number gets registered with them. So block your message service. You can simply put your phone on flight mode so that all network connections are disabled. You can alternatively change the message center number
  • Choose ‘Verify through sms’ and enter your email id and Click on send. Now Without wasting a single second, click on Cancel. This terminates the authorization process.
  •  Now you have to spoof that message, for that download Spoof Text message.
  • Now go to Outbox > Copy the message details of Spoof App > send it to Spoofed Verification
  •  Use the below details

To: +447900347295
From: +(Country code)(mobile number)
Message: (Enter you email id)

  • Now a message will be sent through that spoofed number. Now that Spoofed number is visible to others instead of your original mobile number.

It’s a good way to hide your original number from unknown people. Hope you’ll like it..
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Hide last seen whatsapp

Hide last seen whatsapp – WhatsApp is the best chatting app. The only problem with it is that it doesn’t allow you to hide your last seen time from your friends or stalkers. WhatsApp for iPhone does, but it’s Android, Windows and BB counterpart doesn’t.

Hide last seen whatsapp

Hide last seen whatsapp

Well, I looked for ways, apps anything that could help me in hiding my last seen to find a couple of working techniques. So if you’re looking forward to disable your last seen at time-stamp, follow these ways

Hide WhatsApp Last Seen Time on iPhone

WhatsApp for iPhone comes with a inbuilt feature which lets you hide your last seen time

  1. Upon launching WhatsApp, go to ‘Settings’.
  2. Then ‘Advanced;.
  3. Then ‘Last Seen Timestamp’ and then turn it off

And its take 24 hours to unhide whatsapp last seen or undo your settings.

Hide WhatsApp Last Seen Time on Android platform

To hide your last seen simply go to Settings -> Accounts – Privacy and change the options accordingly. You can change settings for your last seen timestamp, your profile picture and your status individually.

Hide WhatsApp Last Seen Time on Windows Phone

Its unfortunate that there is no way to hide whatsapp last seen for Windows phone. there are few apps avaliable on store which claimed to hide last seen but all are spam applications. You will have to wait for this, If you are using Nokia or any window device.

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