How to backup WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp has become the app of choice for millions of peoples. It is a popular  app these days and has about +200 Millions active users, which is I believe more than the currently active users on Twitter. So Todays is about, Yesterday i got a mail regarding a question asked by one of reader, How to backup WhatsApp messages ??

How to backup WhatsApp messages

Here I will explain and share some great way to

Backup WhatsApp messages

Hope above methods will help you, Beside it i am also share some useful tips regarding Whatsapps backup.

  1. Backup files are saved in a folder called ‘wa’ and are called MsgStore.bak.
  2. Backup files are saved to both your phone’s internal memory and SD card, but only given that there’s enough space. And Backup files are only valid for 7 days after last saved.

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how to take Whatsapp backup on your Mobile as well on your desktop or laptop

WhatsApp is definitely the best chatting app ever made for Android & iPhone.Probably on most occasions, you may want change your phone or install Firmware Update, then it that case, you’re most likely to lost  your WhatsApp data, which include your whatsapp messages.

how to take Whatsapp backup on your Mobile as well on your desktop or laptop


 WhatsApp has added a good feature, using which you can easily Backup your user data, so that you can restore it on another phone.

how to take Whatsapp backup on your Mobile as well on your desktop or laptop

  • Launch WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  • Tap “Settings” from the menu.

Whatsapp Backup settings

  • Tap “Chat Settings.

Whatsapp Chat Settings

  • Tap “Backup Conversations.

Whatsapp Backup ConversationWhatsapp Backup message

  • Export your chat history. Go to your chats screen. Tap and hold on a conversation or group conversation you would like to send. Select “Email conversation,” and decide whether you’d like to send the media as well. An email will be composed with your chat history attached as a .txt file.

Hope this method help you to take whatsapp backup on your mobile or desktop.

Android Games Hack

Todays Tutorial is on Android games hack, Here i am going to tell you some tips and tricks using  which you can skip some processes , regain life  , get infinite points , bonus , power etc.It totally depends on  the game, the hacked app and how the tools react to the  gaming apps.Good luck for your games guys. !!

Android Games Hack

The following are the best OS android games hacking tools which I have found till now, If any wise chap out there knows anything else regarding the same, please do share with us. And the topic of this post can be  Android game hack Gun strike,Android game hack temple run, Android game hack jet pack joyride, and Android game hack subway surfers

1. SBGameHacker – Download Link
2. Game Guardian – Download Link
3. GameCIH – Download Link
4. Game Killer – Download Link

Video tutorials on how to use the game hacking tool can be found in this – Youtube Channel

Some features you can edit through these can be

  • Game Cheat/Memory Editor/Crack/Hack Tool
  • Change Game Speed


Its applicable only for ROOTED devices

You will become a TOP  ranker in any game! You could modify the game state(score, money, HP, …) to allow for infinite lives, invulnerability etc.

These App allow you to change the values of your  game coins/money. It works great, I’ve used it with gun strike, temple run, jet pack joyride, and subway surfers. Just make sure that if it’s a game that can be  played online, turn your data and wifi off or it will not work!!

If that’s a sever sided game you’re most likely out of luck

Android Wifi Hacking App

I am gonna tell you about some  Android Wifi Hacking App . That’s right, you can hack stuff right from your phone… if you know how. And you thought hacking could only be done on computers, Silly! The world is changing and now you can bring some of your hack ninja skills wherever you go. Of course, this list is provided for purposes of education, awareness, and knowing your enemy’s arsenal. Earlier we posted some Hacking Apps for Android so check that post too.

Android Wifi Hacking App

Earlier i shared some  hacking apps for android so today i share some Android Wifi Hacking App which is can be used for checking the security of your own router, Since most EasyBox routers have a vulnerability, it is possible to calculate the default password.

Android Wifi Hacking App

  • Wifi kill

Well, with this app you can disable internet connection for a device on the same network. So if someone (anyone) is abusing the internet wasting precious bandwidth for a Justin Bieber videoclips you could just kill their connection and stay happy with a full bandwidth just for yourself. Although this has the potential to be a dangerous tool in the wrong hands (re: any hands that aren’t your own).

here downlink for Wifi Kill

  • Wifi unlocker 2.0

Its a noteworthy Android Wifi Hacking App , the app is easy to use and you have want to be a tech geek to unlock or crack the wifi networks around you. its a tool which can be used in any circumstances to crack wifi network and let you surf the web for free.

here downlink for Wifi Unlocker 2.0

  • Router keygen app

Its works with almost all Router/Wifi. His dictionary a 66Mb single file, which efficient than anything else available market. T should be downloaded SD card, though select the folder where menu. Alternatively use connection instead dictionary. T can be activated settings menu. natively the key although take about 2 minutes powerful phones and about 10 seconds Samsung Galaxy S

here downlink for Router Keygen

  • WiFi Keygen

It calculates  the default passwords, WiFi keygens shows you the WiFi router from your environment and the respective signal strength. Its also shows you immediately the compatible routers. This can be seen in a color-coded tick

here downlink for Wifi Keygen

  • Penetrate Pro

Penetrate Pro is an excellent Android app for WiFi decoding. its is an excellent Android app that calculates WEP / WPA keys for some wireless routers. Also, no advertising and 3G routers searchbased on Thomson.

here Download Penetrate Pro 2.11 (APK)

  • Wifi Leaks

Wifi Leaks is an applicattion similar to Router Keygen that allows to decipher any WiFi router that is within our reach protected with the WPA protocol.

Download Wifi Leaks

I hope you enjoy this little overview of some Android Wifi Hacking App. Obviously this list is far from comprehensive … hey but may be you want to drop some other Android Wifi Hacking App so plz you are most welcome in comment section. Read our other post on Hacking Apps for Android.


Hacking Apps for Android

Hacking Apps for Android

The open source nature of Google’s OS means there are plenty of fantastic apps for Android to be found. And most of the good stuff on Android is free, thanks to the work of developers who do it for love alone. Out of 10 people , 7 people are using so its really a challenging for android user to have something different in his/her mobile.


Hacking Apps for Android

Many people searching for Hacking Apps for Android , many of you thinks besides rooting its also a other way to have something diffrent from other android users. We’ve been pruning and trying to  give you some Hacking Apps for Android.

Hacking Apps for Android

  • APK Tool

It is a tool for reverse engineering 3rd party, closed, binary Android apps. It can decode resources to nearly original form and rebuild them after making some modifications; it makes possible to debug smali code step by step. Also it makes working with app easier because of project-like files structure and automation of some repetitive tasks like building apk, etc.

here link for all version: APK Tool

  • WanamLite Rom

This Application let you customize your Samsung Android 4.2+ Roms Odexed and Deodexed, it brings to you many useful features: Call Recording 4 Ways Reboot (Reboot, Recovery, Hotboot, Download) Full Color/Transparency customization for Status bar etc,

here direct link : WanamLite Rom

  • APK Manager

Apk Manager is one of the easiest tool to hack & modify any Android application.

Whether you’re doing basic image editing or editing the smali or xml files, on average u have to use (Brut.all or JF’s smali/baksmali) awesome tool to extract the apk, edit it, then sign the apk and then adb push/install it. This process is quite tiresome if you are testing a method that needs fine tweaking.

here direct link: APKManager

These are the apps which mostly used for hack or modify other apps. check our other post on Android Wifi Hacking App

Advantages of Rooting Android

It was yesterday when we had put up some questions to our fans on FB page about the concept of Rooting, many of them were eager to know about why rooting ,benefits of rooting or advantage of rooting. It was then brought to my attention that a lot of people are unaware of the full potential that they have in their hands and pockets for most of the day , So this motivated me to write a post on Why Rooting or Advantages of Rooting Android. Well I would try my best to clarify all the concepts in most simple(non geek) way.

Everyone loves freedom! But only a few people try taking steps towards the path of freedom and Rooting of android is also a similar step. When we talk about Android then this term is known as Rooting while we talk about Apple then its known as Jail breaking.  Google is  much more relaxed about rooting than Apple is about jailbreaking.

Why Rooting or Advantages of Rooting Android

Why Rooting or Advantages of Rooting Android

Here are listed some great benefits or advantages of android

  • Overcloaking

When you root your android device you also get control over the hardware components, making overclocking and undervolting possible. Has your phone started to get laggy? You can install applications that can overclock and make your device super-fast. It’s very common to overclock a 1GHz CPU to 1.6GHz, of course with greater chances of instability.

  • Custom ROM

Custom ROMS change the whole User Interface of your Device so, you can choose from hundreds of custom ROMS whatever you like. Some of the custom ROMS focus on giving you extra functionality and some of the ROMS make your overall device experience very smooth and beautiful. The best thing about installing custom ROMS is ,you never get bored of your device. Once you start to get bored ,you can flash in new ROM and bamm! Your device is new all over again.

  • Extreme Customization

This ties into the looks , speed and performance sections. Being able to say that no one around has the same phone as you is nice (iPhone users reading this don’t know what it’s like). But the moment when you do see someone with your phone, and you can still say your phone is different, is priceless. like using GDM Gesture control

  • Free Internal Storage

 When you install an application on your phone it is installed on the system memory – by rooting your device you can move these applications to SD card easily and hence can save a lot of memory. Even you can remove the bloatware that can also help freeing up devices memory.

  • Safety

In the play store you have two paid android antivirus application, rooting makes your phone safer. You can use many antivirus that are provided by third party helping you to know more about your device safety.


  • New World of Apps

By rooting your android device you can install apps that can access deep down your operating system and perform their tasks more painlessly. For example, Super User is an application that only runs on a rooted device and it allows you to give privilege (to other apps) of accessing the root of your device.

  • Speed/battery life boost

By just rooting android smartphone you can also ramp up its power.You can use several battery saving applications on your smartphone which only works when you have a root access. There are many custom ROMS which you can install on your smartphone and they assure you getting increased battery life.

  • Latest OS

The reason why we get the android updates late is that our Phone skins are built on top of stock android, so once the update reaches the carriers and phone manufactures they customize it to make their android flavors according to the latest update.

Android Developers are on the other hand working day and night to bring out the latest Android Updates to your devices even before the carriers and the manufactures –  Another good reason why rooting your device is worth it.

  • Backup

There are several apps like Titanium which can automatically take backup of your phone apps, pics , video , important data etc. over a frequent interval of time.

  • Automation Tool

Tasker is an automation tool for Android. Tasker can watch for certain conditions (from phone orientation and location to y and z), and when those conditions are met, it can do anything from open applications, toggle system settings, send SMS messages, and even speak alerts aloud if you ask it to. Virtually anything your Android device can do can be automated with Tasker, and when you combine Tasker’s automation tools with conditions that you set, for example, “Arrived at work” or “Out of range of my Wi-Fi network,” based on your GPS location, you can see how much potential the tool really has

  • Ditching Screen

Most of the people  hate the software skins that are built on top of Android phone. These skins are mostly heavy, design-wise ugly and destroy the overall android experience. I have used TouchWiz and Sense skins they are no way near stock android in terms of design, fluidity and user experience.

  • Quality Improving

You can Install many mods to improve camera, audio and video playback quality like Installing  Beats Audio Drivers to enhance audio output

  • Remove Unwanted Applications
  • Root Call Bloacker
  • Free Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Keyboard Manager
  • LEDs Hack
  • Samba Filesharing
  • Gaming

Six axis Controller app for Android. It allows you to use a PS3 wireless controller to play games.


So now you have read about the Advantages of Rooting an Android Device.This is the part where you head over to XDA Developers, go to the top right, and type in your phone. From there, you can find guides on rooting, installing ROMs, and tips and tricks. The best ROMs are the ones that people try to port like MIUI, Cyanogen Mod, and others depending on your phone.

I try to cover all Advantages of Rooting Android still share your Advantages of Rooting Android in comment section.


Method to Run Whatsapp on PC

Many of my friends ask me how to run  whatsapp on PC. So here is a tutorial for all of them regarding method to Install or run Whatsapp on PC.

As we all know Android is just an Operating System and our mobile is the machine on which Android work. Our PC or laptop is also a machine on which we can also run android but the problem is just to setup an environment for android to run on our PC. Environment can be create by Android Emulator on our PC machine.

Now you need to download an android emulator. Here are mainly three android emulators i.e.  Bluestacks, IntelAppUp or youwave.While we talk about compairing Bluestacks, IntelApp and Youwave,  the best one is Youwave. I personally installed all three emulator for checking which is one best.

If you are non geek then Bluestack is preferable for you , it supports both Windows as well as Mac OS 37mbexe file and best thing about it is, its free. But I don’t really like  its GUI , its not as much user friendly as Youwave, here is the  link to  download Bluestack
If you are a Geeky  then you must go for Youwave. It is compatible only with  Windows and  its a paid one(Who care’s when you have torrent or simply mail me to ask link for free download). It is user friendly. It has a  GUI which simply  gives a feel of working on mobile 150mbfile .
Simply download any one of the above software and  Install it just similar to the normal s/w.

After installation you simply search for whatsapp or you can download its apk file for direct Installation here or Simply search in emulator as you work on Mobile.