Insights on App Development by Apple Incorporation

The secrecy of ideas and the process protocols are the things which make Apple one of the finest app developing companies of the 21st century. Read on.

Apple is considered to be the most successful business venture of the modern era. The company has some stats to back these claims too. At present, it has more than 590 million users all around the globe. In near future, Apple will be the first company to be worth more than $1 trillion. So, it surely has all the rights to be reckoned as the biggest company in the world.

The truth behind this amazing success, which Apple has made during the course of time, is its privacy and secrecy. In his book titled ‘Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired Company Really Works’, Adam Lashinsky says that the employees at the company, especially the ones from the design departments, are extremely secretive about their work. This is how, with each passing day, Apple gives birth to surprises in the world of technology and innovation.

In his book, Adam goes on to explain that different departments of the company maintain their own chains of hierarchy; this means that every department has a certain degree of autonomy. This is particularly true for the design department, since their work is the most critical one. The secrecy helps the design department in coming up with innovative ideas regardless of the difficulties and technicalities associated with production.

Since every department works free from external pressure, it allows them to be fully creative with their ideas. Below, we have briefly discussed some insights on product and app development by Apple Incorporation.

Process Iteration

Iteration is a constant process happening at Apple. Once an app or a product is manufactured, it is again handed over to the design department that makes further necessary improvements to it. After this, the app/product is released.

During and after the launch of an app/product, the design department resumes its work of building on the previous designs and tries to bring further improvements in them. This never ending struggle to become better than before is what makes Apple an extremely successful company.

Interactive Community Support

The user community is at the heart of every process here at Apple Inc. Keeping a close contact with them and bringing their views into consideration is a core value of the company. Super Evil Megacorp, an app development subsidiary of Apple, says that cultivating a close relationship with the brilliant minds from their user community is essential to their growth.

Constant reviews and ideas are picked from the user community and work is done to refine these suggestions. At the end, these are introduced into the future designs for maximum user satisfaction.

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Paid Business Models

Lastly, certain Apple app developers, like 3 Minute Games, say that using paid business models helps them maintain the best experience for business professionals as well as amateur users. Deciding on a business model which suits the needs of all sorts of users is the real focus here at Apple.

These are the set of values and processes which play their part in making things happen at Apple. With its secrecy and motivation to excel, Apple has become one of the leading business giants in the world.

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How to prepare a resume and some tips for regarding the selection process

I would like to provide few tips and I am sure those will help all the freshers to crack the selection process. Please forward it to all your friends who are looking for a job.


1) Resume preparation – Prepare your resume in such a way that it gives a +ve opinion about you to the recruiter. Being a project manager, They reject several resumes just by looking through them and without even interviewing them.

2) Please use  “professional email ids(Unlike lovexxxx, rockxxx, kingxxx) to send your resume”. They reject several profiles (Without even going through them) just because of the email ids.

3) Use proper covering letter/body text. I noticed several resumes without any body or with the texts like please do the needful, please call me if I get selected. I am sure recruiters will not like these types of covering letters and your resumes will be sent to Trash directly.

4) Please don’t forget to attach your resume – you might think that you are not a defaulter. But you will be shocked to know that Out of 10 resumes which they receive, At least 2 or 3 emails will be without attachments/resumes.

5) If you are sending resume to more than one recruiter, Please don’t copy all the IDs in CC. You might think whats wrong with it. But it is wrong. I can say it is personally to do with the ego of the person who is screening your resumes. If you are sending your profile to peers/competitors like TCS/Infosys/CTS at the same time it might result in not getting the call letter from all. Please include your name in CC and copy all the email ids in BCC. Or if possible send resume to all the email ids separately. I know it is a tough task, but is the best way I would say.

6) Please do not apply if you know that you are not eligible for that requirement. Several times, it is possible that you will get a call letter(from a company which you know that you are not eligible to apply but you applied) because of the carelessness view of the resumes of the recruiters. However you will get caught while joining/background verification.

7) Now you are all done with applying for the requirements and get a call letter. Please do the homework properly before applying for the written test. Make sure you go through the important topics in R.S.Agarwals book (for logical questions), going through the old question papers of that company from ******** web site without fail.

8) Please apply your intelligence/knowledge in written test. Make a calculation about how much time you need to spend for every question(BY dividing total number of questions with time provided). Again, It happened with one of my friends – He was a class topper in my class and his dream company is Infosys. During the written test, He spent almost 30 mins for a puzzle and didn’t get time to work on the other puzzles. Please do not do that mistake. Make sure that you are not spending “too” much time on a single question.

9) Assume that you are not selected in the written test, Please don’t give your hope. There are not the only IT companies in India and you have 1000+ options. Personally(Being a school/College topper, I appeared for 70+ written tests./interviews before getting into my dream company) I know how hard it is and you have to live with it.

10) Finally about Interview which is the Most critical part of the selection process.

Remember that you are trying to sell yourself. As long as you don’t go over the edge, all the marketing efforts that you can put in your resume (in its content, design, delivery method and so on) will give you an advantage over the other candidates.So share your views about the post “Frequently asked Interview questions and Answers” . If you any query regarding the placement Feel free to ask.

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Frequently asked Interview questions and Answers

Todays post is on Interview Question, which generally ask by Interviewer to the freshers with their best answers …

Top 25 HR Round Questions

Q1 Tell me about yourself – what kind of a person you are?

  • I am Pritesh Bandi, I consider my self as honest, ambitious, hardworking person and optimistic too. I love challenges in life .It gives me the zeal and impetus to work towards excellence.
  • I am Pritesh Bandi from Indore currently pursuing my engineering .I consider my self as honest, ambitious, hardworking person I am also optimistic I am adventurous by nature so I like to take new challenges in life. It gives me the zeal and impetus to work towards excellence. Then we talk about socialism i won’t say i am a Altruistic person but i always do give food to beggars instead of money. if money is their in my pocket. I likes to spend leisure time watching movies, reading novels. I also likes to make new friends to whome i can talk, enjoy and share my feelings.

Q2 What are your greatest strengths?

  •   One of my key strengths is Adaptability-I easily get use to new environment,
  • Another of my key strengths is Optimism-, I always look at the positive side of situation. I belive in “JO Hota Ha Accha Ke liya Hota ha”
  • Another of my key strengths is Dedication-I put my cent percent effort to complete work in timeline. I would like to work an extra hour to achieve excellence
  •   To learn from past mistakes.

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Q3 What are your greatest weaknesses?

  • My greatest weakness is I talk too fast when I am excited. I have taken steps to slow it down by forcing myself to slow down and think before I speak.
  •   Another weakness is loose patience when the work not completed within time.
  • Getting Nervous during Interviews

Q4 Tell me about something you did – or failed to do – that you now feel a little ashamed of

Think for some seconds then say

  • Presently I can’t think any such incidents. Well to avoid such regrets at the end of each day, I mentally review the day’s actions and conversations and if I find any thing wrong I correct it at first level itself either by talking to them and make sure we’re clear on things or any other action accordingly.

Q5 why are you leaving the present opportunity – Engineering job options / career in engineering /
commerce or sciences (as applicable)?

  • During my college life when I was a part of tech-feast organizing committee. At that time I recognized my managerial skills for e.g. I had organized an Robotics workshop in which there were about 200 participants.

In addition I had been head of campaigning committee for polishing my managerial skills want to pursue MBA.
And BE + MBA is a good combination to have for the Corporate World.

Q6 The “Silent Treatment” – no questions asked in the beginning at all. How do you react to such a
situation in the interview?

(Firstly I will wait for few seconds even after that if interviewer doesn’t respond. then I will introduce


  • I am Pritesh Bandi from Indore currently pursuing my engineering .I consider my self as honest, ambitious, hardworking person I am also optimistic I am adventurous by nature so I like to take new challenges in life. It gives me the zeal and impetus to work towards excellence. Then we talk about socialism i won’t say i am a Altruistic person but i always do give food to beggars instead of money. if money is their in my pocket. I like to spend leisure time watching movies, reading novels. I also likes to make new friends to whome i can talk, enjoy and share my feelings.

(If interviewer again gives any response then I would ask) Is there anything else that you want to

Q7 why should we select you? As compared to others….and if you don’t know others how can you promote your candidature in comparison to others?

  • Till now I think I had satisfied you with my answers and as I don’t know about candidature of others..i think according to my candidature I an be a suitable for management Programmer.and I assure you

That if you select me, I will make you feel proud for doing so, in the years to come.

Q8 Aren’t you under qualified /overqualified for this course… Why do you think so?

  • No sir I am not under qualified as you can see my academic background is quite good.
  • No sir I am I am neither over qualified or under qualififed for this course. As I am having pretty decent academic background. so I think I am not under qualified I want to do this course to sharpen my management skill so there is no question of over qualification.


Q9 Where do you see yourself five years from now? …………………………………How can you show that this description is realistic and achievable?

I don’t know where I will be five years from now. If you give me the chance I would like to be an manager of a well established firm. This would allow me to improve my skills and making my life prosperous.

Q10 Describe your ideal company, location and job.

  • An ideal company, location and job. where i can apply my knowledge and innovation, gain some new skills and work with a team of experienced professionals to discharge best of my service for the growth of organization.
  • An ideal company is where iI can apply my knowledge and innovation, gain some new skills and work with a team of experienced professionals to discharge best of my service for the growth of organization.
  • A location that is peaceful, allows me to concentrate on my work., supports my growth etc.
  • A job, where I I would be motivate to continue educating myself to be the best that I can be in the field…


Q11 why do you want to choose our college (as a sample take the interview college to be IIM Rohtak)?

The reason to choose IIM rohtak is

  1.   The IIM tag: IIM tag itself is big brand that matter to lot of companies, and packages given to the students are are better than that of non IIM B schools. Also, the IIM rothak brand is only expected to grow bigger.
  2. As IIM Lucknow is working as its mentor so the faculty teaching here will be same as that of IIM Lukhnow .
  3. Placements: well IIM offers one of the best placements among other B school. So the he same is expected to continue for IIM rothak.

Q12 what are your career options right now? – Apart from an MBA

  • At present I have been recruited by TCS as software developer. So I have choice to work and get some industrial experience and improve my skills. And after 2-3 year I will again apply for MBA.

Q13 why have you been out of work? No work ex at all??? How will you cope up  appreciate things better or as well as your work ex counterparts?

  • Well sir/mam surely work ex guy will surely have advantage over me but I am determined to face any such situation I will put my all efforts to compete with them. further studying with them would allow me polish my skills in much better way. And many time in our life we are need to compete with experience holders.

Q14 Tell me honestly about the strong points and weak points of your friends

  • My friend is ambitious, hardworking, helping person and optimistic too. He loves to face challenges in life .He had always supported me in ups and downs of my life. As far as his weak point –he is quite an emotional guy and he is ready to help others even if they had betrayed him in past.

Q15 What good books have you read lately?

  • Recently I had read Dan brown‘s Da Vinci Code , Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s India 2020: a vision for the new millennium and Currently I am reading Any Rand’s novel The Fountainhead .

Q16 Tell me about a situation when your work was criticized.

  • Criticisms are quite common in our day to day life and we all have to face them at some point of our lives but important is how we look at them. I had prepared a thorough report of my minor project working non stop for a few days with lots of effort. But the final report was not well appreciated by the guide and I had to re-prepare it. The modification was mostly in the format and a few data values. But it was important. The criticism made me to rewrite the report with proper formats and correcting errors.


Q17 What are your outside interests? – apart from immediate and present ones

  • Well apart from this I like watching Hollywood movies and tracking. Tracking helps to be physically fit and also helps to relieve work pressure allow me to recharge myself.

Q18 The “Fatal Flaw” question – what’s a flaw because of which we shouldn’t select you?

  • There are few reasons firstly the ups and downs in academics of graduation secondly other candidates might have more potential than me lastly I had an poor interview or I had not able to convince you with my answers

Q19 How do you feel about reporting to a younger person or (minority section person, woman, younger in age etc)? Does it really mater? Why?

  • Well reporting to younger person doesn’t matter whoever has that position has obviously earned it and knows their job well. Both the person and the position are fully deserving of respect.

Q20 On confidential matters – extremely personal questions – What is the present description of your love life? Does virginity mater to you in personal relationships (marriage proposals)?

  • Well I want to be as open as I can but I consider it to be an extremely private issue. while virginity is concerned it depend upon the situation.

Q21 Would you lie for the job / company? – Under what circumstances?

  • Well I have set of ethical values which restrict me to lie. But as it is said that if a single lie can benefit someone needy then it is permissible .in situation where my lie may benefit someone like in situation hiding confidential detail about company or of some one I may lie.

Q22 Looking back, what would you do differently in your life?

  • Well looking back I am happy with how my life is going on. It has taught me a lot .I have learnt a lot from my past so I don’t want anything to be changed

Q23 Could you have done better in your last job / college / academic role?

  • Yes I could have done better in academics but due to certain constraints prevailing at that time I was not able to do up to my potential but as the time progresses I learnt to handle situation in more efficient manner.

Q24 Can you work under pressure? how and prove it.

  • Absolutely, I can handle pressure vey well. I think each new experience help us to grow .pressure helps me to work more efficiently. when I was organizing the event in tech-feast in my college i suddenly discovered that the LAN connectivity is lost so we were not able to start over event .Bcoz of delay the mob outside started shouting so pressure started to begin then as being head of event I quickly divided work amount my colleges. Then the finally problem was sorted out and fixes and our event finally started.

Q25 what makes you angry? How do you manage yourself when that happens?

When some one is take interest in completing work while working as part of team I’ll want to know why. If there’s no good reason, then I’ll get impatient and angry bcoz of one person whole team will have to suffer which I can’t tolerate.

Here you can all articles regarding Campus placement , job , HR interview , Resume Etc

, HR interview , Resume Etc

Top 5 tips for Building Resume I would like to give.

Top 5 tips for Building Resume I would like to give.

I have already shared some important information regarding the resume in other posts. Here I would like to brief it into the top 5 tips  for building resume.

A) Please do your groundwork. Make sure you have best answers for the known questions like tell about your self, your strengths, weaknesses, biggest achievement in your life, why u want to join in xxx company, expected salary, what will u do if u get a better offer than this, dream company, how long u will be with our company, where do u want to see yourself down the line 5 years, biggest hurdle in your life and how u successfully come across that, will u be interested if we put u in Pakistan/someplace where no one likes to go.

B) Please go through the basics of OOPS, Data Structures, C, Operating System, Software Engineering(Especially SDLC models), Networking basics, DBMS(For CSE/IT students). For other majors, Please go through basics of C and area of interests you mentioned in your resume.
If you fail to answer ONE basic question, possibility of u getting rejected would be high. It happened several times in my case where I failed to answer a very basic question but answered well for remaining 20/30+ questions. But I was rejected in the Interview.

C) Please try to have someone as your career guide who can assist you if you are not sure about what answer you have to give for a question. They might be your college senior/friend/relative.

D) Please talk to the point and don’t give too much of examples. Everyone in the world loves the people who talks to the point. Loose talk might result in unexpected questions from interviewers.

E) Give your best and don’t worry about the results. Keep in mind that there are 1000+ IT companies in India and if you are rejected in an interview that is not the end of road for you. You still have 999+ options with you.

Use always Positive terminology.

  • Resume length depend on your skills.
  • Tile size is of 14, If it is bold then use 12.
  • Content size should be 12.
  • The font should be Roman.

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These People have got real Education.

Education is not just reading books, acquiring a degree but education is not just based sorely on school. Below is a list of people who in my understanding have got real education.

1.Wael Ghonim


A Computer Engineer and MBA grad responsible for the end of regime who has been destroying Egypt from past 30 years.Before becoming a revolutionist,he was working as a executive in Google.But some where in his mind he knows that his country needs a change,a change which is difficult to achieve yet necessary for the prosperity and better life of fellow Egyptians.

2. Geoffrey Canada

Einstein’s one’s said

“Be a man of value Not a man of success”

Geoffrey Canada is one of those man who believes in this quote.He has shown time and again that education is the surest path out of poverty.His non profit organization “The Harlem Children’s Zone” has established a new method to end the cycle of generational poverty.His influence on the education is so remarkable that Time’s decided to include his name in “Top 100 most influential people”.Really the traders of Education must learn a lesson from him.

3. Julian Assange

Freedom not only means that we can walk and eat freely.It also means that we can say freely whatever is true.Julian Assange ,computer programmer used his skills to show the world other side of the truth.The side which most of us do not believe even exist and the side which big powers do not want that the public should know about.He raised a question for thousands of common people “Are we free” ?? He is the founder of whistle blower website “wikileaks” .

4.Ron Bruder

Men like Ron Bruder are what we need in India.What is the need of that education which is taught to be forgotten.Students in India spends billions on that lousy education every year.But look at Ron Bruder,a successful real estate developer,who has been teaching high school and college graduates skills they could bring to the workplace.The students which are getting benefit from his organization EFE (employment for education) are the ones from Africa and middle east and have almost no money to pay.He is also among the Time’s most influential people

5.Aruna Roy


When we think of bureaucrats the first thing which came in our mind is corruption.Indian bureaucracy is responsible for the nasty corruption .But when we look at people like Aruna Roy ,we get a feeling that all people are not same.The lady resigned her job as a civil servant to fight for the betterment of Indian system.She played an active role in the formation Of ” Right To Information Act ” which later helped in uncovering various multimillion dollar scams and cases of misuse of public money by the ministers of central government.

This list is not complete and will never be since we have lots of people who have shown us time and again,how knowledge can be used to change the society.The People above are the ones from whom i get inspiration.Education is not only reading books and solving problems or cramming some notes.Our degree of involvement in various social issues and their removal also defines how well educated we are.

Please share your views about the people you think who had got real education and help us all to write a next article for the above topic

Fun with Mini motherboard Raspberry Pi

Fun with Mini motherboard Raspberry Pi raspberry-pi-logo

Computers are the tool of the 21st century which is concerned with much more than simply being able to use a computer. Children should understand how they work and how to program them. Now the Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized single-board computer developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It can be plugged into your TV and a keyboard, and can be used for many of the things that your average desktop does – spreadsheets, word-processing, games and it also plays high-definition video. The Raspberry Pi is a fully featured micro- computer squashed onto a circuit board measuring approximately 9cm x 5.5cm.

The Raspberry Pi has a Broadcom BCM2835 system on a chip (SoC), which includes an ARM1176JZF-S 700 MHz processor, Video Core IV GPU, Originally shipped with 256 megabytes of RAM, later upgraded to 512MB. It does not include a built-in hard disk, but uses an SD card for booting and long-term storage.

It can make your Old TV in to a smart TV. (You can play Videos, 3D Games, Music, Browse Internet and much more. Raspberry Pi can Act as Full HD 1080p Media Player. It’s a Mini Computer which just cost Rs.2, 350/- You can connect a Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse and use it as a normal computer. Its Graphics Capabilities is better than Apple Products.

Raspberry Pi

Its Provide a fun environment for experimenting with programming and electronics and Inexpensive, simple, open and easy to maintain computer for schools .Fun computer for children to experiment with at home (programming, robotics, etc.)


Raspberry Pi support Linux on a bootable SD card, Fedora ,Raspbian , Debian operating system. Programming by default supporting Python as the educational language. Any language which will compile for ARMv6 (Processor) can be used with the Raspberry Pi.

Corruption in Indian education system

corruption” a simple word,a simple activity,a simple process.yet responsible for the terrible life of several millions of peoples and animals on this earth.A human who is involved in this activity is a disgrace and burden on the earth and society and must be treated accordingly.

Corruption is not new in India.India is among the most corrupted nation in the world.

But what really boils my blood is that some Indians have introduced this evil in already deteriorated education system of India.We have large population on one side which is looking to get even primary education and on the other side we have highly corrupted Education system which sells its seats

Corruption in Indian education system

Here are 5 points which show how worse our education system is corrupted

1. Student seats are expensive products and institutions which sell them are big corporation

In India almost every self financed deemed university is involved in selling of seats.They call it “donation”.They are abusing this noble word “donation” to carry out their own interests.Here is the news report by times of india

Medical scam just got bigger: PG seats for Rs 2cr


2. Who owns these big corruption houses?

It is a fact that the owners of most of these universities have a background in government and politics. some of these owners are former while some are current government officers and politicians and i think everybody is aware of the severe level of corruption In Indian government offices.

here is the link

Two deemed universities run by Tripura governor D.Y. Patil’s family, and another run by the family of Congress MP Datta Meghe, are on the list.

The Bharati Vidyapith is run by Maharashtra minister Patangrao Kadam’s family.

All these 44 institutions will lose their deemed tag in three years unless they “significantly improve”.

3. Procedure of admission

Many of them do not consider the exams conducted by central or state government agency in which every talented guy or girl from every corner of the country appears .Instead they conduct their own exams and take admissions according to their own criteria so that they can take who ever and how much they want.

The fees for manipulating entrance tests ranges between $ 80 to $ 20,000 for popular programmes such as computer science, medicine and engineering the report said

4. Even teachers are corrupted

There are certain guidelines which every college has to follow regarding the quality ,experience and qualification of faculty.yet they are hiring those teachers which are cheap and far away from the standards.In this game teachers are too morally corrupt.

The quality of tertiary education in India was lowest among the other emerging nations. The points it scored on the scale of 2, was 0.1. Even though the demographics of India are considered its strength, the country has scored the minimum in this too and was ranked at last place

5. Hey there is a sale in that college !

With every engineering seat you will get a insurance package worth Rs 80000 and a laptop worth Rs 1 20000 absolutely free *Terms and conditions apply.Actually these are not free.The reason why some colleges have significantly high fees then the others is because they not only sell education but also some other items like laptops,blazers,insurance plans which every student has to buy.I did not have proof for this point but believe me,i belong from one of those colleges.




Are you searching top 100 engineering colleges in india

If you are searching for list of top 100 engineering colleges in in india then you have landed in the right place.

I also did what you are doing right now (searching for top 100 engineering colleges in india in google and yahoo) back in my studying days.And believe me it is the biggest mistake which i ever did in my life . I know you are not going to believe me that easily so i have my evidences .

Here the reasons for not searching top 100 engineering colleges in india. Continue reading Are you searching top 100 engineering colleges in india

5 qualities of a poor teacher

The first step we can take to increase the quality of our education system is to strictly identify and eliminate bad teachers which are unfit for teaching and fill those vacant positions with good ones

Now who is the good teacher and the bad one? what is the criteria to decide which is good and which is bad?

5 qualities of a poor teacher


Here are the 5 points which most of the bad teachers possess and good teachers do not.

1.who are the target students?

We have guidelines which tells us what type of teachers are suitable for teaching students of which grade. A teacher which has only undergraduate qualification may be suitable for teaching school students but they are surely not fit for teaching college students no matter how simple and theoretical is the target syllabus.Similarly inexperienced teachers are generally not proposed to teach students of professional courses who are in their higher years.These types of teachers which are not fulfilling the minimum criteria should be eliminated.

2.Lack of communication

If the teacher is unable to communicate completely and clearly what he wants to say to his students then those teachers must also be eliminated.No matter how deep is the level of knowledge of that teacher is ,she is merely of use to students.That teacher can be given other positions in the examination department where she can set exam papers but she should not be there in class rooms for teaching.

3.Style of teaching

Some teachers follow a very simple approach to teaching.They bring some notes with them.(power point Slides now a days).Recite them line by line without giving the relevant examples.It looks like they want to complete everything and leave before any body ask a single doubt.They just copy from books and paste into the classrooms.These types of teachers must be eliminated without thinking twice.

4. Egoistic  teachers

some teachers think that they are the only genius in the class rooms .They just don’t listen to anybody .Classroom looks more like hell in their presence.They interact with students very less.some times it looks that they are there to teach only frontbenchers .They don’t care whether the weaker guys who are willing to learn have understood something or not.

5.An Unprofessional Teacher

Let me tell you one incident.One very brilliant student was laughing in the classroom.A rookie teacher saw him and shouted on him saying that ” he will ruin his whole career”. These types of teachers who think that they have the ultimate power of building or ruining the child career must be eliminated without a doubt.

Since the criteria for selecting the people to be teachers include nothing from the points given above, it need to be improved. If you pass BEd Examination you can take up the job of teacher! This examination based selection should be supported with interview and the analysis of above qualities in the people to be selected as teachers because it is rightly said –

“Those who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living well.”


A right engineering college

These are some points which you should consider when choosing an engineering college.

1.Avoid these colleges and universities

Try To avoid taking admissions in the colleges and universities listed in the below image.These colleges are black listed by the government for their money making tendency and poor quality of teaching.If you are thinking the list is fake and made by some frustrated engineering guy ,then my dear here are the links for your conformation.The whole article is worth a read.i belong to one of these colleges and i can guarantee you that what government is saying about them is 100 percent true.

poor engineering colleges

2.Try to avoid engineering colleges which have very high fees.

Now quality is proportional to money but according to my experience in higher education i think the formula is just reversed.The more you will pay ,the less you will get.Ok i have a proof of my statement.Approx 26 out of 31 private colleges in the above list are very expensive colleges yet they are black listed Lol !

3.Don’ t ever go with advertisements.

Have you ever wondered how the money which these colleges are investing in advertisements came from?You can now see some universities on television adds? Is this is a business of attracting customers ? Are students their customers? If yes then you can probably think what a corporation does? Makes as much profit as it can.

4.Don’t ever trust rankings.

If you are searching on the net for Top 100 engineering colleges ,then please stop this.This is the major cause why too many students make wrong choices and then they regret their decision for their whole life.These rankings are not done by any trusted agency.Even some of these publishing houses get paid by the private colleges to show their rankings.The only thing which you can trust about these rankings is their placement of IIT’s and some NIT’s at the top to put a mask of genuineness on their fake lists.

5.Consult the genuine student.

Don’t consult with any staff or faculty of your future college.They will misguide you and will tell you false things.consult the “genuine student” of the college in which you are going to take admission.what i mean by “genuine student” is the guy or girl (if you are lucky) who can give you the true and unbiased description of the whole place.Be shameless,told him or her your definition of a good college and ask him or her is your definition implies on that college or not.If you don’t know anybody of that college ,search orkut or facebook to find community of that particular college.More over you can visit the campus of that can always find some good guys there in cafeteria to whom you can talk about your doubts.

6.Every thing which shines is not a gold.

The thing in India on which most of the universities and colleges are focusing to attract students is Infrastructure.I am not saying that infrastructure doesn’t matters.But if the student’s money is invested in infrastructure instead of being invested in his/her education then the issue needs attention.They are building beautiful glass covered multistory buildings fitted with capsule lifts all around the campus.From the outside it looks like a 3 star hotel.But the food is really bad.Ya,i am talking about the education.You are paying for that food not hotel.After 4 years you will not have that infrastructure which you are feeling so proud of.At the very least it can be guessed where that hard earned money of your family is invested.In building someone’s else hotels !

7.Think about the “REAL” thing

Investigate about the “Real” thing.You are taking admission to get educated.To upgrade your self to a talented and educated engineer.And the most important thing to look for in a college is its quality of education.Inquire about the activity of college students in research.Many bad colleges have theoretical approach to education.Their syllabus is also designed in that way.1 night study and any crammer can secure above 80 %. really this is not a education. Examine the faculty profile of that college.Look at their qualification.Many bad colleges hires undergraduate and inexperienced guys.

8.Mode of admission

A little research on the admission policy of that college can give you a great deal of information about its students. If the college has management seats or donation ,then do not be shocked if you see a class stuffed with 80 + students,and the single course stuffed with 260 + students.If you are lucky then may be you will find a guy sitting on your side most probably who doesn’t know the symbol of resistor yet he is on his way to become an engineer.

Thank you Mr college for providing such great engineers.Believe me .Cases like these are not uncommon. Some really nasty colleges conduct their own admission tests.They do not trust the exams conducted by the government agencies.This gives them freedom to select who ever and how much they want.

9.Rumour of placements.

This is the most important question which we ask a lot of time before taking admission to any college and they have figured out a way on how to convert our thinking into money.Every year you will see lots of posters on websites and news papers claiming record breaking 100 % placements.My dear it is the quality which matters not the quantity. Even the best institutions from the world do not give 100 % placement because you can always find dumbasses and our colleges are full of them.Then how they do that 100 % placement thing.? Many of them only claims that figure and some which have lots of money in their hand pay the companies to hire some dumb asses.After 6 months or so ,these companies kick them out.Its a official contract between them.

10.Google can be your best counseller

The easiest thing you can do to inquire about your future college is to search it on Google.append the college name with words like “is your college name good ?”.You will surely find a lot of information on that college on various websites and forums.I know some of them cannot be trusted but some can be.

Selecting the right college is the most important thing.Sometimes we do not get what we have always wanted.This does not mean that we are losers or untalented. Selecting the best out of all the possible options is the way by which we can do justice to our life and career. Many peoples do not care but you can always find those who cares and this article is dedicated to them.

Rest is all on GOD.