Major Opportunities of Grabbing Work From Home Job and Earning Money

Making money from working through home is nowadays most talked about jobs in the market. Work from home jobs majorly refers to that job which can be performed without going office or any official place. As the name suggests, it is one of those kinds of jobs which is easy to work and no official things are entertained. Many of the job opportunities as well as workforce as involved in this in order to bring about a change in the career. It can be sometimes called as part-time jobs, freelance jobs or home jobs and others. Job seekers seeking to get into these jobs can make a great difference in terms of earning and making a great business throughout.

There are many types of work from home jobs in the job market which includes:

  • Content Writing: This one of the best work from home jobs where any candidates who is willing to perform his skills and make a better opportunity in order to grab something better can easily try this. As writing requires passion, it can be only made one has interest in order to execute the work. After office or being at home, this work can be performed. Also, this form of job provides great exposure and high earning over the job.
  • Typing Job: In this form of job discipline candidate or job seeker is required to type the given article or blog or e-book on the Microsoft word. For this job seeker needs to have a great command over typing speed. To meet the target one should focus on the words typing per minute and deliver the project as soon as possible.
  • Translator: This is also turning out to be the emerging job opportunities for the candidates who are in search of jobs. Candidates having a key command over any of the foreign languages can easily apply for the jobs under this section. All you need is to translate the given material into the concerned language which is thus a great source of earning and ultimately a road to future success.
  • Call Center Representative: There are many companies who hire candidates and allow them to work from home in which they need to receive call for query or any suggestion so as to provide a feedback to customers. For this they are made equipped with all the necessary things which could provide assistance to the consumer and helps in retaining consumers at the very early stage.
  • Web Developer: With the emergence of many startups and small firms who want to get their work done through cost cutting measures choose candidates who can easily perform their work and charge a nominal amount of money. For this, web developer jobs have been growing at a very pace.

Above mentioned job opportunities are some of the best jobs found under this section. Nowadays with the effect of digitization many of the female candidates have now opted this job profile in increasing career making opportunities. Candidates looking for work from home jobs can easily make a great deal in applying through the job portal. There are number of job portals in India like Monster India, Shine and others where candidates can simply search and apply for the concerned according the location preference.

All You Need To Know About FTSE100

The stock market is a simple tool to our economy of what is valuable and what is decreasing in value. There is not just one stock market, but also multiple in various places, most notably in New York’s Wall Street. Chicago, Hong Kong, and Rome also have their stock market, as well as in London. The London Stock Exchange is the world’s oldest stock exchange, going back 300 years and various indexes. All of the so-called “closing figures of the day” comes from the end result of daily shares of a certain company stock. One of these market forums to buy and sell stock is the FTSE 100 Index.

Who They Are

The FTSE is the acronym for Financial Times Stock Exchange, named after the economic newspaper located within the London Stock Exchange. One-hundredcompanies, among the biggest in the entire stock exchange, are listed on the FTSE100, showcasing their special recognition, value, and importance in the economy for Europe and globally. It is “the market” and everything else is a tier lower, giving a summary on how the stock market is doing in the country.

What It Does

It calculates the day-by-day stock value of the top 100 companies listed, measuring by the minute as everything changes based on the news of the company and of the political changes taking place. It is simple: if numbers are up, people are buying and prices are rising; if numbers go down, people are selling and so are the prices. However, not all stocks are equally important or as worthy. A stock’s share price is based on market capitalization, where bigger companies will make or break more likely than smaller companies. The most influential companies listed and affects the economy the most include Shell, Aviva, Lloyds, and HSBC.

Do FTSE 100 Companies Change

The performance of a company determines where they rank and if they qualify for the FTSE 100.
Economic experts meet quarterly to discuss the economic impact of a company and where they stand in the FTSE 100. Companies are eligible based on market capitalization, calculated by multiplying number of shares by the price per share. As of September of this year, the market capitalization is at £1.899 trillion. Among the most notable companies listed, as of September 2017, include Coca-Cola, Vodafone, Morrisons, Rolls-Royce, and Unilever. Former companies of the FTSCE 100 include British Airways, O2, Royal Mail, Invesco, and William Hill.

FTSE 100 companies represent more than eighty percent of the entire LSE market capitalization as internationalcompanies. They are the powerhouse businesses that connect all continents and all major countries in every important sector from banks to insurance to travel. It is something that the public can get involved in with buying and selling stocks that fluctuate every working day and make up a major little piece of the global economy. The FTSE 100 is a major important piece of our economic standing.

How WhatsApp Makes Money

Hardly do you get to see someone in the present era of internet and technology who doesn’t know about Whatsapp. That’s how popular the application that is available across all major platforms is. But if you think about it, Whatsapp doesn’t have any kind of advertisements shown while you are using the application, so have you ever wondered how exactly does Whatsapp make money? It was purchased by Facebook a year back for 19 billion dollars. So what is it that makes it worth such a gigantic sum of money? The below mentioned information is going to solve the enigma for you.

How WhatsApp Makes Money

Launched by Brian Acton and Jan Koum back in 2009, the smart phone application was meant as an alternative of the costly SMS services which were being provided by carriers all around the world. With the utilization of the application, user is able to send a text message, along with a picture, audio, video etc. to one of his contacts who is using whatsapp for absolutely no charges. Since the application is available on android, iOS, windows phone, blackberry and even the NOKIA phones, it is highly unlikely that one of your contacts wouldn’t be able to make use of Whatsapp in the first place.

Back in 2014, the application was purchased by Facebook for $19 billion. As per the reports of Facebook, in the subsequent nine months, Whatsapp generated an overall revenue of around $1.2 million. But how exactly did Whatsapp managed to generate such a huge amount of revenue in a comparatively short period of time? What is the source of income for Whatsapp? Let’s dive into the mystery and look for the answer.

There is no argument over the fact that Whatsapp is not making any money out of advertisements since there are none which are displayed during the use of application. However, it doesn’t imply that there is no source of income for Whatsapp in the first place. As per a speculation, it is highly likely that Whatsapp is probably making money via data selling. Whatsapp may have been selling your personal information to third parties in order to study the user behavior and personal information which may be used to target the audience in a very specific fashion. In other words, while it is claimed that your information is absolutely secure with Whatsapp and it is only used by the app itself for targeting the audience, it can certainly not be taken for granted that since it may as well be a mode of making money for Whatsapp in the first place.

The rapid pace at which the total number of users are increasing can be justified by the fact that as soon as a person downloads the application, he is bound to advocate and let his friends and family know about it. This is what increases the total number of downloads exponentially. Last but not the least, Facebook has already announced that the current system in place for revenue generation in Whatsapp may not be stable in the years to come and the idea of putting advertisements may as well be implemented at a later stage.

The above mentioned information is more than capable of justifying why Facebook purchased the application for a huge sum of $19 billion. Since the application has a comparatively small, but persistent stream of stream of revenue with remarkable potential of growth, it won’t be wrong to state that the Facebook’s venture of purchasing Whatsapp is bound to be beneficial for it in a number of years to come. If you happen to have a different opinion about the modes of making money for Whatsapp, you are more than welcome to share your ideas.

How Just Dial Make Money?

How Just Dial Make Money?

If you have ever made use of Just Dial to get information about a product or service in your city, you must be wondering how this company generates revenues for itself. It heavily advertises on TV channels with none other than super star Amitabh Bacchan telling you how useful it is to dial and get information with this service.

How Just Dial Make Money?

Just Dial is India’s largest local search engine that disseminates information about businesses to people. People get the addresses and phone numbers of service providers through Just Dial and they can proceed to receive services from their preferred vendors. This seems to be a very good idea but how do Just Dial make money? There are several ways in which Just Dial makes money. Let us find out these ways.

How Just Dial Make Money?


  1. When you look up on the website of Just Dial searching for a particular product or service in your area, Just Dial provides you a list of vendors. You start with the company or service provider at the top of this list and then move downwards to try the remaining. Just Dial receives money from these companies with the highest amount form the companies that are listed at the top.
  2. Just Dial also makes money by giving out your contact details to companies. It does so on the basis of product or service that you had been looking for, and companies operating in your area are willing to pay money to Just Dial to get direct access to highly targeted group of customers. So the shops or companies calling you are probably the ones that pay Just Dial top receive your information.
  3. The company receives commission from restaurants that are listed on Just Dial. This commission is based upon the value of orders that these restaurants get through Just Dial.
  4. When you use the telephone number of Just Dial and ask for business dealing in product or service that you require, you are given address and contact numbers of companies that match your details. These companies get extra business through Just Dial and in lieu of this service, they willingly pay Just Dial.
  5. Just Dial receives around 1.6 million calls every day. The company keeps track of this information and sells it to interested parties. This data is of considerable importance for advertisers and marketers.


These are some of the interesting ways in which Just Dial makes money. There may be many more that common people are not even aware of. If you can think of other ways that Just Dial uses to make money, please share them with us.

Best Free Recharge apps to get Free Talktime/Recharges on your Mobile

Best Free Recharge apps to get Free Talktime/Recharges on your Mobile

Are you addicted to your smart phones?? Killing your time in browsing Facebook and twitter?? Most of us do the same. But have you ever wonder that you can do something more than just chatting on your smart phones. You can actually earn some food for your mobile phone by earning free talktime and recharges.

If you think I m just giggling , then you are wrong. Yes you can actually earn Free talktime and recharges for your smart phones and that too by using your smart phones!!

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Best Free Recharge apps to get Free Talktime/Recharges on your Mobile

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Android Apps To Earn Free Talk time or Money Making Apps

Spend too much time with your smart phone?? We all are of the same breed and most of us invest our time on facebook, whatsapp or other chatting apps. But do you really think we invest? NO! It is just a waste of time. But there are ways(Money Making Apps) through which you can invest your time by using your smart phone.
Here we bring for you some amazing android apps To Earn Free Talk time/ Recharges for your smart phones. Don’t get amazed, I am in my senses and i am going to share about such kind of apps to earn free talk time!! Now making money using your smart phone is possible. So better then killing time in facebook / twitter, you can earn recharge for your mobile using following apps.

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Android Apps To Earn Free Talk time or Money Making Apps

Android Apps To Earn Free Talk time or Money Making Apps

1) FreePlus App :-

     FreePlus app is an exciting app launched to get Free Recharges and Gift Cards. Amount is credited each time, when you complete any offers by either downloading the apps using it or by viewing the ads through it.

Install the FreePlus app.Register in it by using your E-Mail ID, and then you can start completing free offers like Downloading Apps so to get Free Recharge amount . Each App you download through FreePlus, you can earn upto Rs.20 (max). Also you can refer your friends to FreePlus and can earn recharges. For every successful Friend Referral,  FreePlus provides you with  Rs.7  .

2) Hike Messaging App :-

Hike is the first Indian Successful Communication app in Android Apps Market giving Free talk time for all of its Users .This is the first App which introduced recharge scheme as to get bulk of Subscription and Registrations. It’s very simple android app to earn free talk time / Recharges on Hike

Hike is a good messaging app and over the top you can earn recharges also. You have to just     install the app on your smart phone and then you have to send refer a friend. On each successful referral,you will be credited with Rs 20. You can redeem it after you reach a minimum amount of Rs 50.

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3) Line :-

Line is also an amazing messenger. It works similarly like Hike. You can earn upto Rs 300 Recharge for your referrals and upto Rs 130 through daily Chats.

All you have to do is to simply register your Number on and get your Referral Links so as to invite friends to get The Recharge. Even you can earn Recharge through Chats also. Daily chat through line, and per week You will be credited Rs.30, except for the first week for which you’ll get  Rs.10 . All the Credited amount can be redeemed into Mobile Recharges.

4) mCent :-

mCent is a newer entry for Indian users in this Free Recharge Category, but this app present in the Global market from a long time .

Using mCent you can earn  Rs.10 as sign-up bonus, Plus it also pays you Rs.20 for each friend you refer . You can redeem your earnings any time even if though your earnings are Less . Like you can redeem Rs 10 also. You can also earn by installing apps, Completing Offers and Surveys.

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5) POKKT (Pocket Money App) :-

POKKT is another great android app through which you can earn free talktime/ recharges. You just have to download of Other apps using POKKT. Its GUI is extremely simple which makes it easier to use.

You can earn by using friend referral link to invite friends to POKKT and you will get Rs.5 for each friend successfully referred to POKKT .

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Above five  Apps arereally an Money making apps, Using these apps you can really make your phone a “Smart” one!!


How to make money online through simple ways (Social networking)

In my earlier post i got a huge response which is on How to make money online, i am really thankful for all your support. I got many queries from my readers regarding the topic how to make money online but many of you asked some similar questions like are there any ways to make money online through Social networking sites or how to make money from Facebook etc. So here i am with an answer to all those queries of how to make money online through social networking websites like Facebook , twitter etc.

These days Social networking sites are on boom, but don’t think that it’s the best offer to earn money. There are many kinds of social media or social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and ‘micro-blogging’ sites such as Twitter and Tumblr to photo-sharing sites like Instagram and Flickr etc.Here i am sharing my ways on how to make money online through facebook, twitter, linkedln etc

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How to make money online through Social networking Media

 How to make money online through simple ways (Social networking)

These days Celebrities, Corporate firms, business men, etc need high profile accounts like Twitter account having large number of followers , facebook page having large number of Likes, Google +1s votes, free youtube views, free tweets. Even many times people are looking for likes on their personal photos for competition or to show off. Here is a way by which you can provide them Page likes , Followers , likes on photos, youtube views, etc. And all the things that you can provide through Social Exchange site, and a complete guide for how you can get votes, views and likes through social exchange site :

 Zazzle will allow you to create and design any product on their site, free of charge. Then, you can pop on to your Facebook , Fb page , Twitter and sell it. This will work for anyone who has a designed background or who may want to sell products made by other artists, or you can try out Cafe Press and sell things through their online store

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Ether is also a interesting method to make money through Facebook. Ether will allow you to add an app to Facebook and you can then give advice to people over the phone. If you’re good at giving advice, you can make some money. While this probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, if you’re into music, check out MusicBlaster. You can create a music store right on Facebook and then sell music from BlastMyMusic. For every song sold, you make 5%.

 Sponsored tweets – Sponsored tweets are those that advertisers will pay you to put out there because they know that you’ll be able to reach the target market or amount of people that they need to get in touch with.

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Linkedln Recommendations – As you know many of looking Linkedln account for recruitment , so many of people(job seeking) need recomendations, they can pay for Good recomendation. So simply you build your network on Linkedln and provide recomendations and get a return in favor 🙂

If you have a particular skill, like talented photographers can upload their images to photo-sharing site Flickr and be paid when they are used. Likewise, skilled videographers can sell their clips to YouTube and if they are successful and get lots of views, it could translate into a regular income stream

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MonthlyYouth is a new innovating and internet job site, where you will be hired to do some tasks, different in type and number and you will be paid a estimated reward for that instant in your account. After it, the job poster will review the service and approve the status for your payout, then you will be paid for your work via Cheque. Referral systems are also available for earning 🙂

Hope you guys like our “How to make money online through Social networking media”. If you have any questions regarding above content please ask in comments sections. Keep visiting !!


How to make money online

How to make money online – Gone are the days when earning money was difficult. Let me introduce to you the new age of technology through which you can earn money online. These ways are the genuine ways to earn money from home. If you work in proper direction, you can make dozens out of it easily. Remember one thing before you do anything, it is not easy to make money until you work hard.

Our generation Works harder and Party more harder, this suits us better…;)

You might have come across jobs like Click on ads, Email checking, Data entry & Filling forms etc. I found most of them fraud. I will not say that all of them are fraud but half of the companies are fraud (How to make money online).

There are many things worth doing online instead of your regular chat on facebook,  there is more into internet than you had ever thought and its time to nail down this bitch called ‘INTERNET’ . You need to just invest your chatting time in below methods and believe me this time will bring for you some fruitful results.

How to make money online

How to make money online easy & Legit ways

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