Easy way to Download Facebook Videos on Android

Easy way to Download Facebook Videos on Android

Sometimes or the other you may have found some of the video clips are always waving up on your timeline of facebook account shared by you and your friends  . Many of them are so fascinating that you want to have them all on your smarty Phone so that you can see them even in the absence of internet .

Now you must be wondering that what’s the easy way to download facebook videos on android smartphone or android tablet so that you can watch them anytime and anywhere you want . So stop wondering and just read our this post on “ Easy way to download facebook videos on android smartphone “  .

                                             Easy way to Download Facebook Videos on Android

Even though , Facebook didn’t provide any direct link or dint’ allows you to download facebook video , but still you can download videos on your android smartphone with the help of a third party application available for downloading videos from facebook .

Easy way to Download Facebook Videos on Android

Let’s see  how can you easily download facebook videos on android smartphone by using third party applications .

  • MyVideoDownloader : This app is amongst the leading app used to download facebook videos on your Android smartphone . You can start downloading any type of videos from your facebook account by using MyVideoDownloader app .  You can download the uploaded, shared and tagged videos by you and your friends and family using this app . It also enables you to download facebook videos from the groups and the pages you liked .

Steps to download Facebook video using MyVideoDownloader app on your Android smartphone :

  1. Download and install the app on your android samrtphone .
  2. Tap on the app to start the app .
  3. Sign in into your facebook account using the app .
  4. Search for the video you want to download on your android smartphone .
  5. Click on the little tick icon on the video you wish to download on your android smartphone , and then tap on download option which you can find at the top – right side corner on your android smartphone screen .
  6. Now your video will start downloading and will be saved on the  Memory card of your android smartphone by default . But  You can  also choose to save the video  to your personalized folder from the setting’s menu .
  • Video Downloader For FacebookVideo downloader For Facebook is do what exactly it says . It is another app which offers you to  download facebook video on your android smartphone . You can save the video on your memory chip or SD card and play it whenever you want even when you are not online or out of network .

Step to download facebook video using Video Downloader for facebook app on your android smartphone  : –

  1. Download and install Video Downloader For Facebook app on your android smartphone .
  2. Now open the  faceebook app on your android smartphone .
  3. Log in into your facebook account from the app.
  4. Search for the video you want to download on you android smartphone .
  5. Tap on the video you want to download.
  6. Their you will find a pop up saying “Complete action using” . Choose  Video Downloader For Facebook app from the options given to complete the action and then tap on “ always “ if you want to set this app as a default app or else choose “ just once “ .
  7. Now the video will be successfully downloaded on the memory chip of your android smartphone .

That’s all what we have for you on “ easy download of facebook video on your android devices “ . I hope you too find it easier now to download videos on your android device then earlier. Here easier does means easier just as simple as a cakewalk !!

How to make money online through simple ways (Social networking)

In my earlier post i got a huge response which is on How to make money online, i am really thankful for all your support. I got many queries from my readers regarding the topic how to make money online but many of you asked some similar questions like are there any ways to make money online through Social networking sites or how to make money from Facebook etc. So here i am with an answer to all those queries of how to make money online through social networking websites like Facebook , twitter etc.

These days Social networking sites are on boom, but don’t think that it’s the best offer to earn money. There are many kinds of social media or social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and ‘micro-blogging’ sites such as Twitter and Tumblr to photo-sharing sites like Instagram and Flickr etc.Here i am sharing my ways on how to make money online through facebook, twitter, linkedln etc

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How to make money online through Social networking Media

 How to make money online through simple ways (Social networking)

These days Celebrities, Corporate firms, business men, etc need high profile accounts like Twitter account having large number of followers , facebook page having large number of Likes, Google +1s votes, free youtube views, free tweets. Even many times people are looking for likes on their personal photos for competition or to show off. Here is a way by which you can provide them Page likes , Followers , likes on photos, youtube views, etc. And all the things that you can provide through Social Exchange site, and a complete guide for how you can get votes, views and likes through social exchange site :

 Zazzle will allow you to create and design any product on their site, free of charge. Then, you can pop on to your Facebook , Fb page , Twitter and sell it. This will work for anyone who has a designed background or who may want to sell products made by other artists, or you can try out Cafe Press and sell things through their online store

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Ether is also a interesting method to make money through Facebook. Ether will allow you to add an app to Facebook and you can then give advice to people over the phone. If you’re good at giving advice, you can make some money. While this probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, if you’re into music, check out MusicBlaster. You can create a music store right on Facebook and then sell music from BlastMyMusic. For every song sold, you make 5%.

 Sponsored tweets – Sponsored tweets are those that advertisers will pay you to put out there because they know that you’ll be able to reach the target market or amount of people that they need to get in touch with.

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Linkedln Recommendations – As you know many of looking Linkedln account for recruitment , so many of people(job seeking) need recomendations, they can pay for Good recomendation. So simply you build your network on Linkedln and provide recomendations and get a return in favor 🙂

If you have a particular skill, like talented photographers can upload their images to photo-sharing site Flickr and be paid when they are used. Likewise, skilled videographers can sell their clips to YouTube and if they are successful and get lots of views, it could translate into a regular income stream

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MonthlyYouth is a new innovating and internet job site, where you will be hired to do some tasks, different in type and number and you will be paid a estimated reward for that instant in your account. After it, the job poster will review the service and approve the status for your payout, then you will be paid for your work via Cheque. Referral systems are also available for earning 🙂

Hope you guys like our “How to make money online through Social networking media”. If you have any questions regarding above content please ask in comments sections. Keep visiting !!


Easiest way to invite all friend for Facebook Page

Every one get struggled in how to invite all the friends  to their Facebook page in easier way….
Here is the ways get revealed

Its Not the Trick but it is a technique:-

Easiest way to invite all friend for Facebook Page
Easiest way to invite all friend for Facebook Page
  • Go to the page that you want to the execute this trick…
  • Then in the “Invite Your Friends To Like This Page” Tab, Click See all button.
  • A pop Up will appear on the screen, In that drag the mouse to slide to last of the list.
  • Then click f12 button, Console window button will appear on the screen.



  • Then Copy the codes below here


  • Click Enter Button… it will automatically invite all of your friends.

Enjoy With this Technique… 


Increase facebook page like

Are you looking for creative ways to spread the word about your Facebook page? Your fan page can be one of your organization’s richest sources of interaction, R&D and lead generation. The only problem is making people aware of it!

Increase facebook page like

The best free way to get more likes on a Facebook page is really a two-fold strategy. First (and probably most importantly) you have to give people a reason to like the page. This is especially important if they don’t know you.Put as much cool and entertaining content out there as possible.

Once you have some content on there, share it anywhere you can. If you have a website or a friends website, promote the page on there. Act as the page and interact with other pages and individuals on Facebook. When people interact with your page, be sure and respond quickly. If you maintain an email list (even if its just your friends ) use it. Email everyone you know and tell them to like the page. Encourage people to share your page or links to your videos, images, tracks, etc. Really when you don’t have money to spend, the caliber of your content is that much more important. If you can create some really kick-ass content, people will promote it for you.

Best 5 ways to Increase Facebook page like

Put your fan page URL in your email signature

How many emails do you send per day? Now imagine each email you send is a chance for someone new to find out about your awesome fan page!

Tag other, well-trafficked fan pages in your updates

Their fans might see your page and you may get some cross-traffic.

Put a fan page widget on your blog or website

You’d be amazed at how many people simply don’t know about your fan page. Putting it on your website (i.e., your home base) will get it in front of all of your website visitors.

Put a link on your personal Facebook profile

Put this under the “links” section. This is a “soft sell” of sorts, letting your friends passively know about your page. You might have forgotten that people actually check that part of your profile!

Use targeted keywords in a Google AdWords

Use a keyword-based ad and direct people to your fan page. This is like Facebook ads on steroids.

How to Earn Money through Facebook Fan page

hello friends , today i will share about the ways to how to earn money through Facebook Fan page. Many of people holding the page who got thousand’s of likes , but they don’t know who to make money from these pages.Even People are not making money directly from Facebook. Your goal should be to get as more traffic as you can by using Facebook. Facebook won’t pay you for your fan page, you can get the advantage of having so many people on a list to earn money through Facebook Fan Page.


How to Earn Money through Facebook Fan page

Ways to How to Earn Money through Facebook Fan page


  • Selling developer applications

A new method to earn money with Facebook fan page is by using developer applications. You can place these applications in your web pages and get profit with every sale. Some advertisers also embed advertisements with the developer applications that can result in extra income. In fact, many applications are being developed just to sell on Facebook fan pages. Such applications can make you rich in short time provided you have targeted fans on your fan page

  • Monetize a Blog or Site

set up a niche related blog…and monetize it with adsense and cpa offers,.then add facebook page publish plugin then hire someone on odesk to write one blog post a day with affiliate link in 1st sentence, or link to your blog in first sentnce and post these to your blog….this will auto post to your FB page and all your fans news feeds will have a link on it every day….should get some decent traffic and earnings


  • List Of Pure Buyers

Here’s what you do:

1) Create a squeeze page

2) Promote your fan page to get a lot of fans

3) Post updates on your FB page that pushes your fans to share your fan page updates on their walls

4) Post updates that play up your squeeze page url

5) Create a mailing list using your squeeze page. Boost newsletter sign ups by offering a free digital goodie – free ebook, etc.

6) Create another mailing list and promote it on your previous mailing list. This new list is more targeted. It also asks people to take extra steps or even pay $1 or some LOW nominal fee. What you are doing is FILTERING your large list into a list of PURE BUYERS.

7) Keep filtering your list by making a 3rd list, this requires an even higher FILTER for interest.

The end goal is to have a FINAL list of buyers that have a HIGH CHANCE of buying the product/service you filtered them for. The secret here is CONSISTENCY OF MESSAGE – if you filtered them for say, SEO services, make SEO offers only instead of other types of offers.

  • Direct Advertisements and Local Deals

Some of the fan pages are just perfect for local advertisements. For instance, suppose you developed a Fan page for a particular city and succeeded in getting a number of likes for it too. Then you can easily get advertisements from local shops in that city and can make huge profits

Hope the above ways you can earn money through Facebook fan page.And when you start earn money from your fan page simply post here your income in comment section. 🙂
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How to access blocked sites ? Best solution.

In this article i am gonna show you how you can access blocked sites.

The current trend in Universities and Organizations is that they block our internet access .They do so so that we don’t access unsuitable content, by mistake or intentionally.They can save their precious bandwidth behind this mask.But all of us have a right to access and enjoy internet to its fullest.Who are they to decide what we should access and what shouldn’t.We have download limits,torrents are blocked and so on.Most of us have probably used power.com or some other proxy to access blocked sites.But what about a file download or torrent?. Now here is the solution to access blocked sites.

To access blocked sites first you have to download a software which is called vidalia.

To get this software

access blocked sites

Alexa Traffic Rank for https://torproject.org/download: 8,405https://torproject.org/download

Download linux version of this software if you have linux type operating system on your machine.

To access blocked sites Install the software on your machine

How to access blocked sites ? Best solution.
How to access blocked sites ? Best solution.

Run the software, go to start->all programs->vidalia bundle->vidalia.

You will see a onion like icon in quick launch bar on your windows bottom right corner.Click on that icon.You will see a window similar to the above one.

Click on start tor on tor window.Be sure that you are connected to the network of your organization or institute.Wait until the message on tor window changes to connected to the tor network.Now you are done.All you have to do is to change the connection settings of the program which has been blocked to the settings given below..



Example to use bit torrent

go to start ->all programs ->bit torrent->options ->preferences->connection

in right window under proxy server enter for proxy and enter 9050 for port.

Now download any file through torrent protocol.

we can use messengers if they are blocked

for Eg to configure gtalk go to start ->all programs-> google talk->google talk.

click on settings on gtalk window.Go to connection and in the right window that displayed

click on use the following proxy.Enter for host and enter 9050 for port.Click ok.

Now sign in in gtalk using your id and password and start chatting with your friends or relatives.

We can use our browser to access any blocked website.for firefox vidalia automatically installs a addon.To access blocked sites using firefox click on the bottom right corner of the firefox window where it is written tor disabled.you will see it changing to tor enabled when you click it.it also changes its color from red(disabled state) to green(enabled state) .Now you can freely access blocked sites.

Best 6 ways to wish someone Happy birthday on Facebook

It was my sister’s birthday last week who lives in USA, well certainly i could not wish her personally. Although i sent her a gift, i was wondering to wish her in a special way on Facebook that’s on our virtual world. So i found out some ways and I am sharing all those ways with you. Read them, follow them and make your dear ones happy.

Best 6 ways to wish someone Happy bithday on Facebook

Make a note and Dedicate it.

it make feels awesome , when you write a note and mention some old talks or instant or realize him or her of memories

Post A Photo on Their Wall

You can post a photo on their wall. well, the photo can be a customized one, or childhood pic or related to a special memory. It will definitely bring a huge smile on your dear one’s face! Mission Accomplished..

Make them an Animoto Video

All you have to do is choose a theme, an assortment of pictures and some music, and Animoto will mix them together and generate a music video with professional special effects. These really go a long way to showing someone you care, and don’t really take a lot of time. Give it a shot!

Surprise Birthday Fan Page

If you’re looking to be a bit creative, make them a surprise birthday fan page! Make a private fan page and invite all of the special person’s friends to join. Maybe name it “Happy Birthday” or “Person is the Best!”. This works nice for those big years for people who aren’t in town or available to come to the party.

Use a Third Party Gift Application

There are many great gift applications that allow you to send gifts for free. Some have extremely high quality and will really bring a smile to the person’s face. A personal favorite of mine is “Tooniez”, which consists of short animation videos with funny characters. Try it out and send one over.

Last but not the least, Send a Private Message

you can search on Google to wishing someone on his birthday, you get a ample of messages which make them feel so special.

hope you like above 6 ways to wish someone Happy Birthday on Facebook. Share your way to wish someone happy birthday in special manner in comment section.

How to Hide your name on Facebook

After a long time i am posting in Facebook tricks section , hope you liked my previous article on Reality Behind Hacking Facebook , Gmail Account. And this time i am going to share most interesting trick about Facebook.

Amazed your friends by simply hiding your name from them. Hide your name, simply  follow below step and get the invisible name 😀

Hide your name on Facebook


How-to- Hide-your-name-on-Facebook
Invisible name on facebook
      1.  Go to Account Settings
      2.  Click Edit in front of your name.
      3.  Copy the rectangle box given below and paste in the front of name in account settings page which you have to Hide

First Name:

Last Name:

Middle: .

Save Changes!

Note – If you are using windows 8 , trick will not work for you !!

Hope you enjoy above trick. we have already share some great trick about Facebook you can found these tricks in Facebook tricks Section