Nokia 7:Misses By a Hair

Nokia’s was one of the world’s greatest phone brands and was the dominant player in the post-2010 era of feature phones and smartphones. It was also a beloved brand in India, and some of us trusted Nokia more than we trust our spouses. It had some of funkiest and innovative looking devices back when it reigned supreme, and they were tough as tanks.  

Nokia was brought back to life recently by the folks at HMD global after its catastrophic fall at the hands of Microsoft, and since then, they have been on a roll, and it seems that they are finally gaining market share slowly. They have released a ton of different devices starting with the Nokia 2, which is their low end offering to the Nokia 8, which is their fastest offering yet. The review today, however, is for the Nokia 7, which is a device that is a step down from the Nokia 8 but is actually a teaser for the upcoming Nokia flagship, the Nokia 9. So, how does it fare against the industry big guns and more importantly how does it fare against its competitors at the same bracket? Let’s find out

Design and Display:

There is no denying that the Nokia 7 is a gorgeous device. It has an all-glass body, wrapped in Gorilla glass 3. It sits on Aluminium 7000 series chassis and gives the device a nice and solid and premium feel. It was really thoughtful of Nokia to encase the device in Gorilla Glass so it hopefully won’t shatter as easily but investing in a case will still be a priority. Also for a first, Nokia has the fingerprint sensor at the rear, giving the front a nice, clean look and has capacitive buttons for navigation. Also, the device has a protective Nano coating that can save it from accidental liquid splashes. So there is a raised housing for the camera which has a Zeiss logo on it depicting that the camera uses Zeiss lenses.  

The Nokia 7 uses a 5.2inch IPS panel with a 1080p resolution. This accounts to a pixel density of 424ppi which makes content appear really sharp. The IPS display has nice colours and good contrast, but I would have like an AMOLED panel on the device given its price point. The screen also has a 16:9 form factor and not the newer 18:9 aspect ratio.


Perhaps, the only neutral aspect of the Nokia 7 is thatit is powered by the Snapdragon 630 which is the successor to the Snapdragon 625. Both the 630 and the 625 have nearly the same performance but the 630 being a newer chip has better power efficiency. It isn’t a bad processor per-se, but Nokia could have easily used a Snapdragon 660 in the device since the Nokia 8 uses the top tier Snapdragon 835. The Snapdragon 630, like the 625, is an 8 core chip with four cores clocked at 2.2GHz and another four clocked at 1.4GHz. The higher clocked cores kick in when it senses the need for more processing power but for less demanding tasks it uses the slower cores.It also has a mammoth 6GB of RAM which makes multi-tasking a breeze.

Graphics are handled by the Adreno 508 GPU which is also one up from the Adreno 506 found in the snapdragon 625. Overall performance improvements are really minor, but the 630 has some unique features like integrated X12 modem, Qualcomm 642 DSP, Hybrid autofocus, Quick charge 4.0 support and so on.


Nokia has been really playing it subtle in the software department, and we appreciate them for it. It comes with stock Android 7.1.1 out of the box with no skinning whatsoever and should be getting the Android Oreo update very soon. There are no unnecessary preinstalled bloatware apart from the standard Google Apps. This makes the whole UX very snappy and responsive, and due to stock android, RAM management is done exceptionally well on the device.

Camera and Storage:

This is one area where the Nokia 7 might fall a bit short compared to the competition. While the rest of the manufacturers are busy on actively implementing a dual camera setup on their phones and advertising them as camera phones, Nokia went a different route with the 7 because it doesn’t feature a dual camera setup like its competitors. But what makes it unique is that it uses Carl Zeiss optics on the camera sensor. Nokia has had a long history of using Zeiss optics on their flagships and better optics naturally mean a better image quality. It has a 16MP primary camera with dual LED flash and an f/1.8 aperture and a pixel size of 1.12 microns. It can also record 4K videos but there are certainly better cameras available around the same price bracket.  

The front camera is a fairly modest 5MP shooter with an f/2.0 aperture and has 84 degrees of wide angle capture. Also, the front camera has 1.4-micron pixel size, but sadly none of the front or rear cameras have any sort of image stabilisation and it can lead to shaky or blurry images if not handled properly.

The device is available in a 64GBvariantwith the option to expand via an SD slot that supports up to 128GB SD cards.

Battery and Connectivity:

The Nokia 7 has a 3000mAh battery with Qualcomm Quick Charge support. It should get you through the day just fine.

Connectivity Wise, the Nokia7 hasn’t seen an official worldwide launch, so support for Indian Network bands isn’t confirmed. But the device has Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/n/ac, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC and GPS with A-GPS, GLONASS and BDS support.  


The Nokia 7 is a beautiful device complying with Nokia’s legacy of building innovative and good looking phones. It misses out on a few marks like the So C and Screen, but it makes it up with good audio capabilities and great cameras. The Nokia 7 price in India is expected to be around Rs.26990 when and if it launches and should be a great contender in that price bracket. Keep yourself updated with the latest news on

What happens if I don’t make a Will?

You will be surprised by statistics but almost 50 % Australian don’t have a Will. The assumption behind this can be like, if someone dies without a Will then maybe his or her wishes will be able to sort it out and the wishes of the deceased person will be carried out in a similar manner. But it is not that simple, in fact, it quite a demanding task.

There is a firm formula of distribution of Will is set up by Administration Act 1903.According to this, if a person dies intestate (without a Will) then the distribution of property will take place in accordance with Administration Act 1903, which states that property and assets will be distributed among the specific relatives of yours.

What are intestacy rules and how they are applied:

Intestacy rules as mentioned above are strict rules and don’t count the decisions of whom you want to leave your assets to. Under intestacy rules you will:

–    One of the most devastating factors of the intestacy rules is a random distribution of wealth and property. In this, your stepchildren won’t be entitled to be part of your estate; even though you love them and consider them as your own children

–    Your spouse will be entitled but not on the complete estate, even if you wanted that outcome

–    If you have estranged children then they are lucky as they will be part of your estate even if your relationship with them is strained or going through rough patch for a long time.

It clearly states that what you have intended for your distribution of the estate, it is not relevant for intestacy rule – as it is the same for all.

For example, there is a person called Frank and suddenly he dies then the distribution of estate will be according to above-mentioned pointers as they come under intestacy rules. Frank’s wife will not be allowed to live in that house even if it was owned by Frank. It was less than her entitlement and maybe she will have to rent.

Family behavior if there is no Will

We live with the same family for years and all of us are optimist about the fact they will behave empathetically during the distribution of an estate. They will have this in mind that the estate will be distributed in accordance with their intentions and family will behave sensibly.

Sometimes families understand and together they agree that intestacy rules are not giving intended outcome then it is possible for a family to agree and distribute the estate in the different manner. But this option has a couple of obstacles, that is, for distribution of the estate in a different manner all members entitled to an estate under intestacy rule should agree and come to a single agreement. The agreement which is reached to single point maybe dutiable transaction under The Duties Act 2008.This means that stamp duty maybe payable on it.

These are a few things to keep in mind and also one should always opt to make a Will to avoid these circumstances. New Way Lawyers a Wills and Estate lawyers in Brisbane provide quality services for Wills and they have probate lawyers and estate lawyers which has complete information on how to make a Will that reflects your wishes. They operate as New Way Lawyers which are nonprofit Law Firm and help to serve low-income groups.

How to Develop an Efficacious Business from Your Passion for Art?

We all grow up idolizing certain people in our lives. They are the ones who inspire us to be like them one day. We mostly idolize people from the same industry that they want to make our careers in. However, for most of us the dream of becoming like them one day remains a dream for life. As we often tend to fear away from the risk involved and the enticement that a routine job gives of getting a specific amount of money monthly.

On the contrary, there are still some who follow their hearts calling. Irrefutably, the best feeling for them is when they can attain the position they wanted to have in the career path they have chosen for converting their passion into profession.

If we talk in context of art, becoming an artist for converting it into a profession is a bumpy ride when it comes to carving business from this passion. Nevertheless, the good news is that if you, apart from mastering your artistic skills, learn the right way to sell art online and offline, you would be able to turn it into a successful business. So, keep reading to know more.

  • Make art that resonates-

Creating paintings that can appease the senses of the onlookers emotionally, visually or both will make your paintings stand out. This will fetch you all the more buyers when you will be selling paintings online through some art gallery. Art gallery has plethora of paintings and if your paintings would be able to look extremely beautiful or will hit the emotional chords of the potential buyer, you will automatically sell more.

  • Identify your target audience-

Thereafter, you should ascertain your target market. See how wide your market place is and what all mediums are there for flourishing your market. For the same, you should know the kind of paintings you want to sell. If you want to sell abstract paintings online look for the places where there demand is more. Besides this, to know the target market and audience, one also needs to keep up with the art trends and how the economy of the places where your buyers reside is affecting the frequency of purchases and the willingness of art lovers to buy painting in general.

  • Keep your business plan afresh and not obsolete-

Just like every other business person revises the business plan he has, every artist too need to make it a point to see if the business plan they have is updated and integrated well with the current market trends. Besides this, a business person also needs to see if he is able to work according to his business plan. For instance, if he has set a goal of selling 10 paintings in 4 months, in order to earn well from the sale of his paintings. He would need to make at least twice as more the number he wants to sell. However, if after doing this too, he isn’t able to generate revenue in the desired way then he should try to find the loopholes.

  • Increase the engagement of your admirers-

Ideally, an artist should write catchy, brief and interrogative captions in order to increase the engagement of his existing admirers and for adding up a significant amount of new appreciators. In addition to this, artists should occasionally upload pictures with long motivational, inspirational descriptions. This help the onlookers in connecting with the artist more. This indirectly contributes to the sale of the artist’s paintings online. For instance, a motivational pot could be on how the artist rose above all odds and decided to make money out of his passion instead of persistent pressure for doing a job from his near and dear ones. The artist can also tell others to follow their passion.

In context of short descriptions, one can write, ‘type yes, if you like it’, ‘tag the one you would want to give this to’, ‘Can you guess what my next painting would be on?’

  • Change your admirers into customers-

Whether through any online platform or through an offline one, if you meet or talk to someone who finds you paintings really intriguing, give him or her your number right way and share your visiting card with them.

Do so because if someone is moved by what you make, he will definitely buy at least one painting or artwork from you. Moreover, showing the ones who admire you, their importance will strengthen the love and respect that they have for you and you artwork even more.

In context of social media accounts, artists can offer discount baits. All this will give your admirers reason to buy paintings online or from your art studio.

Upturn Customer Satisfaction by Revolutionizing Inbound Call Centers

With a large leap from the previous years, contact centers have undergone tremendous change and emerged as a whole new environment to work in. Today, with such massive advancement in technology and with the increase in the usage, customer expectation has also increased tremendously. On the other hand, in order to entice the existing customers, companies offer them with more empathy and facilities. No matter their expectation will rise eventually. With the rising expectations and increase in the choice bar, customers now assume their products to be served with empathy, personalization, and even more conveniently.

After numerous research and exploring the current trends, the key features that will affect the reliable inbound call centers with emerging expectations are:

  • Human calling will decline significantly. As the automation has taken the newer market, more quality enhancing techniques has entered into the picture. The lower-level agents will now be converted into automated techniques to handle calls.
  • Investments in outsourcing will have to be improved. Be it inbound calling, outbound calling or telemarketing services, more efficient agents will be required to answer the queries of customers.
  • Customers will indeed chin up their expectations and demand a high-end personal experience. It will then be a huge matter of discussion as to whether the providing services should be in-house or fully outsourced.
  • With each passing year technologies are updating with unstoppable speed. It will be even critical to decide that investing in which technology will give the most profitable revenue.
  • Target customers will then be provided with end-to-end services and customer care service will be assumed to of utmost importance.
  • The level of customization will eventually increase as the intellectual robots and automated voice response systems (IVR) will serve as an entrance door for critical channels.

At the end of the day, it is all about customer’s satisfaction level. To what level of service and satisfaction an organization is providing to their audience, in order to stay. Because the headcount of internet usage will continue to rise. Therefore, new services and technology will also carve their way into the market. And for getting the right targeted audience, inbound call centers need to go a long way in order to improve their facilities. They consistently need to be updated with the latest trends running through the market and righteously create something out of the box.

With the advent of time, inbound call centers with their skills and techniques have served the mankind with all due respect. But with the evolution of newer age and automation into the picture, contact centers need to revise their techniques and enhance the hierarchy of flow. As the automation will be into practice, customers’ queries will be self-directed into the right agent’s queue.

Realtors Would Never Tell You These

With the real estate industry stamping itself as one of the best and biggest in the US economy courtesy of its growing population and maybe industrial activities, real estate agents are becoming popular more than ever before, many more people go into the business to have their share of the flowing honey. However, agents get the good, bad and ugly treatments from their clients but all these most times occur because those clients lack ideas about what to and what not to ask the realtor, or about what should be spoken to them at all by realtors. I have highlighted a few of those things you shouldn’t expect to hear from real estate agents to help you understand them better.

Don’t expect a direct answer about community neighbourhood demographics.House with a big garden  up for sale it's 1 floor house.
Yes, he is purposely giving you a run-around, but certain details about a neighbourhood or community will make him violate the Fair Housing Act as enacted into law in 1968 to check housing discriminations. Well, you could ask your agent if where he has taken you to is a good neighbourhood but don’t expect a straight answer. He must be cautious as the law protects against race, colour, national origin, religion, sex, disability and other discriminations that are based on peoples’ demography. The Fair Housing Act prohibits any professional from steering prospective homebuyers and tenants to choose if he wants to stay in the community or otherwise based on factors of demographics. This is such that equal access to housing for all groups of people are ensured to safeguard them from discrimination of any sort.
Therefore, if you have encountered situations where real estate agents get tightlipped when such questions are asked, he is both being professional and upholding the law of the land. Take for example, if he dare says a particular environment is suitable for young people, he is probably creating an impression in you that such area is not too good for you as an aged individual and he is already discriminating.
Do not expect to hear anything close to crime statistics and schools
Because crime statistics and details about educational institutions can be interpreted as a reference to the race which automatically violates the Fair Housing Act, do not expect to hear anything close to these from your agent, or better not ask. This particular law applies especially to cases of home selling. This is because a real estate agent is not expected to treat or talk differently about a particular group of people, race or religion regardless of if the buyer requests such information.

Technically, any sort of information that is traceable to discriminations is avoided as much as possible by real estate agents so as not to get themselves in trouble for your sake.
You can make your agents helps you
On several instances, real agents find themselves in positions where they try to explain why clients’ choices cannot be narrowed down to their expectations most especially because much of their request touch down on the protected classes. However, you can make your agents help you with a little tactics. If you want to confront a real estate agent with any of these requests, rather than ask him questions of discriminations, you are advised to contact friends or maybe touch base yourself by trying a little residency researches before telling your estate agent to find homes for you in such neighbourhood. Trust me; a real estate agent would always make you realize he cannot find houses for you based on those clauses of discriminations if you dare table them before him.
Finding the neighbourhood for you
While agents wouldn’t address your request based on the grounds of discriminations, they would always provide you with tools and resources to find that environment and communities that meet your need or suit you. Real estate organizations ensure to create pamphlets that are given to clients which orientate them about how to protect themselves buying or selling houses while they are made to avoid bias as much as possible through third party recommendation tactics. Searching information about a particular neighbourhood is now really made easy too as the internet offers you great chances to know about places you haven’t even set a foot. With couples of clicks, you would be able to tell few stories about where you have never been before.
Buying or selling a house just got easier, and you wouldn’t make unnecessary problems with your real estate agents the moment you understand issues like these.

Good Choice of Music Can Enhance the Value of Trip

Ever gone for a trip? The answer is probably yes. Trips are specifically meant to expose people or specifically students from the normal day to day activities. It gives them an insight of what the world has to offer as well as making them enjoy the ecological beauty and the world’s serene features. However, music should not be excluded from the journey as it is a great enzyme for making the trip more lively and enjoyable. The choice of the music matters a lot since not every song matches the theme of the journey. The music selected hence plays a big role in enhancing the trips value in the following ways.

Music, Record, Sheet Music, Picture, Disco, Stan

Reduces boredom

Travelling can be a bit boring especially if you are going for a long distance. Many people can get bored easily and lose the taste of the whole trip before they even get there! Putting on a nice music will therefore lighten up their minds and make the trip an interesting event. It’s good to listen to music that almost all those onboard know well because singing along as the song plays makes the whole scenario even more fun. It also reduces the boredom of putting up with long traffic congestions. The melodious beats are capable of relieving both physical and mental fatigue in a weary person.

Enhances creativity

Carrying some musical instruments for the trip like digital pianos will not only have entertainment benefits but also enhance creativity and talent. There are children who are really gifted in using the musical instruments. Giving them the chance to use the instruments while on a trip will improve their talent more. There are other students who know how to use the instruments but shyness brings them down. This is the best time to boost their confidence since in a trip all the people are free with each other than in any other place. It also creates a golden chance for those who don’t know how to use the various musical tools to know the same either by direct observation or handling them personally.

Improve learning

The music choice put on should be in accordance with the theme of the trip. For example, if the students are travelling for a study related trip, the music should be related to studies. This really works out better because some people will understand more by listening to the rhythms. One will listen to the song and then deeply meditate on why the singer is saying such words. The emotions and tonal variations that accompany a song make the brain understand much better. Lyrics can also influence someone’s way of thinking and start seeing situations in a different perspective. Melodies have the power to convey our thoughts with the inability to speak.

Minimizes sleep

Most children and even adults have the tendency to fall asleep in a quiet place. Some noise is important to make them stay alert so that their minds won’t stay idle. The level of idleness tends to be high when the environment is calm and so selecting a relevant music will spice up the journey especially if one suffers from insomnia. A trip is meant for entertainment and so people can stand and even dance the songs! Those who don’t take the stage will either clap or cheer up and make the trip more interesting. Spiritual songs can also be tuned in to thank the creator for journey mercies. This participation can rarely make one sleep.

Stays you high

One may not be impressed by the environment the trip subjects them to. It could be the mode of transport being used, weather conditions or simply the hygienic aspects. A little bit of interesting music hijacks your mind from the unpleasant conditions and takes you to another world that makes you forget the current situation. Lyrics make the journey even shorter because the whole mind concentrates on the words hence making a perfect distraction from the unnecessary and annoying issues.

Reduces depression

People going for a trip come from different backgrounds with some of them having hard situations to deal with. Others are physically and mentally abused and just by listening to a relevant soothing song, all the stress is carried away and brings relief. Depression is very dangerous as it can make one not to get anything from the tour. A depressed individual may be absent-minded or have a high temper that may make them stay in isolation. Trips should, therefore, be accompanied by some music so that it can clear away peoples mind and refresh them with new minds that will enjoy the journey.

In conclusion, good music clears the soul and creates tranquility which makes one live in peace with themselves as well as with others. It’s a universal language that removes both language and age barriers. However, the volume of the music put on should be moderate so that it does not annoy anyone. Some people enjoy loud volumes while others like the slow soothing sound. The genre of the songs to be played should be wisely selected by letting the trip members choose what makes them happy. However, the songs for small children on an educational trip should be determined by the teacher or the parents (if any). The kid’s melodies should be spiritual or related studies. Negative or evil songs should be avoided on trips to avoid distracting people’s minds or killing their morale.


What Is NFC Technology & How It Works ?

What Is NFC Technology & How It Works ?

Have you heard about mobile wallet? It is the technology used to make your payments using a cell phone. You tap your cell phone to a device and the payment is made. Mobile wallet finds its applications at many places such as stores, bus and train stations and even restaurants. It helps you pay your bills and payments easily just by using your cell phone. So how does it work?

Mobile wallet is there because of the technology called Near Field Communication. NFC works almost like RFID. You must have seen RFID barcode scanners used at stores. NFC is a mode of transfer of data between two devices. However, NFC phones must be placed in physical contact to the receiver device for communication.


The Boom of NFC

Near Field Communication technology is quite promising. The ability to make payments just with a cell phone is a great idea and that’s why the technology is gaining popularity. Many telecommunication companies are coming forward to incorporate the technology with their devices.


Smart phones too are striving to join hands with NFC. Soon there will be many smart phones with NFC seen around in the US. Apple is also working to get NFC technology in its iPhones and iPads. Reports from Bloomberg reveal that Steve Jobs has been working to integrate the Near Field Communication technology into his iPhone and iPad. Apple hired a mobile payment expert and also applied for a patent on NFC.


NFC Competes with Magnetic Card Technology

NFC ensures secure mobile payment. Recent cases have revealed that traditional credit cards systems can be risky. There is a possibility to skim data via the magnetic strip. Therefore, some credit cards have got NFC chips attached to them and they can be read with an NFC reader. NFC is a promising technology and has the potential to compete with many recent technologies.


Google Launches its NFC enabled Application – Google Wallet

Google is taking considerable interest in this new technology. Google Wallet allows people to make payments with their NFC cell phones. The application allows users to tap their NFC phones on the terminals to make the payment. However, the technology is limited to the number of NFC terminals available and to the number of phones with NFC support. At present, Google Wallet only works with Android Nexus S smart phone.


The technology is gaining popularity around the world. Mobile wallets can be used in online shopping or other online e-commerce websites such as online gaming websites. Here is the list of Best Mobile Payment Apps. You can easily pay your utility bills, bus fares and make payments at stores using your mobile wallet.

The technology is being accepted with great interest in third world countries. There are countries where modern payment methods like credit cards have not yet developed and they still rely on cash for most of their transactions. Cash is an insecure mode of payment and is prone to theft. Cash also requires people to wait in long queues. Mobile wallet is bliss for these people as they can now make payments using their cell phones.

UPSC Examinations Preparation Tips & Tricks

Are you crazy about the jobs that UPSC offers?. Are you a learner and preparing for the examinations?. If your answer is yes, then you should have a look at the tips and tricks given the post. At first, let’s have some points about the UPSC. UPSC stands for Union Public Service Commission and offers a lot of recruitments. There will be a total of 24 UPSC examinations in the forthcoming year. Every year, there are a large number candidates who apply for the posts for which the board reveals the notice. In 2018, expectations are for the increase of more examinees. Thus, there will be more value of competition and the aspirants must strengthen their preparations for the examinations.

How To Crack UPSC Examinations In First Attempt?

The common and valuable question that most of the candidates ask is – how can we clear any of the UPSC examination in the first attempt?. The answer is, it is difficult to crack the exam in one attempt but not impossible. There are many factors on which the selection of the vacancies based. Contestants who are considering all these facts and figures while their preparations can score well and get the secured job in any of the services like the Indian Administrative Services (IAS), Indian Police Services (IPS), Civil Services, Defence Services etc.

Perfect Strategy To Crack The Exams

Below we have given some simple and easy steps for 100 percent quality tips:

Know The Exam Structure: The first thing that every aspirant has to do is get some in-depth information concerning the UPSC 2018 exam. Suppose, if he/ she is preparing for the civil services examination that at first, the examinee must set a plan according to the exam dates. The civil services consist of two levels – the preliminary and mains. The first stage of the test is popularly known as CSAT – Civil Services Aptitude Test. The mains portion subsists two partitions – the written test and personal interview.

Create A Road Map: A road map or also called pre-planning is very important in any of the examination and is necessary for the nationwide exams conducted by the UPSC – a recruiting agency known for organising tough competitive exams. A roadmap can be formed using the timetable and exact dates related to the whole recruitment procedure.

Opt Right Books: Selection of books is an essential. Always use the official resources for getting the right knowledge. There are many online and offline platforms which are providing books but a candidate should buy the books recommended by a counsellor, teacher or from those who had cleared the test and are serving already.

UPSC Examinations

Check Exam Pattern And Syllabus: Before starting the preparations for UPSC examinations, every candidate must figure the syllabus out. The syllabus helps aspirants to gain some useful information on the topics they have to prepare. The exam pattern gives an idea of the duration of the test, how much marks will be allotted for each question etc.

Solve Previous year Papers: Studying books is not enough to crack such tough examinations. Solving previous year papers, sample papers, mock tests are compulsory. Aspirants should solve question papers by setting a fixed period of time so that they can measure their performance in a given time. If they are unable to solve the whole paper within a deadline, then the preparation is demanding some more struggle and practice. Once solved a number of papers, then calculate the marks you are. Check the previous year cut offs and match them whether the gained marks are more than the cutoff or not. If got more marks, then you can crack the competitive UPSC examinations being conducted by the Union Public Service Commission but it doesn’t mean for leaving the preparation. Spending the same on studies is an essential for having more grip on the topics and subjects.

Online bookkeeping software- how to choose it?

If you take the area of play and start using online software for bookkeeping, you will be able to use your significant time to run your business and make it grow properly, in place of fighting back with your books. So, which online bookkeeping software should you use? Will it accomplish your needs?

If you are running a small business, then do not consider that you have to compromise. There are different software companies available, which are competing over the market of bookkeeping software for small business. This kind of competition is good enough for the customer and it means there is a product for you at the reasonable rate. Here are a few essential things that you should consider when choosing online software for bookkeeping:

  1. Features or requirements
    Cash accounting depicts you what you have been disbursing or what you have been getting, but to really be in control you will also need to understand what you have a loan from and are to be paid. This is significant for predicting your cash flow. This means you need an inclusive accrual accounting system. This includes branded invoices, an easy method of maintaining the invoices you have to reimburse, reporting, banking, sales tax returns if you are scheduled for VAT, expense claims, credit notes, and managing associates or making contacts with them.
  2. Nonstop banking
    You can ignore the problem of not premeditating what has been acquired and what has been paid. You should look for online bookkeeping or accounting software that unites to a variety of banks so you can have the advantage of looking your bank transactions reluctantly come into view each day, thus saving your precious time and engraving the work of labor-intensive data entry. With regular bank feeds, it is easy to keep the books updated daily, offering a real-time analysis of the business, so that you would always be in proper control.
  3. Security
    Security is always a big issue with bookkeeping software for small business. It is also a big problem for software developers and will always be at the peak of their list of features.
  4. Easy set up
    If you do not want a package set up on your PC or laptop, technical advancements mean that you can have the advantage of the same levels of security on the internet. This also means that bookkeeping software can look after all the disorganized updates, so you not at all have to be concerned again even if you are using the most amended version.
  5. Accessible
    As work from home is becoming very famous; different businesses require access to their financial information to be accessed from diverse locations. Various people may also need access to the detail, and buying different licenses can get expensive. This is where online bookkeeping software actually comes in the picture.

Thus, selecting good software for keeping your accounts updated will save you lot of time and money in the long run. We hope that you will get the above tips useful in selecting your bookkeeping software.

5 Best LED TV Brands That You Must Try Out

If you are looking for buying a TV and can’t decide which one to choose and buy then you must read the article which will let you know about the 5 Best LED TV Brands and their various products that you must know before buying a TV.

All the TV Brands, we have published here are the Top LED TV Brands in India, where you will get a range of best-LED TVs from non-smart to Smart to HD ready to Full HD to Ultra HD, all you may want to choose for you and buy one.

So be with us and know about the 5 Best LED TV Brands that you must try out.

Top 5Best LED TV Brands

There are many LED TV brands are available in the market with lots of promises to bring the best quality products with various features and facilities, but all of the TV brands haven’t succeeded to fulfill the promises. Here we have mentioned the Top LED TV brands who have succeeded to fulfill their promises and remaining on the top for a long time.

  • Sony

Sony is the top TV brand in India as well as worldwide which provides quality products with many features and facilities to fulfill your needs. You can have various types of LED TVs from sony on the basis of their Screen type like LCD, LED, etc, Screen sizes like 32, 40, 42, 43, 50, 55 inches etc, screen resolutions like HD ready, Full HD, Ultra HD, etc. and lots more. Even sony has launched many TVs varying on number of HDMI, USB, & LAN ports for your different purposes keeping in mind. Though all the models of Sony are popular and trending, Sony Bravia X7002E, X7500E, X9000E, etc. series have won the attention of millions with their stylish look and features.

  • Samsung

If you are looking for some other options rather than sony then the name which will come first is Samsung. It is also one of the Top TV brands in India for years because of it best quality products and their services. Samsung also provides TVs or various types on the basis of Screen type (CRT, LCD, LED, OLED, QLED), screen size (24, 32 40, 42, 43 inches etc), resolution (HD ready, Full HD, Ultra HD, etc.), features (Smart or Curved), and others like number of connectivity ports, etc. Apart from the others, Samsung Basic Smart, Series 5, Series 6, and Series 7 are so popular among the users and trending since their launch.

  • LG

LG is another competitor in the TV brands market and successfully maintaining its place on the top list with a wide range of quality products and service towards the users regarding installation, maintenance, etc. LG is totally different from other TV brands in case of their products, you have to check all the models individually for the best one for you. Because it does not emphasize on any special series of products. All the models differ from each other with various features and facilities. You can have all the categories like the other brands such as Screen types, sizes, resolutions, and others.

  • Panasonic

Panasonic is another big name in the market of Best LED TVs in India, also very popular trending TV brand, which has launched a big variety of products varying from screen size, type, features, resolutions and others. You can have all types of TVs like LCD TV, LED TV, Smart TV, non-smart TV, HD TV, Full HD TV, Ultra HD TV, etc. all the products are equipped with latest IPS technology, Engines, contrast ratios, screen aspect ratios, refresh rates, etc. to give the users a great experience in watching movies or other media contents. You can have all the popular products of Panasonic and their features on all the leading online shopping sites in India and buy them with different offers.

  • Philips

There is no need to introduce the brand to you all, because all of you must hear and may be used many gadgets of Philips and know the quality of the products. It is having the same fame, even a little more than others, in the race of Best LED TVs in India with its popular and trending LED TVs with dynamic look, latest technologies, interesting features, and lots more. You can have all categories of LED TVs of your choice or demands at Philips store or can buy them from the top online shopping portals in India and can avail exciting offers from them.


So, Friends, these are the 5 Best LED TV Brands that provide the Best LED TVs in India which you must give a try. And I am sure, you will like them for their look, picture quality, processing speed, smart TV options, and for other features and facilities. Son don’t waste more time to think, now you know all the Best TV brands which give the Best LED TVs in India, so go and choose the best from them and buy. Thank You.