Time to make it official; the coolest accessories for a pet lover

Pet over People:

Being a pet lover isn’t an easy task when everyone else has their relationship preferences sorted out you’re stuck with life priorities and pet care crisis.

Being a crazy cat lady or obsessed dog lover isn’t only about explaining how taking care of a pet is much more difficult than taking care of a human child.

With lots of crazy stuff and hectic routine your pet has created for you, nobody in the world deserves your unconditional love.

In case, you’re wondering why are we telling you about your misery-yet-lovely relationship with your pet. We have a lot to offer you that might make you a proud parent of your pet.

Time for some puppy love and cat craze:


The warehouse brings you the coolest and adorable pet accessories, that you droll over.

  • Officially Crazy Cat lady:

Your name is replaced with this slogan, so it’s time to make it official ladies.


  • In case, people haven’t realized it yet:

Not only this pillow will make you feel overwhelmed but this will be the best silent answer to ‘HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE DOGS?’

  • Sassy like your cat:

Well, you have to agree that out of all pets your cat is the sassiest. Being around it you’ve managed to carry out the i-don’t-care-cat-phase all the time.

So, here’s something for a sassy owner of a sassy cat.

  • AWWW-adorable:

Ever thought of something that can melt your heart as quick as your puppy’s eyes?

This super-adorable wall cat and dog wall clock and the printed pillow are just too cute to handle!

  • Time to wear the love:

Showing off an extra love for your pet won’t harm anybody. These super-cool printed dog and cat tee shirts will not only make you the coolest pet owner but will surely turn out to be a style statement.

  • Affection on sleeves:

Making a wallpaper of your pet is just too mainstream, time for you to go next level.

These aesthetically animated laptop sleeves are a superb gift to give your pet lover friend as well.

  • How can you not buy these backpacks?

Your stress-healer deserves some appreciation, unlike human in your life your pet doesn’t expect a lot from you but your little efforts might cheer the little guy up!

The list doesn’t end here people, cat printed iPhone cases to printed canvas frames, we have love printed all over our accessories that are super-cute yet pocket-friendly.

Apple Loop: New iPhone X Reviews, Apple Limits Bad Coverage, MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar Failure

Taking a look back at another week of news from Cupertino, this week’s Apple Loop includes the latest reviews of the iPhone X, Apple’s review strategy, iOS 11’s secret feature, the iPhone 8 challenge, the failed Touch Bar experiment, HomePod locking out Spotify, tearing down the iPhone X, and why the new iPhone feels like a sham.
Apple Loop is here to remind you of a few of the very many discussions that have happened around Apple over the last seven days.
The main news this week was the first reviews of the iPhone X showing up. These voices started to address issues such as the impact of the notch on the so called ‘all-screen’ display, the look and feel of the handset in use, and the accuracy or otherwise of FaceID. What did the internet think? I found out as I explored the online reaction to the tenth-anniversary iPhone:
What is clear with the screen is that the inclusion of the forward facing sensors has robbed Apple of a genuine ‘all screen’ forward display. The notch is an obvious iconic element, but one that serves Apple’s marketing first and users second. Most reviewers have suggested that it becomes ‘invisible’ after use, but  it is going to remain an awkward reminder that this silhouette is an Apple smartphone’s silhouette.
…Was it all worth it? Apple dropped the home button and TouchID from the iPhone X, as well as forcing the notch onto the screen, just so it could implement facial recognition. In the hands of the tech-savvy reviewers FaceID is getting a tentative thumbs up – its great indoors and in dark environments but put it in sunlight or under fluorescent lights and the accuracy drops. You also need to have the sensors in a ‘sweet spot’ close to your face.


Who Choses The Reviewers?
These reviews were all released before the iPhone X went on sale, which means that Apple chose who could review the new handset. In a change to years of precedent. Apart from a few notable exceptions (including Forbes’ David Phelan) the majority of tech journalists had less than 18 hours from picking up the handset to the embargo for ‘reviews’ to be lifted – although some smaller lifestyle YouTuber’s did get access. What was Apple’s PR strategy hoping to achieve?
Apple is well within its rights to implement this incredibly restrictive policy – it is their phone and it is not yet publicly available – but it flies in the face of what has happened in previous years, casts a long shadow over the value of these reviews to consumers and limits the ability to make informed purchasing decisions
The decision to offer review units to low trafficked YouTube channels rather than tech journalists with a long track record of in-depth reviews was highlighted by Daring Fireball’s John Gruber in multiple posts, including “Thank god Apple seeded Fashion [Magazine’s YouTube Channel] with a review unit.”
The new iPhone X is seen in the Apple Store Union Square prior to launch on November 3, 2017, in San Francisco, California (Photo: Elijah Nouvelage/AFP/Getty Images)
iOS 11 Still Broken
There may be promising signs in the iOS 11.1 beta (see Apple Loop last week) but the public’s latest version, iOS 11.0.3 continues to fail to address key problems – such as a dramatically poor battery life, system instability, and BlueTooth connection issues are present. Forbes’s Gordon Kelly reports:
Here we are again. Following Apple iOS 11’s troubled launch and the rushed releases of iOS 11.0.1 (which made things worse) and iOS 11.0.2 (which did the same), iOS 11.0.3 has become the fourth iOS 11 upgrade (and third dedicated bug fix) in just three weeks. And predictably rushing out upgrades means iOS 11.0.3 has also started to cause problems.
I warned about this last week in my iOS 11.0.3 Upgrade Guide given the flurry of user complaints across reddit and social media, leading me to conclude you should hold off. One week later and having had the time to properly evaluate this, that was the right call.
What If The iPhone 8 Is The Better iPhone?
With three phones announced in September, it might have looked like Apple was trying to cover all the bases, but the marketing focus (and apparently consumer interest) has ignored the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus M. G. Siegler thinks the unthinkable. What if the best iPhone is not necessarily the most expensive, top of the line iPhone X?
But is it actually being “stuck” or is the iPhone 8 a good device? Well of course it is. It’s an iPhone, after all. And it’s just like last year’s model, but a little better in a handful of ways. So, no, you shouldn’t feel too badly for me. Or anyone who gets the iPhone 8 (or, presumably, the iPhone 8 Plus, which I have not bought and/or tried and don’t plan to — see, I’m not totally insane).
Having said that, this iPhone 8 feels like the smallest “step up” I can recall in the iPhone line. Obviously, some years bring “ticks” and some years are “tocks” — that is, “mere” speed and more subtle enhancements to the iPhone line versus bigger, more obvious overhauls — and the iPhones 8 are very clearly ticks to the iPhone X’s tock.

Why My Apple ID is Disabled? How can I Fix it



In specific situations, your Apple ID may have suspended or disabled fand you could wind up disabled out of it. These circumstances are disappointing, yet there are diverse reasons why an Apple ID is disabled all of the sudden

Apple has vital ideal to debilitate or hinder your iCloud account on transitory reason for different reasons, however they’re ordinarily all attached to a certain something: keeping you secure. In circumstances where your Apple ID is disabled out, there are different sorts of messages you may see contingent upon where you’re attempting to sign in and what variant of programming you’re utilizing, regardless of whether it’s from iCloud.com, your iPhone, or your Mac.

There are certain reasons why Apple id has been disabled. Regardless, the message you may see about your Apple ID being crippled is commonly caused by security issues. The most widely recognized reasons an Apple ID gets disabled

  • Somebody attempted to sign in to your Apple ID erroneously too often


  • Somebody entered your security addresses mistakenly too often


  • Other Apple ID was entered inaccurately too often


  • Suspicious action

In the event that your Apple ID is ever disabled or blocked, Apple has a record recuperation framework set up, called iForgot, which you can use to recover access to your record. Much of the time, yet not every one of them, you will be made a request to reset your Apple ID secret key to access your record by and then

Then again, you can likewise utilize two-factor confirmation to open your Apple ID on another put stock in gadget or telephone of yours; simply remember that in case you’re utilizing two-stage check, a recuperation key will be required and additionally a confided in gadget.

Read More-how to track an iphone by phone number

In the event that you are unsuccessful in recouping your Apple ID too often in one day, you may need to hold up an entire day before you can continue with more endeavors to open your record. This is another security include that keeps savage constrain assaults from programmers from being powerful.

In the event that despite everything you experience difficulty getting your record opened, which for the most part shouldn’t be the situation in case you’re the genuine proprietor of the Apple ID, you have another alternative: call Apple and have them help you via telephone.

Keep this issue from happening once more:


  • A disabled Apple ID is never fun, so there are a few things you can do to shield yourself and shield your record from getting secured again later on:
  • Try not to give your Apple ID email out – If you give an excessive number of individuals your Apple ID email address, odds are that one of them may attempt to be ‘that person’ and keep you out of your record by endeavoring to increase unsanctioned get to or deliberately entering a secret key wrongly too often. I call these individuals login trolls.
  • Just sign into your Apple ID through iOS device – Tons of individuals are deceived each day. A false provoke, ridiculed up site, or phishing email cases to be Apple and needs you to sign in with your Apple ID. Avoid these sorts of prompts to sign in to your Apple ID unless you’re 100% certain they’re from Apple, since they may very well be attempting to take your data.
  • Utilize a Apple ID secret key – The more you keep individuals out of your Apple ID, the more probable you are to avoid issues this way. Anticipate individuals shape accessing your record and playing with your Apple ID settings by having a solid secret key that is impossible be traded off in any case.
  • Set up two-factor validation or two-stage check – These record recuperation strategies are significantly more advantageous that experiencing nothing useful to work with security questions. Consider setting these components up for your Apple ID to expand your record’s security.

Having a disabled Apple ID is not the best feeling on the planet, but rather there are routes around it; you simply need to stay tolerant. It’s a smart thought to get acquainted with the approaches to recoup your record, and in addition with approaches to keep the issue from happening once more. Better you contact Apple iCloud support number team by dialing a support toll free number or avail chat/email support to convey your issues at the other end to get instant solution  before it gets too late.

How to record an incoming call on iPhone : Best Call Recorder for Iphone


Received a call from your loved one and want to hear it over and over , or had a funny conversation on incoming call and want to share it with friend, or want to record the incoming call as a proof for something, or might you had your own reason , but it is always worthy to have a record of incoming call on iPhone (make sure it is legal in your country). Unfortunately iPhone does not allows or provides any inbuilt mechanism to cater your need. So for recording an incoming call on iPhone you have to depend on third party vendors app.

How To Records Phone Calls on Iphone

Apple’s app store provides you plethora of apps to record an incoming call on iPhone . For your ease and comfort, we stack some of the most desirous app for recording a call on iPhone, which an iPhone user must have on their iPhones.

How to record an incoming call on iPhone : Best Call Recorder for Iphone

Here we have come u with the best of the apps amongst the rest of the apps for recording an incoming call on iPhone . Here we goes :-

  1. TapeACall :-

TapeACall is one of the best app in its section. It is available in two version i.e TapeACall Lite and TapeACall Pro.  TapeACall Lite version is free of cost and so comes with some limits. Though it allows unlimited call recording for both outgoing call and incoming call but it renders you with an option to  hear the recording of only starting 60 sec .

TapeACall Pro is a better option because there is no such limit with it. But it is little costlier app and cost you some $9.99 and the app really worth of this cost. Not only recording but it also provides you with a number of sharing options. You can share the recording instantly with your friends and loved ones on twitter, facebook or by text. This app runs on iOS 6 and above version.

  1. Call Record Free :-

Call Record FREE is another app which allows you to record both outgoing and incoming phone calls on your iPhone.For recording an incoming call , click on the record button and then the CallRecored Free will dial a number for recording and then both the calls will be amalgamated together and then the recording of the incoming call started. Similarly it works for the outgoing call recording. For recording outgoing calls, first you have to dial the recording number and then you can dial the number whose recording you want to do and then finally merge both the calls to start recording. Apart from recording , you can also share the recorded cal via iMessage, email, Dropbox , facebook and twitter.

The best thing about this app is that it comes free of cost and you can download it from Apps store at no cost but you need to do some in app purchase as to earn more credits for recording. This app can be run on iOS 5.0 or above version.

  1. Edigin Call Recorder :-

If you don’t wish to store call recording on your phone and want a safer option for call recording storage then you can opt for Edigin Call Recorder. It provides you a cloud based option for incoming and outgoing calls recording. The app routes your incoming or outgoing call ,by using cloud services, to its data centers, so that the recording of the calls can be done. When the recording of the call is done on the cloud , then you can search and play recording any time you want or else you can also download it.

You can get this app from apps store at free of cost but you need to create an account for using it. This app can run on iOS 7 or the above version .


I hope this apps will cater up with your need of recording incoming calls on iPhone. If you want to share some other apps for recording incoming calls on iPhone, do comment.  We love to share them.

Best torrent app to be use with iPhone6s and Iphone6s Plus ?

Best torrent app to be use with ipad and  iPhone or Iphone/Ipad Torrenting apps

Apple’s apps store  was overwhelmed by tons of apps for its iPad/iphone but always keeps an envy eye on Bit torrents. Apple Inc. supported their this move by  adding that these torrent apps will lead to violation of rights of the third party and Apple Inc. does not want to support that and hence strict restriction is imposed on apps belongs to torrent category.

Even Utorrent app is also rejected by apple,uTorrent users who want to control their torrent via an iPhone application have no other option than to jailbreak their phone.But here we shared the best way to download torrent files from your Iphone/ipad

Best torrent app to be use with ipad and iPhone or Iphone/Ipad Torrenting apps

However, Apple Inc. recently takes a great move and has allowed some of the apps in torrent category to be a part of Apple’s app family. Though, to be on the safer side , restricted download is allowed i.e downloading  from legal and  legitimate sources  is permitted  by the apps developer.

Best torrent app to be use with ipad/ iPhone ?

We have took all the pains and grief  to find out  the right torrent app to be use with iPad /iPhone which can suits your all requirements. Let’s have a look on best app in the category of  torrent app  to be used with iPad/iPhone  :-

iTransmission  4.6 :-  iTransmission is one amongst the first few torrent apps which could make his space into Apple’s app store and it is the best one you can have . It comes in various version but the latest and the better one to use is iTransmission 4.6which you could download in you iPhone from app store.

iTransmission 4.6 has come up with many advantageous over its predecessors . It comes with  a feature called “Insomnia” which helps you to download torrent file  on your iPhone even after you exit the iTransmission . You fill find some enhance UI with this new version of iTunes.  Sharp graphics has created user friendly environment and enhances the look and the feel of the app.

Earlier, you can use  iTransmission torrent app only with those iPad/iPhone devices which are jail break . But now you can run iTransmission  app even without jail break and all credit goes to “iemulators.com” who actually made it possible to run a torrent app (iTransmission ) on a no jail break device.

Despite , we can use iTransimission for a non jail break device, still it can’t be downloaded directly into your iPad/iPhone and this is because of the very stringent policy of Apple Inc.   against the torrents apps to be used with iPad/iPhone .

For downloading iTransmission into your iPad /iPhone  you had to follow certain steps, so that you can use the iTransmission  app uninterrupted . For your ease, we have prepared a detailed list of steps which you need to follow for download iTransmission app in your iPad/iPhone


How to install iTransmission 4.6 torrent app to be used with iPad/iPhone

  1. Click on “Safari browser “ app.
  2. Then visit  “iemulators.com”  using Safari browser.
  3. Tap  on the option of “Apps” and then from the apps list , find  “ iTransmission 4.6 ”.
  4. Afterwards tap on itransmission and the hit on install to start downloading and installation of itransmission on your iPad/iPhone. Immediately you will receive a pop up , tap on install to confirm the installation.
  5. Even after confirming the installation , you won’t find anything installing. If so the case then it is pretty obvious. No need to worry, you have to fix your current  date and time in your iPad/iPhone to start downloading torrent app in your iPad/iPhone .
  6. Go to “Date and Time ” in your settings app in your iPad/iPhone and the tap to turn off the option of “”Set automatically “ , so that you can set date and time as desirous . Then fix your date but not later than 3 months .
  7. After adjusting the date and time of iPad/iPhone  as needed , exit from the settings option  and their you can see that iTransimission is started downloading in your iPad/iPhone.
  8. Now successfully iTransmission is downloaded in your iPad/iPhone. Install  it to download any torrent file of your wish.
  9. Now browse any torrent website and then select the file you want to download and start downloading it.
  10. Then select  “Open in itunes” to continue.
  11. After selecting the option, iTransmission will open ups and the file will be start downloading.


Now we gonna wind up with the best torrent app to be use with iPad/iPhone . For futher queries do comment because we are eagerly waiting for your queries and do keep visiting us!!