Snapdeal Loophole or Snapdeal hack

Snapdeal Loophole or Snapdeal hack

yes its true, In this post we are sharing a big loophole or trick to get some cash from snapdeal latest offer.It’s now your turn to Snap the Deal from our very own and popular E- Shopping website “ Snapdeal ”with our Snapdeal trick . This time Snapdeal brings exclusively for you Rs 50 snapdeal cash at free of cost . You will Get Rs 50 for Registering or signing up with snapdeal and Rs 50 on per referral and you can earn more cash referral using our special snapdeal trick.

I know you get excited to know more about this Deal from the “ Snapdeal “. So let me share what all this deal is about on how you can grab this amazing offer offered by snapdeal using our snapdeal trick.

                                            Snapdeal Loophole or Snapdeal hack

Steps to get Rs 50 for Sign Up and Rs 50 on per Referral :-

Here I am gonna explain you the step by step procedure to get Rs 50 Snapdeal cash on sign up and furthermore Rs 50 For each successful Referral  .

  1. First you have to Download the latest version of Snapdeal App in your Android Device.
  2. Now tap on the app icon to open it up.
  3. Go to option , there you will Find “ Earn Reward “ .
  4. Tap on “ Earn Reward ” and then enter the Referral code ( M&xs338498 ) to get instant snapdeal cash reward of RS 50 .
  5. Next you have to enter your mobile number and the tap on “ Continue “.
  6. Now you can log in or sign up with account in snapdeal.
  7. Finally your account will be credited with the Snapdeal cash of Rs 50 .

Note :- This offer is available for the new version of Snapdeal. So if you have an old version , so please upload it to avail this offer.

Now It’s time to get some more snapdeal cash into your account. For this snapdeal trick you required :-

  1. Android Device should be rooted.
  2. Donkey Guard App
  3. RootClock App
  4. IMEI Changer
  5. Xposed Installer
  6. HideMyRoot App

Now it’s turn to perform our snapdeal trick to get this exciting offer. But before performing this trick make sure that above mention requirements are fulfilled .

Step By Step procedure For Snapping the Snapdeal offer using our snapdeal trick : –

  1. First and foremost to use this snapdeal trick you need to root your android smartphone. So if you already rooted your android smartphone so well and good enough. But if not then first you should go and root your android device .
  2. Download all the 4 apps which is mentioned above in the requirements and then install it on your android smartphone.
  3. Install the Snapdeal app on your android device. If you have it already on your device then just clear the data.
  4. After this install the IMEI Changer on your device and then change the IMEI of your phone to IMEI *New* .
  5. Now you have to download Xposed framework on your device and install it.
  6. Then open the Xposed framework  and open Modules present in it.
  7. There you will find two Apps, you have to Tick on both the apps.
  8. Tap on RootClock app on your android device to open it and then tap on Add / remove apps .
  9. Tap on “ + “ ( Plus sign ) which is available at top right corner of your screen and select snapdeal app from it.
  10. Now tap on HideMyroot app on your android smartphone to open it. Then tap on the option “ Hide SU Binaries ” .
  11. Now its turn of the very important step. Tap on DonkeyGuard App to open it up. Then go to setting of the App and change Device ID, Subscriber ID, Android ID and Sim Serial No.

Note : Change your Device ID, Subscriber ID, Android ID and Sim Serial No. every time .

  1. To generate the new values of  Device ID, Subscriber ID, Android ID and Sim Serial No. Tap on Pencil icon and generate.
  2. Done.
  3. Now Close all things and reboot you android phone to apply new setting .
  4. Again open New App of snapdeal and enter the new mobile no. and your referral code.

How to use the Snapdeal Trick for Unlimited time

  1. After going through the above steps Clear Snapdeal app’s data by going into mobile setting.
  2. Tap on DonkeyGuard App to open it and Generate New values of Device ID, Subscriber ID, Android ID and Sim Serial No.
  3. Every time Change IMEI to *New* .
  4. End the app
  5. Reboot the phone.
  6. Again tap to open Snapdeal app, put New mobile no. and enter your referral code.

And now enjoy this snapdeal trick for Unlimited time!! So go and grab the maximum snapdeal cash  you can have from this offer before the offer ends , using the above mention snapdeal trick.

How to get Iphone App Store on your Android Mobile

It could sound weird be its true that You can actually browse iPhone app store i.e Apple app store from your android smartphone. Yes I am senses and not at all kidding . I know it’s not possible to run iOs apps or iPhone app store on android devices but it’s absolutely possible to have a glance of the iPhone app store . You can do this with the help of a  third party  . It is even more faster then the usually browsing which you do in your android smartphone .

How to get Iphone App Store on your Android Mobile

If you pretty much interested in iPhone app store then “ Apps Explorer “ app is all what you are looking for in your android Google pay store .  It is the right destination for all you iPhone apps lover who unfortunately or fortunately using android smartphone .

How to get Iphone App Store on your Android Mobile

Apps Explorer :  Apps explorer is one of its type app in android fully designed for you all iphone apps lover so that you can enjoy the iPhone app store and can choose a similar suitable app for your device .

  Features : –

  1. It helps you to view or browse apple aap store, which is available only for iOs device , from your  Android smartphone .
  2. You can also view app’s description, search result, description and ranking .
  3. It also enables you to share app’s information with your family and friends .
  4. You can also search for the apps which are available in particular region only .

Note :  You can only browse apps, but cannot download any of the app iOs app with apps explorer .

How to install Apps Explorer on your android smartphone :

To guide with how to download and install App Explorer app  we have jot down the following steps . Follow these step to download and install Apps Explorer app so that you can easily browse iPhone app store from your android smartphone .

  1. Go to Google play store .
  2. Then search their “ Apps explorer ” from the list of available apps .
  3. Click on install button to start installing. It’s a free app. So no cost would be required to install it and to use it .
  4. Now start “ Apps explorer ” . The list of paid apps on iPhone app store will be shown to you on your screen .
  5. You can change the view if you want from the drop – down menu .  The menus available at the top will help you to select between paid and free app. The menus will also enables you  to sort by genre and popularity .
  6. Click on the app whose detail you want to see . This option will load all the description of the app as well as screenshots so as to make your choice easier .
  7. Click on the “ Share ” option given in the upper – right corner of your screen for  share and search . After clicking on “ Share ” option a menu opens up with several different options .
  1. “ Search App on Market ” : – It will enable the Google Play Store to search for the app bearing the title . This will help you to find the app with the same title in Google play store or may find a comparable app for android smartphone .
  2. “ Search Author on Market ” : – This enables you to find the app’s  developer on the Google Play Store.
  3. “ Search App on Google ” : – It  will simply search for the title in Google search.
  4. “ Share App For Info ” : – This option will show you a list of options available for the sharing of info, depending on the apps installed on your device.  Sharing will leads to sending of links to the recipient a link of the iPhone app store of that app.
  5. You can also buy the app for you iPhone. Go to app’s page in the website of App store.  Click on the button given on the bottom of you page to open up your browser. This will redirect you to the page of the app, their you log in into  your Apple account and can buy it.

I hope now you are ready for a ride of iPhone app store from your  android smartphone. If not!! Then go and grab Apps Explorer app and download it on your smartphone fast so that you can enjoy both at cost of one.

Top Traveling or Travel Apps for android

Planning to go on a trip?? In fix ,which agent and traveler to choose?? Don’t get panic!! The solution of all your problem is in your hand, right their in your android smart phones. You can download thousand of apps available to guide you at every hook and corner in your tip. Just not only guide you, but also provide you with the best of available deals.

The travel apps for android smart phones will help you to plan the best of possible trip for you which will fit into your budget too. Not only this, you can enjoy all the services at your door step and with no additional charges which you have to pay to your travel agents and guide.

Top Traveling or Travel Apps for android

To make your choice simpler amongst the thousand available apps we created a bevy list  of travel  apps for android smartphone  which will help you to make your trip memorable.

Top Traveling or Travel Apps for android

  • Airbnb : Airbnb app for android  makes your traveling as mobile as your smartphones are!! Airbnb provides you with an option of staying at interesting places in the world and provides an opportunity to earn extra money out of your extra space. Showing about 45000 listings over 34000 cities, so that your taste buds can enjoy the right flavor of experience. Make that treehouse, yurt or penthouse your next stay….

It offers you one of its kind accommodations directly from the app in more than 34000 cities across the world. It also provide last minute bookings . It also provides an option of obtaining diractions, messaging to host and sharing the desired place with your family and friends.

  • Hipmunk : Hipmunk app let you to plan your trip the fastest and the easiest way possible. It saves your time by comparing all best and top travelling sites for you. Let you find the airfare at the lowest price. Furthermore, you can save upto 60% on hotels with best deals.

You can even search for dinning , shopping and much more near by your hotel. It also shows if the hotel is charging any parking wi-fi and resort fee.

  • Expensify : Business travelers must have this aap into their android smartphones . Expencify allows tracking mileage or time, capturing receipts and creating easy and quick expense report. Expensify app simplify the expense reports that does not suck. Aptly said by the developers that using Expensify app, the expense list finally brought to 21st century

Expensify app synchronies your debit or credit card and automatically  do transactions from your account. It provides you with currency conversation. You can use expensify app when you are offline because it does not need an internet connection.

  • Flight View Free Flight Tracker : Flight view app is the leader in keeping the real time flight information. It helps to track in air and upcoming  flights across the world and send alerts through push notification. It also helps to check cancellations and delays. You can track your trip using mobile device and also at . You can easily search for alternative flights from the schedule list of flights. You can also search flights in advance for about 350 days and can save it.
  • Google map : When it comes to navigation, no one could stands  in competition with Google Map and it needs no introduction too. Google map is the best navigation app available. Google Map for android smartphones makes navigation smoother, faster and easier. You can search for the best points in town and all the relevant information about it. Additional feature of Voice guided GPS for navigating while biking, driving and walking. It provides the detailed information of over 100 mn cities. Indoor imagery of museum, restaurants , street view , and much more makes Google map app more useful.

With this amazing apps one cant resist travelling plus it helps to spice up your traveling experience.

iMessage for Windows

iMessage for Windows

iMessage is a free service which is specifically provide only for iphone ipad and ipod users & iMessage is simply service of sending text message through internet media. Just like facetime is video call application provide by Apple, similarly iMessage is for Text message.

As you know iMessage is the most popular feature from Apple and only Iphone , ipad or Ipod users can use iMessage service. And here i am sharing a way to use iMessage service for windows.

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iMessage for Windows

 How iMessages is different from normal text Message

Here i am mentioning how iMessage is different from normal text messaging  probably you didn’t know about it

  1. iMessages are blue and Regular messages are green.
  2. Read recipients features, while it can be turn off which we discuss later.
  3. You can sync iMessage with your Mac.
  4. You can adjust your push notifications to bring previews of texts straight to your screen.

How you can use iMessage for Windows

We can use iMessage for window through Remote Messages

  • Download and install the Remote Messages on your iPhone or Android device.
  • If you are using Iphone then your Iphone must be jailbroker.
  • Goto Settings menu and then go to Remote Messages.
  • Write down your Current IP that appears on the Mobile screen
  • Open the web browser on your PC
  • Enter the Current IP that Copied from your mobile device on the address bar of the browser
  • Hit enter after you type the IP address on the address bar
  • Now you are connected with iMessage for Windows on your personal computer.
  • You are now ready to send messages from your personal computer.

This is the easiest way to use iMessage for Windows , while other method to use iMessage for Windows through iOS emulators which will be shared in my next post. So keep Visiting !!

Why you get Calls from numbers starting with 54321 ??

I get several comments on my article i.e. trace mobile number location, where many of readers need to trace or want to know the owner of these numbers “5432168718041, 5432168718014, 5432168718014, 5432168997160”, etc. All these numbers are starting from 54321. They also told that if they pick a call , a girl speaks something and call gets disconnected in few seconds.

Many people checked this number on truecaller and found that the number is register on the name of “Hell”, they were shocked and tried calling Customer care to report.

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Why you get Calls from numbers starting with 54321

If you are getting calls from these numbers starting with 54321 then most probably you are an Airtel user. And the next thing is that you must have done Mobile Portability Service.

In reality, its a service, yes its a special service provide by Airtel, where customers can make friends across India without revealing their Identity. Through this service users get an ID from Airtel and using that id, he/she can call you without showing their number. The number gets displayed as starting with 54321. In reality these numbers are the identities provided by Airtel.

Why you got Call from number starting with 54321 ??

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And you get the call just because somehow you might be registered on this service or you may be got registered on the time of Mobile portability.

Beware  from “54321 Scam”

May be Companies are making profit from this service, they get some identity through Airtel and make call to other customers who are associated to it and the call is connected just for 4-5 sec, where a girl say some thing in attractive voice and call gets disconnected. And when you call back, 3rs is deducted from your mobile balance.

How to get rid from calling from 54321 numbers

Above question’s answer is very simple, just call the customer care and ask the customer care executive to un-register you from this service. Another way is to activate DND(Do Not Disturb) service.

Tip : How to activate DND service – SMS “START <Option>” or “START <Option>, <Option>” to register your preference for receiving selective categories of promotional SMS’, to 1909.

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Hope above information is useful for you and please share this post with your friends. Keep Visiting !!

Fun with Mini motherboard Raspberry Pi

Fun with Mini motherboard Raspberry Pi raspberry-pi-logo

Computers are the tool of the 21st century which is concerned with much more than simply being able to use a computer. Children should understand how they work and how to program them. Now the Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized single-board computer developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It can be plugged into your TV and a keyboard, and can be used for many of the things that your average desktop does – spreadsheets, word-processing, games and it also plays high-definition video. The Raspberry Pi is a fully featured micro- computer squashed onto a circuit board measuring approximately 9cm x 5.5cm.

The Raspberry Pi has a Broadcom BCM2835 system on a chip (SoC), which includes an ARM1176JZF-S 700 MHz processor, Video Core IV GPU, Originally shipped with 256 megabytes of RAM, later upgraded to 512MB. It does not include a built-in hard disk, but uses an SD card for booting and long-term storage.

It can make your Old TV in to a smart TV. (You can play Videos, 3D Games, Music, Browse Internet and much more. Raspberry Pi can Act as Full HD 1080p Media Player. It’s a Mini Computer which just cost Rs.2, 350/- You can connect a Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse and use it as a normal computer. Its Graphics Capabilities is better than Apple Products.

Raspberry Pi

Its Provide a fun environment for experimenting with programming and electronics and Inexpensive, simple, open and easy to maintain computer for schools .Fun computer for children to experiment with at home (programming, robotics, etc.)


Raspberry Pi support Linux on a bootable SD card, Fedora ,Raspbian , Debian operating system. Programming by default supporting Python as the educational language. Any language which will compile for ARMv6 (Processor) can be used with the Raspberry Pi.

Top 5 face recognization Software

Facial recognization is basically a new technology in the field of security and authentication .In facial recognization we use our face for verification of our identity instead of username and password .To detect a face we can use a simple webcam.

Currently face recognization software are used in pc login screens but time is not far where the same software are going to be used in authentication for your website accounts like facebook .

Here is a list of top face recognization software


Keylemon face recognization software

KeyLemon is a simple solution to log on to your personal Windows account by using your face. If you computer has multiple users the software automatically logs you into the right Windows account. When you leave the computer, it will automatically lock it and then unlock it when you are back. When you connect to a website (Facebook, Twitter and / or LinkedIn), KeyLemon automatically logs you into your account by using your face.

2. BananaScreen


Banana Screen-face-recognization-software
face recognization software

Banana Screen is a tool that will protect your computer from unauthorized access in a very easy way.

Simply install it, plug your webcam, record your own face and you’re done. The program will lock the PC after the lapse of time you set in configuration options and immediately unlock it only if the same., BananaScreen unlocks it in less time that it would take to enter your password. And it’s free, so try BananaScrenn and have fun.


face recognization software
face recognization software

FastAccess learns about your face as you use your computer. FastAccess remembers usernames and passwords to websites and will enter them for you – but only when your face is visible.FastAccess allows for the simultaneous use of other video applications such as video chat.


face recognization software
face recognization software

Using a simple web-camera, FaceCode will recognize existing PC users and log them onto their own user area without the need to type in usernames or passwords.Based solely on face recognition, this tool recognizes accurately in less than 1 second, very hi-tech yet user friendly, secure and great product.

5.Rohos Face Logon

face recognization software
face recognization software


The program is designed to add security method to the standard Windows logon procedure. It allows to access Windows computer in an easy, fast and secure way by using any Windows compatible camera. The login of the user is performed automatically once the face has been recognized by the program.

Gone are those days when you have to remember your login details to access your computer .Face recognization software are the latest trend in computer world.

How to run multiple computers from single CPU

Hi everyone,
A 100….!!! CELEBRATING A 100 blogs … wooohoooo , I cannot believe I am typing my 100th blog post! Wow my little blog has come so far and I thank you all so much for continuing  to stop by! Without all of the support, comments, shares, hits, everything I wouldn’t have kept Crazylearner going so I thank you!

Today i will show you how can run multiple computers from single CPU. I mean how can you run multiple workstations from single CPU.

You must have heard about desktop virtualization ? If not, i’ll tell you about it all what i know.

There are many approaches to virtualization
Most virtualization technologies are expensive to acquire, implement, and maintain. NComputing is different because we save you money from day one. This desktop virtualization technology allows up to 100 users to simultaneously use a single computer—at a very low cost. I looked for it and came to conclusion that this is one of the best thing which i have came to known recently in computer field.

so what is desktop virtualization? In simple terms it is sharing the power of single cpu with multiple users .It appears to each of the user that he is using his own complete setup including processor .This technology is not new but its availability to general public is certainly new.

Here is simple example to understand how to set up desktop virtualization.

what you are going to need if you don’t want to use desktop virtualization.

11 monitors,11 speakers ,11 keyboards, 11 mouse and 11 cpu

what you are going to need if you want to use desktop virtualization

11 monitors,11 speakers ,11 keyboards, 11 mouse, 1 cpu and 2 desktop virtualization kits (a kit comes with software and hardware and can support 5 users.)

How to run multiple computers from single CPU
How to run multiple computers from single CPU

Advantage of running multiple computers from single cpu

You are saving the maintenance and power cost of 10 CPUs.

Typically a user is able to utilize only 10 % of available CPU power . This one kit uses approx 70 % of cpu power among 6 users including the host.

Currently the company which is providing this kit is Ncomputing. For more information and processing related issues visit product guide.

There are various models available as we go for Ncomputing. i will share all the information regarding every model with specification.

Here is a video which explains in details

How Google Adsense Work ??

How It Works??

Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Forums are purely Cost Per Click (CPC) websites which is the amount advertiser pays to Internet publishers for a single click on its advertisement which brings visitor(s) to its website. The forum uses Google Adsense to automatically serve relevant ads for the content that members create. Google pays AdSense publishers on a per click basis. Google is one of the leading CPC network in the industry and depending on the content and the Location, they pay from 20 cents to several dollars per click.

How-Google-Adsense-Work ??
How Google Adsense Work ??

If you have an AdSense account then you will have the ability to credit your account with the ads served on threads in forum your start or participate in. 50% of the time, your ads will be displayed and 50% of the time, webmasters ads are displayed (It may vary from forum to forum). If any one click on the Ads by Google then you will be paid for each and every click. Simple isn’t it?

Guidelines to join Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Forums:

a. You should have a Google Adsense Publiser’s Code (pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) in forums profile.

b. It is recommended to have a separate Google AdSense Channel ID for every forum (Just for tracking purpose).

c. Do not use copy content writ it yourself because fresh contents rated well in search engines.

d. Learn to attract most of the forum members through attractive and compelling title of the posts.

e. Post replies actively in the forums you will get paid for your replies too.

f. Signature every post with you website link (if you have one) for getting more visitors.

Tips & Tricks:

a. Your own Adsense Client ID will not be shown to you (if you are logged in). You might not get much exposure on posts with many replies because the ads are shared among every participant

b. If you have an Adsense account, you have the ability to credit your account with the ads served on threads you start or participate in.

So what are you waiting for? Quickly sign up for a Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Forums and Get your slice of earning from Google Adsense.

After joining the Adsense Revenue Sharing Forum create your profile with the Google Adsense Publishers ID, submit content by either asking questions, submitting articles, posting answers or simply introduce yourself. Adsense Revenue Sharing Forums share the revenue from the forum or websites with their active members and the web masters.

Search Engine for Ethical Hackers

Search Engine for Hackers

A new search engine has been introduced called “SHODAN” that lets you find specific computers (routers, servers, etc.)
using a variety of filters. Some have also described it as a public port scan directory or a search engine of banners.

serch engine hacker

Web search engines, such as Google and Bing, are great for finding websites.
But what if you’re interested in finding computers running a certain piece of software (such as Apache)?
Or if you want to know which version of Microsoft IIS is the most popular?
Or you want to see how many anonymous FTP servers there are?
Maybe a new vulnerability came out and you want to see how many hosts it could infect?
Traditional web search engines don’t let you answer those questions.

Following things could be searched for:

# country: 2-letter country code
# hostname: full or partial host name
# net: IP range using CIDR notation (ex: )
# port: 21, 22, 23 or 80

As we [some of us] can understand, it is very easy to find vulnerable host just by looking at all the banner responses shown by SHODAN.
It could turn out to be a huge threat as many skiddies could be scanning hosts anonymously round the clock for particular exploit or
something that they understand well.

Click here to go to Shodanhq

Disclaimer : This information is just for educational purpose. If someone use in malicious activity then only he is responsible for it.