Yoga for Word Nerds: 15 Favorite Yoga Quotes and Sayings

Wake-up with a positive mind and smile on your face, start your day with yoga ,and an healthy meal. Read these Yoga Quotes to get a better understanding about it and most of all yourself. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. Let these Yoga Quotes inspire you and get you on the right track to the start of a new and healthy life. Let this be the beginning of a life that you dream of and let yoga be your start and finish.


3 Most Popular Alternatives To TeamViewer

Thanks to the mobile devices of these days and the remote working because of which the business landscape and enterprise work environment are insanely different from that of the old times.

Today, a large number of people use the tablets and smart phones for their business growth and as productivity tools. This generation’s employees spend their half the time outside the four walls of the office cabin.

TeamViewer as remote desktop software

One of the most common and highly used remote desktop software is TeamViewer. It is awesome, but after a while, one gets get up using this product for a long time. Whatever good or exciting a product might sound, once in a while, it becomes a site of boredom to play or work with it. It is not that difficult to find some alternatives to TeamViewer that are less expensive and equally valid.

Here are 3 best alternatives to TeamViewer that are mentioned below that you can go for all types of your remote desktop activities.

Real VNC:

The real VNC offers free as well as paid versions for the remote desktop client that is generated on the top of the framework of VNC. The technology of VNC or the virtual network computing is a widely accepted open-source technology on which this particular tool is established. Although this software is a way more difficult and complicated than the TeamViewer set up, it offers a trusted and secure connection.

This is a cross platform utility that manages to assist you in connecting to the remote computer or also connect to a number of computers behind a public IP address individually. The key features of Real VNC are VNC authentication, chats, transfer of files, cross-platform remote control, encryption, etc.

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Windows Remote Desktop Connection: 

The windows remote desktop connection is a feature built into the existing Microsoft windows operating system which is better than TeamViewer. This type of a setting can be achieved by the computer’s system setting itself, which you can easily find in the control panel. The router of the remote computer requires being routed on the 3389 port to connect it to your PC.

These kinds of a tool are convenient and easy for the beginners on remote desktop clients and are not interested in installing any kind of additional software to get it done. The key features of the windows remote desktop connection are they are easy to set up, are built in the Microsoft windows, etc.


The unique concept of Splashtop provides free as well as paid solutions for remote desktop to the individuals and the businesses. You can also make use of this tool for free if you are implementing it for your personal purposes in computers. There is a reduced latency on the audio as well as video streaming to make it easier for you to enjoy the media remotely.

The key features include free for personal use up to 5 computers, transferring and managing of the files, etc. The toughest challenge for an IT is to find a solution that offers the availability of the entire application from mobile to remote devices while at the same time, make sure that the data security is maintained properly so that the critical data never leaves the corporate network. Make sure that you choose the best remote desktop tool for your work to be done effectively.

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Jaw Dropping things Done by a 3d Printing Technology

3D printing technology started its journey in ‘80s when Chuck Hall invented the process to made 3D parts layer by layer but now it has come so far that it has been used to create medical implants, houses and even food.

It all begin with speeding the prototyping by reducing time and money in making a prototype but when researchers figured out that it can be employed for constructing three-dimensional objects they started using 3D printers for a variety of applications. 3D printers have revolutionized the entire manufacturing industry through which engineers and scientists have made some amazing things and below are a few of these experiments that turned into awesome achievements of 3D printing technology.

  1. 3D printed house in China

In East China’s Binzhou City, Liao Xiaojun and his team has built an entire house using a 3D printer. Within two months, the house will be fabricated with concrete. This house has currently two courtyards and a Jiangnan style floor. It is also eco friendly and cost-effective plus it is ready to move-in and has various facilities like air conditioning. They build it via a massive 3D printer which brings into play the liquid material and computer control for precision. In order to make it they applied layers of materials with thickness up to 3cm. It also contains electrical connection incorporated in it with insulation to protect the owner from any kind of electrical shock.

There is also less waste generated by this because of high precision that the computer provides. It is located in East China’s Shandong Province and soon they will start making it available to public. It is only the first phase of the 3D printing construction project, and now their next project is build a park. Some people would show doubts about 3D printing but builders are optimistic about it. According to Xiaojun, soon there will be a trend of construction using 3D printing because 3D printers take less time and provide better precision and it will be useful for other activities as well.

  1. Human ears

Researchers from Princeton University made a bionic ear that can pick up audio frequencies far beyond the range of normal human capacity. Many companies like 7tech 3d pen are coming forward with innovative ideas. The idea first came to Professor Micheal McAlpine who was trying to use standard-tissue engineering to replicate biological structures but couldn’t do it and later revolution in 3D printing made it possible to create first bionic human ear. The team from Princeton used hydrogel, calf cells and silver nano particles to create it. They used silver nano particles for antenna, calf cells for cartilage and hydrogel to make ear-like structure while the researchers are excited by their invention, they are now figuring out new ways to craft systems that will enable human augmented capabilities.

They are calling these systems as “sixth sense” because it will enable anyone to directly communicate with electronic devices like smartphones. These will be applied to heal any disability. Such systems will be used for various medical applications in order to create a human cybrog.

  1. Car

A manufacturer named Kor Ecologic from Manitoba has made the greenest car on the earth known as Urbee. Ecologic has made the Guinness Book of World Records by travelling from San Francisco to New York using Urbee and only ten liters of ethanol was used by the engines. The Urbee is a three-wheeled electrical car in its second stage of prototyping. It is capable of running at an extremely 200 miles to the gallon. It was first displayed publicly in Canada in 2011. The vehicle has on-board batteries to power electric motors and ethanol to control the engine. It is the greenest car on the earth and the designers has printed entire exterior and interior using 3D printers.

In case of solid parts, developer Kor Ecologic used whitish plastic instead of sheet metal panels. The complete assemblies of moving parts are welded and finished together to build the entire structure supportable. The company is now looking forward to test safety standards so, they can make the car available to public as soon as possible.

  1. Human Tissue

A startup company from Texas TeVido BioDevices has created the first human tissue using Bioprinters. The aim of the company is to build custom, natural implants made from a person’s own cell. The startup is working to address the medical challenges of lumpectomy disfigurement and nipple reconstruction. They used Bioprinters to form a 3-D cell structure that resembles a human like tissue, the printer uses bio-ink (a mixture made of living-cell) to made natural implants using person’s cell. The 3D printing technology has an enormous potential in medical field from building artificial bones to creation of living tissues, there will be companies printing actual working organs from 3D printers.

There is nothing you can’t make using 3D printers while we have only given four amazing things done by 3D printers it doesn’t mean that its potential is finite. The applications of 3D printer are so much more that the engineers and researchers around the world are figuring out ways to make use of 3D printers in every field. It is actually possible that soon there will be 3D printers in everyone’s home for making things and DIY works.

A Course in Miracles – People Are Thoughts

Enjoy this excerpt from a transcribed talk from the awakened joyful mind of David Hoffmeister, a profound and uncompromising A Course in Miracles teache

One of the things I opened up with today is the nondual idea from A Course in Miracles, that people aren’t really people, they’re just thoughts. If you think about all the struggle and pain and misery in human relationships it’s because of the belief that you’re a person and that there are other people and they don’t go together very well on this planet, or any planet for that matter, any reality, even in science fiction! The Klingons never get on with the Romulans and they never get along with the Borg, you know, even when we’re off into Star Trek, in other realms, the beings are not getting along. Even George Lucas; Star Wars, it wasn’t star harmony it was Star Wars and the ‘dark side’ and Darth Vader. It wouldn’t make much of a story or a drama if it was – la la la la la la la (singing) la la la la la la live for today, hey! La la la la la la la live for today and don’t worry about tomorrow anyway.

That makes for a beautiful song and a beautiful movie if that’s what you want and, if you want drama and conflict, there’s wars and all kinds of interpersonal conflicts. Jesus says in A Course in Miracles the world is very tired – this tiny mad idea has been playing out over and over, like in Groundhog Day, it just loops and loops. You just get bored with it, you get tired with it, you try to find distractions but they only work for a while and then they don’t even work. You can’t even distract yourself very well because after a while it’s tiring.

I’m going to start off our voyage tonight with that clip from Solaris and it’s called ‘partial memories’. This is the scene where Red is speaking and the George Clooney character is just beginning to discover that what he thinks of as his wife, who committed suicide, who’s coming back into his awareness, she’s really there with him now. Somehow she killed herself and now she’s back there around Solaris. But she’s going to be teaching that she’s not a whole person; she’s just a reflection or a projection of his memories, of what he thought of her. This is one of the reasons why reincarnation will never work, because any time we’re trying to find reality or any kind of sense of meaning in linearity, we’re looking for meaning where it can’t be found.

Linear time was invented by the ego so that you would never know meaning; it’s actually what Jesus calls in A Course in Miraclesan impossible situation. So what happens when you try to order an impossible situation, even with a reincarnation perspective to try to make some meaning out of the whole thing, is; you’re trying to bring meaning to the impossible. And the whole teaching of forgiveness in A Course in Miracles  is you come to see the impossible as impossible, no longer keep trying to find meaning in the impossible, which is very frustrating.

If you enjoyed this excerpt and would like to learn more about A Course in Miracles and the teachings of David Hoffmeister, visit

How to Monitor Windows Computer through Monitoring Software

Whether you are a cynical employer, an anxious parent or someone in need to monitor the Windows computer of someone else, you can set all your worries to rest with spying software. The entrepreneurs can watch out the use of company owned Windows computers to prevent theft and boost employee productivity averting the internet distractions. The parents can keep tabs on the computer activities of their teenagers and underage children to protect them from cyber bullies, online child predators, virtual peer pressure, narcissism, sexting and exposing to pornography. Once you install the monitoring software on the computers at your home and workplace, you can supervise the activities of your family and employees without taking their computers into possession. To help to monitor computers of your kids and workforce, we have rounded up here how you can monitor Windows computers using monitoring software.


How to Spy On Windows Computers with Monitoring Software?

First, you need to choose reliable and feature-rich monitoring software compatible with Windows computers. Install the software on the computer you want to monitor. After the successful installation, the information stored on the computer device will automatically be uploaded to an online account. Log into that account providing the confidential username and password and enjoy monitoring and controlling the target computer device from anywhere and anytime.

We have rounded up here a few core features of the top computer tracking software to give you an insight on what the monitoring software can do for you.

Real-Time Online and Offline Monitoring

The Mac monitoring software facilitates employers to have a detailed look at each employee’s activities during the work hours. The Real Time Monitoringhelps you watch out what your target is currently doing on the Windows computer. A few of the top notch spying software enables you to monitor both the online and offline activities of your target. The user-friendly statistics help you figure out when and how often an application is used and a website is visited. Moreover, the tracking software enables you to monitor more than one computer at once.

Website Filtering

As well as keeping a check on employee productivity, you can accelerate the efficiency of your workforce eliminating distractions. The internet distraction is the biggest factor negatively impacting the employee productivity. The employers can prevent the internet abuse blocking the unnecessary websites. You can block the social networking sites, music and video streaming sites like YouTube and Soundcloud, and many other websites preventing your employees from focusing on the assigned task. The parents can keep block objectionable content and inappropriate websites to prevent kids exposing to pornography and adult material.

On Demand Screenshots

The employers can catch the unproductive employees killing their working hours playing Solitaire on computers. The monitoring software helps you capture the screenshots to know if your worker is busy playing a game on the computer system or working on the assigned task. Similarly, the parents can remotely watch out whether their kids are working on a school assignment or watching a movie on the computer.

Track Emails and Keystrokes

Your employees might be using email services to transmit the confidential information of the company to the competitors. With the tracking software, you can read all the emails sent and received on the company owned computers. You can also track the email time, date and the email address of the person who sent the email and to whom the email is sent. This feature is equally beneficial for the parents to ensure their kids do not get any unwelcome or threatening email from persecutors or child predators. Moreover, you can get the keystrokes applied to the keyboard and the mouse clicks on the target computer.

Track Internet Browsing History

The spy software helps you track the internet browsing history of your workers and family to get detail on which website was visited, when and for how long. It will let you know whether your workers are utilizing the company internet for work purpose or misusing it for the sake of entertainment. Meanwhile, you can get a detailed report on the use of each computer program. You can also categorize the websites, computer software and apps as productive and unproductive.

Hope you would have found this post helpful in learning how to monitor Windows computers using monitoring software.

Has technology made the world smaller or bigger?

Technology has brought a broad spectrum changes in our lives that has improved our way of living drastically made the world bigger or smaller? Let’s find out.

The answer to start with is; Yes. Technology has shrunk the world in more than one way and it has brought us more closer than ever before. Apart from many other fantastic inventions in the history of mankind, advancement in the field of communications whether audio, visual or written; has revolutionized interpersonal connexion over long distance. We, in this article, are going to discuss the two ways in which technology has made the world smaller for us. One, through telecommunications, and two, through the invention of locomotives.


communicationThey way one could correspond to each other over a long distance was never as easy as it is today. Mails were delivered by hands on horseback or ships. That took months to reach its destination. Telephones made it possible to communicate with each other instantly. Then came the age of cell phones which enabled us to make contact with each other from anywhere.

Internet revolutionized it further by facilitating us with instant correspondence through emails. Important letters and documents now could reach their destination in no time and securely. Introduction of Webcam made it possible to communicate face to face; as if you are sitting in the same room. Skype made it possible for businessmen and professionals to conduct video conferencing. This introduced online education to the world, revolutionizing education like never before.

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Social Media introduced in 21stcentury is a phenomenal concept that has revolutionised the sharing of information across the globe. The amount of information being shared today was not even dreamed of, a century ago. People from all over the world get to know about each other’s culture, traditions and ways of life without even visiting there. New concepts, ideas and techniques are being shared across the Internet with a click of a button. You can know about anyone, anything and any place just by searching on Google. Internet is the best tool that has made the world a global village in its true sense of word.


Horses, camels, donkeys are recreational rides today which were the sole means of transportation in past years. They took traders, armies and explorers, even cargoes across the globe which took months, even years to reach their destination. That time has long gone. Invention of locomotives has changed the face of transportation for good. Years have shrunk into months, months into days, days into hours and hours into minutes. You can cross the oceans in a day or two; no more around the world in 80 days!

Vehicles, train and airplane has made the world small. Huge amount of cargoes can now be transported through air, land and sea in lesser time and with more efficiency that wasn’t possible in the time before invention of locomotives. This has increased the volume of trade phenomenally and expanded trade across the globe, even for small businesses.

So, it’s a small world after all! Telecommunications, Internet and locomotives these scientific magical innovations has made the world small and people more closer than ever. We have definitely mastered the art of saving time!


AUTHOR’S BIO: Ruby Richmond is majors in Social sciences and a blogger. She has a taste for technology and related issues and frequently contributes blogs and articles about it. now days working with Assignment writing service uk As a writing head

Snapdeal Loophole or Snapdeal hack

Snapdeal Loophole or Snapdeal hack

yes its true, In this post we are sharing a big loophole or trick to get some cash from snapdeal latest offer.It’s now your turn to Snap the Deal from our very own and popular E- Shopping website “ Snapdeal ”with our Snapdeal trick . This time Snapdeal brings exclusively for you Rs 50 snapdeal cash at free of cost . You will Get Rs 50 for Registering or signing up with snapdeal and Rs 50 on per referral and you can earn more cash referral using our special snapdeal trick.

I know you get excited to know more about this Deal from the “ Snapdeal “. So let me share what all this deal is about on how you can grab this amazing offer offered by snapdeal using our snapdeal trick.

                                            Snapdeal Loophole or Snapdeal hack

Steps to get Rs 50 for Sign Up and Rs 50 on per Referral :-

Here I am gonna explain you the step by step procedure to get Rs 50 Snapdeal cash on sign up and furthermore Rs 50 For each successful Referral  .

  1. First you have to Download the latest version of Snapdeal App in your Android Device.
  2. Now tap on the app icon to open it up.
  3. Go to option , there you will Find “ Earn Reward “ .
  4. Tap on “ Earn Reward ” and then enter the Referral code ( M&xs338498 ) to get instant snapdeal cash reward of RS 50 .
  5. Next you have to enter your mobile number and the tap on “ Continue “.
  6. Now you can log in or sign up with account in snapdeal.
  7. Finally your account will be credited with the Snapdeal cash of Rs 50 .

Note :- This offer is available for the new version of Snapdeal. So if you have an old version , so please upload it to avail this offer.

Now It’s time to get some more snapdeal cash into your account. For this snapdeal trick you required :-

  1. Android Device should be rooted.
  2. Donkey Guard App
  3. RootClock App
  4. IMEI Changer
  5. Xposed Installer
  6. HideMyRoot App

Now it’s turn to perform our snapdeal trick to get this exciting offer. But before performing this trick make sure that above mention requirements are fulfilled .

Step By Step procedure For Snapping the Snapdeal offer using our snapdeal trick : –

  1. First and foremost to use this snapdeal trick you need to root your android smartphone. So if you already rooted your android smartphone so well and good enough. But if not then first you should go and root your android device .
  2. Download all the 4 apps which is mentioned above in the requirements and then install it on your android smartphone.
  3. Install the Snapdeal app on your android device. If you have it already on your device then just clear the data.
  4. After this install the IMEI Changer on your device and then change the IMEI of your phone to IMEI *New* .
  5. Now you have to download Xposed framework on your device and install it.
  6. Then open the Xposed framework  and open Modules present in it.
  7. There you will find two Apps, you have to Tick on both the apps.
  8. Tap on RootClock app on your android device to open it and then tap on Add / remove apps .
  9. Tap on “ + “ ( Plus sign ) which is available at top right corner of your screen and select snapdeal app from it.
  10. Now tap on HideMyroot app on your android smartphone to open it. Then tap on the option “ Hide SU Binaries ” .
  11. Now its turn of the very important step. Tap on DonkeyGuard App to open it up. Then go to setting of the App and change Device ID, Subscriber ID, Android ID and Sim Serial No.

Note : Change your Device ID, Subscriber ID, Android ID and Sim Serial No. every time .

  1. To generate the new values of  Device ID, Subscriber ID, Android ID and Sim Serial No. Tap on Pencil icon and generate.
  2. Done.
  3. Now Close all things and reboot you android phone to apply new setting .
  4. Again open New App of snapdeal and enter the new mobile no. and your referral code.

How to use the Snapdeal Trick for Unlimited time

  1. After going through the above steps Clear Snapdeal app’s data by going into mobile setting.
  2. Tap on DonkeyGuard App to open it and Generate New values of Device ID, Subscriber ID, Android ID and Sim Serial No.
  3. Every time Change IMEI to *New* .
  4. End the app
  5. Reboot the phone.
  6. Again tap to open Snapdeal app, put New mobile no. and enter your referral code.

And now enjoy this snapdeal trick for Unlimited time!! So go and grab the maximum snapdeal cash  you can have from this offer before the offer ends , using the above mention snapdeal trick.

How to get Iphone App Store on your Android Mobile

It could sound weird be its true that You can actually browse iPhone app store i.e Apple app store from your android smartphone. Yes I am senses and not at all kidding . I know it’s not possible to run iOs apps or iPhone app store on android devices but it’s absolutely possible to have a glance of the iPhone app store . You can do this with the help of a  third party  . It is even more faster then the usually browsing which you do in your android smartphone .

How to get Iphone App Store on your Android Mobile

If you pretty much interested in iPhone app store then “ Apps Explorer “ app is all what you are looking for in your android Google pay store .  It is the right destination for all you iPhone apps lover who unfortunately or fortunately using android smartphone .

How to get Iphone App Store on your Android Mobile

Apps Explorer :  Apps explorer is one of its type app in android fully designed for you all iphone apps lover so that you can enjoy the iPhone app store and can choose a similar suitable app for your device .

  Features : –

  1. It helps you to view or browse apple aap store, which is available only for iOs device , from your  Android smartphone .
  2. You can also view app’s description, search result, description and ranking .
  3. It also enables you to share app’s information with your family and friends .
  4. You can also search for the apps which are available in particular region only .

Note :  You can only browse apps, but cannot download any of the app iOs app with apps explorer .

How to install Apps Explorer on your android smartphone :

To guide with how to download and install App Explorer app  we have jot down the following steps . Follow these step to download and install Apps Explorer app so that you can easily browse iPhone app store from your android smartphone .

  1. Go to Google play store .
  2. Then search their “ Apps explorer ” from the list of available apps .
  3. Click on install button to start installing. It’s a free app. So no cost would be required to install it and to use it .
  4. Now start “ Apps explorer ” . The list of paid apps on iPhone app store will be shown to you on your screen .
  5. You can change the view if you want from the drop – down menu .  The menus available at the top will help you to select between paid and free app. The menus will also enables you  to sort by genre and popularity .
  6. Click on the app whose detail you want to see . This option will load all the description of the app as well as screenshots so as to make your choice easier .
  7. Click on the “ Share ” option given in the upper – right corner of your screen for  share and search . After clicking on “ Share ” option a menu opens up with several different options .
  1. “ Search App on Market ” : – It will enable the Google Play Store to search for the app bearing the title . This will help you to find the app with the same title in Google play store or may find a comparable app for android smartphone .
  2. “ Search Author on Market ” : – This enables you to find the app’s  developer on the Google Play Store.
  3. “ Search App on Google ” : – It  will simply search for the title in Google search.
  4. “ Share App For Info ” : – This option will show you a list of options available for the sharing of info, depending on the apps installed on your device.  Sharing will leads to sending of links to the recipient a link of the iPhone app store of that app.
  5. You can also buy the app for you iPhone. Go to app’s page in the website of App store.  Click on the button given on the bottom of you page to open up your browser. This will redirect you to the page of the app, their you log in into  your Apple account and can buy it.

I hope now you are ready for a ride of iPhone app store from your  android smartphone. If not!! Then go and grab Apps Explorer app and download it on your smartphone fast so that you can enjoy both at cost of one.

Top Traveling or Travel Apps for android

Planning to go on a trip?? In fix ,which agent and traveler to choose?? Don’t get panic!! The solution of all your problem is in your hand, right their in your android smart phones. You can download thousand of apps available to guide you at every hook and corner in your tip. Just not only guide you, but also provide you with the best of available deals.

The travel apps for android smart phones will help you to plan the best of possible trip for you which will fit into your budget too. Not only this, you can enjoy all the services at your door step and with no additional charges which you have to pay to your travel agents and guide.

Top Traveling or Travel Apps for android

To make your choice simpler amongst the thousand available apps we created a bevy list  of travel  apps for android smartphone  which will help you to make your trip memorable.

Top Traveling or Travel Apps for android

  • Airbnb : Airbnb app for android  makes your traveling as mobile as your smartphones are!! Airbnb provides you with an option of staying at interesting places in the world and provides an opportunity to earn extra money out of your extra space. Showing about 45000 listings over 34000 cities, so that your taste buds can enjoy the right flavor of experience. Make that treehouse, yurt or penthouse your next stay….

It offers you one of its kind accommodations directly from the app in more than 34000 cities across the world. It also provide last minute bookings . It also provides an option of obtaining diractions, messaging to host and sharing the desired place with your family and friends.

  • Hipmunk : Hipmunk app let you to plan your trip the fastest and the easiest way possible. It saves your time by comparing all best and top travelling sites for you. Let you find the airfare at the lowest price. Furthermore, you can save upto 60% on hotels with best deals.

You can even search for dinning , shopping and much more near by your hotel. It also shows if the hotel is charging any parking wi-fi and resort fee.

  • Expensify : Business travelers must have this aap into their android smartphones . Expencify allows tracking mileage or time, capturing receipts and creating easy and quick expense report. Expensify app simplify the expense reports that does not suck. Aptly said by the developers that using Expensify app, the expense list finally brought to 21st century

Expensify app synchronies your debit or credit card and automatically  do transactions from your account. It provides you with currency conversation. You can use expensify app when you are offline because it does not need an internet connection.

  • Flight View Free Flight Tracker : Flight view app is the leader in keeping the real time flight information. It helps to track in air and upcoming  flights across the world and send alerts through push notification. It also helps to check cancellations and delays. You can track your trip using mobile device and also at . You can easily search for alternative flights from the schedule list of flights. You can also search flights in advance for about 350 days and can save it.
  • Google map : When it comes to navigation, no one could stands  in competition with Google Map and it needs no introduction too. Google map is the best navigation app available. Google Map for android smartphones makes navigation smoother, faster and easier. You can search for the best points in town and all the relevant information about it. Additional feature of Voice guided GPS for navigating while biking, driving and walking. It provides the detailed information of over 100 mn cities. Indoor imagery of museum, restaurants , street view , and much more makes Google map app more useful.

With this amazing apps one cant resist travelling plus it helps to spice up your traveling experience.

iMessage for Windows

iMessage for Windows

iMessage is a free service which is specifically provide only for iphone ipad and ipod users & iMessage is simply service of sending text message through internet media. Just like facetime is video call application provide by Apple, similarly iMessage is for Text message.

As you know iMessage is the most popular feature from Apple and only Iphone , ipad or Ipod users can use iMessage service. And here i am sharing a way to use iMessage service for windows.

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iMessage for Windows

 How iMessages is different from normal text Message

Here i am mentioning how iMessage is different from normal text messaging  probably you didn’t know about it

  1. iMessages are blue and Regular messages are green.
  2. Read recipients features, while it can be turn off which we discuss later.
  3. You can sync iMessage with your Mac.
  4. You can adjust your push notifications to bring previews of texts straight to your screen.

How you can use iMessage for Windows

We can use iMessage for window through Remote Messages

  • Download and install the Remote Messages on your iPhone or Android device.
  • If you are using Iphone then your Iphone must be jailbroker.
  • Goto Settings menu and then go to Remote Messages.
  • Write down your Current IP that appears on the Mobile screen
  • Open the web browser on your PC
  • Enter the Current IP that Copied from your mobile device on the address bar of the browser
  • Hit enter after you type the IP address on the address bar
  • Now you are connected with iMessage for Windows on your personal computer.
  • You are now ready to send messages from your personal computer.

This is the easiest way to use iMessage for Windows , while other method to use iMessage for Windows through iOS emulators which will be shared in my next post. So keep Visiting !!