5 Best LED TV Brands That You Must Try Out

If you are looking for buying a TV and can’t decide which one to choose and buy then you must read the article which will let you know about the 5 Best LED TV Brands and their various products that you must know before buying a TV.

All the TV Brands, we have published here are the Top LED TV Brands in India, where you will get a range of best-LED TVs from non-smart to Smart to HD ready to Full HD to Ultra HD, all you may want to choose for you and buy one.

So be with us and know about the 5 Best LED TV Brands that you must try out.

Top 5Best LED TV Brands

There are many LED TV brands are available in the market with lots of promises to bring the best quality products with various features and facilities, but all of the TV brands haven’t succeeded to fulfill the promises. Here we have mentioned the Top LED TV brands who have succeeded to fulfill their promises and remaining on the top for a long time.

  • Sony

Sony is the top TV brand in India as well as worldwide which provides quality products with many features and facilities to fulfill your needs. You can have various types of LED TVs from sony on the basis of their Screen type like LCD, LED, etc, Screen sizes like 32, 40, 42, 43, 50, 55 inches etc, screen resolutions like HD ready, Full HD, Ultra HD, etc. and lots more. Even sony has launched many TVs varying on number of HDMI, USB, & LAN ports for your different purposes keeping in mind. Though all the models of Sony are popular and trending, Sony Bravia X7002E, X7500E, X9000E, etc. series have won the attention of millions with their stylish look and features.

  • Samsung

If you are looking for some other options rather than sony then the name which will come first is Samsung. It is also one of the Top TV brands in India for years because of it best quality products and their services. Samsung also provides TVs or various types on the basis of Screen type (CRT, LCD, LED, OLED, QLED), screen size (24, 32 40, 42, 43 inches etc), resolution (HD ready, Full HD, Ultra HD, etc.), features (Smart or Curved), and others like number of connectivity ports, etc. Apart from the others, Samsung Basic Smart, Series 5, Series 6, and Series 7 are so popular among the users and trending since their launch.

  • LG

LG is another competitor in the TV brands market and successfully maintaining its place on the top list with a wide range of quality products and service towards the users regarding installation, maintenance, etc. LG is totally different from other TV brands in case of their products, you have to check all the models individually for the best one for you. Because it does not emphasize on any special series of products. All the models differ from each other with various features and facilities. You can have all the categories like the other brands such as Screen types, sizes, resolutions, and others.

  • Panasonic

Panasonic is another big name in the market of Best LED TVs in India, also very popular trending TV brand, which has launched a big variety of products varying from screen size, type, features, resolutions and others. You can have all types of TVs like LCD TV, LED TV, Smart TV, non-smart TV, HD TV, Full HD TV, Ultra HD TV, etc. all the products are equipped with latest IPS technology, Engines, contrast ratios, screen aspect ratios, refresh rates, etc. to give the users a great experience in watching movies or other media contents. You can have all the popular products of Panasonic and their features on all the leading online shopping sites in India and buy them with different offers.

  • Philips

There is no need to introduce the brand to you all, because all of you must hear and may be used many gadgets of Philips and know the quality of the products. It is having the same fame, even a little more than others, in the race of Best LED TVs in India with its popular and trending LED TVs with dynamic look, latest technologies, interesting features, and lots more. You can have all categories of LED TVs of your choice or demands at Philips store or can buy them from the top online shopping portals in India and can avail exciting offers from them.


So, Friends, these are the 5 Best LED TV Brands that provide the Best LED TVs in India which you must give a try. And I am sure, you will like them for their look, picture quality, processing speed, smart TV options, and for other features and facilities. Son don’t waste more time to think, now you know all the Best TV brands which give the Best LED TVs in India, so go and choose the best from them and buy. Thank You.

List of Evernote Alternative

No doubt Evernote is one on the leading and best in its category. Its popularity is due to number of awesome features that enables you to do your assignments, tasks and many more things by helping in making efficient notes, which you can synchronized with different platform on different devices. Evernote is not limited only to text but also let you add some glimpse into your note by allowing you to add media such as images , handwritten notes , web articles and much more.

List-of- Evernote-Alternative-Apps-for-Iphone
List of Evernote Alternative for Iphone

Despite being first in race, it is not the only solution you need to be depend upon. But you can also choose from the bunch of alternatives Apps available for Evernote according to your requirement and believe me its worth trying the below given alternatives for Evernote Apps.

List of Best Evernote Alternative Apps

Here are 5 best alternative of Evernote which you must want to have : –

  • Google Keep – notes and lists: Gooogle Keep as the name suggest is a Google’s product. Its is yet very simple but a great note keeping tool. You can add images , lists and notes . It also enables you with a feature of Voice memo record . You can organize notes quickly by adding colour and labels. You can also search for the thing you want to find. Apart from note , you can also set reminders, so to remind you about the thing at right time and at right place.

It has a very simple interface and will help you to keep everything synchronized so to enable you to use your notes from any device you want to . Its absolutely free too.

  • Quip : Docs , Chat , Spreadsheets : Quip is a combination of docs, spreadsheet, task lists and especially chat , all in one single app which gives it edge over the other apps. It is fast and easy to use and enables you to create docs and also enables you to share these docs on multiple devices including iPhone and iPads , and on PC – with your friends , family or with anyone you want to .

Quip also take care of your privacy. It provides an option of keeping private notes , so that you can separate personal and business stuff apart using the same app. Its also free

  • OneNote : OneNote is a Microsoft product and one of the strong player in the category . It is a digital notebook which contains meeting notes , lectures, to-do list , vacation plans or everything you need to remember, recognize or organize .You can jot down or else can also type notes . Customize your note with italic, bold ,underline , highlight as you do it on your PC. Add to home screen ,your favorite notebook, section or page so to make a quick access . This app is also free.


  • Simplenote : Simplenote justifies it name as it keeps things simple, so simple that people get accoustomed to it very easily . It is an easy way to store lists, notes and much more . The note you create gets automatically backed up and synchronized it so that you can access it with all the devices at free of cost. It supports only text based note but claims for its efficiency and speed, so as do we believe .
  • Nevernote : Nevernote is last in our list but surely it ranks amongst best note making app. It was specially designed for Linux version by an Open Source Community . It has amazing features which makes it a superb alternative for Evernote. It is an official Evertone alternative for Linux. The feature offered by Nevernote such as notes based on color-code , sharing of notes and many more.

Well, now I hope, you guys must have picked up one of the alternative of evernote from the above given list which suits best according to your requirements. Hope you do like the apps. For any more suggestion and feedback , do comment. We are waiting eagerly!!