Why hire 1 Digital Agency?

The digital marketing world is constantly growing and improving. It is almost too difficult for an individual with less expertise in the digital world to keep up. New trends keep emerging and the way marketers advertise a brand changes very fast. This almost forces every business owner to step outside of their comfort zone, and deal with new things and learn how to implement features that were recently developed, and even keep up with the competition. This is not as easy as one might think.

Business owners are faced with challenging tasks and might sometimes not know how to solve them. It can start by dealing with certain platforms up to trying to rank your website to the top of search engines. This takes a lot of effort. Especially with new things evolving quickly, it can be hard to keep the business running while keeping up with marketing efforts. If you are constantly trying to market your brand across cross platform devices and channels, to running customer segmentation based messaging campaigns, and other digital marketing trends that are defining the future of marketing, 1 Digital Agency might ease up all the work for you.

We are specialised with most of the tools that are being used in order to market your business. We will be your helping hand in bringing your business a step further, meet demands and deadlines for your digital marketing to do list. A good Digital Marketing Agency follows all latest marketing and development trends across the globe on a regular basis. And this not only our job, but also our passion. This is what we do all day, every day. While you just pay attention and focus on your own brand and business, we focus on marketing your brand the way you want it by using the appropriate techniques. We spread the message, you want to give out across your company’s industry. This is will be very beneficial for your business, whilst without an agency your team might be drowning in marketing efforts.

We will improve your brand image by bringing results and succeed in generating positive PR about your business. It is very hard to take on all marketing activities and trying to be updated at all times on what is going on in the world. You might know your business best, but sometimes you might even forget important things, or oversee opportunities for your brand or company. Our efforts will be better utilized by focusing on core business operations. You will have the chance to get some fresh ideas and valuable external perspectives, which can give invaluable insights into the latest trends in the marketplace. Here at 1 Digital Agency, we can help you to limit risks, and reduce human resource efforts, and purchase results by an accountable agency. You’ll be able to rely on a team of qualified digital marketing experts who will know how to strategically manage your business’ marketing to ensure growth and liquidity.

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Top 6 Websites Similar To YouTube And Hotstar 2018

Hello folks, In this world every person like YouTube, Hotstar and other sites who gave you a large database of entertainment. I am here with some websites similar to Youtube and hotstar. So, you can enjoy your entertainment on these websites also.


Just surfing the sites for getting something doesn’t serve the purpose. An individual should be aware about what sort of the site can best give him/her what is required, as it could be site giving information in text format, it could be giving the things searched in video form or even in audio format. You can also try some websites like rainierland.

Websites Similar To Youtube And Hotstar

But does it confine you to search everything on a single site? What if gets slowed down as it is the most crowded place, and you need to search something very important immediately? So alternatives should be present there in case this condition arises. Here are few options mentioned below other than YouTube, they are not in the increasing or decreasing order of reliability, the choice could be made according to the requirements:

  1. VIMEO:

It is one of the platforms where a user can upload the videos he/she wants to share with others easily. It has an advantage over YouTube in many ways as the video quality provided is better than offered by YouTube and as you all must be aware about that YouTube according to Google Policy extract some of your information, vimeo requires a very less amount of such information as compared to YouTube. Here you can search whatever you require like sports, people, etc. People can even sell the videos on this platform.


Today metacafe is very much popular among people; since here you can search about people, arts, music, explore things about sports, various people, music and many more. It even involves the videos related to animation and comedy.  Basically it lays a great emphasis upon entertainment. The basic advantage is that it doesn’t involve repeated videos just be aware of the adult content.

  1. FLICKR:

Flickr is popular among many of us for sharing images and a very few crowd is aware about its feature of sharing videos. It even asks the up loader to upload the video in the High Definition quality. It further provides you an advertisement free environment. So one can even watch the videos and images as per the requirement.


Screen junkies is a platform for watching videos related to news, reviews on various things, movies etc. It is always updated with the latest movies and even with trailers of the upcoming ones. If you are a student or office guy you can use these unblocked music sites at your place to enjoy music.

  1. TED:

For any work we want a push or we can call it as motivation. Does it not help you to do something when you hear someone expert in that field? Now TED offers you to listen to these expert speakers sharing their views or experience on various topics that could either be related to education or any general topic. It is one of the most surfed sites for the education based videos. You can also check apps like showbox.


It is another option for watching videos; it sometimes contains the videos that are not even available on YouTube. The video provided by them is of proper quality. It further provides an option for earning through the videos. It usually doesn’t allow any changes once uploaded that are one can’t delete the videos once they are uploaded there.

I think, you read the whole content and also like these sites info. If you like my article then please share it with other people and for any question, query and solution please comment down below. You got your dose of entertainment, education and online streaming, try these sites and watch their available videos. Thank You

Wonderful Facebook Marketing Tips for Small businesses

It’s a small margin of men and women who search for your site to connect to it on Facebook. Almost all of those who do probably come from your current customer base or from the Facebook plug-in on your website. So almost all of your activity that folks see is actually what ends up on the news feeds. Target on optimizing that occurrence and that class of opportunities for visibility and you will probably get the almost all of Facebook. Image Source: Pexels

Kill it with the cover photo

  In the event that folks do land on your Facebook company site through links, redirects or piqued interest from a single of your great posts, you have got to be ready! This is your one chance to make followers out of them and you’d be smart to make use of it well.   Really the initial thing that folks see, a visual is one of the better marketing tools you can have, and it’s free.   Likewise, one of Facebook’s features is showcasing cover image updates on timelines of friends of fans. As a result, if someone would have been to become your fan, your industry’s profile picture and cover photography would show up on that new fan’s friends’ timelines.     Try and hook up your Unique Providing Point, your brand’s services, or your story to that cover photo. Persons love stories, and people love pictures.    

Drum Up some smart content

  If you haven’t capitalized on the currency that is content creation yet, you’re absent out on some real action! Content creation enables you to appear active on social media with the least of efforts, build relationships with the people whose content you talk about, and position yourself as a professional in the sight of potential and current customers; provided your curate with the right kind of content!   The ultimate goal of content creation shall be the one-stop destination for information for your focus on audience. Be exhaustive, covering possible current concerns that your audience could have. Give them everything in a single place so they do not have to go looking for it. Do that with interesting, useful and current information, and you’re easily one of the peeps to consider on interpersonal. The best part of this strategy is that it can be done easily and with minimal time spent.    

Go Live

  The beauty of football on Facebook and other websites like Periscope, Meerkat and Hangouts, is that comes so near real face-to-face interactions. If you want to hook up with your fans, Facebook Live can drive real results and get facebook likes and followers

Be a friend and a good one

  A lot of social mass media marketers have spoken about the power of humanizing marketing. It isn’t just enough to have a company page on Facebook. com, an appealing way of appointment the people in your target market is by interacting with them like their friends would. This kind of also opens the cultural media platform up for a lot more interaction with your audience than you can do by managing a purely official front. Persons on Facebook connect to more people than brands and humanizing your brand is among the finest ways to hook up with your audience.

Buy SoundCloud followers: Strategies For Beginners

Sharing music on SoundCloud, and getting the network expanded sounds simple but there are so many hidden consequences one should know about. To connect with more followers and become popular is a challenging objective, you need to work on some strategies, for beginners specifically. To get started is much tougher and gradually you can increase SoundCloud followers. The following methods should be helpful for beginners on SoundCloud:

  1. Magic of tags and artwork On SoundCloud all genres of music are really categorized by using the system of tagging, the eases the process of finding a song from a long list. Therefore, the use of suitable keywords that will give meaning to your song and also related o your genre should be added as tags. What style or genre you must belong to is a must to include in the description, otherwise how the audience would know whether your music is of Bollywood, rock, metal, Jazz, blues and so much more. Be specific to give an idea about the work you have pasted for the listeners. Plus, the logo you are using has to be attention=seeking, refreshing and unique.
  2. Exposure on social media As the most of the users on social media post daily activities and share their special occasions with friends and family. Likewise, when you put out your music or song on SoundCloud, it becomes obvious to share it and declare out loud about the creative side of yours. Facebook immediately gets your reach improved with the newsfeed, Whereas on Twitter to become one of the trending topics might be difficult but atlas you qualify to enter that club of active discussion going about the music and get to connect an enormously large audience to buy soundcloud followers. And so many other social networks are there to spread the word for you, like Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, etc. make some productive use.
  3. Make video for YouTube Use visual medium for promotion of your audio, an audio is just not enough to attract the attention of listeners for long buy soundcloud followers. Instead, you need to stand out among others with a video and let it expose to a larger group of audience. Create a low budget video if it’s too much for you to afford, but this powerful medium should not be neglected.
  4. Content can be used to promote music Although we have emojis, Youtube, and SoundCloud, still content is the king, a major driving force on the internet. To use a well-written content as a promotional tool is a good idea. You can start a blog and write about the latest updates you have posted on SoundCloud, your experience while making it, also add some insightful information about other musicians as well. This way you can connect with the readers and they feel relatable to the genuine side of an artist, improves the chances of being accepted by your target audience. Make sure you add relevant keywords to stay searchable the web Also Checkout : Influence of Social Media
  5. Talk about your work Through commenting on different websites, on various works of artists, blogs of music, and similar SoundCloud profiles, you can become a part of the discussion and get a chance to communicate about your work as well. Leaving your nest option on blogs and comments on other artist’s work makes your existence count. And this encourages others as well to listen to your songs as well. Straight-away a give-and- take method and quite sensible to attempt for.
  6. Buy SoundCloud Followers Last but not the least, to purchase SoundCloud followers is a sensible decision to take, as to make your identity is hard, with so many songs by renowned ones, new ones and so many genres. Of course, you got to do something about it. In fact, on SoundCloud, the struggle is not about the competition but in all those songs your work should searchable and easy for the lIsteners to access. buy soundcloud followers  help you get real accounts they are not fake and after nothing that you have such large fan base already the number of active listeners starts getting in the club the followers and gradually the cycle starts to pick up the pace.