How to Hide or Disable ‘blue ticks’ on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is now a part and parcel of everybody’s life. Beside the whatsapp messanger other alternatives are also available but Whatsapp is best in all ways.  As it’s features make our life easy in many ways like  live chatting,  sharing media etc , But one of its features create so much complexity in our life,. Yes! i am talking about that only which just struck your mind. Its “Last Hide Seen features”.

Now we all have the solution to escape from last hide seen features but Now whatsapp just launched a new feature i.e. Blue ticks which indicates that the recipient has actually read the message and the regular double tick means the message is delivered. This feature is beneficial for some and for others, it has increased their headache.

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How to Hide or Disable ‘blue ticks’ on WhatsApp

In this post i am going to share a solution or way to escape from blue tick feature. Best way to escape from blue tick is to say No to Whatsapp and start using alternative whatsapp ha ha
just Kidding.

  How to Hide or Disable ‘blue ticks’ on WhatsApp

There are many rumors in this regard. Many say that you should put your phone in Airplane mode and then check the message. Through this way, WhatsApp will not send the read confirmation to the sender. Then You can  switch back to normal mode after checking the message. For this some people say  that it worked, others stated that WhatsApp immediately syncs after you start your 3G or Wi-Fi and the read confirmation (blue tick) is forwarded to the sender.

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We analyzed this and checked several times and what we got is , one of this works only for Android users and not iPhone. If the message is of one line then you can check the message by pull down the notification bar but if message is more than one line then you can’t read the full message. We have some better solutions ahead.

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You can also disable by from Blue ticks by just disable the read receipts t option available on your whatsapp(It’s only available to Android users who have downloaded the new beta version of the app ). Go to your settings option available in your whatsapp. Their you will find privacy, tap on privacy and disable Read Receipts. Unfortunately presently its not avaliable for Iphone so try below options if you are Iphone users.

Add a Whatsapp Widget to The desktop(home screen) from a widget manager, Thats it! When new messages come, either it is single or multi lines message you can easily check the message without affecting the Blue Tick marks 😀  Make sure you don’t click on any message, else you would open up WhatsApp accidentally. And in that case you can use a lock facility in whatsapp so accidentally if you click it then firstly it asks for opening lock (y)

Another Solution for How to Hide or Disable ‘blue ticks’ on WhatsApp is Snowball Beta. Its a app which collects all your messages from all messengers including whatsapp and the best thing  is that WhatsApp won’t consider a message as read !! 🙂

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And if you cant take this much of headache to avoid double ticks feature, we can just hope that whatsapp will provide a way to Hide or Disable ‘blue ticks’ on WhatsApp soon just like it provided an option to hide last seen timestamp,

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iMessage for Windows

iMessage for Windows

iMessage is a free service which is specifically provide only for iphone ipad and ipod users & iMessage is simply service of sending text message through internet media. Just like facetime is video call application provide by Apple, similarly iMessage is for Text message.

As you know iMessage is the most popular feature from Apple and only Iphone , ipad or Ipod users can use iMessage service. And here i am sharing a way to use iMessage service for windows.

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iMessage for Windows

 How iMessages is different from normal text Message

Here i am mentioning how iMessage is different from normal text messaging  probably you didn’t know about it

  1. iMessages are blue and Regular messages are green.
  2. Read recipients features, while it can be turn off which we discuss later.
  3. You can sync iMessage with your Mac.
  4. You can adjust your push notifications to bring previews of texts straight to your screen.

How you can use iMessage for Windows

We can use iMessage for window through Remote Messages

  • Download and install the Remote Messages on your iPhone or Android device.
  • If you are using Iphone then your Iphone must be jailbroker.
  • Goto Settings menu and then go to Remote Messages.
  • Write down your Current IP that appears on the Mobile screen
  • Open the web browser on your PC
  • Enter the Current IP that Copied from your mobile device on the address bar of the browser
  • Hit enter after you type the IP address on the address bar
  • Now you are connected with iMessage for Windows on your personal computer.
  • You are now ready to send messages from your personal computer.

This is the easiest way to use iMessage for Windows , while other method to use iMessage for Windows through iOS emulators which will be shared in my next post. So keep Visiting !!

Best Free Recharge apps to get Free Talktime/Recharges on your Mobile

Best Free Recharge apps to get Free Talktime/Recharges on your Mobile

Are you addicted to your smart phones?? Killing your time in browsing Facebook and twitter?? Most of us do the same. But have you ever wonder that you can do something more than just chatting on your smart phones. You can actually earn some food for your mobile phone by earning free talktime and recharges.

If you think I m just giggling , then you are wrong. Yes you can actually earn Free talktime and recharges for your smart phones and that too by using your smart phones!!

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Best Free Recharge apps to get Free Talktime/Recharges on your Mobile

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list of top 5 free plagiarism checker

list of top 5 free plagiarism checker

Plagiarism Definition – Plagiarism in simple words means copying or stealing to someone’s own ideas and concept and using them even without giving any credit to that person. just like original inventions , original Ideas are considered as intellectual property and is protected under copyright laws. So copying or stealing of the ideas is a very serious offence.


  • to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own
  • to use (another’s production) without crediting the source
  • to commit literary theft
  • to present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source


list of top 5 free plagiarism checker

Plagiarism is now became very common in today’s digital world. Where you can find anything and everything on internet freely available right there just a click away. So there is a great need to check these plagiarism. Hopefully we have some free software which will help us to detect plagiarism. Here we bring for you top 5 free plagiarism checker.

List of top 5 free plagiarism checker

1)     Viper :-

Viper provides one the fastest plagiarism detection. It has the ability to scan the document amongst more than 10 billion resources, like academic essays , articles and other online sources. It is also offering you side-by-side comparisons for plagiarism. It is absolutely free and you can easily download it. Just keep in mind that it requires a download. Just note that for using Viper you should be a Microsoft Windows user, as it is only available to Microsoft Windows users .

2)     PlagiarismCheck

PlagiarismCheck is one of the best website for plagiarism checking .This site provides you with a free checking of unlimited number of articles , papers for comparison and generating reports of   plagiarism. The best thing about the website is that it can accept all types of file formats . It even provides you with a simple way of downloading reports on plagiarism and that too instantly from every hook and corner of the world . However, this fast simple, and smart plagiarism checker also have some cons that it does not offers any warranty and you have to create an account for it even though it’s free.

3)      DupliChecker:-

The DupliChecker provides absolutely free plagiarism detection tool . Plus you need not to have registered with DupliChecker. Just you have to copy-paste, or upload your thesis , essay, articles or website content and click on the ‘search’. Within seconds you will get the analysis reports .The only limitation is that you can search for a maximum of 1500 words.

4) contains a search box plus a software download available for only Windows users. This software can check duplication by Yahoo! And Babylon. You need to register if search by Google is required. The website supports near about 190 languages. You can also search for the entire URLs and files in various formats like HTML, DOCX, DOC, TXT, ODT RTF, and PDF formats.

5)     Article Checker

the Article Checker is really amazing as it allow to check your work instantly and directly by pasting the text/work so as to make a comparison. You need not to register with it or download anything for checking plagiarism. You can check for any possible imitation and duplication within few seconds.

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With this list of top 5 free plagiarism checker, now I hope you can easily check whether anyone is copying your original ideas or content or not.

Backup Whatsapp Conversation

Backup Whatsapp or Whatsapp Backup , both have the same meaning but they have drastic difference when we look at them from SEO point of view. But we are not here to discuss about SEO(Search Engine Optimisation).

These Days Whatsapp is also used for official announcement or some office work and in this case sometimes we need to create backup of whatsapp conversations so, in this post, i am going to share about how to  create backup of whatsapp conversations for Android users. Besides, i am also going to share a tip or you can say a trick regarding whatsapp.

Here i am telling you 2 ways for creating a backup of your chat history.
1- You can backup your Whatsapp Conversations with Whatsapp Pocket. Through Whatsapp Pocket you can extract the chat messages as backup form your device and read the chat history whenever you want to on your Mobile. Besides, you can also recover WhatsApp messages on an Iphone. Beside it, Whatsapp Pocket is a paid app, but you can easily get a free copy on torrent or mail us for a Copy of Whatsapp Pocket app if you are not able to find it for free.

Backup Whatsapp Conversation for Android users

2-The second way is inbuilt in whatsapp itself of which people are not aware of. Whatsapp provides a way to save the conversation that is by creating a Backup or exporting it as text file that can be sent over a mail.

Backup Whatsapp Conversation for Android users
  1. Open your Whatsapp App
  2. Tap Setting from the Menu
  3. Choose Backup Conversation
  4. Then click on Email Conversation
  5. whats ever you select the conversation through Tap and hold including media will be send to your mail.

I got a comment on my post i.e. on WhatsApp Tricks or WhatsApp Hack , he asked me about how to recover deleted chat history and i think many of you would like know that. There is a good way to recover your deleted or lost messages that is through Data Recovery software.

Tip : Want to save some particular message? Sometimes we are annoyed because of not finding a particular message in a long conversation of whatsapp. Here i am sharing you the best way to save any message or conversation, which you will find in shortest way.

Simply create a group of name ‘ABC’ and add 2-3 friends in a group, after it remove these friends from the group which makes only you left alone in a group.

Problem solved, this group becomes a saved message box of whatsapp, you can also save jokes ,quotes or love messages. I hope this small tip might be helpful for you..:)

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How to make money online through simple ways (Social networking)

In my earlier post i got a huge response which is on How to make money online, i am really thankful for all your support. I got many queries from my readers regarding the topic how to make money online but many of you asked some similar questions like are there any ways to make money online through Social networking sites or how to make money from Facebook etc. So here i am with an answer to all those queries of how to make money online through social networking websites like Facebook , twitter etc.

These days Social networking sites are on boom, but don’t think that it’s the best offer to earn money. There are many kinds of social media or social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and ‘micro-blogging’ sites such as Twitter and Tumblr to photo-sharing sites like Instagram and Flickr etc.Here i am sharing my ways on how to make money online through facebook, twitter, linkedln etc

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How to make money online through Social networking Media

 How to make money online through simple ways (Social networking)

These days Celebrities, Corporate firms, business men, etc need high profile accounts like Twitter account having large number of followers , facebook page having large number of Likes, Google +1s votes, free youtube views, free tweets. Even many times people are looking for likes on their personal photos for competition or to show off. Here is a way by which you can provide them Page likes , Followers , likes on photos, youtube views, etc. And all the things that you can provide through Social Exchange site, and a complete guide for how you can get votes, views and likes through social exchange site :

 Zazzle will allow you to create and design any product on their site, free of charge. Then, you can pop on to your Facebook , Fb page , Twitter and sell it. This will work for anyone who has a designed background or who may want to sell products made by other artists, or you can try out Cafe Press and sell things through their online store

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Ether is also a interesting method to make money through Facebook. Ether will allow you to add an app to Facebook and you can then give advice to people over the phone. If you’re good at giving advice, you can make some money. While this probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, if you’re into music, check out MusicBlaster. You can create a music store right on Facebook and then sell music from BlastMyMusic. For every song sold, you make 5%.

 Sponsored tweets – Sponsored tweets are those that advertisers will pay you to put out there because they know that you’ll be able to reach the target market or amount of people that they need to get in touch with.

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Linkedln Recommendations – As you know many of looking Linkedln account for recruitment , so many of people(job seeking) need recomendations, they can pay for Good recomendation. So simply you build your network on Linkedln and provide recomendations and get a return in favor 🙂

If you have a particular skill, like talented photographers can upload their images to photo-sharing site Flickr and be paid when they are used. Likewise, skilled videographers can sell their clips to YouTube and if they are successful and get lots of views, it could translate into a regular income stream

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MonthlyYouth is a new innovating and internet job site, where you will be hired to do some tasks, different in type and number and you will be paid a estimated reward for that instant in your account. After it, the job poster will review the service and approve the status for your payout, then you will be paid for your work via Cheque. Referral systems are also available for earning 🙂

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How to track your lost Mobile Phone via IMEI number

How to track your lost Mobile Phone via IMEI number

Nowadays  Mobile phone becomes the most important part of our mobile. Mobile devices are quickly becoming more powerful and feature-rich which make it them more costly. And the same time lost your mobile phone or stolen by some one is really a big pain. This post is on How to track your lost Mobile Phone via IMEI number.

The first thing which you have to do after loosing your mobile phone is to file a police report and it can come in handy with this process as it may be needed by your cell phone provider or an insurance company.


How to track your lost Mobile Phone via IMEI number

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Fun with Mini motherboard Raspberry Pi

Fun with Mini motherboard Raspberry Pi raspberry-pi-logo

Computers are the tool of the 21st century which is concerned with much more than simply being able to use a computer. Children should understand how they work and how to program them. Now the Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized single-board computer developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It can be plugged into your TV and a keyboard, and can be used for many of the things that your average desktop does – spreadsheets, word-processing, games and it also plays high-definition video. The Raspberry Pi is a fully featured micro- computer squashed onto a circuit board measuring approximately 9cm x 5.5cm.

The Raspberry Pi has a Broadcom BCM2835 system on a chip (SoC), which includes an ARM1176JZF-S 700 MHz processor, Video Core IV GPU, Originally shipped with 256 megabytes of RAM, later upgraded to 512MB. It does not include a built-in hard disk, but uses an SD card for booting and long-term storage.

It can make your Old TV in to a smart TV. (You can play Videos, 3D Games, Music, Browse Internet and much more. Raspberry Pi can Act as Full HD 1080p Media Player. It’s a Mini Computer which just cost Rs.2, 350/- You can connect a Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse and use it as a normal computer. Its Graphics Capabilities is better than Apple Products.

Raspberry Pi

Its Provide a fun environment for experimenting with programming and electronics and Inexpensive, simple, open and easy to maintain computer for schools .Fun computer for children to experiment with at home (programming, robotics, etc.)


Raspberry Pi support Linux on a bootable SD card, Fedora ,Raspbian , Debian operating system. Programming by default supporting Python as the educational language. Any language which will compile for ARMv6 (Processor) can be used with the Raspberry Pi.

How to run multiple computers from single CPU

Hi everyone,
A 100….!!! CELEBRATING A 100 blogs … wooohoooo , I cannot believe I am typing my 100th blog post! Wow my little blog has come so far and I thank you all so much for continuing  to stop by! Without all of the support, comments, shares, hits, everything I wouldn’t have kept Crazylearner going so I thank you!

Today i will show you how can run multiple computers from single CPU. I mean how can you run multiple workstations from single CPU.

You must have heard about desktop virtualization ? If not, i’ll tell you about it all what i know.

There are many approaches to virtualization
Most virtualization technologies are expensive to acquire, implement, and maintain. NComputing is different because we save you money from day one. This desktop virtualization technology allows up to 100 users to simultaneously use a single computer—at a very low cost. I looked for it and came to conclusion that this is one of the best thing which i have came to known recently in computer field.

so what is desktop virtualization? In simple terms it is sharing the power of single cpu with multiple users .It appears to each of the user that he is using his own complete setup including processor .This technology is not new but its availability to general public is certainly new.

Here is simple example to understand how to set up desktop virtualization.

what you are going to need if you don’t want to use desktop virtualization.

11 monitors,11 speakers ,11 keyboards, 11 mouse and 11 cpu

what you are going to need if you want to use desktop virtualization

11 monitors,11 speakers ,11 keyboards, 11 mouse, 1 cpu and 2 desktop virtualization kits (a kit comes with software and hardware and can support 5 users.)

How to run multiple computers from single CPU
How to run multiple computers from single CPU

Advantage of running multiple computers from single cpu

You are saving the maintenance and power cost of 10 CPUs.

Typically a user is able to utilize only 10 % of available CPU power . This one kit uses approx 70 % of cpu power among 6 users including the host.

Currently the company which is providing this kit is Ncomputing. For more information and processing related issues visit product guide.

There are various models available as we go for Ncomputing. i will share all the information regarding every model with specification.

Here is a video which explains in details

List of Top 10 Free Antivirus

List of Top 10 Free  Antivirus

After talking about List of Top Ten Antivirus 2014 now it’s time to talk about  free Antivirus. You might know many of these antivirus software, but here is the list of top 10 free antiviruses.

List of Top 10 Free  Antivirus
List of Top 10 Free Antivirus

Before we start, remember that these versions do not offer the same protection as their paid versions. They don’t have all the features of a full paid antivirus and do not do as good of a job, so I won’t compare them with those versions, but from a free antivirus perspective.

Note: These Antiviruses are not arranged in any order, It’s just a random list.

List of Top 10 Free  Antivirus

List of Top 10 Free Antivirus
  1. Avast! Free Antivirus

  2. Panda Cloud Antivirus

  3. Microsoft Security Essentials

  4. Avira AntiVir Personal Edition

  5. AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

  6. Comodo Antivirus

  7. Immunet Protect FREE

  8. PC Tools AntiVirus Free

  9. Malwarebytes

  10. ClamWin Free Antivirus

All above declared antivirus software programs having both version such as free and payable. If you want anyone of the program just try before you can buy the free version works like premium. I know not many of you would like to Test different Antivirus softwares on their PC, but as already said that the performance of the Antivirus software depends on all of the above factors. Based on my List of Top 10 Free  Antivirus , I recommend you to do your own research on Internet and than Install the one which you think is best for you.