Free Download collection of Futura Fonts

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One of my reader suggest me about to prepare and share some pack or collections of font so i collected some great Future fonts and prepare complete pack of Futura fonts.

Futura is a geometric sans-serif typeface which means basically it does not have the small strokes at the end of letters. Futura fonts was designed by German type designer Paul Renner in 1927. It is beautiful elegant and simple. it has been used extensively in numerous design for around ninety years and initiated a long range of followers inspired by its style.

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Futura is glorious. It’s a classic, and a personal favorite of mine. The issue is when artistic and cultural trends narrow the ranges of expressions that we see in typography


Free Download collection-of-Futura-Fonts
Free Download collection of Futura Fonts

Here i listed some fonts name of my collection pack

  • Futura Condensed
  • Bold oblique
  • light oblique
  • Book
  • Futural T
  • Condensed extra light ob
  • Extra bold oblique

Free Download collection of Futura Fonts

Hope you like my collection this pack contain best 20 type of fonts of futura and if you are looking for alternative of futura,I personally recommend Avant Garde, Bauhaus and Sofia.

Please read the license files of these fonts (if included in the download package). To the best of the knowledge of the writer, these fonts are either in the public domain and can be used freely without any charge, or are free for personal use. I download some of fonts from torrent.

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Cool Graffiti Font Collections Download Free

Graffiti is words, colors and shapes drawn or scratched on buildings, express passes, trains, cars, desks and other surfaces. Graffiti is a type of art through which people express themselves and use “World” as their canvas. The word Graffiti comes from geek word ‘Graphein’ which means, “To write”.

Graffiti make cities look more vibrant and beautiful. There are many graffities on walls, outside the buildings, and at the bridges. Although Graffiti is so controversial , is it illegally right or wrong, but we are not here to talk about this.

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Though I am not a graffiti artist, I have always been interested in the colorful etchings on the sidewalks and walls of my city. And Fonts are the most important part of graffiti and i spend a lot of time to collect some great Graffiti fonts searching from forums, sites, etc

In recent decades, graffiti has moved from an urban nuisance to a professional business. Thanks to the rise of street art as a serious creative force. And with the art form ever growing in popularity, there are now a wealth of graffiti font styles available online for creatives to use as the typography in their urban artwork.

We’ve sourced the coolest free graffiti fonts for you to use, no catch, so you can add a bit of Banksy to your project.

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Cool Graffiti Font Collections

Cool Graffiti Font Collections

List of some Cool Graffiti Font Collections

  • Agino
  • Anything you want
  • Broken toys
  • Casper Comic
  • Dark House
  • Fire wood
  • Graffiti Rock
  • Joker
  • Krazy Kool
  • Mummy loves you
  • Roller Coaster
  • Street Soul
  • Wildstyle

Download Cool Graffiti Font Collections
In above Zip file i am sharing 300 creative, cool and awesome graffiti fonts and size of Zip file is 8.91mb. I am sharing this pack on medishare, hope you will don’t found any problem downloading from mediashare.

I have shared many fonts collection, and for them you are just need to check our category Typography. Hope above zip file should be helpful for you. Keep Visiting !!


Free Download collection of Papyrus font

Free Download collection of Papyrus font – Before discussing about Papyrus font i am so thankful for my lovely readers who sent me thanksgiving mail for my previos post where i shared about Bollywood font

. Hope this post will also get the same response.

Papyrus is a  hand-drawn over a period of six months by means ofcalligraphy pen and textured paper.Papyrus has a number of distinctive characteristics, including rough edges, irregular curves, and high horizontal strokes in the capitals. 

Papyrus font free download available

Papyrus font is very famous these days, so its make me a idea to post a collection of free Papyrus font. I try to include all type of Possible papyrus fonts here, also which can simmilar to papyrus or can be say a alternative of Papyrus font.

Free Download collection of Papyrus font here

This rar file contain Capital , small and numbers Papyrus font too.

Help Installing Papyrus.TTF

* Note : Make sure you are logged in as the admin when installing fonts for Windows. 

Step 1: Download Papyrus.TTF from our site to your desktop or an easy location to access. 

Step 2: Unzip the font using your favorite zip program or the one provided by Windows. 

Step 3: Once the file is unzipped

– Windows XP Font Install: 
Drag Papyrus.TTF into C:\Windows\Fonts – The font will automatically install. 

– Windows  8/7/Vista Font Install: 
Right click Papyrus.TTF and then click “Install”. 

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Download Typewriter Font


Hello friends , Now in today’s post i am going to share about typewriter font. Its quiet nostalgic when we talk about Typewriter, it was invented in 1860 and was being in fashion in 1980.  

Tyepwriter Font
Download Typewriter Font

I got several mail regarding my last post which is dedicated to Bollywood font, These Days Typewriter font is in Fashion , this font can be used for nostalgic project , Documentaries , PPT etc . Typewriter fonts are a popular choice to incorporate into vintage and retro designs. Courier is probably the best known font of this type but there are many other cool typewriter-inspired designs out there.Typewriter fonts are a popular choice on many scrapbook pages. They are usually easily readable and are available in many different styles, like grungy, aged, messy, clean, modern, and even “hand drawn type”.

I have searched dozens of web sites and forums

Check our cool compilation of free typewriter fonts that you can put to good use in your vintage designs.

Here i am enlisting a Some of Typewriter fonts

  • American Typewriter
  • Typewriter from hell
  • Acid typewriter
  • Inkspot
  • Rough Typewriter
  • Codilight
  • Incognitype
  • Albersthal typewriter
  • Roman Acid

Here you can download mega collection of Typewriter fonts.

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Download Bollywood Fonts

Bollywood font – One of my colleagues is working on some Documentary project, he searched for fonts but could not manage to get the desired font and asked me to help him with some cinematography font(Bollywood font). And thence I gave a thought of writing a post named as DOWNLOAD BOLLYWOOD FONTS.

I searched regarding Bollywood fonts which can be used for these type of projects and they can be searched as camera fonts, movies fonts, hollywood fonst, Bloody fonts, ghost fonts, casper fonts, water falling fonts, popcorn fonts, spiderman fonts, movies icon fonts etc.

Collection of Bollywood fonts


Download bollywood font
download Bollywood font
download bollywood font


  • Movie Poster
  • Filmy Font
  • Cinema font
  • picture font
  • Cordel movies
  • Filmstrip
  • Popcorn time
  • Movie time
  • Action
  • Casper
  • tarzan font
  • ninja font
  • Harry potter font

I have searched dozens of web sites and forums online to bring you a compiled stuff of all the type of Bollywood fonts, and here we go with this awesome collection.

Download free collection of Bollywood font

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Collection of Hindi Fonts Free Download

Collection of Hindi Fonts Free Download
Many of you need Hindi fonts and for downloading these fonts you have to fill some form of funki surveys or follow the links containing some adds etc. Here I enlist best possible collection of Hindi Fonts which is free to download.

Smart Fonts have “logic” built-in along with graphical designs.

Why Download Hindi  Fonts??

  • To be able to read Hindi  web pages in Hindi.
  • To be able to print Hindi  web pages in Hindi.
  • To be able to write and create web pages in Hindi  Fonts.
  • For the Love of Hindi! 😀

Hindi Font is not prebuilt in our OS , so here i give you a link where you can access all the Hindi font.

Here is a collection of about 400 fonts and the list also contain some famous fonts like Kruti , Devnagri , Chankya etc, it even  contains more than 100 types of fonts which belong to the Kruti font family itself.DevaNagari script is used to write Hindi, Nepali, Marathi, Sanskrit and many other South Asian languages.

These Hindi Fonts ( Free Download)  can be install in any OS like xp , vista Window 7 & 8. next time i will surely share for Mac and Linux.

Now next point is how to install Hindi Fonts .

When you click on any Font File then file will open with a screen which have install option.

Collection of Hindi Fonts Free Download

Simply click on install !!

Collection of Hindi Fonts Free Download

Here is the download link of Collection of Hindi Fonts Free Download.
I try my best to cover all type of hindi fonts in above rar file. Hope you all will appreciate this post  regarding Hindi Fonts Free Download. Check my other post also which is for Mega Pack of Plugins for

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