Proficient internet marketing of Muay Thai in Thailand

The technology of the internet has managed to fully revolutionize the way we live. Of course, there are certain parts of the world where people don’t really use the internet – many of them don’t even know what the internet is all about. But if you visit the more developed countries of the world, you will see that most people use the internet on a daily basis for whatever it is that they need.

For one, the business people have really gotten the upper hand with the advent of the internet. Now, they have a powerful new way in which they can implement new forms of marketing for their products and services, all online. The reason for this is simple – the internet has made the world a lot more social and socially interconnected – especially through the use of social media. You can find anything online – including information that you thought you may never need.

This is where marketing comes into place. If you’re a business owner, you ought to know by now that there is a huge potential to be exploited on the internet when it comes to marketing, and that arguably the best step that you can take in this regard is to create your own website. If you have ever used the internet then you know what a website is – so we’ll skip that part of the explanation.

So, what can you do with a website? It’s easy – you can share almost anything you want on it. Articles on the products that you sell, videos showing the strong points of the services that you offer, testimonies from other people that have used your products and services – you name it. And you immediately see just how important it is to have a website, and just how big of a difference it can make in the rise of your business.

The thing is that it takes only a click of your mouse button, and a few letters on the keyboard – and you will be able to see any website in the whole world, in a matter of seconds. Well, this can be about your website as well – and many people from all around the world will be able to see your website within a few seconds. This is the core benefit of internet – it makes finding information that much easier.

Finally, if you own a Muay Thai training camp business in the country of Thailand, then it will be a really smart thing to do to use the full potential that the internet has to offer when it comes to promoting your own business. Whether it’s through marketing, or through any other form – the internet holds the key to the success of your Muay Thai business. A example is . You will be able to serve people a lot better through the use of the internet – they will know just how important it is to achieve fitness, and they will begin to flock towards your Muay Thai training camp in big numbers.

Transactional SMS: A real boon for Banking personnel

For any successful business entity the core strength lies in their ways they adapt to stay in touch with their customers. To match up with the demand of time, the most important thing required is to have a better coordination among the end users. So if measured on the scale of performance the key role is of the communicator, until and unless the message does not reach the recipient using the correct mode, no action can be expected from the end users.

To elevate the business to customer relationship, each business entity takes several initiatives to remain in contact with their customers. These methods may include various activities like calling the clients personally, texting them regularly, meeting them occasionally via any mean. But the best among all is texting, as in the fast moving world, people are much goal oriented and stay busy working for their livelihood. They hardly get time for themselves and so they generally opt to use technology which is hassle free and easy to use. They entertain only valuable information and strictly avoid anything hinting promotion.

Banking is one of the most widely used public oriented sectors; almost everybody exceeding the age limit of 18 years holds their personal bank accounts. Text message facility is trusted as the banking activity informer, where the clients expect the bank to provide regular information related to bank accounts including their deposits, withdrawals, remaining amount and transfer details. This not only helps the customers to keep a great record of their spending and savings but also helps them to plan their tomorrow after being informed about each transaction with the bank.

Banks can use transactional sms for connecting with their existing customers, as they deal with their customers financial matters which consist of every bit of information which is of utter importance to the account holder. The most important segment where these informational message service can be used by bank are as follows:

  • To send alert message for every electronic transfer of fund.
  • To send account details for daily/ weekly/ monthly alerts.
  • To inform about cash withdrawal after each transaction.
  • To inform about payment done by credit card.
  • To inform about purchase of credit card.
  • To inform notification like location of bank branch or ATM location.
  • For sending reminders for payments like EMI.
  • To send inquiry on currency exchange rates.

Other important information which deals with the critical data and information of customers associated with the bank may include:

  • Information like Cheque deposit pending alerts.
  • Cheque return information alert with reason.
  • In case of any automatic deduction of payment which can be immediately sent to the customer.
  • Information like Deposited Cheque clearance alert.

    The transactional bulk message can play a vital role in building good repo among the business and customers. As these messages do not signify any promotional sense and are completely informative only, which adds on more credibility and benefit to its unique features list. Transactional messages are even sent on the Do not disturb (DND) numbers too, which is one of its best feature. They are more reasonable and highly affordable for any business type.

    It takes the extra mile to keep the client in contact with no promotional intent but the brand name keeps blinking even if the mode is through transactional message service. Ultimately help to make the business grow exponentially while keeping the client delighted with every important piece of information completely handy on the tap of their fingertip. Most useful for people who have less time for keeping a keen check on their accounts, transactional sms proves to be a boon for such customers.

Top 5 Signs Your Business Needs a New Logo

15 Truly Inspiring Yoga Quotes [Infographic]

Yoga It’s about finding your true selves by doing something new. Yoga Quotes have prepared some very inspiring and helpful Yoga Quotes to help you achieve your goal’s in life. Yoga is an internal practice. The rest is just a circus. Ones you try you will see how calming and relaxing yoga can be. Yoga is not just about relaxing the mind and body but it’s about having fun with your inner mind, soul and body. Look at this website for more info.


How to play Clash Royale on PC

Hello guys, do you want to play clash Royale on PC? Are you looking for the best possible way to play clash Royale PC even your computer is obsolete? So, you are worried are gone now because I am to help you out!

In recent past, I am collecting many requests on about playing clash Royale on PC. SO, I decided to write a guide for you. I am going to show you that how can you play clash royale on Windows PC with using Bluestacks. Bluestacks is one of the most popular Android emulators in recent past.

There are also a lot of other platforms present which also use an Android emulator.  SO, the reason is that why I recommend Bluestack instead of others such as Genymotion, MEMU, etc. It is one of the very first Android emulators. It was released in 2011. Throughout the years, blue stacks versions implemented with a lot improvement in every field. It is definitely on the best emulator for Android.There is recently a new version of Bluestacks released which has a lot of useful features.

Features of BlueStacks:

There are some features of blue stacks given a blow. So, I highly recommend you to chooses Bluestacks instead of any other emulator.

  • It has perfect multi simultaneous instances.
  • It can support multi-touch supporting keyboard, mouse, and mousepad.
  • It can work almost on every windows or PC.
  • It has no requirement for RAM or CPU which make this program more efficiently.
  • It is free to use.
  • It has many built in stream features.

So if you want to play Clash Royale on PC, so  I highly recommend you this software for that, if I find another good software I will also a right guide on it.

How to Play Clash Royale on PC with Bluestacks Emulator

  • First of all, you need to download Bluestacks for your windows PC. Currently available versions of Bluestacks for windows XP, SP3, Windows 7, windows 8/8.1 and windows
  • After downloading the application, install the Bluestacks. Naturally, you need to press the start button to install it.
  • After installing it, sign in with Google account. Like using your Android device and then enter some standard information for every device before using it.
  • After doing this, the program will redirect to home page.
  • There will be a lot more options at the top and bottom. You can install apk files from google play store and also import files from your computer drive.
  • Then go to search bar and write clash royale application and download it from play store.
  • After downloading it, install this apk file.
  • Now you successfully install Clash Royale on PC. Play this fantastic game on the computer and enjoy it!

How to Use Clash Royale Hack on PC?

It is mostly asked a question when you play Clash Royale on PC. The solution is straightforward you can use online hack tool for getting unlimited clash royale gems and Gold on PC. Clash Royale Hack is the ultimate solution for it. You can go to our given link of Clash Royale Hack for getting free gems. It is the best Hack tool which works online fine.

How to use your keyboard to pick cards during clash Royale PC in Battles:

When you play Clash Royale on PC you might don’t know some features of playing this game. Do you want to use your keyboard for picking your cards quickly during the battles? In war, you need to be more quick rather other players. You can also launch your combos and react everything in-game quickly. This technique is much faster than using the mouse for drag and dropping cards.

Bluestacks provide you this facility to play Clash Royale on the keyboard. While other emulators are not provided you such services. In other emulators, you have to use Keymapper by yourself and set each point on the screen to the respective button.

So, you can easily use four buttons on your keyboard, which are Z, X, C, V  for choosing your cards in your hand while playing the game.  You can also the keyboard keys by Keymapping on your Bluestacks.

Easy to use:

From BS3, you can quickly set your screen resolution, DPI, Ram and CPU specs for your emulator. It has the most accessible emulator to use.

Final words:

It is the complete guide for playing Clash Royale on PC without any getting trouble. I make this guide in most accessible wording. Hopefully, you will get a lot of help from this Guide. If you have any doubt, you can tell us in the comments section.

Three Thrilling Attractions in Dubai

Dubai is home to a number of amazing tourist attractions, some of which include innovative architecture, natural beauty, and thrilling experiences that will undoubtedly get even the most experience thrill seekers’ adrenaline pumping. In this article we are going to take a look at three thrilling attractions located in the magical city of Dubai, and what they have to offer those who dare to visit or ride them:

Dubai Parks and Resorts

Made up of four theme parks – montiongate™ DUBAI, Bollywood PARKS™ DUBAI, LEGOLAND® DUBAI and LEGOLAND® WATER PARK – that offer a number of thrilling attractions, Dubai Parks and Resorts is the ideal place for those who like to get their adrenaline pumping. montiongate™ DUBAI has brought three of the largest and most successful motion picture studios in Hollywood together to create a world of innovation and creative storytelling through a number of movie-themed rides. Here, riders can indulge in a number of fast and furious rollercoasters, including The Green Hornet: High Speed Chase and the Capitol Bullet Train (that is based on the movie The Hunger Games). For riders who prefer wet and wild thrill rides, LEGOLAND® WATER PARK is home to over 20 water slides and attractions. Note: There are a number of theme park tickets and theme park passes available, some of which include entrance to more than one park.

Ski Dubai

The first indoor ski resort in the Middle East, Ski Dubai is a mountain-themed resort with a frosty wintery setting to boot. Here, thrill seekers can snowboard, ski, and go tobogganing. The resort includes five runs that vary in difficulty, height and gradient, with the longest being 400 metres that includes a fall of over 60 meters. Ski Dubai is also home to the world’s first indoor black run, meaning skiers and snowboarders who are skilled and up for a challenge can take on the hardest run the resort has to offer. What’s more, Ski Dubai offers visitors the chance to take a ride on the 150 metre long Snow Bullet, the world’s first indoor sub-zero Zip Line that soars as high as 16 metres above the skiers and slopes below, giving riders the rush that they are looking for. Those who prefer to take a different approach to finding the perfect adrenaline rush, can instead opt to roll down one of the dedicated slopes in a giant inflated ball – do you dare?

The Burj Khalifa

The tallest building in the world – standing at a whopping 829.8 metres – the Burj Khalifa is a mega tall skyscraper. Although drastically different from the two attractions we have already mentioned above, the Burj Khalifa takes the fear of heights to a whole new level. The Burj Khalifa consists of 154 usable floors, some of which house the highest observation deck in the world, as well as the world’s highest nightclub. Those who fancy taking the ride in the world’s fastest elevator that soars up at a speed of 22 miles per hour – which will take your breath away – to the observation deck, will be blown away by the panoramic views over the Arabian Gulf and the city’s skyline below, inducing a new adrenaline rush many have never felt before.

Dubai is the perfect destination for thrill-seekers looking for their next adrenaline rush, with a number of thrilling attractions and experiences waiting to be conquered.

How to Learn Piano Quickly

You’ll only get exactly what you have to be in a position to play piano. If your piano doesn’t have a USB output, you’ll need to buy a MIDI to USB converter. It is an enjoyable and cool approach to learn piano. Now, this remedy isn’t for everybody, because you should know at least beginner level piano.

It is possible to teach yourself piano! This piano is most suitable for large living rooms, thus the name. Grade 1 pianos supply the finest quality of performance.

Don’t neglect to regard the space you have before purchasing a piano. Letting our kids piano would be among the many choices that may be tried. There are a number of measures to learning the piano. If you are a newcomer to piano and don’t know the best places to begin, you have arrived at the appropriate place. In reality, if you enjoy playing both, don’t let yourself acquire lazy playing a digital piano. It’s the most popular and among the smallest grand pianos, thus the name.

It is  must eventually have a piano if you prefer to be proficient on it. Learning how to play the piano demands focus and motivation during a long time. Learning how to play piano ought to be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience, and a great teacher can help you to remain motivated and challenged. Buying a full piano may be big investment, both with regard to cost and the space needed in your residence. Possessing an unmaintained piano is not going to make your interiors look much better.

Should you really want to learn how to learn best pianos, you just need to get started practicing! Rocket Piano provides you the skills in order to learn how to play the songs YOU desire. It is by far the most comprehensive and effective piano course I have ever seen. For the majority of people who would like to quickly learn how to play piano, it isn’t essential to read music. If you’re, then it is possible to learn how to play it to the piano easily and quickly. It is frequently utilized in studio pianos.

What How to Learn Piano Is – and What it Is Not

Each instrument has its pros and cons. Any instrument you learn how to play will enhance your general musical abilities. Outlining your aims, getting your instrument, and locating a teacher are three of the very first things to do to take.

How to Learn Piano Explained

A keyboard might not have the same feel for a piano, but the playing methods are essentially the same so this can get the job done for the meantime while you’re still practicing. Rather than a frightening alien language you will learn how to find the keyboard with respect to SHAPES and PATTERNS. Regarding the benefits of keyboards, keyboards never have to be tuned. You may use the digital keyboards that arrive with them as you practice proper hand placement and the way to hit the most suitable keys.

The lessons are wholly laid out in a simple to follow, step-by-step method. Starting piano lessons with a teacher may be an excellent concept to have a push in the proper direction. Taking private piano lessons from an extremely qualified instructor is among the most useful ways to better your abilities as a piano player.

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Perhaps you’ve tried a couple of lessons and you simply feel like it was not quite suitable for you. Learn piano notes at a young stage, the moment you begin your piano lessons. It isn’t usually advisable to begin one-on-one piano lessons before age 5. So Musiah’s internet piano lessons price tag less than 1 tenth of the price of conventional piano lessons, and with Musiah up to 6 people may learn at no extra cost. Together with FUN, there are naturally many different reasons why Musiah’s internet piano lessons really are a really good solution for adults.

There’s not anything wrong with having a go through the entire piece on your first two or three times of playing, since this is a great way to identify the regions of difficulty, but ensure that this is the sole moment. Just make sure you try before you purchase! In addition, you get to hear the method by which they sound. Be certain to find somebody who will teach you what you would like to learn. You’re able to learn how to play practically ANYTHING. Try looking for a few, and you may be amazed by what you learn. In order to have the instantaneous feedback at each practice is huge.

You must know the chords. By doing this, you’re able to learn the chords a lot simpler. There are a few folks who wish to learn how to play piano chords without having to read sheet music. You’re likely to have the ability to play all 12 big piano chords easily and quickly.

Most Noticeable How to Learn Piano

You are going to learn how to read music from only chord symbols! Music has the distinctive power, which can cause you to truly feel enjoyable. It’s also about sound generally in regard to playing music and also sound quality.

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7 best budgeting Android apps

The word ‘budgeting’ is very familiar to the business world and our household activities. Budgeting is the process of balancing between our income and expenses. A few years back, people used to do budgeting manually on a piece of paper which was quite tough and time-consuming. But with the invention of smartphones, users can calculate their monthly budget easily. 7 best budgeting Android apps are mentioned below.

1. Good budget:
You can check out this app for Android which is a quality app for home budget planning keeping complete track on your expense and income. If you want to export data such as CSV file, QFX, and OFX, you can do so through the Good budget app. You need not worry since it is free and simple as well.
• Track your monthly spending
• Avoid miscommunication
• Based on envelope method
• Plan to save for big expenses
• Analyze spending
• Edit budget as required
• Help to live within your limits
• Add accounts
• Edit accounts
• Add income
• Save time

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2. Mint:
Mint app is free, simple and easy to get started. Updating your information automatically, Mint serves as one of the best apps on Android. It gives savings tips to help you in budgeting.
• Manager of money
• Track your monthly expenses
• Get a complete picture of your finances
• Check the pending balances
• Get alerts when something happens with your money
• Payment of bills
• Well- secured
• Simple personal finance management app
• Track and display transactions across all your accounts.

3. Money manager:
Money Manager app on Android keeps the record of your personal and business financial transactions by depositing money into your account whenever your income is coming and drawing money from your account whenever your expense is input.
• Facilitates efficient accounting
• Deposits your money into account
• Draws money from your account
• Manages budget and expenses
• Track your monthly spending
• Manages credit/debit card
• You can check passcode
• Transfer between assets
• Manages your salary, term-deposit, loan and insurance easily

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4. My Budget Book:
My budget book app manages money effectively and easily keeping an easy record of your income and expenses. It personalizes your Material Design layout.
• Need no internet connection to protect your privacy
• Visualize your data
• Manage multiple accounts
• No advertising
• Make transfers between accounts
• Export your data
• Protect your data with a password
• Create your own templates to make transaction entry easier
• Remind you to make pending payments on time

5. Wallet:
You may plan your budget and track your monthly expenses easily through Wallet which balances your transactions with your actual bank. It is also free to download.
• Transactions synced with your bank automatically and securely
• Import your transaction data to wallet
• Helps to plan for the future
• Flexible
• Multiple currency support
• Exports to CSV/XLS/PDF
• Management of debt
• Geo-mapping transactions

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6. Prism bills:
Though Prism bills is a free app, it tracks all your money and pays all your bills anytime, anywhere. You can check your account balances through Prism Bills.
• Visualize balances
• Make alerts for payment of due bills
• Add your bills and bank account
• Check your bank account balances
• Secured
• Receive notification of arrival of your bills
• Pay your bills anytime, anywhere
• Track bill amounts
• Flexible
• Track your monthly spending

7. Spendee:
The best budget app on smartphone Android is Spendee which manages your personal finances easily. It is possible to connect your Spendee account with your online banking. You can download transactions automatically.
• Secured as securely connected with your bank account
• Track expenses manually
• Add expenses easily
• Synchronize data securely
• Multiple currency support
• Share accounts with your friends
• Track your monthly expenses

The knack for planning the finances and saving a considerable amount for exigencies should come from within. Rest of the activities related to tracking of your expenditure and financial management can be easily and most effectively done by these smart apps. So, keep earning and keep saving.

Omega 3 as Anti-depressant

In the brain lipids (fats) play a fundamental role in regulating the synapse between neurons, fatty acids like Omega 3 have the advantage that in addition to possessing that fat capacity, being complex fats take longer to be synthesized Spending more energy and thus helping to maintain optimal health without accumulation of fats. The problem is that Omega 3, unlike other fats, is not found in any food and the body is not able to get it by itself, so you have to have a balanced diet for it.


Studies Demonstrate Anti-Depressive Omega 3 Capabilities

The brain is one of the organs with the highest level of lipids (fats). Fats in the brain, formed by fatty acids, participate in the structure of cell membranes.

Fifty percent of the fatty acids in the gray matter are polyunsaturated, one-third of the Omega-3 family and their source is diet.

After many pieces of evidence in the functioning of the Omega 3 in the cerebral functions, began to speculate its use as an alternative antidepressant and substitute of the common pills, nevertheless, before this delicate procedure, multiple investigations were carried out in organized groups of 10 patients during periods minimum Of 4 weeks.

The results have proven to be satisfactory. EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) treatments were performed in patients with advanced bipolarity syndromes, spontaneous mood swings, and severe depression. It was fully demonstrated that in cases of severe depression, increased diet and Omega 3 supplements, bring a significant improvement, even eliminating such status while the diet continues.

These studies need to be supported by more extensive investigations, however there is a latent and important characteristic in the: Omega 3, unlike the other psychotropic compounds, does not generate harmful effects; And unlike the other lipids, does not generate a significant accumulation of fat in the body, on the contrary, it promotes muscle growth, fat burning, and increased muscle mass.

This is even truer when we refer to sensitive populations such as children, pregnant or lactating women, or patients who are resistant to treatment.

These results add to the growing body of evidence linking long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids to mental disorders.


Omega 3 vs. Omega 6: Counteracting Depression

What is the basis for the presumption that fish Omega-3s would protect against depression? According to the researchers, is that among the fatty acids are docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), necessary for optimal neuronal function.

In the second aspect, we must take into account the evolutionary process of the human being. Depression was not in place in the past because Omega 6 acids from cereals such as corn and soy were not as easy to find as Omega 3 from fish. As the times were introduced in the modern era, farmer growth introduced easy access to cereals and little access to fish, as a result the rise of depression was exponentially demonstrated.


Another study that points out the importance of the Omega-3 and Omega-6 correlation revealed that people suffering from depression had a different fatty acid composition in their blood than those without depression. Specifically, Omega-3 levels were lower in patients with depression, while Omega 6 levels were higher in these.

They also appear to play a role in preventing stress, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Even its benefits have been suggested in dyslexia, autism, and schizophrenia, although it is not necessarily inferred that these are nutritional problems. try omega 3 oil here

While Omega-3s play a significant role in the brain, they are not the only ones. Other nutrients, such as vitamin B or vitamin E, also play key roles. A balanced diet should provide all these compounds.

5 Easy Homemade natural hair Gel Recipes

Hair gels contain chemicals that are either natural or synthetic in nature, which provides nourishment for the hair and scalp. Hair gels have been found to include polymers that help hold on to the hair without being wrapped up into the hair shaft. It primarily helps the hair to remain in a uniform and undisturbed state throughout the day. Hair gels are suitable for all kinds of hair, whether they are curly, textured, colored, wavy and relaxed. In a remarkable fashion, this article takes a look at five homemade natural hair gel recipes that you can make at home and at a pocket-friendly rate too.



Xanathan gum can be found in a wide range of products from food items, personal care products, cosmetics, conditioners and styling agents, and shampoos. It is increasingly becoming popular partly, because of its plant-based origins but also due to it being environmentally friend (it is biodegradable). Over the year many do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiasts have come up with ways to make xanthan gels that can be used as hair gels and conditioners.


One Packet of gluten free Xanthan gum (each pack contains a tablespoon)

Four liters of Distilled water


Three bowls (for holding xanthan gels with varying thickness)

One teaspoon for measurement

One spatula

One fork for whisking of mixture


It takes about 3-5 minutes to prepare.

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  • Measure out four ounces of water into the first bowl
  • Measure out one teaspoon of xanthan gum, by sprinkling it into the bowl of water
  • Allow it to stay for about thirty seconds, as it forms a thick layer of film
  • Use the spatula to remove coatings of gum that may have formed around the bowl
  • Whisk the mixture with a fork vigorously, for some seconds.
  • Allow the mixture to settle down and to thicken up for some seconds.
  • You may choose to whisk it further if there are visible flakes of the xanthan gum so that they can blend up properly into the mixture.
  • Take the prepared mixture and place it into a refrigerator for it to freeze.
  • You can add preservatives if you want to preserve it for use in future.

With the method given above, you can vary the thickness of the preparation to your desire, by either altering the quantity of water in each bowl or the amount of xanthan gum used in the preparation.


Flaxseed hair gel is an inexpensive and natural hair product that provides nourishment for curly or wavy hair and can be produced at home by anybody with little or no skill. It helps moisturize wavy hair while reducing stiffness that is often associated with it. It is pertinent to note that a lot of additional ingredients may be introduced into the homemade flaxseed gel described below, to customize it for the needs of your hair.


Two Cups of flaxseed

Four Liters of water


A pot

A stove for heating

A cooking pot

A strainer

A fork for whisking the mixture

A big spoon needed for stirring the mixture.


About 15-20 minutes


  • Simply soak the flaxseeds in water and leave it overnight, this is to increase the gel yield, reduce cooking time and to make the straining process easy. You may choose to skip this step because it is optional.
  • In the cooking pot, combine the flaxseeds and two cups of water.
  • Place the pot on the stove and apply heat for about eight minutes, while stirring the mixture occasionally. At this stage, some preparation method requires the addition of Epsom salt, which is still optional.
  • As the mixture starts to boil, stir gently and continuously.
  • As the mixture constituency becomes a thin, foamy jelly, reduce the heat to the medium.
  • Put off the heat when the flaxseeds become suspended, instead of sinking to the base of the pot.
  • Drain the mixture through a strainer into a bowl.
  • Allow the mixture to cool off a bit, after which you can add other ingredients of your choice such as butter, aloe vera gels, oils, etc. This step is also optional, and you may decide to skip it as well.
  • If you are adding other ingredients, whisk the mixture with a fork, and break up visible clumps until you get a gel consistency that is similar to egg whites.
  • Pour the mixture into a container for freezing in the refrigerator, supposedly for use in future while you may also apply it directly to your hair.


  • The plastic container can melt if the gel is too hot, so it is good you let it cool for some time.
  • Refrigerated flaxseed gel often leaves water and blob of gel in the container, to prevent this from happening; you can use a whisk attachment on an electric mixer to whisk the mixture thoroughly after it has been strained.
  • Use an airtight container when putting it into the fridge or freezer.

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Flaxseed gel can also be prepared by making use of a microwave oven as an alternative to the method described above, even though the later appears to be the most popular of the two approaches.


The ingredients you add to the flaxseed hair gel is a function of the quality of your hair and how it reacts to such additives. To get the best combination suitable for your hair, you may have to experiment with them for a while. Find below some common additives that go well with the flaxseed gel and their properties as well:

  • To improve the slip property of the flaxseed hair gel, use slippery elm bark or boil the flaxseed in water gotten from marshmallow root, that’s been soaked overnight in cold water.
  • You have the choice of using essential oils, vitamin E oil, citric acid, and grapefruit seed extract as preservatives.
  • To improve the curl or wave, you may add aloe vera juice or gel, seamollient and Epsom salt.
  • You can use lavender, clove, cinnamon, rose, and lemon oils not only to improve the fragrance but as preservatives.
  • For improved hair moisture, add shea butter, glycerine, and oils such as wheat germ, hemp seed, and avocado.
  • To improve the hold, you may add honey, seamollient, and agave nectar.
  • Any of Xanthan gum, guar gum, lecithin, and pectin helps increase the gel density.
  • Coconut oil should is not recommended as an additive because it has a low melting point.


Aloe vera hair gel is derived from the great aloe vera plant and is a natural gel that adds moisture to your hair and is ideal for all hair types. The good news is that you can prepare this gel at home and at your convenience too. The preparation is outlined below:


One big sized Aloe vera plant

Grapefruit seed essential oil


One Cutting board

One Spoon

One container for holding the gel


This preparation shouldn’t take more than ten minutes.


  • Cut off the bottom portion of the aloe vera plant.
  • Cut out another portion of the aloe vera plant and split it into two, right down the middle.
  • Graze the upper layer of the aloe vera plant with a spoon, and avoid grazing too hard to avoid pieces of the plant getting into your hair gel.
  • Extract as much as you need from the aloe vera plant.
  • The product is a rich aloe vera gel with a rich consistency, which you can give a fruity scent by adding grapefruit essential oil (optional).


Gel from chia seed is used in ancient times for health, culinary, beauty, and decorative purposes and it is fast becoming a trend in modern times. It has also found use as an important way of nourishing your hair; when it is combined with lemon juice it infuses the hair with moisture and protects hair locks from dry air.


Three teaspoons of Chia seeds

Three cups of water


A bowl

A ball jar with a lid


  • Measure out three tablespoons of Chia seeds into the bowl.
  • Add 3 cups of water into the bowl.
  • Allow the mixture to sit for some minutes as the Chia seed absorbs the water and become gelatinous.
  • Whisk the mixture frequently until it thickens into a rich consistency.
  • To stop the seeds from clumping together, put the mixture into a ball jar and shake it vigorously at every short interval.
  • Leave the gel in the fridge, so that the seeds can absorb the full quantity of water; however, you will have to give it a good shake before using it.
  • To vary the thickness of the gel, alter the amount of Chia seeds and water used for making the mixture.

Chia gel has several variations that are dependent on the liquid used in making the gel mixture which could range from coconut water to fruit juice or vegetable juice.


The lemon hair gel requires a product that provides the gelling effect such as flax seed gels, powdered agar agar or a packet of gelatin, while the lemon juice adds the sugar content to it as a bonus.


One Cup of water

Lemon juice (two tablespoons)

One cup of gelatin (measure out one tablespoon)




A bowl


Twelve minutes


  • Measure out the gelatin into a saucepan, together with water, while medium heat is applied until it dissolves.
  • Take the pan off the heat and add the lemon juice to the mixture.
  • Mix very well until you have a rich consistency.
  • Leave it to cool.
  • It is possible to make conditioner version of the homemade lemon gel by including additives such as aloe vera or coconut oil

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The benefits of hair gels are numerous and are not limited to the following:

  • The use of hair gel is compatible with all types of hair as stated earlier, and its efficiency on hair is dependent on duration and the manner to which it is applied.
  • It makes gel-based styling techniques such molding, freezing, scrunching and sculpting possible.
  • The use of hair gel offers you a remarkable control over your hair which is the dream of anybody with a plenty of hair. It gives you great pleasure and freedom to create whatever look and style you desire.
  • Many hair gels are made from organic herbs which are a rich source of hair food, moisture, and nutrients that can be of immense benefit as your hair and scalps soak them up.

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