Why is wechat such a powerful communication tool?

Powered by Tencent, WeChat is a social media app that’s has become the most popular way to communicate online used in China. IT is governed by China’s strong censorship laws and messaging interception rules; the government can review your messages and other data you have sent.

Wechat has a great inbuilt feature which you can get which allows you pay for a range of things such as taxi or food.

How can you actually get access to send or receive money with a Wechat Wallet?

Step One Download the actual Wechat app

Step two Create your actual Wechat Wallet account which can be done by entering your phone number, and a subsequent verification code will be sent to you, and you must create a password and ID for your account. The program will ask for access to your contacts to see if you know any other Wechat users to transfer money you must have your possible recipient as a contact in your profile.

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3. Add a debit or a credit card. Enter your info and select your bank for verification through your mobile phone number through your mobile phone number.

Who Actually uses Wechat?

It can be anyone from friends, business people, famous people there is quite a lot prime ministers in the world who use wechat to show you the real popularity of it on a global scale.

What are others features used in wechat?

Images is a way you can easily send photos to friends or contacts by you simply clicking the image you want then press send and one thing I really like about this it actually allows you in that to take photo in action right so if you saw a nice animal you could take its photo and send to a friend now.

Sight Feature for Android and IOS lets users make 6-second videos of whatever they want and share with friends or on the social feed.

Favorites is simply something either you or your contact likes the most so puts into your favourite section

Location helps people find you easier or you find the locations to meet people easier since gives you the correct information to find for most of it.

Video call is pretty self-explainable you just press that button and wait for your contact to accept your call then you are both able to video chat.

Contact card could be used as a way to send your contact to people if you were trying to sell them something or start a business relationship this can be a good way to do it.

Stickers can be a fun way to make your messages more interesting you are using a range of stuff such as funny, cartoon, romantic, love themed, sports,festival-themed ones.

Has a built-in feature to allow you to record messages to people to me it’s quite a fun tool to use for sharing information with mates.

Main display

Chat is basically part of it where you can chat to people
Contacts are simply people who you added into your account to chat to you have new friends part to see your possible new friends you could add into your profile saved groups are say work based groups you could here or group of friends who say like music and tags can be a way to group your friends.

Discovery can be used for range of purposes such as moments is like the same as Facebook profile where you see what photos or videos comments people say on things


Has technology made the world smaller or bigger?

Technology has brought a broad spectrum changes in our lives that has improved our way of living drastically made the world bigger or smaller? Let’s find out.

The answer to start with is; Yes. Technology has shrunk the world in more than one way and it has brought us more closer than ever before. Apart from many other fantastic inventions in the history of mankind, advancement in the field of communications whether audio, visual or written; has revolutionized interpersonal connexion over long distance. We, in this article, are going to discuss the two ways in which technology has made the world smaller for us. One, through telecommunications, and two, through the invention of locomotives.


communicationThey way one could correspond to each other over a long distance was never as easy as it is today. Mails were delivered by hands on horseback or ships. That took months to reach its destination. Telephones made it possible to communicate with each other instantly. Then came the age of cell phones which enabled us to make contact with each other from anywhere.

Internet revolutionized it further by facilitating us with instant correspondence through emails. Important letters and documents now could reach their destination in no time and securely. Introduction of Webcam made it possible to communicate face to face; as if you are sitting in the same room. Skype made it possible for businessmen and professionals to conduct video conferencing. This introduced online education to the world, revolutionizing education like never before.

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Social Media introduced in 21stcentury is a phenomenal concept that has revolutionised the sharing of information across the globe. The amount of information being shared today was not even dreamed of, a century ago. People from all over the world get to know about each other’s culture, traditions and ways of life without even visiting there. New concepts, ideas and techniques are being shared across the Internet with a click of a button. You can know about anyone, anything and any place just by searching on Google. Internet is the best tool that has made the world a global village in its true sense of word.


Horses, camels, donkeys are recreational rides today which were the sole means of transportation in past years. They took traders, armies and explorers, even cargoes across the globe which took months, even years to reach their destination. That time has long gone. Invention of locomotives has changed the face of transportation for good. Years have shrunk into months, months into days, days into hours and hours into minutes. You can cross the oceans in a day or two; no more around the world in 80 days!

Vehicles, train and airplane has made the world small. Huge amount of cargoes can now be transported through air, land and sea in lesser time and with more efficiency that wasn’t possible in the time before invention of locomotives. This has increased the volume of trade phenomenally and expanded trade across the globe, even for small businesses.

So, it’s a small world after all! Telecommunications, Internet and locomotives these scientific magical innovations has made the world small and people more closer than ever. We have definitely mastered the art of saving time!


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Download WeChat For PC

Download WeChat For PC

WeChat  is a new messaging app for smart phones. This  new app with a similar role that of other instant messaging applications, strong commitment and offering new features have made Wechat quite a popular app in a short period of spam.   It offers a new way of experience despite mimicking the other social messaging apps.

WeChat is developed by one of China’s largest internet service companies “Tencent Holdings” ,. WeChat offers some features that distinguish it from  the competition and try to mark differences primarily with the application of instant messaging to topple, WhatsApp for PC.

Free Download WeChat for PC

Download WeChat For PC

The WeChat provides you with an instant way of communication with your friends in the form of texts, images, voice messages and even you can do group chats with several friends together. There is no restriction of region i.e. you can share your ideas anywhere in the world . Now all this is possible from your laptop or personal computer by just to downloading WeChat for PC. You have to no more depend on smart phones for it. WeChat for PC is a great way to connect with friends and family. You can now enjoy this fantastic application from your  home with just downloading  WeChat for computer and install with a few very simple steps.

How to install WeChat for PC

After Downloading WeChat on your computer . Now you can easily have WeChat for your PC or laptop.

Download WeChat for PC is now possible. Thanks to the famous emulators for Android which helps us to use WeChat on PC.  Bluestacks is the best emulator for Android . Using Bluestack as an emulator we can use WeChat on PC.

So to download Wechat on your PC you just need to follow the below mention steps.

  1. First of all,  download Android emulator software i.e BlueStacks app player in you Windows computer.
  2. Now install it in your PC like any other software.
  3. Then run BlueStacks and use search tool to find WeChat in Google Play Store.
  4. From there you can  select WeChat and click on install option, wait for the complete installation.
  5. Open Wechat in BlueStacks.

Features Of WeChat for PC (Download WeChat For PC)

  • Chat on group with QR codes
  • Backup  Chat History
  • ​Voice Chats
  • ​Live Chats
  • ​Video Calls
  • ​Group Chats
  • Sends text messages, images, videos, photos and share with your friends small moments of your life

So, what are you waiting for?? Don’t just wait, just  go and download WeChat for PC and start enjoying the awesome experience of  free instant messaging and video chats at your PC.

How to backup and recover WeChat history for android, iPhone iOS and Windows Phone

How to backup and recover WeChat history for android, Apple iOS and Windows Phone

WeChat is a Chinese voice and messaging chat app. It is popularly known as Weixin in china. WeChat is a very fast growing social messaging app . WeChat is now available for downloading in  App Store (iPhone/iTunes), Google Play (Android), Windows Phone, Nokia Store, OS 5.0, OS 6.0 and above, BlackBerry 10, Symbian Touch, Symbian Keyboard (Nokia).

Backup and recover of  WeChat history is required if you change your handset or upgrade your WeChat version on your smart phone . But Unfortunately till now WeChat backup is not possible on a desktop PC.

WeChat provides you a cloud storage solution for storing  history backup of WeChat . The WeChat history will only be stored for 7 days at the cloud server of WeChat . It means after seven days you will lost your backup history at server. WeChat history backup provides you with an additional feature with which you can set a password to secure your conversation and backup.

How to backup and recover WeChat history for android, iPhone iOS and Windows Phone

Here we bring for you a step by step procedure to create history backup and restore for  WeChat and it is same for different mobile version (Android, iPhone iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian)

How to backup WeChat history

1)     Open your WeChat application on your smart phones.

2)     Tap on “Settings” option.

3)     Tap on “General” and then click on “Chat History backup” option.

4)     Now click on “Back Up” and select all conversations that you want to backup on the server.

5)     You also have an option to set a password on the chat history backup.

6)     Click on backup and relax til the  WeChat backup uploading to server.


How to restore or recover WeChat history

1)      Again open WeChat on your smart phone.

2)      Tap on “settings”.

3)      Tap on “General” and then click on “Chat history backup”.

4)      Then tap on “Restore” , enter the password which you have set at the time of uploading WeChat history backup.

5)      At last it will ask for confirmation .Tap OK and you get your last backup messages on your smart phone.

By following the above stated simple steps you can easily create backup of your WeChat and can restore the backed up history easily. But be aware, the history will be backed up only for seven days at WeChat servers. After seven days the chat history stored at the WeChat server will be deleted.