Revel in the Celebrations of Christmas and New Year the Way Bangalore Does It

new year

Bangalore for long has been the party hub of the south. Its cosmopolitan culture and presence of many IT companies has made it a breeding ground for young, talented professionals who work hard and party harder. Bangalore plays host too many international music and cultural events and is also known for its Christmas and New Year parties. For party hoppers, this city is the best place to be in. One can go from one party to another throughout the city by the various modes of transportation available or you can be self-dependent and make use of self drive cars in Bangalore as well. Celebrating Christmas and welcoming New Year in Bangalore has an altogether different zing to it.


Jingle all the way!

Bangalore does not shy away from celebrating festivals in a grand way. Christmas is one such festival when the entire city is lit up and is in celebratory mood. The streets are lit up with Christmas lights and decoration and the shopping streets are full of people picking up gifts for their near and dear ones. Shopping malls offer special Christmas and New Year discounts to the shopaholics in the city. Prayer functions, events and masses are organized by Churches which can be attended by anyone who wishes to seek the blessings of the Lord. All in all, Christmas is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Bangalore.

Welcoming the New Year:

New Year, much like Christmas drowns the citizens of Bangalore in party mood. While most pubs, hotels and restaurants organise year end parties, people also prefer spending time with their family in one of the numerous parks of the city. Bangalore has something to offer to everyone. On the New Year’s eve, the famous city streets such as the Brigade Road and MG Road are thronged by people who dance and sing their way into the New Year and are one of the places to visit in Bangalore. For those who do not enjoy the hustle and bustle and want to welcome the New Year in peace and tranquillity, there are numerous getaway’s in the vicinity of Bangalore where one can unwind surrounded by loved one’s and welcome the New Year away from the fast paced life of the city.


Travelling in Bangalore on one’s own:

While Bangalore is very well connected by a system of public bus, metro rail, auto rickshaws and taxi’s, it is best to avoid dependency on them especially during the festival time as they might be heavily crowded, not always running on time and unavailable when you need them the most. The taxis and autos might charge exorbitant fares owing to the high demand. One can opt to walk for short distance travels and explore the option of self drive cars for commuting to longer distances. Car rental organisations such as Zoomcar offer such self-drive cars on rent. They will help in reducing dependency on public modes of transportation and also give a free hand to drive as one likes so that one can make the most out of a trip to Bangalore.

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