Collection of Hindi Fonts Free Download

Collection of Hindi Fonts Free Download
Many of you need Hindi fonts and for downloading these fonts you have to fill some form of funki surveys or follow the links containing some adds etc. Here I enlist best possible collection of Hindi Fonts which is free to download.

Smart Fonts have “logic” built-in along with graphical designs.

Why Download Hindi  Fonts??

  • To be able to read Hindi  web pages in Hindi.
  • To be able to print Hindi  web pages in Hindi.
  • To be able to write and create web pages in Hindi  Fonts.
  • For the Love of Hindi! 😀

Hindi Font is not prebuilt in our OS , so here i give you a link where you can access all the Hindi font.

Here is a collection of about 400 fonts and the list also contain some famous fonts like Kruti , Devnagri , Chankya etc, it even  contains more than 100 types of fonts which belong to the Kruti font family itself.DevaNagari script is used to write Hindi, Nepali, Marathi, Sanskrit and many other South Asian languages.

These Hindi Fonts ( Free Download)  can be install in any OS like xp , vista Window 7 & 8. next time i will surely share for Mac and Linux.

Now next point is how to install Hindi Fonts .

When you click on any Font File then file will open with a screen which have install option.


Collection of Hindi Fonts Free Download

Simply click on install !!

Collection of Hindi Fonts Free Download

Here is the download link of Collection of Hindi Fonts Free Download.
I try my best to cover all type of hindi fonts in above rar file. Hope you all will appreciate this post  regarding Hindi Fonts Free Download. Check my other post also which is for Mega Pack of Plugins for

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