Content Delivery Network – Taking your business ahead

To accelerate content delivery, we must ensure that the data source is near to the end users. Minimizing distance helps to improve the speed of websites giving better user experience and more business opportunities.  CDN or Content Delivery Network is designed to alleviate latency by making content quickly available to the end users. For instance, you have content in servers lying in the UK and targeting Asia users. There will definitely be a certain amount of latency on the way due to the distance. But if those contents are available in servers placed in Asia, the delivery would be relatively faster. Research has shown that about 85-90% response time on the user’s part is generally engaged in content downloading from the scripts and images to Flash and style sheets. Distribution of static content is the best.

Understanding CDN

Content Delivery Network consists of a network of web servers distributed for faster delivery of content speeding up websites. Via this network, you get the original content which is converted into copy content and the CDN servers help users access the content. Due to this, the load on the real server is reduced because the amount of traffic requesting for the same content is reduced. Content Delivery Network helps in the best utilization of network resources and also gives better user experience.

CDN helping online businesses

Do you know that a lot of eCommerce business owners and media houses approach CDN operators for content delivery acceleration to end users? The CDN service providers require engaging hosting for placing their servers in various data centres across different locations based on end users location.

A content delivery network is ideal for big organizations that require storing huge volume of data on the servers. It is very cost-effective and all the files and documents are very secure. There are many companies that also wish to have their own CDN. Startups might find it a bit expensive but it would prove beneficial. When you consider bandwidth, CDN is very cost-effective because it offers more bandwidth while content delivery to end users.

CDN server locations play a very important role in building high-efficiency networks. The main objective is to deliver instantly so the delivery node always contains cached content and are placed very close to end users. Various types of CDN architecture can be developed depending on the workload and user requirements. These networks can basically manage three content types – static, streaming and dynamic. Right now there is a lot of demand for streaming content including video and audio files.

CDN and optimization

Present day users are more used to browsing content on mobile devices so latency is a crucial factor for content delivery on mobile devices. The delivery must be supported by a hardcore strategy for optimization. CDN plays a big role in improving optimization.

Each and every website should look forward to a better user experience by delivering informative and interactive content. This demand web optimization to enhance the speeds of important website elements like images, pages, file formats and others. Commercial website performance has a direct effect on the revenue generated and the overall view of brands. It’s not easy to overlook website performance because there are so many online shoppers and most use mobile devices. Content travels must faster across the globe via CDN without any latency. Present day CDNs allow Points of Presence and cloud acceleration at worldwide locations for faster global content delivery.

CDN helps to expand your business

The use of internet has increased like nothing else, there are plenty of websites and to sustain the competition, the business owners are implementing newer strategies to attract customers. This is the main reason why video content delivery is gaining importance. People love the motion factor, it more interesting and conveys messages easily. This is why the traditional content delivery network is not sufficient, it’s important to find the appropriate delivery network. The primary thing is to look for a CDN service provider that fulfils your requirements within your budget.

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