Corruption in Indian education system

corruption” a simple word,a simple activity,a simple process.yet responsible for the terrible life of several millions of peoples and animals on this earth.A human who is involved in this activity is a disgrace and burden on the earth and society and must be treated accordingly.

Corruption is not new in India.India is among the most corrupted nation in the world.

But what really boils my blood is that some Indians have introduced this evil in already deteriorated education system of India.We have large population on one side which is looking to get even primary education and on the other side we have highly corrupted Education system which sells its seats

Corruption in Indian education system

Here are 5 points which show how worse our education system is corrupted

1. Student seats are expensive products and institutions which sell them are big corporation

In India almost every self financed deemed university is involved in selling of seats.They call it “donation”.They are abusing this noble word “donation” to carry out their own interests.Here is the news report by times of india

Medical scam just got bigger: PG seats for Rs 2cr


2. Who owns these big corruption houses?

It is a fact that the owners of most of these universities have a background in government and politics. some of these owners are former while some are current government officers and politicians and i think everybody is aware of the severe level of corruption In Indian government offices.

here is the link

Two deemed universities run by Tripura governor D.Y. Patil’s family, and another run by the family of Congress MP Datta Meghe, are on the list.

The Bharati Vidyapith is run by Maharashtra minister Patangrao Kadam’s family.

All these 44 institutions will lose their deemed tag in three years unless they “significantly improve”.

3. Procedure of admission

Many of them do not consider the exams conducted by central or state government agency in which every talented guy or girl from every corner of the country appears .Instead they conduct their own exams and take admissions according to their own criteria so that they can take who ever and how much they want.

The fees for manipulating entrance tests ranges between $ 80 to $ 20,000 for popular programmes such as computer science, medicine and engineering the report said

4. Even teachers are corrupted

There are certain guidelines which every college has to follow regarding the quality ,experience and qualification of faculty.yet they are hiring those teachers which are cheap and far away from the standards.In this game teachers are too morally corrupt.

The quality of tertiary education in India was lowest among the other emerging nations. The points it scored on the scale of 2, was 0.1. Even though the demographics of India are considered its strength, the country has scored the minimum in this too and was ranked at last place

5. Hey there is a sale in that college !

With every engineering seat you will get a insurance package worth Rs 80000 and a laptop worth Rs 1 20000 absolutely free *Terms and conditions apply.Actually these are not free.The reason why some colleges have significantly high fees then the others is because they not only sell education but also some other items like laptops,blazers,insurance plans which every student has to buy.I did not have proof for this point but believe me,i belong from one of those colleges.