Difference between private blog network and public blog networks?

Private Blog network what is this?

This means a website which you use to boost your own money site rankings you make sure to hide your sites from ahrefs,majestic,moz and other backlink checking programs to stop your competition finding your domains the reason for why some of your game might report your site to Google and say it’s a pbn getting it disindexed and also another useful reason to hide from backlink checking programs is to make your site harder for your competition to find but please make sure you keep your site indexed in other search engines like Google,Bing the reason I say this some people get so into hiding their places they end up getting their site disindexed Google by blocking Google going to the website.

Best PBN guide?

You should make sure you have good quality content on your site this means articles people would actually want to read or simply help someone in all the content as much as possible.

You can pay anything from $5 to more money for 500-word article, but please note many people who sell $5 content sell spunned content or copied content so always check your article on Copyscape to make sure it’s a unique content.

Include images in your site I would aim to have at least picture for each blog to make it look more high quality and also to show people you actually want people to read your site or go to it.

You can include a video or more in them to give a good, high-quality look to your site the benefits of them make your posts index faster and also can lead to people staying on your website a lot longer and will even look a lot more natural Google by you have videos in your blogs.

You probably heard many people claiming always paid better than free themes?

Well, here the honest truth about that idea there is no guarantee a paid one will be better since all themes paid or free can be good or bad depending on how they are designed by others so always go with ideas by the quality of them not the price of them how good they are.

Public blog network the advantage here is you get real traffic going to your site easier and to me, it looks a lot natural to Google a site with growing traffic going to it, and I do think Google might use sites which block ahrefs or majestic as a way to tell a place a really a PBN you also here don’t have to worry about blocking all backlink tools from your site such as ahrefs,majestic,Moz so it gives you less work say you are selling links of this to other if you can show the person no prove of backlinks it’s more unlikely they will buy of you unless you have references on other people claiming your sites are good quality for boosting a money site rankings

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