How Is Digital Marketing Impacting Local Marketing?

The Internet has brought about many positive changes in our lives. Not just individuals, but this is one of the best tools that small businesses cannot ignore. The reason is that this tool will help a local business to reach a larger group of audience. This is because there is an increasing trend among people to rely on the web to find any information that they need. This makes it important for a brand to present on the web if they wish to establish a stellar reputation. Before understanding how internet marketing is impacting local or traditional marketing, it would be better to get a fundamental understanding of both.

Local marketing or traditional marketing:

Earlier, marketing was identified as the tool to take the products to the end users. In fact, marketing is a function of an organization. Companies follow a set of process to create, to communicate and to deliver value to the end users and for managing the relationship with customers. They do this by following the methods that will benefit the organization and also its stakeholders. Among the different methods of traditional marketing followed, the door-to-door sale was considered effective.

In addition, yellow pages, advertisements, and commercials in multimedia were also used.

What is the internet?

Internet was originally invented in 1969, but it was officially established only in 1996. It is actually an international network of an interconnected network. Most traditional media of communication inclusive of television, film, music, and telephone are being redefined and reshaped by this most useful and affordable tool. This tool has enabled new forms of interactions between the humans through social networking, web forums, instant messaging, etc. Both small traders, and artisans and major retail outlets do online shopping.

Nowadays, the web is the crucial part of the human life. It has changed our life to a great extent and it has much crucial and beneficial impact on the traditional marketing practices. Let us explore the impacts here:


The traditional marketing methods are still used in the market by local businesses. But, with new techniques introduced almost on a daily basis in the web world, traditional marketing is losing its sheen. Most local businesses have started to understand that it is time for the internet. Convenient and good services are offered by the web marketing to customers.

The web is the best choice to get the widened, less price, and quality familiarity among the locals. Apart from shopping door to door, people can research about the business and can evaluate the information through the web. As against paying for costly newspaper and television ads, companies can post their marketing materials on their websites and social networking accounts. Now, Internet Marketing is core for MBA Students

Marketing segmentation:

Marketing segmentation is a concept, where the group of customers sharing a similar set of wants and needs is brought together. The foundation for segmentation is a factor that differs among groups within the same market. For instance, one can discover four primary basis on which to classify a consumer market. There are different types of segmentation like behavioural, psychographic, demographic, and geographic segmentation. The web is helping local businesses as they can easily identify their target market through segmentation.

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In short, internet marketing is evading local marketing techniques. But, businesses can continue their traditional strategies but should use the web to get a wider reach. Online marketing is truly making an impact on the lives of all.


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